Air Cleaner for Allergies: 4 Best Reviewed

Do you really need an air cleaner for allergies, either at home or office? Does your home feel dusty or even moldy? Then here is your rescue. Also referred to as air cleaner, is used to remove contaminants trapped in the air within a room. The devices are commonly marketed as being beneficial to people with allergy and asthmatics. The air purifier can trap air contaminants such as dust, toxins, odors, mold spores and chemicals. However, depending on the technology used, certain air purifiers are safer at trapping air particles. These air pollutants are removed from the air using filtration, electrostatic precipitation, and ionizing methods.

Since the indoor air is often much more polluted than the air outside, this may expose us to risks of allergies, asthma, and respiratory issues. It is therefore advised to use an air cleaner for allergies to prevent air quality-related health conditions. Those suffering most from allergies and asthma know how this is important. They know how it’s beneficial to their health when they breathe air that is clean and free from contaminants and allergens. Allergy sufferers are not sensitive to a single substance but rather to a variety of different allergens.

Our Pick 

Rabbit Air

Filters last up to 2 years

Very quiet in lowest settings

Includes a remote

Filters tend to be expensive


Alen BreatheSmart

Filter life indicator

Optimized for allergies

Washable pre-filter

Missing air quality indicator


Here is a review of 4 best air cleaners that you can choose.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier Our Pick

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA air purifier is a top-of-the-line air cleaner for allergies. It comes in two models to suit a wide range of uses, the MinusA2 SPA-700A and the MinusA2 SPA-780A air purifiers. The main purpose being air cleaner for allergies is that each model can purify the dirty air containing dust, toxins, odors, mold spores and chemicals with fresh air within a room every hour. The MinusA2 SPA-700A air purifier model cleans a space of up to 700 sq while the MinusA2 SPA-780A air purifier model cleans a space of up to 815 sq.

rabbit air purifier for allergies

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA air purifier is one of the most popular air cleaners on the market. Being a great air cleaner, it packs the high performance modern technological features available. Without a doubt, this air cleaner for allergies is certainly the thinnest slimmest measuring at 20” high by 21” wide by 7” deep. It’s also fully equipped with a six-stage filtration process. For air to pass through unobstructed, the filter is constructed of an extremely fine mesh. In return, it manages to trap nearly all airborne particles certified to catch 99.97% of all contaminants.

This air purifier model uses a special 6-stage air cleaning process. This strips the air from all types’ allergies. Apart from just being the best air cleaner for allergies, it has odor neutralizer, toxin absorber, and pet allergy reducer customized filters. The front panel comes in a variety of colors and designs with the ability to purify an area up to 700 square feet. The device can be wall-mounted or set on the floor.

Features of Rabbit Air Purifier

  • Six-Stage Filtering Process – you get to choose the filters of different options, that is, odor remover filter and toxin absorber filter.
  • Washable Permanent Pre-Filter – there are no additional expenses for filter replacement. It’s washable once every couple of months and easy to remove dust, pet dander, and other large polluters.
  • BioGS HEPA Filter – it has a better quality HEPA filter that captures air pollutants such as allergens, germs, bacteria, and viruses efficiency up to 99.97%.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – it’s made out of top-quality granular activated carbon that captures common household odors and chemical odors.
  • Negative Ion Generator – this produces ions that fortify only clean air to get out of the device.


    • Captures all types of allergen and harmful toxins
    • Ability to customize the main filter
    • Near silent at its lowest setting
    • Does not produce any ozone
    • The filters last up to two years before exchanging
    • Includes a remote


  • Filters are expensive
  • Turbo mode is quite loud
  • Mood light seems gimmicky

Alen Breathe Smart FLEX air cleaner for allergies

This is a customizable air cleaning system that is optimized to capture a wide range of airborne contaminants. The Alen Breathe Smart FLEX air purifier helps to cleaner air throughout your home. This air purifier is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices for it’s designed for spaces that are up to 700 square feet. The Alen FLEX Allergen model comes with interchangeable HEPA filters, personalizable designer panels and outstanding air cleaning power specifically designed to relieve allergies and asthma. It has holes inside that are smaller to allow it to trap even the most microscopic of particles. A HEPA filter is superior to a non-HEPA filter since it quietly and efficiently removes harmful particles. The non-HEPA filters capture larger particles missing some of the other smaller ones. The Alen Breathe Smart FLEX Air Purifier comes with different HEPA filter choices allowing you to choose the best for your needs.

