8 Best Motion Activated Bulb solutions

When you enter a room, the first thing you do is to find the switchboard to turn on the lights. If this is a particularly dark room, then you are probably going to have a hard time fumbling around for the switch. If you’re tired of looking around for the switch and tumbling things over in the process, then motion activated bulb is a perfect solution for you. They eliminate the need to switch on a light bulb manually; instead, they turn on automatically every time someone enters a room. For your ease, we have listed down our top picks for the 8 best motion activated bulb solutions of 2019.

Our Pick 


Adjustable duration time

Light sensitivity

Adjustable detection range

Energy saving

Not so easy to install



Dual mode

Easy to install

Longer lasting time

Energy saving

It uses inconsistent sensors


Let’s find out what these are.

Elrigs Motion Activated BulbOur Pick

What makes the Elrigs Motion Activated bulb truly a part of this list of top picks are its three adjustable parameters that can be adjusted according to your own liking. One of the best features on this motion-activated bulb is the adjustable light sensitivity. You can calibrate the light sensitivity of this device according to your own needs. This makes it easier to use in places where there is generally a lot of light and it’s a bright setting.

elrigs motion activated bulb


  • Energy saving
  • Adjustable duration time
  • Light sensitivity
  • Adjustable detection range

Adjustable duration time

Out of the three adjustable parameters, perhaps the most interesting and useful out of all of these parameters is definitely the adjustable time duration. Most of the motion activated bulbs detect light and then turn on the lights for a particular period of time. Once motion stops for some time, the lights are automatically turned off.

On the Elrigs LED bulbs, however, you can adjust the time after which the bulbs automatically turn off. This customization can help you if you wish to elongate the time duration and make it suitable according to your need.

Light sensitivity

Just like the time duration, you can also adjust this motion-activated bulb to sense light according to your convenience. You can adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor so you can have the bulbs turn off at your own convenience and then back on at your own convenience. This adjustability allows you to personalize or customize the settings on this device.

Adjustable detection range

Suppose you wish to place these bulbs in a smaller room which is adjacent to another room. In this case, you would want these bulbs to have a shorter range rather a long one. You can use the adjustable detection range option and customize this range according to your liking. You can adjust both the range as well as the angle at which it can detect the motion.


  • You’ll get an unlimited 2-year warranty as well as a 30 day trial period after which you can also get a refund.
  • Its adjustable parameters allow you to customize the settings.
  • You can use it in a lot of places which can either be external or internal.
  • It saves a lot on energy and billing as well.


  • It is a bit difficult to install than the rest of them.

Sengled SmartSense BR30Runner-up

The Sengled SmartSense BR30 is a sturdy and reliable motion activated bulb. This product is a highly versatile one as well, given the fact that it can detect motion up to 30 feet away. With the 30-foot detection range, you can forget worrying about whether you are close enough for activation or not. This range allows you to set the desired motion coverage for the bulb in case your house has both large and small rooms.

The reason as to why the Sengled SmartSense BR30 makes it on our list of top picks is due to its longevity and versatility.

sengled 8,5w motion activated bulb


  • 30-foot detection range
  • Dual Mode
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in motion sensor


The Sengled SmartSense allows you to quickly switch between the sensor mode and a manual mode. This feature is called the Dual Mode of the bulb. In other words, you can use this bulb both as a traditional bulb which is triggered using a switch or a sensor-activated bulb which turns on automatically when stepped in the sensing range. This Dual Mode provides you the ability to still use the bulb in case you haven’t figured out the correct range to set or if the sensors stop working for some reason.


This smart LED light bulb is specially engineered to last longer than traditional bulbs. They are designed in a way to withstand all kinds of sudden electric voltage fluctuation, surge, and other hazards. They have an estimated life span of over 25000 hours. Normally, LED bulbs only last over a year or so, however, this product lasts 3 times longer.

Easy installation

The SmartSense LED bulb comes with an easy to read and understand the instruction manual. However, if you have even a bit of skill, you will easily change the light bulb and replace it with this one. The installation is easy and simple. There are no complicated steps, so you can rest assured that using it will be a breeze.


  • Last up to 25000 hours which is approximately 3 years.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Saves you 45W of energy more than the traditional bulbs.
  • You can use it in bathrooms, porches, bedrooms and even closets.


  • It uses inconsistent sensors

Sengled SmartSense A19

The Sengled SmartSense A19 is another top product. It features a unique eco-friendly mode that allows you to save more energy than its counterparts. This bulb boasts low standby power consumption making it low maintenance. Its low power consumption feature allows it to save more energy whilst still providing bright light.

