6 Best Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors reviewed

One of the most common problems in the growing world is heart diseases. There are several different reasons why blood pressure and cardio health is deteriorating in youngsters and even the elderly. A very common reason is an increase in blood pressure and anxiety. The rise of blood pressure becomes a reason for many diseases. To keep your health intact, you need a Wireless blood pressure monitor. These monitors are very easy to use and can be used at home. There are many different types of these machines and we have sorted out the 6 best Wireless blood pressure monitors to help you find the right one.

Our Pick 


Compatible with smart devices

Works also independently with the small digital screen

Triple measurement accuracy

Clinically approved for the accuracy

Irregular heartbeat detection




Easy to set

Compatible with smartphone and smartwatch

Irregular heartbeat detection

Clinically approved for accuracy

Compact design


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Mobile Health Wireless blood pressure monitorOur Pick

The mobile health Wireless blood pressure monitor is a great and stylish design for a Wireless blood pressure monitor. The band is made compact with a small digital screen so it can work independently without being connected to the smart devices all the time. One of the most important things for modern wireless blood pressure machines is that they should be light and compact. This feature allows them to travel with them with ease and monitor their blood pressure at all times. This device is very compact and lightweight. You can travel with it in your bag and feel no heftiness and travel hassles while carrying it.

Mobilehealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Sharing ability
  • Save up to 200 readings in the device and unlimited in the app
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extensive cuff range
  • Advanced measurements in the app
  • Triple measurement accuracy

While most of the other Wireless blood pressure monitors need to have a smartphone to read the blood pressure monitor, they cannot be used independently. The mobile health wireless blood pressure machine has a small digital screen that can easily give you the reading without having to connect to the smart device.  Besides the basic systolic and diastolic readings, the screen shows your pulse and can save up to 200 prior readings to keep your guide in your hands.

Accuracy is the prime feature to look for in a blood pressure machine. Some of them lack are great in features but only because of their lack of accuracy, they can be harmful to the health as well. This blood pressure machine uses triple check accuracy. The machine requires users to check their blood pressure three times consecutively at the same time and then finds the accurate and average results by calculating these three measurements. The reason that these method works is because sometimes in a millisecond our blood pressure rate can differ.

This wireless blood pressure machine can be connected to a smart device provided that the app is downloaded on the device. Besides the regular measurements, the app helps in measuring fast heartbeat, slower heartbeat, irregularities in the heartbeat, and other cardiac problems.  Detecting these in a timely fashion can go as far as to save a person’s life and even a lot of expensive treatments. The app also allows users to compare and contrast their results so that they can keep a check on their health. Results can also be shared with family or your doctor so that you can be in full check of your cardio health.


  • The machine app can help detect several cardiac disorders
  • The device works independently with the small digital screen
  • It is compact and lightweight which is perfect for traveling
  • The device can save up to 200 prior readings and the app can save unlimited
  • The machine is approved by the FDA


  • There is no time to check the measurements

QardioArm Wireless blood pressure monitor Runner-up

The QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor is a wireless device that measures the blood pressure in your system. This wireless blood pressure monitor is easy to set and it can accurately measure the blood pressure.

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor



  • Easy to set
  • Wireless blood pressure monitor
  • Compatible with Smartphone and smartwatch
  • Allows sharing of results with friends and family
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Compact and portable

This Wireless blood pressure monitor is friendly for non-tech savvy users and has the program to be easily connected to your Smartphone or even smartwatch. Once connected, using the app, users can save their last readings, share the data with their friends, family, and doctors, and it can help you find out when your loved one took a reading and have resulted with viable permission.  Sharing data with doctors allows them to provide you with medical steps that you will have to take and they can help you determine if you are in danger or not.

Wireless Blood pressure machines tell the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels that can be good for a constant check at home. However, most people do not have an idea on when their heartbeat can be irregular and they can be prone to a heart attack. This machine allows users to detect irregular heartbeats and constant checks on those heartbeats can allow medical supervision at the right time and go as far as to save someone’s life.

Cardio patients need to have a wireless blood pressure monitor at all times because they can become a victim of any heart problem more than regular people. Huge machines make it very difficult to travel with, but this wireless blood pressure machine is small and compact. It can easily fit into your bag or your pocket and can be taken anywhere. This is one of the reasons why it is so useful for heart patients. You can even have it in your first aid box.


