Best Affordable Security Camera for Home

Affordable security camera systems are the best ways in which you can monitor your home and its surroundings. If you compare with other home security products currently available in the market, security cameras are the best options. Currently, there are several affordable cameras for homeowners in the market and it can be challenging to find the best home security system that meets your needs and preferences. In case you are planning on installing cameras for security purposes in your home, you will need to have a clear picture of what you need before you settle for a particular brand.

Before you go out and shop for home security systems, it will be very important that you know where exactly the camera will be placed that is the location. It is also crucial to know what you want the camera to capture after you install it. The location of the camera will come in handy in helping you settle for the best option in the market just as is the case with common home alarm systems. A good scenario is if you want to place the affordable security camera outside to monitor who is trying to access your home. These cameras will enable you to monitor any suspicious happenings happening outside the house. Appropriately placed cameras will help you guarantee security to your home as well as the actual number of home security cameras you will need for full surveillance of the home surroundings.

Once you have decided on where you will place the cameras and what it is you want the camera to capture, you can confidently go into the market which is either your local shop or the online markets-a common favorite for shoppers due to convenience and affordability. As you shop, you will also need the details and specifications that you will expect from the home security cameras. If you are not sure of the specifications, you can consult an expert who will advise you on the frame you are looking to obtain the best image qualities.

Having said this, let us have a look at a few brands in the market that are both affordable and top performers. Choosing an affordable security camera will save on your budget.

Our Pick 


Wide field of view

Night vision

Two-way audio communication

Supports cloud storage



High video quality

Night vision

Two-way audio communication

Cloud storage comes with a subscription fee


YI 1080p Home CameraOur Pick

Key product features

  • 1080p HD recording
  • Night vision
  • Automated alerts
  • Cloud storage

yi 1080p affordable security camera

Design and features

Baby Crying technology and motion detection

This feature is perfect for a home with young children. If you are looking for an affordable security camera that serves as a Nanny Cam as well, then the YI will not let you down. The camera detects your baby’s cry in a span of seconds and sends an alert to your phone. You will, therefore, monitor a neglected baby easily.

The inbuilt detectors for motion pick up any unusual activity within the camera’s field of view. The camera sends alerts to your phone instantly.

Night vision feature

If you have placed the camera in the baby’s nursery, you will be able to monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns without any glare from the LED lights. This feature is supported by 8 LED with a range of up to 940nm. The camera auto-detects low light and or darkness and then turns on the IR for night visibility

Two-way audio

Communicate via the camera through its microphone using your YI App. The app also has an intercommunication mode that allows you to enable the microphone and the speaker as well. The app also features a hands-free mode for easier communication.

YI App

Using the YI App, you can monitor and control your camera effectively. The settings are customizable to your liking. The settings include motion alerts and activity schedules. The app is compatible with Android iOS phones.

Cloud storage

Store all the feed from the camera safely to the YI cloud. You do not need to worry about the safety of your data as it is highly encrypted guaranteeing security and the safety of private information. The camera also has a backup that supports a 32GB memory card.


  • Wide field of view
  • Night vision features
  • Supports cloud storage
  • Clear images and videos
  • Two-way audio communication

Ezviz Mini 360 PlusRunner-up

Key product specifications

  • High quality 1080p stream and video
  • Wide of view
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Infrared night vision
  • Motion-activated
  • A two-way audio communication system
  • MicroSD Storage
  • Cloud storage

enviz affordable security camera


Different and affordable home security cameras have different procedures for installation which vary with the brand. Others have simple installation procedures while others are complex and may require you to consult an expert. This is not the case for the Evziz Mini 360 Plus affordable security camera. The Ezviz is easy to install and it will take you a few minutes. At the bottom of the camera is a QR code. After you open the App on your phone, scan this code to add it to your Evziz. Ensure that the camera is close to your phone until the installation process is complete. After the installation process is over, you can decide where you want to place it using the mounting disk that comes with the camera on a purchase.

Design and features

360-degrees tracking feature

Most cameras available in the market are mostly one-angled. The Ezviz Mini 360 plus allows you to enjoy a 360- degree of view. The camera effortlessly tracks an individual or an object from where the first instance motion is detected to where the motion will cease.

Infra-red night vision

If you are looking for an affordable security camera that has the potential to capture quality images both day and night, the Ezviz Mini 360 Plus is something is what you are looking for.  You can monitor activities even when it is pitch dark due to the Infrared feature.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom features

After installing the camera successfully, it is very important that you go through all the camera settings to ensure that once you mount it, it will do what you intended it to do after purchase. You will also need to ensure that you set the motion activation feature as this feature does not start automatically. The video storage is something you will need to think about. Once installed, you can pan, zoom and tilt to view any object that is in the Ezviz camera’s field of view. This feature also enables you to view the full body of a person whether tall or short.

High Definition video streaming

The EVZ mini 360 Plus boasts of video quality of 1080p, the best you can get in the market. You can monitor activities and you will be assured of crystal clear imaging at any time, at any place.