The versatility and durability of the Sengled SmartSense A19 are what truly makes it worth the while and money. It can be used anywhere: kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, porches and even closets, you name it.

sengled 9,5w motion activated bulb


  • High angle sensor detection
  • Economically advantageous
  • Dual Mode
  • Easy to install
  • 30-foot detection range
  • Long lasting LED bulb

Dual Mode

The dual mode is a special feature included in practically all Sengled LED bulbs. The Dual Mode allows you to switch between a manual switch mode and an automatic sensor mode. This duality can actually be very helpful if the sensors stop working after the guaranteed time period and you still want to use it. Most Smart bulbs become useless after their sensors die out, but not this one.


This product is engineered specially to provide an advantage over other light bulbs in the industry. This is done by reducing power consumption on standby. The reduction is up to 0.2 Watts that can cause a huge difference in billing. In other words, you can save much more with this bulb due to this feature.

30 feet detection range

This product features an incredible 30 feet detection range which makes it versatile. Its sensors can detect motion from 30 feet. This adds to the versatility of the product as you can practically use it anywhere. 30 feet is an adequate detection range to use in small closed spaces such as houses or offices.


  • The installation is quick, easy and very simple.
  • The sensors on this LED bulb can detect motion up to 30 feet away and at an angle of 100 degrees.
  • You can save much more with this product due to the eco-advantage feature
  • It works up to 25000 hours which is approximately 3 years.


  • You will have to come in close proximity to turn the bulb on.

Sunnest Motion Bulb

With the Sunnest Motion Activated bulbs, you can forget about ever having to worry about fumbling and stumbling in your room to get to the switchboard. This smart LED bulb has a high-quality PIR sensor fitted on the top. This sensor basically senses motion which may be 13-15 feet away. If it detects the motion, then it will turn the lights on for 30 seconds until more motion is detected and the timer is reset. This mechanism is efficient and works to provide the best lighting in the least effort.

sunnest motion activated bulb


  • Efficient and quick PIR sensors
  • 13-15 feet of detection range
  • Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • Longevity
  • Versatile in use

Dusk to Dawn Sensor

One of the unique features on this motion-activated bulb is the Dusk to Dawn sensor. What does this sensor do for you? It detects when it is day time and when it starts to turn dark outside.

You can use these motion activated bulbs as security lights and they will automatically turn on soon after it gets dark due to this unique sensor. Not only that, but they can also detect when it’s day time and turn the security bulbs off.

Detection Range

This device features a medium tier detection range; however, you can still find this to be beneficial for you in the long run. This detection range is about 13-15 feet from the bulb’s sensor. However, it uses a 120-degree angle to detect the motion which is a larger angle than most motion activated bulbs. This range is ample for use in rooms, bathrooms, and closets.

Energy Saving

This 10 watts motion activated bulb is energy saving and cost-effective. Most LED bulbs are considered to be underpowered as they are designed to save more, so they might be a bit dim. But with this product, this is the total opposite. The Sunnest will provide you with lighting equivalent to incandescent bulbs but saves 80 percent more.


  • It produces light as bright as an incandescent bulb but consumes 80 percent less.
  • It can detect much better than others on this list.
  • This product can automatically turn itself on or off according to the time of day.
  • Last up to 30,000 hours.


  • It is not waterproof

MINGER Sensor Bulb

What makes MINGER light bulb unique is its easy installation. The product itself is shipped with an easy and quick installation guide. There are no screws, no extra or additional fixtures and neither is there any additional sensor which needs to be installed. With most traditional bulbs and even some motion activated ones, you have to provide some customized or extra wiring for the bulb or its sensors; however, this is not the case with the MINGER.

minger motion activated bulb


  • Easy to install
  • Sensitive and high-quality sensors
  • Saves energy
  • Longer lifespan
  • Many applications

High-quality sensors

The sensors used in traditional LED bulbs are normally of very low quality as their ranges are smaller and they are not very sensitive. However, the MINGER motion activated LED bulb uses high-quality PIR sensor. This infrared sensor can detect motion from up to 20 feet away.

And not only that, but it can also detect motion which may be at a 120-degree angle from its line of sight. And this detection is not only limited to humans, but it also detects the motion of cars and animals as well. This makes it perfect for home and garage usage.

Energy Saving

The MINGER motion activated light bulb uses a smart technology which can automatically sense the time of day. Once it realizes what time of day it is, it automatically shuts off or turns on the lights.

This is mostly the case with security lights which need to be turned off when it is day time and turned on as soon as it gets dark. It can also turn itself off after 30 seconds of no motion detected. All of these factors will save you from a huge amount on your electricity bill.

Longer lifespan

This motion activated bulb can run for up to 30,000 hours which will save you the hassle of spending money on new bulbs every now and then. Its energy-saving features help elongate its lifespan as well.


  • You can easily fit it on to most braces or sockets.
  • The motion detection on this device is top notch and almost never fails.
  • It lasts longer than most other motion activated bulbs.
  • You can use it in a lot of places around the house.


  • They are sensitive and they can sometimes detect motion beyond closed doors.

