August vs Sifely vs SMONET Smart Locks Comparison

Because of the rapid technological advancements, we are in the age of smart gadgets that are easily controlled through smartphones, allowing users to keep updated about everything around them, making them a popular option.

Smart locks, a cutting-edge digital locking device, offer improved security and protection to your house or building. They are quickly gaining popularity for their safety and protection mechanisms.

Smart locks are an updated form of traditional locks; their simple and quick locking mechanism is flexible and they have many additional functions, benefits, and features. These locks assist you in unlocking your doors using a key fob, smartphone, or simply the touch of your finger. You do not need to worry about carrying your keys any longer.

We’ve reviewed and compared the top smart locks in the market: August, Sifely, and SMONET. You can learn more about them in a detailed review given below; however, if you don’t have the time to read through, here’s a quick review and the key differences between the three selected locks:

August’s Wifi Smart Lock (4th Generation) offers excellent design, easy installation, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, but comes without a keypad. In comparison, Sifely’s Smart Deadbolt Lock has a keypad and an IP54 weatherproof rating. It is, however, only compatible with Alexa and not Google Assistant. SMONET Smart Deadbolt door lock has the most to offer compared to August and Sifley. It includes five control options: TTL app, Fingerprint, Keypad, IC Card, and Keys. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa if you purchase the SMONET Wifi Gateway.

August’s Wifi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

Smart locks offered by August are famous for their design, easy installation, and performance. The August Wifi Smart Lock also has all the qualities you may need.

First, the best thing about this product is its built-in wifi and compatibility with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant. It also works with Logitech, Nest, SmartThings, Xfinity, Simplisafe, and Control4. Additionally, you can easily install this smart lock because the August Wifi Smart Lock doesn’t require you to change the existing deadbolt of your house; instead, you just need to replace a part of the deadbolt.

This allows you to still use your keys for the original lock (in case of an emergency, like dead batteries or an interrupted wifi connection); however, if you need a keypad, you’ll have to separately buy it, because the August Wifi Smart Lock doesn’t offer an attached keypad.

This smart lock’s chief advantage and attraction is its design, and it is indeed one of the smallest smart locks in the market. Adding a big piece of metal to your door is never aesthetically pleasing, which is why, August wifi Smart Lock’s small size is a considerable benefit to those particularly concerned with the external look of their houses or apartments.

Because of its size, a smart lock requires batteries (two CR123 batteries). These batteries last for about 3 to 6 months, which can be a hassle or bothersome for some people. Furthermore, the smart lock comes with a one-year warranty.

The August smart lock also offers features like door sense (to tell if the door is closed), smart alerts (for notifying when the door is locked, unlocked, or left open), auto-lock (for automatically locking the door after being shut), auto-unlock (unlock the door when you’re in a close proximity using Bluetooth or wifi), and guest access (for regular or temporary unlocking keys for family, friends, or others using the August app).

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August’s Wifi Smart Lock (4th Generation)


Built-in wifi

Small size and simple design

Easy to install and use

Compatible with many smart home appliances


Batteries have a short life

Keypad is not attached but sold separately

Sifely’s Smart Deadbolt Lock

Sifely Smart Deadbolt Lock is an excellent device that can be used by a resident, rental property manager, and an Airbnb short-term rental hosts because the Sifely Smart Lock app allows you to generate different user codes.

These codes include permanent (no limitations to unlock the door), timed (for specific time and date), one-time (just for one time), clear (to delete all codes in memory), cyclic (to repeat a code for specific days and time), and custom (combination of time-limited and permanent codes).

Additionally, after programming the code, you have 24 hours to use it; otherwise, it’s automatically deleted. You can also program the system to notify on the app (Sifely Smart Lock app) whenever a code is used. This will help you track all activities to every code. Plus, you can program all these codes using the app and don’t require a wifi connection.

IP54 is weatherproof rating and comes with a one-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any damage during severe weather conditions. The lock uses 4 AA batteries that have year-long battery life. The smart lock features a keypad but also offers three physical keys for emergencies or backups. Furthermore, you don’t need to replace or change your existing deadbolt to install this smart lock.

This smart lock’s most attractive and standout feature is its Bluetooth connection. By using the app in your phone (within the Bluetooth range), you can not only make changes to the lock and codes but also lock or open your door remotely; however, this is only possible with a wifi gateway that you must buy separately. The smart lock is also compatible with Alexa Voice Assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control the lock. But the lock is incompatible with Google Assistant, which is quite upsetting and a significant setback.


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Sifely’s Smart Deadbolt Lock


Easy to install

Good build quality

Airbnb-friendly option

Memory of 150+ user codes

Remote access using a wifi gateway

Supported by a custom mobile application

1-year warranty

ANSI/BHMA certified weatherproof rating


Sifely wifi gateway is not included in the package

No Google Assistant support

SMONET Smart Deadbolt Door Lock

Smonet offers high-end smart locks, including the SMONET Smart Deadbolt door lock. You can replace your existing deadbolt with this advanced piece of technology—the smart lock on our list with the most security features.

