Top 5 Touch Sensitive Lamp Reviews

touch sensitive lamp

Touch Sensitive lamps! Some individuals might explode reading about these lamps while others may already know about these lamps. Touch sensitive lamp works without a button. Users touch the body of the lamp to acquire different modes and to turn the lamp on and off. Usually, touch-sensitive lamps are perfect for the elderly or disabled … Read moreTop 5 Touch Sensitive Lamp Reviews

Best Smart Table Lamp

smart table lamp

You never know what tiny piece of convenience separates you from complete comfort. You can be looking around your living room with a feeling that something is missing but don’t know what. It could be a small vase with bright flowers or a first edition book. But quite possibly it could be the right source … Read moreBest Smart Table Lamp

Best Outdoor Solar PIR Lights

solar pir lights

One of the most innovative concepts the 21st century has ever seen is the solar PIR lights. Motion sensor solar lights are durable, cost-effective and independent way of getting an eye on the surrounding outdoor areas. These lights use solar power to run that makes your electricity bill next to nothing. The solar PIR lights … Read moreBest Outdoor Solar PIR Lights

8 Best Motion Activated Bulb solutions

motion activated bulb

When you enter a room, the first thing you do is to find the switchboard to turn on the lights. If this is a particularly dark room, then you are probably going to have a hard time fumbling around for the switch. If you’re tired of looking around for the switch and tumbling things over … Read more8 Best Motion Activated Bulb solutions

Best Kids Night Lamp with Smart Functions

kids night lamp

One of the newest inventions in aiding parents is the kids’ night lamp. These lamps have proven to work great for helping children sleep well. They usually have different sounds and light settings that work psychologically to help them with deeper sleep. However, you will find the best kids night lamp with smart functions like … Read moreBest Kids Night Lamp with Smart Functions

The Best Wifi Dimmer Switch

wifi dimmer switch

Wifi dimmer switch is the revamped version of old-style dimmers. Normally, a common man wouldn’t think that something as insignificant as dimmers would need Wifi connectivity. But those of us familiar with the way some Wifi-enabled things can work together would surely understand. There’s a new field of science known as the Internet of Things, … Read moreThe Best Wifi Dimmer Switch

What is a Flame Effect Light Bulb? 6 Best Reviewed

flame effect light bulb

When you plan to decorate your house, you focus on the tables, chairs, and sofas. You also focus on the type of flooring. You don’t even forget the color of the curtains and paint of the walls. However, you usually neglect the importance of maintaining proper lighting. Appropriate lighting transforms the look of your house … Read moreWhat is a Flame Effect Light Bulb? 6 Best Reviewed

Yeelight Smart Led Candle Review

yeelight smart led canlde

There are different sources of light globally that people use. This is in accordance with their different choices and preferences. The choice of light source is dependent on various factors such as the time of the day, the occasion, cost, and availability. Different people derive different thoughts, aspirations, and emotions depending on the light environment … Read moreYeelight Smart Led Candle Review

Smart Disco Balls for Home Parties

smart disco balls

The word smart in front of any device name brings to mind complicated modern technology. In the case of smart disco balls, the technology is modern, since there are features such as wide ranges of color, modes, and responses to sounds such as handclaps and music when set in the specific modes; which is easily … Read moreSmart Disco Balls for Home Parties

12 Best Light Bulb Camera Solutions

light bulb camera

Who could ever think that light bulb cameras could be used as security solutions for homes? Developers have crafted one of the most common household items to offer a solution for one of the main causes of headaches in many homes: security. Light bulb cameras are specifically designed for covert recordings. The similarity between the … Read more12 Best Light Bulb Camera Solutions