A two-way audio communication system

Listen in, communicate, and give commands through the Ezviz Home affordable security camera. The audio communication feature is clear and you can hear people on the other side pretty clearly. Converse with your nanny; monitor your kids and pets conveniently with the Ezviz.

Video download and storage

All the video feeds and motion clips that were detected by the camera are stored in the Ezviz cloud. In the beginning, you will get a free cloud storage subscription for the trial. After the trial, you will be required to pay for storage space for up to 7 days at a cost of $7 or for thirty-day storage subscription at a cost of $10 for that month. If this is not a good option for you, you can opt for MicroSD storage of up to 16GB. You can download the feed from the App if you wish to retrieve it. Screenshots during live streams are directly saved to your phone.


  • High video quality
  • Night vision feature
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Two-way audio communication feature


  • Cloud storage comes with a subscription fee

Mikitz 360 Dome PTZ Camera

Key product features

  • Infrared Night vision
  • 360-degree view and 260 degrees tilt view
  • Smart mobile tracking technology
  • A two-way audio communication system
  • Anti-theft mode

mikitz affordable security camera

Design and Features

24/7 Monitoring

With the 360 dome PTZ home security camera, you can monitor your home from anywhere at any time of the day. The affordable security camera is packed with full time live feed and view option that allows you to have eyes on the house and it’s surrounding wherever you may be after you leave. Instant alerts and notifications are sent to your smartphone in the form of photos and live videos allowing you not to miss a thing. All the feed and photos are recorded and stored separately in a memory card of up to 32GB which you will be required to buy separately. Enjoy up to 15-20 days of seamless recording. Multiple devices can be logged into the account; this will ensure that other people have access to feed in case you are offline.

Night vision feature

Mikitz 360 Dome PTZ allows you to monitor your home even at night. The night vision mode automatically switches itself on when it is dark. The images are in black and white but this does not mean that they are of poorer quality.

360 degrees view

The panoramic viewing fields of this camera allow you to motor your home conveniently without any blind spots. The camera boasts of 260 degrees vertical field of view and 360 degrees horizontal view. You will not miss a single thing with this camera. 360 dome PTZ home camera also has a remote control feature that allows you to play around with the camera and view only what you want to in the home. Also worth noting is that the camera allows you to share the feed with other parties.

Two-way Audio Communication feature

Enjoy two-way communication with the two-way audio feature. The communication feature is real-time enabled by the inbuilt microphone and good quality speakers. The camera allows you to see, listen and give commands to anyone at home while watching on the welfare of your family.

Advanced Privacy feature

Similar to a spam feature in online accounts such as Gmail and mobile phones, the 360 dome PTZ home has a feature that allows you to receive the recording that you only want. The feature is referred to as the Auto Eye Close. Once you turn off the camera in your smart App on your phone, the camera lens automatically faces downwards, no feed is recorded.

Other amazing features

Closely related to the motion-detection features, the Smart Mobile Tracking Technology in the PTZ sends instant alerts to your smartphone in case any intrusion or suspicious activity is detected. The object is tracked automatically for about 5 seconds and the recording is sent to your phone as a video.

The camera is also fitted with an Intelligent Patrol Mode that automatically monitors define areas. It monitors the area continuously for up to 4 hours according to the present timetable. You can use this feature for monitoring your baby’s nursery.


  • The camera can be mounted anywhere- the ceiling or the wall
  • No blind zones with the 360 degrees viewing angle
  • Allows you to control it from a remote place
  • Smart features such as the patrol mode, auto ‘eye close’ and the smart mobile tracking technology

Amcrest Ultra HD Shield 2K Affordable Security camera

Key product features

  • HD Video
  • Pan/Tilt and Zoom abilities
  • Infrared vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Wi-Fi enabled

amcrest affordable security camera

Amcrest Ultra HD shield 2K is the affordable security camera that you will find in the market. You can settle for this camera to monitor the security of your home. The list of features fitted in this camera will impress you- we will look at the details in a short while. A few of the incredible features include PTZ, night vision, and motion detection. Amcrest also has an App referred to as the Amcrest View Pro App. Once you install it, you will get instant alerts via email and messaging. Once you purchase the camera, Amcrest offers you a one year warranty and a lifetime support package.

Design and features

HD camera

Amcrest Ultra HD Shield 2K gets its brand name from the high-quality images that the camera captures. The camera was designed using the latest chipset and 2K image sensors from Sony. The chipset that enhances the camera function is from Ambarella. Amcrest Ultra HD 2K effortlessly captures crystal clear images that are full of color. The image detailing comes down to pixel by pixel technology which is sent to your Mac, PC or your smartphone. You will receive 1296p resolution images, the best that the market can offer.

Infrared night vision

You can monitor your home at any time of the day and any time of the night. Security monitoring does not have to end at sunset with the Amcrest Ultra HD Shield 2K affordable security camera. 12 infrared LED lights are built into the cameras that emit IR rays without detection by the human eye. This means that an intruder will not notice that he or she is being watched. The IR rays are so strong that they light up to 32 feet from where the camera is mounted. You can there see far distance objects with absolute clarity even at night around your yard area.

