Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide and Reviews

In most cases, people will buy anything termed as ‘automatic’ not out of the need but out of curiosity. Automatic vacuum cleaners are no different. But no one will ever buy one them out of curiosity. You will go for it because you need one for your home or office. Do you see too much pet hair around? Or you have a very busy schedule? An automatic vacuum cleaner will ease up your workload.

In this post, we have brought you some of the best robot cleaners that you can find on the market. We have categorized our reviews in different groups for your convenience. Later on, we will also provide you with our buying guide. This guide will reveal what features you need to look when buying a robot vacuum.

Our Pick 


Air filtration system

Works with Alexa

Anti-scratch with high durability

Easy to clean and empty dustbin

There may be some issues with working on a thick or dark-colored carpet




Dirt detecting technology

Works with Alexa

Dual multi-surface brushes

Ideal for hard floor and carpets

It is not equipped  with the anti-scratch trait


So let’s dig right in!

Best Affordable


The ECOVACS automatic vacuum cleaner allows you to save energy, time, and live your life in a smart way. The N79S is worked with new sensor innovative technology. The Robot cleaner decreases the need for effort and frequency for cleaning the hardwood or tiles floors. It is equipped with protective bumpers with high durability, anti-scratch end, anti-drop, software update, and easy to clean and empty dustbin.

ecovacs automatic vacuum cleaner


  • An intelligent vacuum
  • 3-stage system and 4-cleaning mode as a methodology of cleaning
  • Work Independently
  • Air filtration system
  • Anti-scratch with high durability
  • Voice control with the smart app

Air Filtration System

The N95S automatic vacuum cleaner works with an air filtration system that imprisons the particles from the air while cleaning. It also helps to reduce the particles from the air. It is equipped with a few related and essential cleaning tools. For the top-notch performance of the filtration system, there is a need to clean the area from multiple objects. These include wire, cords, toys etc to avoid stuck problems.

Methodology of cleaning

The ECOVACS manufactured a robotic vacuum cleaner that works on two simple methodologies. These include a 3-stage cleaning system, 4-cleaning mode, and max mode suction. The max mode suction increases the doubled power of cleaning at any time you need it. You can use the smart app or the remote controller to control the power and cleaning mode or system.

Voice control with a smart app

The smart applications known as Alexa through you can control the vacuum cleaner. You can also control it by using Google home voice command to direct clean. You are also able to customize the cleaning session, monitor and schedule the cleaning cycles, receive error alerts, and accessory status by using the ECOVACS App.


  • You can control this vacuum by using an ECOVACS smart app
  • It continues to clean your home in those place also were hard to reach
  • The price of this robotic vacuum is affordable
  • This is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood, thin with light colored carpet as well as tiles floor
  • The durability of this vacuum is high due to anti-scratch cleaning
  • It comes with multiple accessories such as brushes, docking station, and remote control


  • The performance goes deprived on a thick or dark-colored carpet
  • Sometimes it produces sound and a few setting doesn’t work properly

V3s Pro by iLIFE

iLIFE designed this slim body automatic vacuum cleaner for those who love pets. This V3s pro manufactured with pet hair care technology that helps to clean every corner of your home clean. This vacuum is the best source to save time and energy because of multiple features it worked automatically.

ilife automatic vacuum cleaner


  • Automatic recharge with dock
  • Technology with hair care
  • well-situated scheduling
  • Low profile design
  • Powerful tangle-free suction
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient for hardwood floors

Automatic Recharge

This V3s pro automatic vacuum cleaner only works with one button click. You can also use a remote controller to fulfill your cleaning needs. When the battery of this robotic vacuum cleaner goes low, it will automatically go to the docking station. It will recharge itself automatically. It is ideally used to clean the dirt from the edges as well as wall side corners.

Ideal for hardwood floors

The performance of this V3s Pro is exceptional. Particularly, when you use it on the hardwood floor and the tiles floor it outperforms many other models. It will easily do the operation at the selected specific area like a wood floor. However, it won’t work well on thick carpet. The cleanness and maintenance of this automatic vacuum cleaner are very easy. You should clean the filter and do empty dustbin after every use. You can replace the filter whenever you feel any disturbance.

