6 Best Kids Wearable Phone and GPS Trackers reviewed

Most mornings the news seems to be a series of your worst-case scenarios come true. At such a time and with such anxious feelings it is not the easiest feeling in the world seeing your child step outside. And you can can’t exactly put everything aside and follow them around. You want your children to grow up strong and independent. At the same time, how do you deal with the sudden urge to check on your child’s safety? Personally, I love these kids’ wearable phone smartwatches that come with call and tracking functions.

If you want to have a peace of mind then invest in one of the best kids wearable phone gadget. I’ve reviewed the 6 best kids’ wearable phone and GPS trackers from top companies that cater to different functions and cover a wide range.

Our Pick 


Two-way call function

Waterproof and anti-fall design

GPS tracker

Additional features like games, a camera, a clock 



Splash proof

Many additional features: a camera for pictures and videos, games, a calculator, a calendar and more

Motion sensor

Does not have a two-way call function or GPS tracker


Let’s dive into the details to find a suitable one!

Themoemoe Kid’s Smartwatch Our Pick

If you’re looking for a safe investment then you should get the Themoemoe kid’s Smartwatch. This kid’s wearable phone is as functional as it is sturdy. You can rest assured that this watch will survive your child’s playtime and allow you to call them. The IP67 waterproof technology makes it so your child never has to take it off.

themoemoe kids wearable phone


  • Anti-fall design
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Two-way call function
  • GPS tracker
  • Advanced App control

Sturdy design:

Despite countless warnings, the one thing small children can’t remember is to be careful. And this is fine as we learn from our mistakes. What we can’t afford is to have your child damage their kid’s wearable phone just on the day you decide to contact them. Imagine the worry you would experience on the failure to make contact. Such an incident might even cause you to abandon everything to chase your child down.

What other choice do you have?

The second option is to equip them with a device that is stronger than their destructive capacities. Luckily this Smartwatch comes with powerful IP67 waterproof and Anti-fall technology. Your child can play about as much as they want while allowing you to easily contact them.

themoemoe kids wearable phone1

GPS tracker and call function:

This smartwatch allows you to easily make a two call with your child. Most importantly this smartwatch has a GPS tracker that allows you access to your child’s location in real-time.

You don’t have to worry about asking someone to check on your child if you feel like it. You can easily check their surroundings by yourself through the APP.

Additional functions:

The additional functions on this smartwatch include a camera that your child can use to take pictures. This smartwatch also has a phone book to store important contacts to help your child. On top of which this smartwatch also has an alarm clock, an actual clock, and games to interest your child.


  • Track your child in real-time
  • Reinforced with waterproof and Anti-fall technology
  • This smartwatch features games, a clock, and an alarm clock
  • You can use this smartwatch to make two-way calls


  • The instructions for set-up should be clearer

VTech SmartwatchRunner-up

VTech Smartwatch comes with five different games as well as motion sensors. This cool toy will help your children play and learn at the same time. On top of which this smartwatch also features a camera that takes pictures as well as records.

vtech kids wearable phone


  • Interactive games
  • Touch screen controls
  • Splash proof for everyday wear
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Camera for photos and videos

Splash proof:

Even with the advances in today’s technology, we can’t always avoid getting caught in the rain. It is even harder to expect children to remember to put their devices away before they join their friends.

Something you might try to make your lives mutually easier is to get them a splash-proof smartwatch. This means your child can enjoy themselves and you don’t have to worry about their soaked broken smartwatch.


We all know the excited look on children’s faces when they’re to tell you about their day. Most of the times we end up wishing we could capture our children’s happiness. With this smartwatch, you can do just that!

This smartwatch allows your child to take pictures, make videos and capture their adventures. The camera also has voice and picture effects your children can play around with at an early age.

Interactive games:

This smartwatch comes with at least five games and three physical challenges. The motion sensors on this smartwatch make play more fun for your child.

