Anker Bluetooth Headphones Review: Q10 vs. Q20 vs. Vortex

anker bluetooth headphones

Anker came into being back in 2011. The company started its operation by selling smartphone charging accessories. Later on, it added smart home appliances as well as security devices under its sub-brand Eufy. Under its umbrella, there is another sub-brand called Nebula, which is for portable video projectors. Anker’s Soundcore sub-brand is for Bluetooth speakers … Read more

We reviewed the Best 5-channel Stereo Receivers of 2020

5 channel stereo receiver

Although soundbars boost the sound performance of your TV, you cannot have the proper home cinema experience without having the best 5-channel stereo receiver. A good stereo receiver brings the same quality to your home theater, just like a good quality chef to your kitchen. Now the question is how to choose the best stereo … Read more

Looking for a Home Shelf Stereo System? We Reviewed the Best Ones.

home shelf stereo system

Are you looking for the best home shelf stereo system? I believe nothing can beat the joy of a good quality sound. Gladly, with numerous available options, you don’t need to settle for low-quality audio now. Can you relate to using a computer and a mobile phone as a source of audio? Good thing, you … Read more

Best Affordable All Weather Bluetooth Speaker

all weather bluetooth speaker1

Wireless technology has changed the way we see the world and how we interact with it. Bluetooth technology has paved the way for several wireless devices that we see in our midst. The technology has revolutionized the wireless devices to be faster, more connected and even more data-centric. The Bluetooth speakers have gained the interest … Read more