Automatic Trash Can for a Smart Home

With an ever growing population, the world faces a threat that has been looming for a long time; waste. Measures that have been put in place for the management of waste in the past have continuously failed because they are mainly manual and barely coordinated.

What lacks is systematic, data-based, waste management. Smart cans are part of a system of data-driven remedies for this problem.

The most efficient of all the methods used in the past to manage waste is recycling which is tedious because recyclable waste has to be separated from the non-recyclable. Some smart trash cans facilitate this method by sorting the recyclable and non-recyclable or at least assisting in the sorting. When connected to other the internet, their systems also notify when to empty the cans.

This review covers some of the currently developed automatic trash cans and explains their features and how they assist in waste management.

Simplehuman 45 Touchless Automatic Trash CanOur Pick

This is the most energy efficient trash can. It has a planetary gear system that allows for smooth and quiet lid opening and an infrared sensor that utilizes 4AA alkaline batteries.

simplehuman automatic trash can

Key features

  • Infrared motion sensor
  • Liner rim
  • Nano-silver smudge free coating

Product design and features

Energy efficiency

It uses AA batteries which last longer and reduce the energy consumed taking into consideration that the simple human is presumably the most technologically advanced of the smart trash cans.

Touchless feature

The can’s lid is automatically opened by an infrared motion detector. This facilitates health in a home because one does not get into contact with the garbage in the can. It is also useful because it allows for both hands to be free in the process.

Quiet operation

Due to its planetary gear system which coverts speed to torque for easier lid opening, this smart trash can is quieter than its counterparts by fifty percent.

Aesthetic value

Like most smart trash cans, it is designed to fit into modern kitchens so it is elegant and has a Nano-silver coating to keep it smudge-free and clean.

Hygienic and safe

The automatic lid opening feature is hygienic and in this automatic trash can, it works so that the hand cannot be caught by the closing lid.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Liner rim to keep the garbage bag out of sight
  • Automatic lid opening


  • Lack of manual lid opening mechanism creates over-reliance on the sensor
  • Has to be used with custom garbage bags

1homefurnit Automatic Sensor Touchless Waste Bin

This automatic trash can is large enough for homes with a large number of members and it has a lid with an infrared detector that allows it to open without one having to touch. It has a stainless steel body that compliments the kitchen setup. The lid also opens manually or with the press of a button.

1homefurnit automatic trash can

Key features

  • Infrared monitored automatic lid
  • 68-liter capacity
  • Runs on 4D battery power

Product design and features

Efficient design

The trash can is designed with no inner bucket so as to allow for a greater capacity of waste. With its large dimensions, it can take up to 68 liters of trash. The lip is also rolled outwards so as to prevent the garbage bag from snagging and has a ring retainer to keep the bag out of sight and in place.

Automatically opening lid

Often, when emptying trash into a bin or can, one’s hands are full. The smart trash can designers considered this; the1home automatic trash can lid utilizes infrared technology to detect a hand or other object from about 12 inches. It opens instantly once the object is detected thus it is touchless. This feature may not be convenient for all so the lid opening mechanism also works manually.

Battery powered

Most electrical appliances are useless during a power outage. The 1home smart trash uses 4D batteries to keep it operative all through.


  • Hygienic
  • Large capacity
  • Automatic lid opening mechanism for convenience.
  • Manual and button operated an opening mechanism for backup and convenience.


  • Easily damageable
  • Removal of the garbage bag inside can be hard due to suction.
  • The touchless feature relies on battery power; which can drain without notice.
  • Large can means the occupation of large space thus it can be cumbersome.

iTouchless Extra-Wide Opening Trash Can

This smart trash can comes in different sizes and is designed to occupy as little space as possible and remain efficient. It has a completely touchless lid opening mechanism that operates on both DC and AC power to ensure dependability.

itouchless automatic trash can

Key features

  • AC adapter
  • Touchless lid opening mechanism
  • Optional battery power

Product design and features

Electric (AC) and battery power

The automatic trash can has a chord for plug in but it can also run on 4C batteries. This means that its touchless feature is reliable as long even in case of power outage.

Healthy and Hygienic

A trash can is mostly used, ironically, when one requires the most hygiene; when cooking. The touchless can ensure maximum hygiene because one does not come into contact with the waste being disposed of.

Easy to clean and position

A kitchen should be clean and well ordered. This smart trash can is shaped to be tall and semi-round not wide thus saving a lot of space. The surface is also smudge-resistant. This means it stays shiny and clean making the kitchen seem elegant.

Air vents for air flow

According to physics, a garbage bag in a closed can will be hard to remove due to suction. This is taken care of by the air vents that allow circulation of air thus making removal of the bag almost effortless.


  • Saves space
  • Uses both AC and battery (DC) power
  • Has air vents for easy bag removal
  • Does not require custom garbage bags


  • Has no manual lid opening mechanism which can be inconvenient if the touchless feature is compromised.

iTouchless AutoStep kitchen automatic trash can

This is the real smart trash can by definition. It has a foot pedal that opens with a light tap and a carbon odor filter. Its design is so elegant it is both functional and aesthetic.

itouchless autostep automatic trash can

Key product features

  • Foot pedal for effortless hand free lid opening
  • Odor filters for odor control
  • Large capacity

Product design and features

Odor control

The can can be fitted with an odor filter that absorbs the odors and filters them out naturally. In a trash can that is meant for kitchens, this feature is really convenient. This is an optional feature.

Foot pedal for effortless lid opening

The auto step smart trash can has an electric foot pedal that automatically opens the lid when tapped lightly. This is a literally hands-free mechanism that reduces the effort used and ensures hygiene by keeping hands off the garbage can.

Space efficiency

Although the automatic trash can has a large capacity, it is designed to fit a small space thus allowing for a neat kitchen space. It does not, however, compromise on its 49-liter capacity.


The surface of the can is smudge- free stainless steel that decorates the kitchen. It also has a rubber base to avoid scratching the floor.


  • Effortless lid opening mechanism
  • Odor control
  • Space efficiency
  • Air vents for easy bag removal


  • Fully automatic features leave a chance for the inconvenience in case of compromise.

SensorCan Automatic Sensor Kitchen Trash Can

The SensorCan automatic trash can works solely on AC power and is completely touchless thanks to the infrared motion sensor that senses hand motion and automatically opens the lid. It is extremely hygienic and convenient.

sensorcan automatic trash can

Key features

  • Ac power support only
  • 100 percent touchless feature
  • 49-liter capacity

Product design and features

Compact, space saving design

The SensorCan trash can is designed to fit any size of kitchen despite its large capacity. This is helpful in the case of a home with a large family living in it.

Touchless feature

The sensor can, as the name suggests, has an infrared motion detector that detects hand motion and opens the lid. With these features, one can have both hands free as they operate the trash can. It also boosts hygiene and health in the home.

AC power adapter

This smart trash can is independent of battery power, which is cumbersome because batteries have to be changed occasionally, and solely depends on AC power


  • Operates on AC power which is convenient
  • Space efficiency due to the oval shape
  • Hygienic due to touchless feature


  • The sensor can be tripped by pets and children
  • The complete reliance on AC power could be inconvenient in the case of power outage.


The basic human instinct is self -preservation and currently, the greatest threat to mankind’s continued existence is environmental pollution. Waste management is the first step to control pollution and smart trash cans are the best shot so far at the achievement of control over waste disposal. Smart cans help by micro-managing waste disposal in every home. It is advisable to buy the right automatic trash can, not just for the sake of convenience but also for the environment and all of humanity.

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