alen air purifier for allergies

Features of Alen Breathe Smart FLEX Allergen

    • Filtration options with ionizer – there are various types of filters that you can choose from, namely:
      • HEPA Pure – this type is for allergy and asthma relief.
      • HEPA Fresh Plus – this type is for protection against light smoke, mild odors such as cooking smells, asthma, and allergies.
      • HEPA Silver – this type protects the filter against the growth of bacteria and microbes from captured organic compounds from some personal care items, fabrics, and furnishings.
      • HEPA OdorCell – this type destroys strong odors at a molecular level. This in return will provide an extra layer of defense against smoke and pet smells.
    • Powerful 4-speed fans – this helps to circulate the air at much higher speeds with less noise.
    • Filter Life Indicator – built to warn and give an alert if the filtration is no longer good for use.
    • Washable permanent pre-filter
    • Personalizable front cover
    • Child-lock control panel and child-safe vent guard
    • 4, 8, 12-hour timer
    • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Highly effective – effective air cleaner for allergies in capturing a wide range of contaminants and other airborne allergens. It’s optimized to remove allergy-triggering particles from the air.
  • Filter life indicator – the indicator helps to know when your air purifier needs new filters.


  • Production of a chemical smell when new – this unit gives out a plastic smell when it’s new and turned on for the very first time which may last for about two to three weeks.
  • Missing air quality indicator – there is a need to consider another unit if you need a better air cleaner that automatically detects and displays the air quality.
  • Relatively expensive – this unit is more expensive in the market compared to another air cleaner for allergies of the same capacity.

Blue Pure 211 air purifier

The Blue Pure 211 air purifier has a solid reputation when it comes to making air purifiers. The Blue Pure 211 air purifier is relatively affordable and simple to use. This air purifier resembles the Xiaomi Mi but it’s a bit bigger in size. Having two and close detachable parts, the top part of the unit houses a fan while the bottom half protected by a pre-filter fabric acts as a filter making it an incredibly easy job to replace the filter. This bottom half comes in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, pink, and so on.

bluair air purifier for allergies

The Blue Pure 211 air cleaner for allergies has a single button on the side. This button lights up whenever the machine is on. This unit is made of top-notch plastic weighing about 5.7 Kilograms. To control the speed of the fan you only switch from low, medium and high. It is impressive that the Pure 211’s fan runs quietly even at high speed. This Blue Pure 211 is very essential for it removes pollen, smoke, and dust 350 cubic feet per minute from your room. At maximum fan speed, the Blue Pure 211 air purifier utilizes 61 W.

Features of Blue Pure 211

  • The Filtration System – it is able to capture the microparticles that fill the air around the room or office. It also has an activated carbon filter to reduce annoying odors.
  • Washable Filters – with the Blue Pure 211 model, it uses a special fabric in the filter that is easily washed and reused over and over again. This gives confidence in the quality of air being pumped into the room.
  • 99% of Particles Removed – expect 99% of all particles such as dust, pollen, and odors to be removed since it draws air from all sides of its three-stage filtration system.
  • Low Sound Output – it’s well known for its low sound output and not annoying even while sleeping.
  • Top Energy Rating – very efficient with the power it consumes.
  • Room Size – covers up to 540 square feet in size clearing 340 cubic feet of air per minute.


  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • High-quality 3 stage filtration system
  • More energy efficient than other similar air cleaners
  • Large air coverage up to 540 square feet in size
  • It is virtually silent.