You can finish your chores and wind up your work without worrying about the kind of trouble your child might think up. Having this smartwatch means your child will be entertained for hours!


  • Touch screen operation
  • Picture and video capture on the camera
  • Memory to store pictures and videos
  • Five interactive games
  • Splash proof


  • The functions slow down over time with the use
  • The rechargeable battery needs to be improved as it takes a long time to charge

Prograce Kid’s Smartwatch

The Prograce kid’s smartwatch combines fun with function. This kid’s smartwatch comes with fun and exciting games as well as a pedometer. Not only this but this smartwatch also features a health motion sensor that encourages physical fitness through fun challenges.

prograce kids wearable phone


  • Fitness tracker
  • 3 MP Camera
  • Audio player
  • Flash light
  • Pedometer
  • Silica gel wrist band
  • 54-inch IPS HD LCD
  • Bluetooth Ver. 3.0

Encourages healthy habits:

With the pedometer, you can keep track of your child’s movements and calories. You can teach your child the importance of exercise from an early age. This smartwatch makes exercise fun with exciting challenges that encourage your child to move around.

The motion sensors on this smartwatch will help your child monitor their daily exercise.

Camera and flashlight function:

This smartwatch comes with a 0.3 MP camera that allows your child to take fun selfies. The camera is rotatable up to 90 degrees to capture complete shots.

That’s not all. . . It also comes with a powerful torch that will ease your child. Your child can easily master the functions on this smartwatch through the touch panel.

Music and FM function:

This smartwatch has a built-in Bluetooth ver. 3.0 that supports headphones. Your child will have access to an FM radio as well as a music player that stores their files. It provides your child with ready access to fun activities to pass their time on long commutes and travels.


  • Equipped with a motion sensor and pedometer
  • Comes with a torch and built-in Bluetooth
  • The camera captures 90-degree shots
  • FM radio and music player


  • The charging function needs to be improved to longer life
  • The design a little bulky for small children

iGeeKid Smart Watch and GPS tracker

The iGeeKid smartwatch comes with a powerful GPS function as well as a free SIM card. This interactive kid’s wearable phone has features that will educate plus entertain your child. Not only that but it supports two-way call so you can check on your child at any given time.

igeekids kids wearable phone


  • Two-way call option
  • Advanced GPRS + GPS function
  • Stainless steel design
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Soft silicone strap
  • Camera
  • 5-inch color touch screen
  • App support: Android and iOS

App support:

Without a doubt, this kids’ wearable phone is a necessity to maintain your child’s safety. The fact is some children are not old enough for smartphones. Even if you did choose to give your young child a phone how can anyone expect them to keep a track of it? It would be almost too easy for them to misplace it as they ran about. None the less you need a device that allows you to remain in contact with them at all times. The iGeeKid smartwatch is a valuable purchase for just this reason.

This kids’ wearable phone comes with a SeTracker2 App that is compatible with Android and iOS. The app allows you to track your child’s live location at all times. You can also change the settings on the app and decide whether you want to keep the tracker powered on during school.

Moreover, the app keeps you connected to your children at all times and will inform you unfailingly if they contact you. The app is very sensitive to your kids’ wearable phone and keeps a close check on it.

IP67 Waterproof:

The device is protected in a stainless steel casing that is IP67 waterproof. This means at no point does your child need to take off their smartwatch. They can keep it on while running around and even while swimming. Allowing you some peace of mind as you keep a track of their wanderings.

Free SIM card:

You don’t have to worry about arranging for SIM cards and call plans for your young children. This kids’ wearable phone has you covered with a free SIM that allows the two-way call. This one purchase will take care of all your concerns.


