Automatic Pet Feeder – 6 Best Reviewed

Most of us have experienced the hassle that comes with remembering to feed your pet. It is even worse if you are not at home for the most part of the day and there is no one at home to feed your dog or cat. Unlike humans, you cannot leave your pets to feed themselves, we all know what happens. If this is your everyday situation, Automatic pet feeders are available on the market and you can consider them for home use. Automatic pet feeder dispenses meals to your pets even when you are not there as long as you have set a designated time and the amount of food that is to be released. You can monitor and control all other functions from your phone after you top up the hopper. Let us have a look at a few brands available in the market that you may choose from.

Smartti Automatic Smart Pet FeederOur Pick

Key product features

  • 2-way audio
  • Smart app
  • Programmable feeding timer
  • Has a wireless camera

smartti automatic pet feeder

Product design and features

Programmable feeding time

Using the mobile application, you can feed your pets from anywhere and at any time as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection using Smartti automatic pet feeder. You can set the times that you will be feeding your pet from the comfort of your phone. The automatic pet feeder comes with two feeding options. You can use the automated mode or the manual feeding mode both of which you can control from your smartphone whether android or apple.

Using the Smart pet app, you can set up to 4 feeding times during the day with each meal having up to 10 portions of the food for the pet. You are therefore able to control your pet’s feeding habit so that it is not overfed or underfed. Smart pet app ensures that you only feed the pet at the right time and on the right amount of food. In case you opt for manual feeding, you can schedule the feeding time as well. All the data from the manual and automated feeding methods is reflected in the report card for the pet.

2-way audio communication channel

This is one of the most impressive features of the Smartti automatic pet feeders so far. Monitor your pet activities and its feeding all from your phone. The automatic pet feeder is fitted with a camera and a microphone that allows the intercom. High definition camera captures crystal clear images that are sent to your phone either as images or live video feeds. The cameras enable you to take pictures and videos of the pet from your Smartti app. To achieve all this, you will need to have a wireless connection in your home and ensure the power adapter is always plugged in. Smartti app can be linked to online social media accounts that allow you to share photos of your pet in real- time.


Preset portions of food are dispensed into the feeding bowl at given times of the day (a maximum of four times). Only dry food is dispensed from the automatic pet feeder which is customized within 1 to 10 portions. The automatic pet feeder can hold up to 18.2 cups equaling 4.3 liters of food. Always include an extra 3 portion to your normal feeding amounts as this will ensure that enough food portions are dispensed all the time.

smartti automatic pet feeder

Smartti App

Smartti app is designed to help you keep track of your pet’s feeding habits. All the information from the feeding pattern is stored in the app for 30 days. Alerts are sent to your phone in case the automatic pet feeder is faulty or the food container is empty.


  • Two-way audio communication
  • Customizable feeding schedule and portions
  • Notifies you when the meals run out or the feeder is faulty.


  • Designed for small to medium sized dogs and cats
  • Operates only on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Petnet smart feeder

Key product features

  • Smart delivery option
  • Smart app
  • Automated notifications to your phone

petnet automatic pet feeder

Product design and features

Feeding automated

Petnet automatic pet feeder comes with a variety of automatic functions that enable you to feed your cat or dog at your convenience and comfort. You can set the amount of food to give your pet depending on a given schedule that you have preset. Petnet automatic pet feeder is the only feeder in the market that can hold up to 7 pounds of food at a single time, if your pet is a heavy feeder then you have settled for the right equipment. Please note that the food has to be in dry form.

If you have a hard time deciding on how much to feed your pet, Petnet automatic pet feeders’ manufacturer provide you with an app that helps you determine the amounts. You will also get a food report card for your pet indicating the nutritional summary of your pet’s food. You can, therefore, know when you are over-feeding your pet as well as underfeeding it. Most pet feed manufacturers include instructions on their pet food packages so this is not much of a concern either.

