Best Bedside Wireless Charging Alarm Clocks 2023

A seamless blend of functionality and convenience is a prized possession in the fast-paced digital age. Enter the realm of bedside wireless charging alarm clocks – a must-have innovation that encapsulates modern living.

With our devices serving as lifelines to both work and leisure, the importance of wireless charging cannot be overstated. Bid farewell to tangled cords and embrace the elegance of technology effortlessly powering up overnight.

In this post, we delve into the realm of possibilities as we unveil a curated selection of the five best bedside wireless charging alarm clocks of 2023. Join us as we explore the marriage of practicality and style, where timekeeping meets the future.

1. Yortot Wireless Charging Alarm ClockOur Pick

Yortot Wireless Charging Station

Upgrade your bedside setup with the Yortot Wireless Charging Alarm Clock – a multitasking marvel designed to simplify and enhance your mornings. Featuring an array of innovative features, this clock seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

It is the best bedside wireless charging alarm clock on the market in 2023. Some other options are available as well, but this one outperforms them in all other departments, from price to features to performance to durability.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Wireless charging with night light
  • Battery and AC-powered backup
  • AirPod and phone case friendly
  • Safe and certified 18W charger

Wireless charging with night light:

Streamline your nightstand with built-in wireless charging, complemented by a soothing night light to guide your way.

Adjustable brightness:

Tailor your ambiance with a spectrum of 7 colors to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect level of radiance.

Highly compatible:

Thanks to its wide compatibility with various devices, it effortlessly charges a range of tablets and smartphones.

Battery and AC-powered backup:

Stay prepared for power outages with the convenience of backup battery and AC power options.

AirPod and phone case friendly:

Charge not just your devices but their accessories, too, with a design that accommodates AirPods and phone cases.

Safe and certified 18W charger:

Trust in the security of a certified 18W charger, ensuring optimal charging speed without compromising safety.

File:5 stars.svg - Wikipedia

Yortot Wireless Charging Alarm Clock


Compact and stylish

Versatile color options

Reliable backup power

Enhanced device compatibility

Secure charging performance


Limited color customization

Some devices may require case removal

2. Dekala Sunrise Alarm ClockRunner Up

Dekala Sunrise Alarm Clock

Elevate your wake-up routine with the Dekala Sunrise Alarm Clock – a masterful blend of innovation and comfort designed to transform your mornings into revitalizing experiences.

This clock redefines how you greet the day by seamlessly integrating intuitive features into your daily rituals. This alarm clock comes with a wide array of features. For tech-savvies, this watch is the right option because it is fully customizable, and you can bend it to your will, so to speak.


  • 7-day programmable dual alarm natural awakening system.
  • Comprehensive wireless charging solution for you and your devices.
  • Soothing sleep companion with gradual fade-out.
  • Personalized lighting experience.
  • Physical and touch buttons for simplicity and convenience.

Programmable awakening system:

Effortlessly synchronize your sleep schedule with this natural awakening system, ensuring a gentle start to each day of the week.

Comprehensive charging solution:

Experience the convenience of wireless charging for your alarm clock and devices, eliminating clutter and streamlining your space.

Gradual fade-out:

Drift into peaceful slumber as the clock’s gradual fade-out feature creates a serene environment conducive to restful sleep.

Personalized lighting experience:

Tailor your room’s ambiance with customizable lighting, adapting the atmosphere to your preference and mood.

Physical buttons tapping for convenience:

Enjoy intuitive navigation through a combination of physical and touch buttons, providing seamless control over the clock’s functions.

File:4.5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Dekala Sunrise Alarm Clock


Natural wake-up experience

All-inclusive wireless charging

Sleep-friendly gradual fade-out

Adaptive room lighting

Effortless control options


The learning curve for advanced settings

Its display may be too bright for sensitive sleepers

3. Anjank Wooden Alarm Clock

Anjank Digital Alarm Clock

Infuse elegance and practicality into your daily awakening with the Anjank Wooden Alarm Clock – a harmonious blend of style and functionality that caters to your aesthetic sensibilities and modern needs.

Discover a timeless bedside companion that seamlessly integrates convenience into your mornings. This timepiece is pretty extraordinary in terms of value for money. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, this alarm clock should be at the top of your list to buy.


  • 10w fast wireless charging
  • FM radio & sleep timer
  • Two wake-up modes
  • Customize 5 levels of dimmer
  • Stylish wooden design for decor
  • Easy to use.

Fast charging:

Embrace the power of efficient wireless charging at 10W, ensuring your devices are fully revitalized quickly.

Radio and sleep timer:

Enhance your waking and sleeping experience with the built-in FM radio and sleep timer, allowing you to drift off to music and awake to your favorite radio station.

Wake-up modes:

Choose between a traditional alarm sound or the gentle awakening of your favorite radio station, customizing your wake-up experience.

Customizable dimmer:

Tailor the display brightness to your preference with five adjustable dimmer levels, harmonizing with your room’s lighting conditions.

Stylish design:

Elevate your room’s aesthetic with the timeless appeal of a wooden design, seamlessly blending modern functionality with classic decor.