  • No HEPA filter included
  • Lack of smart features
  • High initial and maintenance cost

Aprilaire Allergy9550 HEPA Air Purifier

The Aprilaire Allergy9550 HEPA Air Purifier is highly recommendable air cleaner for allergies. This might be the device you’ve been looking for several years. It’s a powerful device that helps to purify the air within the room or office space. It removes 99.97% of the airborne allergens qualifying to be the best air purifier for allergies. The device is easy to use, clean, and install.

aprilaire air purifier for allergies

The manufacturer, Aprilaire, has aimed to improve the quality of the indoor air, either home or office, since 1954. HVAC systems are installed to eliminate airborne impurities such as dust, toxins, odors, mold spores and chemicals in our homes and offices. There is Allergy9550 HEPA Air Purifier that is portable, enabling you to move from one room to the other freely. They eliminate most, if not all indoor pollutants in the air.

This air cleaner for allergies unit also has an alumina oxide together with an activated carbon bed filter. This feature helps to reduce the gaseous allergy that is triggered by the odors. The unit also has a six fan speed. This feature helps to handle different and varying levels of airborne allergens. You can use the turbo mode to increase the fan speed. There is a smart mode installed to automatically complete the whole work for you. The Allergy9550 air purifier purifies the air in large rooms, including those rooms of up to 495 square feet. The Aprilaire Allergy9550 HEPA will also purify air, eliminating the airborne allergens without an ionizer.

The Aprilaire Allergy9550 HEPA Air Purifier, the filtration system is durable. The unit, however, comes with a smart life indicator. This will notify you when to replace the filters. The systems come with two pieces, a filter cartridge, and fine pets’ hair trap, that are easy and clearer to install. This can be guided by an installation manual provided by the Aprilaire manufacturer.

Features Aprilaire Allergy9550 HEPA

  • Smart indicator – the Aprilaire Allergy9550 air purifier, at all times, will alert you when the exact time comes to order and get another new filter. This is all achieved by simply resetting the Filter Life Indicator.
  • Smart Mode – you can adjust the fan speed automatically. This is based on the smart particle sensor for optimal air purifying.
  • Zero Ozone – without the use of an ionizer, the unit helps in improving the quality of air at home or office. It’s easy to move from room to room of up to 495 square feet, including bedrooms, family room or kitchen.
  • Alumina oxide and activated carbon filters – the two pieces of filters installed helps to remove odors and other gaseous allergy triggers.
  • 99.97% allergen removal – the unit effectively removes allergens such as dust, pollen, mold spores and other pollutants larger than 0.3 microns.
  • Genuine replacement filters – the manufacturer Aprilaire provides genuine filters, for replacement at your convenience. This replacement filtration system comes with an easy cartridge to install.


  • It covers a vast area to keep the air cleaner.
  • The purifier operates both automatically or manually.
  • It is easy to change and maintain the filters.
  • Remove up to 99.97% of airborne allergens
  • Easy to lift and move from room to room


  • Quite expensive.
  • Requires some technical installation.
  • It can be very noisy once turned to high speed


The air purifier unit makes it a mandatory addition to all of our households and offices. They greatly boost the quality of air, ensuring all members lead a longer, better, and healthier life. But before you decide on any air cleaner for allergies or asthma, ensure to consider the following tips:

  • Why you need air purifier – first consider the indoor air quality needs. Choose the best air cleaner for allergies that eliminates up to 99.97% of common airborne allergens with a size of 0.3 microns or larger.
  • The size of the purifier you need – always considers the square footage of the room or the office space you want to purify. Also, consider those air purifiers with the standard air change per hour rate.
  • The type of distinctive features – prioritize of whether or not, you would like a unique or particular feature that adds convenience to operation. The features may be air quality sensors, fans with multiple speeds, digital controls, and indicator filter alerts, among others.
  • Where to put the device or machine – the best location recommended putting the air cleaner is within the bedroom space. This is where we spend a lot of hours of up to 8 hours or so, others even more than that. Therefore, select the best unit which has caster wheels to enable easier movement from one room to the other.
  • Easy to maintain – be sure to research on the cost and frequency of the filter replacements. In most cases, replace the filters in the unit just as the manufacturer recommends to do so with correct intervals.

The best air cleaner for allergies is the one which will suit all your needs. In my personal opinion, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA has most of the benefits being on top-of-the-line air cleaner for allergies. The unit comes in two different models, weighing less and slimmer.

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