Wi-Fi enabled

Petnet automatic pet feeder is a Wi-Fi enabled food dispensing plate for your pets. The dispensation is automated and backed up by an app. The app is available on Apple store and Google play store and is compatible with iOS and Android phones. You will need to link the pet feeder and your phone over Wi-Fi and from wherever you are you can monitor how much the pet is consuming. The app is referred to as Smart feeder and it lists out food amounts for your pet in line with the pet’s age, total body weight as well as activity levels which may vary between active, moderately active and sedentary.

Simple set up procedure

Once you receive your Petnet automatic pet feeder, you will need to do a simple setup before using the feeder. The bowl that holds the food is separate from the feeder along with its insert made from pure stainless steel: Attach the feeding bowl to the rest of the equipment.

In the box you will also find a power adapter that measures 8 feet and is ‘chew resistant’ meaning your pet cannot damage it. The automatic pet feeder runs on both electricity and rechargeable battery which lasts up to 7 hours. Petnet smart feeder measures about 15 inches tall with a uniquely modern design and a childproof locking lid. The lid ensures that the pet cannot access the contents and children cannot tamper with the feeder.


  • Holds a large amount of pet food
  • Automatically dispenses meals
  • Monitor your pets feeding habits from the smart app
  • Sends alerts to your phone


  • Pet food accumulates between the reservoir and the feeding bowl

Jempet smart feeder

Key product features

  • Portion control features
  • HD camera
  • Voice and video records
  • Wi-Fi enabled

jempet automatic pet feeder

Product design and features

Real-time sharing feature

Monitor your pet sing the Jempet smart feeder which is one of the many automatic pet feeders available. It is uniquely built with a high definition camera at the front of the feeder that helps you see the pet’s activities and how it is feeding and if it’s actually feeding. The camera is fitted with a lens with a viewing angle of up to 130 degrees enabling it to capture large areas. The images are crystal clear as the pet feeder has incredible pixels. You can watch your pet, record videos, capture photos from wherever you are and whenever you want to. You are always there even when you are not physically present.

The automatic pet feeder sends instant notifications to your phone using the Jempet app. You will be able to know when your pet has feed successfully when the food container needs topping up and if the feeder is faulty. Constantly monitor the well-being of your pets even when you travel by ensuring that they are fed and no harm has come to them. This is also backed by evidence from the camera.

Programmable feeding times and portion control

Using the Jempet app available for the automatic pet feeder, you can create your own feeding schedule for your pet. The automatic feeder dispenses food as per the preset intervals. Set the amount of feed you want to give to your pet on the app as well. This ensures that pet does not overfeed or underfeed. Jempet app helps you manage the pet’s weight to a healthy weight if it was obese or eliminate malnourishment if it was being underfed.

Holds large amounts of feed

In case you will be away for some time, you can fill up the Jempet pet feeder with up to 4.5 liters of food. Please note that the food should be dry matter. Within the pet feeder is a food hopper that filters any contaminants from getting to the food and thus marinating the freshness of the feed. Nutritional value of the feed is also not lost no matter how long the feed stays in the feeder.


  • Hold large portions of food
  • Food freshness and nutritional value does not deteriorate
  • Monitor your pet through the camera


  • Does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi

Petkit smart feeder automatic pet feeder

Key product features

  • Three feeding modes
  • The double fresh lock system
  • Smartphone control

petkit automatic pet feeder

Product design and features

Large food holding capacity

Petkit automatic pet feeder has the ability to hold 6 lbs. of pet food which is the most common weight for pet feeds from the stores. You can, therefore, put all the feed in the holding bucket provided by the feeder instead of topping up small portions at a time. You can store all the feed ere with no worry about the food going bad or losing its nutritional content. Most packages indicate that once you open the package you may need to store the food in an area that does not cause any deterioration to the food. Petkit offers you the option.

Three feeding modes

You can feed your pet through three modes using the Petkit automatic pet feeder. The first method requires that you preset a customized daily feeding plan on the smart app on your phone. The pet feeder will automatically dispense food in portions of about 20. The portions vary from 1- 20 according to how you have set the feeder.

The second mode allows you to add extra meals to your pet’s usual plan via the app. And finally, the third mode requires that you add the extra meal or portion using the manual button on the automatic pet feeder.

