About Us

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of installation of smart home hubs and devices in homes and offices. We have developed this site to guide people on what tech to buy, how to install and how to get most of it by solving different problems.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to assist you in leveraging technology for achieving your ultimate purpose; whether it is the protection of your family, improving productivity, conserving energy, or having fun.

We will keep you well informed about what the users are saying about different smart home technology and products that they have used. Our team spends a lot of time on conducting research and reviewing the latest tech on the market. This site will also provide you guidance when any of the latest gadgets are on the horizon. We are willing to make our recommendations and stake our reputation on them.

We will help you in troubleshooting your devices enabling you to sort out your problems on your own. With years of experience, we understand how the technology works and we are willing to share this knowledge with our readers. Ensmartech is here to make your life easier and uncover all the truths about different products.

How We Test and Rate?

Our senior editorial team rates different tech products with two simple questions in mind: Is it a good choice for our readers and if it is who needs to buy it?

We will guide you if there is an alternative available or not. And if the alternative is available how can it serve you in different ways. We love technology and we love to see it in action. For this reason, we won’t review anything that’s useless. Our team also makes sure to go through the reviews of other users and asses them.

We make sure that you’ve all the information at your disposal to make the next purchase. We do so by providing you with all the details on how good/bad a product is and combining it with the reviews from other users.

Our How-To Guides

Not all tech products work the same. So you are bound to run into trouble when using different kinds of smart gadgets. As we have years of experience in the field of smart home hubs and devices, we understand how they work. Over the years we have run into different problems as well. But as we try to understand how stuff works, we’re able to find a solution to the problems too.

We’re sharing this knowledge with you so that you can benefit from technology and troubleshoot it on your own. We believe sharing is caring and that is the whole philosophy behind Ensmartech!