The security features included in this smart lock include a keypad, an app, fingerprint sensor, IC cards, and a physical key option. It also features a Bluetooth connection; however, you will have to use a TTLock application to access/control your lock, and you will need a SMONET wifi gateway to have a remote access.

The wifi gateway allows you to give voice commands using Google Assistant or Alexa. To make these smart hubs operational, you will either need Echo or Echo Dot (for Alexa) and Google Home (for Google Assistant). Remember that the Somnet gateway is separately sold.

If you are quality-conscious, it’s a good option because the lock is made of a zinc alloy that makes it durable. The smart lock operates on 4 AA batteries that last as long as six months. You can program the smart lock using a mobile application (TTLock).

SMONET has different code types: Permanent, timed, one time, erase, cyclic, and custom. You must use these codes within 24 hours; otherwise, they expire or get automatically deleted. Additionally, the smart lock supports an IP5X rating, meaning it’s not only 100% waterproof but has water splash resistance as well. The smart lock also offers a one-year warranty.

Rating 4.5 of 5

SMONET Smart Deadbolt Door Lock


5 ways to unlock

Premium build quality

Supports wifi

IP5X certificate

100 fingerprints memory

1-year warranty


Have to separately buy a Wifi Gateway Hub

Buying Guide

Many individuals are knowledgeable about the ongoing lifestyles and technologies. It is true that life sometimes gets troublesome but a little comfort can have a significant effect. New innovative technology like smart locks have built an excellent reputation just for their safety features.

If you’re thinking about buying a smart lock for your house or building, here’s our buying guide to help you understand everything you need to know about smart locks.

Factors to Consider

Smart locks are intended to meet your advanced technological and digital needs. It is an innovation that saves your energy and time. Here is a list of factors you should consider when buying a smart lock:

Build Quality

The first and the foremost thing you need to consider is the quality of a product. Durability in any device is paramount, but it matters more when you need a security device. Any door lock made of metals like zinc or zinc alloys is quite durable because they are strong, robust and last a long time.

Additionally, the IP rating for a brand also speaks volumes about it. Many brands focus on making their products weatherproof and dustproof. Another factor that can be a game changer is whether the smart lock requires you to change or replace your door’s existing deadbolt.

For example, if you live in a rental place, you probably can’t make changes to your door. Buying a smart lock that can be installed without changing the existing deadbolt is a better option. Even if you have your own place, adding to the existing deadbolt rather than changing it is a smart option, because it’s also cost-friendly and less troublesome.


It is always a good idea to research about a smart lock before buying it. If you have come across a product that you’re interested in or have heard about it from someone, it’s best to read some reviews about its performance and features.

Opinions and experiences of other individuals can significantly help a person learn about a product; therefore, always read online customer reviews before buying a particular product.

Control Options

Smart locks come in a variety of designs, and every design offers a different control option. Some smart locks come with in-built keypads and fingerprint sensors; so you simply need to add a passcode or scan your finger to access your door.

Others have a low-energy Bluetooth protocol, key fobs, or IC cards; so all you need is to simply touch the card on the lock screen and gain access (like you do in hotels).

The most common control option is the WiFi-controlled smart locks. You can easily access smart locks using your smartphone or an application on your phone provided by the supplier. These applications also allow you to check the entry logs of your lock and assure a total control.

Additionally, many smart locks are also compatible with smart hubs like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa, etc., so you can also control your door access using voice commands.

Physical Key Option

Beside all the control features a smart lock offers, remember that it should also have a physical key feature. Why? Because of different situations or emergencies like dead batteries or when the lock doesn’t recognize your fingerprint or passcode.

In cases like these, a physical key always comes in handy. Make sure you keep it somewhere as a backup so you can unlock your house when necessary.


Even though smart locks are an innovative option that helps you keep your house secure and provide easy/remote access to door locks. They are essentially a technology that primarily runs on batteries; therefore, a smart lock’s life period cannot be predicted or defined—especially front door locks because they face harsh weather conditions.

Consequently, always check the warranty the company offers. Most smart locks have a hefty price, so buy the ones that offer a minimum one-year warranty.


These three smart locks offer excellent quality, performance and value for money. August Wifi Smart Lock is easy-to-install, ethically pleasing and compatible with most smart hubs; however, it is pricy and doesn’t include a keypad.

Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock, compared to August smart lock, is more affordable and offers a keypad. It can store 150+ user codes, and you can remotely program these codes away from home and without a wifi gateway, which is certainly a great feature, but, the smart lock is only supported by Alexa and not Google Assistant. It is a major setback.

SMONET Smart Lock offers the most control options compared to August and Sifley. You can access your door with TTLock APP, keypad, IC Cards, fingerprint, and keys. The SMONET wifi gateway allows you to remotely control and access the lock and delete or add user codes. You can also use Google Assistant and Alexa with the Wifi gateway. But, you will have to separately purchase this gateway, which is the only drawback of this lock.

Our conclusion is: SMONET Smart Lock is the winner with its biggest advantage of most control options. But despite great performance and quality, it has an affordable price tag.