  • The wireless blood pressure machine is compact and can be taken anywhere
  • It can be connected to your smartphone or even smartwatch and the results can be saved, shared, and compared
  • It can detect irregular heartbeats and save people from heart attacks before time
  • The machine is approved by the FDA and clinically approved for accuracy


  • Can only be used by one person at a time and one smartphone at a time
  • Cannot be used independently, needs a smartphone or a Smartwatch to ensure the readings and other features

Check more information from the Qardios’ website

Omron Evolv Wireless blood pressure monitor

The Omron Evolv Wireless blood pressure monitor is an easy and convenient way to ensure that your blood pressure is measured accurately. Since regular machines may make it difficult to read the blood pressure on the machine, this machine has simple readings. It is approved for clinically accurate readings.  The easy and convenient readings make it easy for people with less knowledge about blood pressure to monitor their BP without a problem.

Omron Evolv Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Clinically approved accurate readings
  • Wireless and easy to handle
  • Compact design
  • Simple controls
  • Compatible with smartphones and smart devices
  • Bluetooth
  • Wide range cuff
  • Unlimited user mode

The new technological friendly wireless blood pressure machines usually work dependently on smartphones or other smart devices. They require another device to be connected in order to check the readings which may vary because of the radiations. However, this machine uses the best of both worlds. It has the ability to be connected to a smart device for readings and other features. The connection is through Bluetooth. It also works independently. It can easily be worn on the hand and the reading is shown on the small digital screen of the monitor.

When a wireless blood pressure machine is connected to a smartphone, it is usually for one person then. On connecting to an additional smartphone, it will compel new settings and will make it work for the other smartphone. This wireless blood pressure machine can easily be connected to multiple settings without losing the data on the other device. All you need is Bluetooth on the smart device and the official app of this blood pressure machine and you can use the machine for yourself. There is unlimited storage space for the readings and they can be compared. Hence, unlike other machines, this is not made for one user only.

Another feature that is missing from the new age wireless blood pressure machines is that their cuff is improper. Unlike tying it around on the arm as the manual ones offer, these cuffs are usually a fit in bracelet style that touches the skin for readings, but they are not regular and accurate readings. This wrist brace can be worn and tied tightly as per the requirements of the medical professionals. The size is suitable for adults with upper arms sizes from 9 inches to about 17 inches in circumference.


  • The machine is suitable to run independently and also can be connected to smart devices
  • It can be used by multiple people by being connected to their respective smart devices with their data
  • It can be suitable for all adults with upper arm sizes from 9 inches to 17 inches
  • The readings are clinically approved for accuracy and are easy to read on the device


  • Runs on the regular battery which are not energy efficient
  • Cannot share the readings further with friends and family

Nokia BPM wireless blood pressure machine

The Nokia BPM wireless blood pressure machine is a great way for people who have to regularly monitor their BP to have this simple machine with them at all times. It can be connected to your smartphone that is why it is a great way to keep your doctor in the loop regardless of where you are. The app of the machine can send in your blood pressure readings to your doctor or to your friends and family with the easy share option.

Nokia BPM Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Bluetooth
  • Instant feedback
  • Backed up by researchers
  • Advanced reporting option
  • High accuracy
  • Cuff circumference from 22 to 42 cm

This blood pressure monitor is compatible with smartphones through its Bluetooth settings. The app of this monitor is an exceptional app with detailed features. The app launches automatically once the blood pressure monitor is in the range and switched on. As soon as the blood pressure is monitored, it gives color-coded detailed feedback so that the user can get an idea of what was measured and send the results to the doctor. There is unlimited space to save the readings and users can compare them and send them to anyone with the easy sharing option.

The important part of a blood pressure machine is its ability to be tied to the arm correctly. The cuff is not usually very adjustable and it may create several errors in readings because of the extra loss or extra tight cuff. The circumference for the cuff of this blood pressure machine is from 22 cm to 42 cm and can fit almost anyone. The cuff can be tightened or lose according to the person so it can suitable for everyone with ease.

This blood pressure machine is especially suited for people that travel a lot and need to keep their cardio health intact when they are on the go. Besides being able to send them to your doctor, you can simply carry it in your pocket or your handbag and can measure your blood pressure anywhere under any circumstances. It is foldable and very compact and can be suited for travel without creating a hassle in the luggage or without having to go through hefty checkup routines during travel.