Two-way audio communication

Fitted with speakers and a microphone, the camera allows you to communicate with people at home, scare away any intruders or monitor your pet activity. The audio communication feature is backed up by the 9 degrees viewing lenses that provide a wide area of view of what is happening around the camera. More to this, the motion detection feature triggers the camera to start recording any movement in the room. One does not need to say anything for the camera to function.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Poor internet connectivity is not a problem; the 2K in the cameras brand name serves to ensure there are constant strong connections that incorporate both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

Smart features

The Amcrest pro App ensures that even when you are not at home, you can still monitor what is going on. You can easily control features such as recording sessions and adjust motion detection from the phone. You shall receive notifications and alerts straight to your smartphone.


  • High-quality videos
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection

Wyze smart home camera

Key product features

  • 1080p camera
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Night c=vision
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 8X digital zoom
  • Wide field of view

wyzecam affordable security camera

Description and features

This affordable security camera captures high-quality images and videos which are automatically sent to your phone. The Wyze App which is compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones allows you to control features such as motion detection from your phone. Immediately motion is detected within the cameras field of view, the camera starts recording. All of the footage is saved to a microSD card which you purchase separately. You can retrieve up to two weeks of saved live feeds at no extra cost or subscription fees. The camera can be mounted almost anywhere, its magnetic base and the metal plate are designed to support this feature.

Wyze App

The app allows you to customize schedules for any motion detection or recording times. In case you have several cameras, you can control them from your smartphone and also view all of them from one device. You can also log in other users who can also view the feed from their phones and receive notifications as well. This ensures you do not miss anything and if you do, another family member is on the lookout.

HD Video

Wyze camera has a2.8mm with a viewing angle of up to 110 degrees.  It also boasts of CMOS sensor and 8X digital zoom that allows you to focus even on the small details.  The camera can capture images up to 30 feet be it day or night.

Zmodo Wireless Two-way Audio Security Camera

Key product features

  • Free cloud storage
  • Two-way audio system
  • Motion-detection
  • HD video

zmodo affordable security camera

Design and features

Viewing Angle

The wireless camera is fitted with a 2.1mm lens.  Zmodo wireless is an affordable security camera that gives a field of view of about 115 degrees. You will be able to monitor large areas whether your sitting room, the bedroom or the yard with the camera. This takes up the role of the pan and tilt features meaning that you will not need to tilt or pan to view larger areas.

Two-way Audio

Zmodo wireless affordable security camera comes with an inbuilt microphone that allows listening in and communication with people at home. Communication on your end will be possible if you already have the Zmodo App. You can adjust the volume to enhance the clarity if the conversations.

Viewing options

Unlike other Apps that are limited only to smartphones, Zmodo app is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac or PC. You can view up to four channels allowing you to view up to four locations from one location.  All the footage can be shared with other people as well. They can also log in via their apps to get notifications and control the functions of the cameras.

Night vision

Inbuilt IR LED lights are included to support night vision capabilities. You can, therefore, monitor your home whether it’s day or night. The night vision can be adjusted gradually but the image clarity will not be affected.

Motion detection

Once motion is detected, an instant alert is sent to your phone. You can customize the Zmodo camera to only detect actual alerts and not false alarms. The camera can be customized to send alerts for key areas in the house like the nursery. If you don’t want to receive notifications each time, you can customize the camera to sets alerts at a defined schedule.


  • Customizable motion detection
  • Cloud storage
  • Infrared night vision

Funlux wireless two-way Audio Home security camera

Key product features

  • 720p video quality
  • Cloud storage
  • Two-way Audio

funlux affordable security camera

Design and features

Continuous live streams

Monitor your home using your phone, tablet or your PC from wherever you are. The 720p video is also clear and of good quality ensuring that you get the most of out of your camera. The affordable security camera has a 2.1mm lens with a wide viewing angle of 115 degrees to enable you to view bigger sections around the camera.

Two-way audio

Listen in, communicate, and give instructions and monitor your pet and children with the Funlux camera. Enjoy videos and feel part of home even when you are far with this camera.

Cloud storage

Funlux wireless two-way audio camera system comes with free cloud storage of up to six months. Most cameras have free storage only for the trial period and after that, you will be required to pay. Retrieve old footage from the Funlux cloud.


  • Free cloud storage
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Night vision
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Customizable motion detection alerts


  • Incompatible with 5GHZ


There are several affordable home cameras in the market today that will enable you to keep your home safe either during the day or at night where you are. Security cameras come with a range of features that you can choose from depending on your preference. Based on our review, the YI 1080p Home Camera is the best and the most affordable security camera the market has to offer. Its details, specifications make it stand from the crowd ranging from a convenient App feature, cloud storage, night vision, motion detection and so much more. Choose an affordable security camera that is easy to install, of high quality and will enable you to safeguard your home.

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