Well-suited Scheduling

The design of this V3s pro is low profile, which means it easily and quickly cleans those dirty places where the dust conceals such as the sofa and the beds. You can also schedule the time at which you want to clean your home by using remote and the setting is pre-set the time. Whenever you are sleeping or not at home but the guided cleaned clean the house as well due to convenient scheduling.


  • The main focus of this automatic vacuum cleaner is to pick up the hairs
  • This vacuum clean under sofa and bed where the dust hides
  • There are smart sensors that control the bumps
  • It comes with an affordable price
  • It is recommended to use on hard-floors for better performance
  • You can also schedule your cleaning with this vacuum by using smart app
  • When the battery of V3s pro runs low, it automatically goes back to the docking station for recharging
  • It helps to save time and energy as well


  • The durability and reliability of this V3s pro is poor
  • The performance of this vacuum on a carpet is not good

Best Value for Money

Roomba 690 by iRobot

The Company iRobot manufactured an innovative home 690 automatic vacuum cleaner that helps to clean your home with high performance. A 3-stage cleaning system utilizes the Dual Multi-Surface brushes to sweep the edges and the vacuum cleaner suction to capture all tiny particles from hard floor and carpet.

iRobot Roomba 690 automatic vacuum cleaner


  • Dirt Detecting Technology
  • Ideal for hard floor and carpets
  • Engineered used for performance
  • Dual multi-surface brushes
  • Navigation intelligently
  • Scheduled by iRobot Home App

Navigation Intelligently

This automatic vacuum cleaner is more intelligent than another robot because of the complete package of smart sensors that can make 60 decisions per seconds to navigate to your home and systematically clean the hard floors and carpets. It is also equipped with Cliff to detect sensors that help to avoid this robot to drop-offs and stairs as well.

Dirt Detect Technology

This Roomba 690 vacuum cleaner is equipped with dirt to detect technology that is familiar with an intense spot of the dust or dirt. It works just like high traffic areas of your home and helps to provide extra cleaning.

iRobot Home App

This vacuum is the best value for the money because you can schedule your vacuum to clean the house any time and guide the robot from anywhere by using iRobot Home App. You can also receive the multiple alerts at smartphones such as getting cleanness tips, any supportive configuration and more.


  • The dual multi-surface brushes capture all tiny particles
  • It is equipped with a complete package of the intelligent sensor to lead the robot vacuum
  • You can also schedule the cleaning from anywhere by using applications or APP
  • When the battery gets down, it will automatically go to socking station for recharge itself
  • You can guide it from anywhere because this cleaner comes with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The working of this vacuum is smooth on the hard floors and carpet


  • It doesn’t sense the dirt on the dark-colored surface
  • You can feel scratches on the floors because it is not equipped with the anti-scratch trait

D5 by Neato Botvac

The Neato Botvac manufactured the D5 cleaner that is connected with a laser-guided robot. This D-shaped automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with brushes that work 70% faster and bigger as compared to other round shape vacuum cleaners. It also captures the pet hairs, dust, tiny particles of dirt that are not visible easily and allergens with the high power ultra-filter.

neato botvac d5 automatic vacuum cleaner


  • LaserSmart Technology
  • Deep cleaning
  • Automatic rechargeable
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Schedule your cleaning
  • D-shape design

LaserSmart Technology

This D-shape vacuum cleaner works with LaserSmart Technology to scan and map the specific cleaning area and creates multiple floor plans that the robot will follow. This automatic robot moves accurately how the robot should be, not a random pattern but in straight lines. It will also clean the dark areas due to laser technology.

Compatible with Smart Device

You can easily guide your robot vacuum to clean the specific area of your house by operating it from multiple smart devices such as your smartphone, Apple watch, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. The Neato app is used for cleaning according to your scheduled cleanness.

Automatic Rechargeable

Whenever the battery of this D5 cleaner goes down, it will automatically return to its docking station to recharge itself. You will also receive the software updates through which you will update your robot for better performance day by day.