  • This watch comes with interactive games that will keep the kid’s entertained
  • It also has educational programs that will help them learn
  • The iGeeKid wearable phone is waterproof IP67
  • Comes with soft silicone straps
  • This interactive smartwatch charges to full power within 2-3 hours


  • You may struggle with the charger cable until it clicks into place to start charging
  • The new SeTracker 2 show too many adds

Enow Kid’s SmartWatch

This kids’ wearable phone from Enow has a powerful App with an impressive camera function. With this smart you can make two-way calls at any time, voice chat or even voice monitor your child remotely. This smartwatch also features fun math games to engage your child as well as a strong flashlight.

enow kids wearable phone


  • Two-way call
  • Remote voice monitor function
  • GPS tracking
  • Functioning clock
  • Fun and interactive games
  • Camera with remote function
  • APP function

Powerful App:

The App on your Kids’ wearable phone hosts impressive functions. You can use this app to remotely monitor your child’s surroundings. With the App, you can simply check on your child by monitoring the voices in their surroundings.

Furthermore, the app allows you to access the camera. The camera on this kid’s wearable phone is connected to the app on your phone. You can help your child capture memorable moments or you can simply use it to check on your child’s safety.

Interactive mode:

Understandably young children won’t understand why they need to keep the watch at all times. And for this reason, the smartwatch needs to keep them entertained so that they keep it on. However, you don’t have to worry about your child getting distracted by hours of gaming time.

This smart kids’ wearable phone features Math games. This way your child will keep the watch on while adding to their knowledge.

Additional functions:

On top of being a convenient communication device and tracker, this phone also comes with additional features. This smartwatch from Enow not only has a functioning clock but a powerful torch. This torch will be handy for moments when your child feels uneasy around shaded lighting.


  • Two-way call system
  • Allows voice chats
  • Comes with a GPS tracker
  • Additional functions such as clock and torch
  • Remotely controlled voice monitor function
  • Remotely controlled camera function


  • Customers have reported issues with the inaccuracy of the tracker
  • The touch screen could be better quality

CMKJ Kid’s Smartwatch

The CMKJ kids wearable phone assures additional safety for your child. This smartwatch supports 2G phone calls that you can make to check on your child. With this smartwatch, your child will have access to a music player and a camera as well. CMKJ provides one free memory card with your Smartwatch that stores files.

cmkj kids wearable phone


  • Two-way call function
  • Functioning camera for pictures and videos
  • Music player
  • A memory card to store files
  • 54-inch touch screen
  • Five different games

Two-way call system:

To be honest there is hardly one of us that doesn’t get worried pangs about our children from time to time. What is worse is that these worry pangs can get us at any time when we are least expecting them. Sometimes in the middle of a busy workday and with you having no way of checking on your child.

These smartwatches make it so that you can easily deal with such worries. Instead of thinking about who to call you can simply call your child. And you don’t have to worry about them misplacing their phone! This kids’ wearable phone will be strapped to their wrist allowing you to easily contact them.

Functioning camera and music player:

This wearable kids phone has almost all the features available on a full-sized phone. Your child has access to a functioning camera that they can use to make videos and take pictures to show you.

CMKJ provides you with at least one memory card to allow your child to store their pictures and videos. This memory card can also store music files that your child can access the music player. Like I said this smartwatch is a perfect option for children too young to take care of smartphones.

Touch screen function:

The best part about this smartwatch is that it is a touch screen and easy to operate. Your child can learn to use the call system, music, and camera with a few easy touch controls. This kid’s wearable phone also has five different games to entertain your child when they’re bored.


  • This device can be used for two way call
  • A memory card to store different types of files
  • A functioning camera to capture memories
  • 54-inch touchscreen easy to use


  • The controls for volume need some work
  • It is not as water-resistant as a kid’s watch should be

In conclusion:

There is nothing more important as parents than the safety and comfort of your children. This is why these smartwatches equipped with games and communication functions are just ingenious! They allow you to keep a check on your child while allowing them to explore the world around them.

Although this list includes only the best on the market there is yet one that beats the rest. The Themoemoe smartwatch is undoubtedly the best kids wearable phone device. This smartwatch comes with a two-way call function, GPS tracking through App, a sturdy design as well as games for your child. Basically, it meets all your needs in one product.

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