Modern Light Bulb Guide: 15 Different Types of Smart LED Bulbs

modern light bulb

Modern light bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also have a vast number of traits to boasts. Some of them come with dedicated motion sensors while others come with Wi-Fi. The thing is that you can find any kind of light bulb these days on the market. To explore these types, … Read moreModern Light Bulb Guide: 15 Different Types of Smart LED Bulbs

Top 5 Touch Sensitive Lamp Reviews

touch sensitive lamp

Touch Sensitive lamps! Some individuals might explode reading about these lamps while others may already know about these lamps. Touch sensitive lamp works without a button. Users touch the body of the lamp to acquire different modes and to turn the lamp on and off. Usually, touch-sensitive lamps are perfect for the elderly or disabled … Read moreTop 5 Touch Sensitive Lamp Reviews

SmartDry Wireless Laundry Sensor Reviewed

laundry sensor

So, if you’re interested in buying a great wireless laundry sensor, you’ve landed the right place. Here we are reviewing a product that we consider to be one of the best wireless laundry sensors. This is the SmartDry Wireless Laundry Sensor. We will discuss with you all the features that we think set it apart … Read moreSmartDry Wireless Laundry Sensor Reviewed

Best Smart Table Lamp

smart table lamp

You never know what tiny piece of convenience separates you from complete comfort. You can be looking around your living room with a feeling that something is missing but don’t know what. It could be a small vase with bright flowers or a first edition book. But quite possibly it could be the right source … Read moreBest Smart Table Lamp

Best Auto Blinds Opener – MySmartBlinds vs. Axis Gear

auto blinds opener

There is something about smart homes that everyone is getting fascinated. When everything is going smart in your home then why your windows get behind. . . Now you can have a fully customized yet sophisticated motorized shading solution. Whether you are looking to improve the lighting of your room or just want more privacy … Read moreBest Auto Blinds Opener – MySmartBlinds vs. Axis Gear

Best Outdoor Solar PIR Lights

solar pir lights

One of the most innovative concepts the 21st century has ever seen is the solar PIR lights. Motion sensor solar lights are durable, cost-effective and independent way of getting an eye on the surrounding outdoor areas. These lights use solar power to run that makes your electricity bill next to nothing. The solar PIR lights … Read moreBest Outdoor Solar PIR Lights

The Best Window Washing Robot – 5 robots reviewed

window washing robot

You don’t need to dread the messy process of window cleaning anymore. Automatic Robot Window cleaners have made our lives quite easier. There is no point in using a ladder and sponge to do the cleaning. Window washing robot takes less time and energy to clean the windows. You are able to clean hard to … Read moreThe Best Window Washing Robot – 5 robots reviewed

Best Affordable All Weather Bluetooth Speaker

all weather bluetooth speaker1

Wireless technology has changed the way we see the world and how we interact with it. Bluetooth technology has paved the way for several wireless devices that we see in our midst. The technology has revolutionized the wireless devices to be faster, more connected and even more data-centric. The Bluetooth speakers have gained the interest … Read moreBest Affordable All Weather Bluetooth Speaker