  • The D-shape vacuum make it best value for money vacuum
  • The use of LaserSmart technology helps to navigate your home
  • It presents excellent performance on the carpet, tiles, or hardwood floors
  • The Neato app is used to schedule the cleaning from the D5 vacuum
  • The power of this vacuum is high
  • This genius vacuum clean in a deeper way


  • The durability and reliability of this D5 vacuum cleaner is not good
  • The side brushes and the battery is not long-lasting

Best Premium

D7 by Neato Botvac

The Neato Botvac designed D7 is featured with multiple floors plan that is able to memorize 03 different floor plans. You can also guide this vacuum No-Go lines on every floor that helps to inform the vacuum where no to go. By using this, it will help to prevent the cleaner from getting stuck.

neato botvac d7 automatic vacuum cleaner


  • LaserSmart Technology
  • Zone cleaning
  • Ultra performance filters
  • Highly reliable battery
  • D-shape design
  • Software Updates
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Schedule the cleaning

LaserSmart Technology

The automatic vacuum cleaner help to clean the floors and this vacuum is equipped with LaserSmart technology. This technology scans and navigates your whole house that the robot will follow for cleaning purpose. The laser also allows the robot to pick up tiny particles also from the dark areas.

Software Update

You will receive a software update that will add extra traits in your vacuum cleaner. It will constantly be improved. The Neato App is also used to schedule your cleaning whenever you want to clean your home. This vacuum worked with smart devices such as Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, Smartphone, and Google Home.

Ultra Performance Filter

This D7 automatic vacuum cleaner is best for sucks up plenty of tiny particles of dust and debris. This Ultrafilters especially designed to catch the materials that are the reasons for itching and sneezing. The turbo mode brushes help to clean the floors deeply.


  • A turbo mode that increases the suction to capture the tiny dirt particle that isn’t visible easily
  • Ultrafilters increase the performance of this robot vacuum cleaner
  • It will update the software of this robot timely for adding new features
  • The D7 vacuum cleaner help to clean the house by zones
  • This robot will work with multiple smart devices


  • It is not ideal for picking up the pet hairs

Roomba 980 by iRobot

The robot vacuum by iRobot is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity that covers multiple rooms of the entire house. It scans and navigates the path to clean the whole home. You can guide and operate a robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity.

iRobot Roomba 980 automatic vacuum cleaner


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Adapts all type of floor
  • AeroForce cleaning system
  • Automatic recharged
  • Dirt detecting technology
  • Controlled with voice
  • Advanced iRobot Home app

AeroForce Cleaning System

A 3-stage cleaning system uses the high powered lifting suction and multi-surface brushes which are tangles free for capturing the dirt, pet hair, and debris. A power boost mode increases the power of air more than 10 percent especially for cleaning the carpers.

Advanced iRobot HOME App

You can schedule the cleaning time as well as from anywhere by using the Home App by iRobot. You can customize this vacuum to select from one or two passes, deep clear the edges of the wall, and increase the power where it required.

Adapt all type of floor

The head of the Roomba 980 automatic vacuum cleaner can automatically customize its multi-surface brushes to set the height according to floor types. It constantly provides you can effectively cleaning carpets as well as the hardwood floor or tiles floor.


  • An AeroForce cleaning system sucks the dirt with 10 percent more air power
  • Highly efficient filters are used to clean the floor and carpets
  • It will automatically be charged when the battery goes down
  • The HOME app by iRobot helps to schedule your cleaning
  • You can control it from anywhere because it can be connected with Wi-Fi
  • This automatic vacuum cleaner can cover all room of your house with advanced dirt detecting technology


  • It doesn’t work perfectly at a dark colored surface

Buying Guide

We have developed this buying guide for your assistance. You should have all the information needed to make an informed purchase of automatic vacuum cleaner that offers good value. Therefore, it is important for you to identify what exactly you want! If you don’t understand your needs and requirements then you won’t be able to make the right choice. Ultimately, you will end up overspending. To avoid that, you should go through this buying guide.

Features to consider

Some of the important features that you need to consider before finalizing your purchase include these following,

  • Stair detection

The stair detection feature is standard among numerous models of automatic vacuum cleaner. It enables the vacuum to sense when it reaches a step or ledge and backs off to avoid a wrecking tumble.

automatic vacuum cleaner2

  • Virtual Wall

It is an accessory that the manufacturers create within the program of the automatic vacuum cleaner and it is an invisible barrier. It blocks off any open doorways or any other similar areas where you don’t want your cleaner to enter.