Sensor technology

Petkit manufacturers have incorporated several sensors into the automatic pet feeder. One of the sensors uses infrared technology to monitor the movement of the motor and the wheels in the feeder. This controls the food dispense system ensuring that food is released according to the predefined settings. High precision sensors on the foods outlet door keep it open in case the sensor picks up some force in the area preventing injuries to your pet.

There is a sensor that detects the weight of the feed present and in case it is not enough for the next meal, an automatic notification is sent to your hone. And finally, the hall sensor ensures that the food is dispensed accordingly.

No-clog feature

Food tends to accumulate in pet feeders and clog up the system. An oscillating bar in the Petkit automatic pet feeder ensures that this accumulation is gotten rid of by mixing up the feed at a temperature of 60degrees and releases the preset portions gradually. Petkit has also installed a silicone impeller that changes under pressure by adjusting the output diameter hence no blockage occurs. Don’t worry the silicone impeller is food grade quality.


  • Elegant design
  • Has automated sensors for various functions
  • Has a silicone impeller that prevents feed clog-up
  • Store as much feed as possible- feed does not go stale or deteriorate in any way


  • Setting up the feeder can be hectic

Petsafe smart feeder

Key product features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Smart app
  • 24- cup hopper

petsafe automatic pet feeder

Product design and features

Set up

Setting up the Petsafe feeder is pretty easy. Once you have inserted the batteries, the feeding bowl and topped up the food container (Hooper) with food; plug the feeder to a power source. You will also be required to download the smart mobile application for the pet feeder from Play store or Apple store, register the feeder in the app and link it to your wireless router.

Smart app and other programmable features

Using the smart app for the automatic pet feeder, you can customize the feeder to dispense up to 12 meals in a day. On the app, add a meal and select the timings as well as the portion size; do the same for the other meals as well. The customized features will be the same each day so you do not have to worry about setting the meals for the next day.

You can also add extra meals using the app and receive notifications when food has been released or has failed and also activate the slow feed option. Other functions available on the app include low battery notification, poor Wi-Fi connection, monitor the feeding habit for your pet up to a maximum of 2 weeks.


  • Easy set up procedure
  • Full control of the automatic feeder from the palm of your hand
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Comes with battery back up in case there is a power blackout


  • Once food runs out, you will not be notified unless you check
  • You cannot monitor your pet using a webcam unlike other automatic pet feeders

Feed and Go smart pet feeder

Key products features

  • Inbuilt webcam
  • Wet and dry food use

feed and go automatic pet feeder

Product design and features


You can schedule up to 6 feeding intervals for your pet in one day which is very helpful for users who prefer working with a consistent feeding interval. The food is held in the plates and rotates according to the present feeding intervals. The freshness of the food is guaranteed throughout the day as the automatic feeder is fitted with a lock mechanism. The lock mechanism also ensures that your pets do not tamper with the food before feeding time. You can record a 6-sounds audio that directs the pets to eat their food using the ‘call my pet over’ option.

Feeding options

The Feed and Go feeder option comes with three feed option that includes a one-off feed that allows you to add an extra meal for your pet. The second option referred to as one-time feed delivers food to your pet according to schedule while the regular feeding schedule dispenses as many feeding programs as possible with different dates and times.

App and Wi-Fi connectivity

Fed and Go automatic pet feeder automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi. This connection will also be used for the setup process. You can create schedules that are saved in the app and will still function even when there is no connection.


  • Monitor your pets remotely from the webcam
  • Works for both dry and wet foods
  • Quality sound recording feature that allows you to give commands to your pets
  • Durable


  • Cannot function without a wireless connection


Different pet feeder manufacturers are trying to diversify their products to keep with the technological developments in the dynamic world. From the brands reviewed above, we clearly can’t get enough of the Smartti Automatic smart pet feeder. The HD camera and the intercom feature is the icing for this pet feeder, the equipment has its drawbacks which are not really deal breakers. If you are shopping for an automatic pet feeder, you may want to consider this.

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