  • The blood pressure machine is made highly accurate with the results on your smartphone
  • Smartphone app color codes the feedback according to the international standard
  • It is compact and highly suitable for travel
  • The readings can instantly be shared with your doctor for the right guidance over the right time


  • The machine does not show readings independently as it does not have a screen
  • It does not have a timer to check readings at several intervals

iHealth Feel Wireless blood pressure monitor

The iHealth feel Wireless blood pressure monitor is a great wireless blood pressure for people on the go. It has a long life built-in Li-On battery that can charge and save up a lot of energy on alkaline batteries and save the headache of constantly changing batteries as well. The Li-On battery has less radiation which is why it is more accurate as well and a better partner to your health. It is also easier to take in planes and a simple power bank can help you keep this on the go all the time.

iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Uses Li-On battery which is inbuilt
  • Multiple user tracking
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Heartbeat irregularity indicator
  • iHealth triple checking system
  • Clinically tested for accuracy
  • Unlimited space to store digital reading

While most of the wireless blood pressure machines are a great companion to those who have to monitor their heart health regularly, they are also made for one person only because of their inability to be connected to other smartphones. However, in the iHealth Wireless blood pressure monitor, you have the option to connect it to as many smartphones as you like. The system works when the smartphone is paired and the results saved in the app pop up and individuals can take advantage of it. One machine can be enough for the whole house.

The accuracy of this machine is extremely high. It is attested by the FDA and several other clinics have attested its accuracy. The machine recommends and allows the users to do a triple checking system. Sometimes, at the exact same time, the readings can be different. The triple health system allows users to read the blood pressure thrice and find the one that is the best and most close reading. The accuracy makes this machine a trusted item among several uses which makes it a great option for people that want to measure their readings all the time.

It can read highly sensitive heartbeat irregularities. These irregularities can be read on the smartphone and can be shared with medical professionals to take the right actions at the right time to help the patient from going through something major.


  • The blood pressure machine can measure irregularities with ease
  • It promotes more accurate checking with the triple-check system
  • Compatible with smartphone devices through Bluetooth
  • Approved by the FDA and other clinically attested validations


  • Does not have a screen to work independently
  • The app may not have a detailed graph comparison

iHealth Clear Wireless blood pressure monitor

The iHealth Clear Wireless blood pressure monitor is also a great model from iHealth. It is used on the wrist for accurate measurements and uses an inbuilt screen to use them. It can be connected to a smart device but the machine is not dependent on it and can run independently and show the blood pressure.

iHealth Clear Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Voice support in French or English
  • Works independently
  • FDA approved
  • Can be connected to a smart device
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Clinically validated
  • The app shows comparison charts and allows data sharing
  • The machine shows temperature and time
  • The machine itself can show a graph of the recorded readings

This machine can be run independently, produce clear readings along with the voice activation that allows the wireless blood pressure monitor to be suitable for everyone even those who are visually impaired or have weak eyesight. Not only that, but the machine has a voice support system that can read the blood pressure in French or English. The screen of the machine not only shows clear readings, but it also shows a graph of the recorded readings for quick comparison and quick detail on where the readings have stood with time. This helps technologically weak people to enjoy some benefits on their own and the others can be used for help. The screen also shows the time and the temperature to keep on track at all times.

This FDA approved iHealth Wireless blood pressure monitor is a great way to get technologically active with your medical gear. The app of the device can be connected with the device through a Wi-Fi system that can be used to store unlimited readings at a time and about 2000 when offline. The app also allows users to compare and contrast their readings and share it with their friends and family and even doctors for the best medical advice on your fingertips at all times.

There is plenty of medical gear available in the market. They might be attested clinically as well, but not many of them are attested by the FDA. Being approved by the FDA ensures that the gear is safe to use. From the material of the gear to the radiation and other aspects are made to ensure that they are safe for everyone. This Blood pressure monitor is approved by the FDA and also clinically validated.


  • The machine can work independently with the inbuilt screen and clear readings
  • The inbuilt screen shows time, the temperature, comparison graph
  • The machine voices the readings in English and French for visually impaired
  • It is compatible with smart devices using a Wi-Fi connection


  • This blood pressure machine does not have a timer for constant checks
  • It does not detect irregular heartbeats like many others


You have read the 6 best wireless blood pressure machine reviews in great detail. Out of all six of these, the winner is Mobile health wireless blood pressure machine. It has a small digital screen that gives you the reading without having to connect to the smart device, it also has the ability to produce very accurate results with its triple measurement method. The app that connects the machine to the smartphone also takes it a step ahead and helps users measure more than just their blood pressure which can be life-saving.

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