How to Protect Your Smart Home Devices From Hackers

Smart home devices have become the new normal in today’s world, given the ease and convenience they bring to your daily routines. However, this advanced connectivity puts you at a greater risk of cyber attacks and intrusion. This happens because smart devices connected to the internet are vulnerable and easy to penetrate by professional hackers. … Read more

How To Pair Smart Blinds With Alexa and Google Home

Connecting your smart blinds with your smart home hub based on Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home Assistant will allow you to automate the entire process. After the setup is complete, you can conveniently use your voice commands to control your smart blinds. But how do you set up your Alexa or Google Home with these … Read more

How to Build Awesome Smart Home – Guide for Beginners

Awesome Smart Home Guide

Imagine an evening where you are walking to your home, and right when you reach your driveway, the garage doors are opening up, and the light turns on. The air conditioning system turns on. Then the lights in the kitchen along with the oven turn on because it’s 7:00 pm and you make dinner daily … Read more