Luxon LED bulb

The Luxon LED bulb is perhaps the most economically efficient and most user-friendly. We have included it on our list due to its great sensor technology. The best feature about this product is probably its dawn to dusk feature that allows you to save up on billing. What the dawn to dusk feature does for you is that it does not automatically turn on the lights if it is too bright already. And it will automatically turn on when it gets darker. This feature comes in handy when you have to use these bulbs as security lights or if you have to place them outside.

luxon motion activated bulb


  • Efficient energy saving
  • Strong Radar
  • It can penetrate glass
  • Various applications
  • Detects motion up to 25 feet away

Strong detection

The sensor used in this particular product is a very strong one. This motion activated bulb uses a strong sensor to detect motion up to 30 feet away. And it can also detect motion at an angle of 360 degrees. You will find this to be a very useful feature because you don’t have to manually turn on the lights and it will just do it for you, no matter if you are fairly far away.

Penetration Ability

The sensor can penetrate through several materials such as wood and glass. So you can rest assured that this bulb can detect motion even through obstacles in its way. Normally, you would have to rearrange the furniture in order to make room for the sensor to be able to detect the motion properly.

Various applications

The versatility of this motion-activated bulb is astounding. You can use these bulbs for your house, office as well as garages. You can place them in hallways, corridors, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even closets too.


  • Strong motion sensor allows it to detect motion even in difficult situations.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • You can use this product in your houses, offices and even garages.
  • It can detect animals as well as cars too.


  • Not waterproof.

Sengled SmartSense PAR38

Sengled is a well-known name when it comes to manufacturing innovative lighting equipment such as motion activated bulbs. The PAR38 is efficient and safe for use outside as well. The major feature is its super easy installation procedure. You can actually argue that there is no installation procedure. The procedure is so short and simple; you will feel like getting them on your ceilings or on the walls wasn’t really that much of a pain as well.

sengled 11,5w motion activated bulb


  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Large range of motion sensing
  • Lasts longer
  • Easy installation
  • Versatility

Motion sensing

This motion activated bulb uses a very smart motion sensing system. The sensor used in this product is capable of detecting motion even 30 feet away and even at an angle of 130 degrees. This excellent motion sensing feature provides you the comfort of coming into a room and the lights switching themselves on.

Once it detects the motion, it will keep the lights on for 90 seconds until it can detect more motion, otherwise, it will switch the lights off, after 90 seconds of inactivity.


The Sengled SmartSense motion activated bulb is rated to last over 25000 hours of usage. This is because of the smart way in which it is engineered. It uses only 0.2 Watts of energy on standby.


You can use this motion-activated bulb at any place inside your house, in bathrooms, in bedrooms and even in closets and hallways. You can use them as security lights or for porch lighting when it gets dark. The dusk to dawn feature makes it efficient for use in external settings such as porches and garages. The versatility of this product is a marvel on its own and you can use it any place you like.


  • Easy to set up and install.
  • You can use these bulbs in homes, offices, rooms and even garages
  • The dusk to dawn feature combined with other features save you a lot on billing
  • It uses only 0.2 watts on standby.


  • It can catch fire on really hot days.

Boxlood 12W Bulb

The Boxlood 12 bulb is one of the finest products on this list in terms of energy efficiency. Not only are they designed in a way which enables them to save you money and energy, but they are also equipped with the necessary software to turn them off when it is significantly bright enough.

This saves a lot of money and energy as you’re only going to pay for the electricity which you use. It also saves you money due to the fact that they have an internal 30-second timer which shuts the lights off if it cannot detect any motion in the room.

boxlood motion activated bulb


  • Open Fixture
  • As bright as incandescent bulbs
  • Smart Motion Detector
  • Dusk to Dawn


While most motion activated bulbs made from LEDs are very dim and do not produce a lot of bright light, the Boxlood 12W PIR bulb produces a very bright light. This light can be compared with the light produced by incandescent bulbs which take up almost 85 W of energy.

However, this motion-activated bulb is engineered to produce the same kind of bright light but it uses lesser energy. This bright light can prove to be much better for the eyes as bright light gives more clarity. It can also save energy and money on the bills.

Smart Motion detection

This motion activated bulb is fitted with some of the states of the art motion detection technology which allows you automatically turn the lights on. The sensor uses a timer which turns on the lights for 45 seconds until it cannot detect further motion in the room. This smart detection can prevent you from using the lights for an elongated period of time.

Dusk to Dawn feature

The dusk to dawn feature on this device is efficient and sensitive. It can efficiently detect when it is getting too dark and when it is significantly bright. It can then turn the lighting on or off accordingly.


  • It can save you a lot on billing as it is optimized to use up less energy.
  • You can use them outside as well inside the house or office.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It produces a significantly bright light as compared to others on this list.


  • You cannot use this in a closed fixture

Wrapping it up

While all of the products we reviewed above are worthy of the praise, we feel like the Elrigs Motion Activated bulb has a slight edge when compared to other bulbs. The fact that they can be customized and adjusted according to your liking is what sets it apart from the other products.

What bulb you’re using?

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