  • Charging capabilities

All the automatic vacuum cleaners have the ability to automatically find their way back to the docks. They do so when their charge gets low. If this feature is not there then your cleaner will lose the charge before the work is finished. However, remember that big battery life will only matter if you have a very big house. Some of the high-end models can last up to 2 hours. On the other hand, most of them can conveniently go up to one and a half hour.

automatic vacuum cleaner3

  • Programmable operational times

This useful function enables you to set the operational times within a day or a week for the robot to run. For instance, you can set it to run only when you are away for work.

  • Noise

The automatic vacuum cleaners are comparatively quieter as compared to their standard counterparts. However, some of the models create a disturbing high-pitched noise too. This feature might be meaningless for you if you are looking to operate it when you are not at home. However, this sound might be loud enough to disturb your pets or neighbors.

  • Remote access

Most of these models of automatic vacuum cleaners come with remote access. You are able to change the settings or guide the robot across your room. However, excessive overseeing requirements of a robot is not useful. It is better to invest a standard vacuum is highly effective and affordable option.

automatic vacuum cleaner1

  • The size of your house

You need to know the size of your house. Purchase a cleaner with a capacity to match that size. Some models operate better in small or confined spaces while others are more functional in spacious rooms. You must also identify the room that is available underneath your furniture so that the cleaners can go under it.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

The Wi-Fi connectivity of your automatic vacuum cleaner will enable you to set the work schedule for a day or week. You will also be able to recap its cleaning routes. Some of the cleaners also come with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration. It means that you can activate it via voice command too.

What you should know?

There are some important points that you must keep in mind. These points are crucial before you think about buying an automatic vacuum cleaner for your home.

  • Despite all the sophistication in technology including stair detection, navigational program, and the camera lenses for detection of dust and dirt, automatic vacuum cleaners are no good when it comes to eliminating dirt from your carpet.
  • These vacuums are not able to generate suction close to any standard vacuum. They might leave your carpet looking very clean and spotless on the outside but below the surface, there might be plenty of dirt left behind.
  • Automatic vacuum cleaners are not good for the homes where there is plenty of carpeting. In such a house you should go for a standard vacuum including stick, barrel or upright.
  • There are only a few models that that can collect a good amount of dirt and fluff but others would only push the remainder of the dirt deep within the carpet pile.
  • Most of these automatic vacuum cleaners are excellent when it comes to cleaning the hard floors but along the edges and corners.
  • If you live in a house with hard floors than you can work with these automatic cleaners on daily basis. But for a more thorough cleaning, you will also need a standard vacuum occasionally.
  • For a tidy-up, an automatic vacuum cleaner will be good enough but you will need to use its standard counterpart to get rid of most of the dirt.

Quick tips

Here is a brief list of tips. You need to follow these before starting for an automatic vacuum cleaner.

  • Begin by surveying through your house. Determine how many rooms have hard floors and how many of them are carpeted. Also, consider if you have any pets. How does your cat or dog kick their litter out of their boxes! All these elements you need to consider before you start looking for an automatic vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure to assess your budget when buying a robot vacuum. Because you can spend as little as $150 to as much as $2000. The fewer tier designs come with less good features including Wi-Fi connectivity or brush roller with traction.
  • You must also need to consider that whether you need a phone application to control your cleaner or not. With the help of these apps, you will be able to monitor and schedule your cleaner very effectively.
  • All automatic vacuum cleaners don’t work the same. Some of them might be good for picking pet hair from your carpets. On the other hands, some of the models might be good at cleaning hard floors and vinyl.
  • While considering your budget, you need to go for a good quality battery; the bigger the better. However, there is not much of an issue here. Your cleaner stops in the middle of a job and starts charging itself at the dock.


In this best automatic vacuum cleaner roundup, the winner turns out to be the DeeBot N795 by EcoVacs. It comes with a powerful suction along with Alexa connectivity. The cleaner works best for cleaning hard surface floors as well as thin carpets. It can navigate through your home and features a 3-stage cleaning mechanism and four different cleaning modes. It doesn’t require much maintenance and monitoring and is extremely safe to use around children and pet.

Be sure to buy a cleaner that meets all your needs and requirements. This way you will be able to extract maximum benefit out of your investment. Paying for features that you don’t need will make you overspend and needless exceed your budget.

We thank you for being patient and going through the whole article. Hope you have found it interesting and informative. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, you can reach out by dropping your comment in the section provided below.

Happy Cleaning!

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