Navigate through the clock’s features effortlessly, embracing the simplicity of its design for seamless usability.

File:4 stars.svg - Wikipedia

Anjank Wooden Alarm Clock


Rapid wireless charging

Multi-functional radio and timer

Versatile wake-up options

Adjustable display brightness

Aesthetically pleasing wooden design


Limited color options

Radio reception sensitivity varies

4. Cesdap Digital Alarm Clock

Cesdap Wireless Charging Station

Simplify your bedside with the Cesdap Digital Alarm Clock – an embodiment of modern efficiency and versatility. Seamlessly integrating digital timekeeping, adjustable lighting, and wireless charging capabilities, this clock ensures a seamless start and end to your day.

This click is pretty durable and is one of the sturdier options of the lot. If you are looking for a timepiece that continues to perform for a long time, then this is the one you should go for.


  • Universal compatibility
  • digital display alarm clock and adjustable night light
  • Safe and fast charging
  • All-in-one wireless charging station

Universal compatibility:

Experience the convenience of universal compatibility, as this alarm clock caters to a wide range of devices for wireless charging.

Digital display with night light:

Benefit from the clarity of a digital display alarm clock while enjoying an adjustable night light that caters to your preferred sleep ambiance.

Quick and safe charging:

Prioritize safety without compromising on speed, as the clock offers fast wireless charging that ensures your devices are fully powered when you wake.

An all-inclusive design:

Streamline your bedside space with an all-in-one wireless charging station that accommodates multiple devices, enhancing both functionality and organization.

File:4 stars.svg - Wikipedia

Cesdap Digital Alarm Clock


Wide device compatibility

Clear digital display

Customizable sleep lighting

Efficient and safe charging

Integrated multi-device charging


No color options

Lacks advanced customization features

5. Mosito Digital Alarm Clock

Mosito Digital Wooden Alarm Clock

Elevate your bedside aesthetics and functionality with the Mosito Digital Alarm Clock – a fusion of style and innovation that caters to your visual and technological needs. Designed for swift operation and seamless integration, this clock transforms your mornings and evenings.

If you are looking for a plain and simple alarm clock with not too many complexities, this is the one to go for. Setting up this clock is a cakewalk, and you won’t have to go through much to do that.


  • Dimmable brightness
  • Adjustable volume
  • Faster and simpler operation
  • Stylish decor design
  • Quick wireless charging with universal compatibility

Dimmable brightness:

Customize your clock’s display to match your ambient lighting, offering the perfect blend of visibility and comfort.

Adjustable volume:

Tailor your wake-up call to your preference with adjustable volume settings, ensuring a pleasant and personalized morning routine.

Faster and simpler operation:

Experience a clock that respects your time with a user-friendly interface, offering efficient control for your wake-up and sleep settings.

Stylish decor design:

Elevate your room’s decor with the clock’s stylish design, seamlessly complementing your interior while adding functionality.

Quick wireless charging with universal compatibility:

Embrace the speed and convenience of quick wireless charging that caters to a wide range of devices, ensuring a powered morning.

ファイル:3.5 stars.svg - Wikipedia

Mosito Digital Alarm Clock


Versatile brightness control

Personalized wake-up volume

Effortless navigation

Aesthetic decor enhancement

Swift and universal wireless charging


It may require occasional manual time adjustment

Not many color options

Buying Guide

In a world where technology and style intertwine seamlessly, bedside wireless charging alarm clocks emerge as the perfect marriage of innovation and convenience.

Elevating your mornings and nights, these devices redefine traditional timekeeping by incorporating wireless charging capabilities and an array of features designed to streamline your daily routines.

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best bedside wireless charging alarm clock that perfectly suits your needs.

Wireless Charging Capabilities:

Look for a clock that offers wireless charging functionality, preferably with Qi-compatible technology. This feature ensures that your devices can be conveniently charged while you sleep, eliminating the clutter of cords and enhancing your space.

Display and Ambiance:

Opt for a clock with a customizable display. Features such as dimmable brightness and adjustable night lights enable you to create the perfect sleeping environment while ensuring you can easily read the time at any hour.

Wake-Up Experience:

Consider clocks that provide versatile wake-up options. Look for those with a range of alarm sounds, radio streaming, or the gradual fade-in of light, allowing you to awaken in a way that resonates with your preferences.

Compatibility and Charging Speed:

Prioritize a clock that supports universal compatibility for wireless charging. This ensures that various devices, including smartphones and tablets, can be charged efficiently. Quick charging capabilities further enhance the convenience of waking to fully powered devices.

Ease of Use:

Choose a clock that offers intuitive operation. Features like physical buttons, touch controls, and user-friendly interfaces streamline your interaction with the clock and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Design and Aesthetics:

Consider the aesthetic appeal of the clock and how it complements your bedroom decor. Clocks with stylish designs, such as wooden finishes or sleek modern looks, can enhance the overall ambiance of your sleeping space.

Additional Features:

Explore clocks with extra functionalities like FM radios, sleep timers, and dual alarms. These features add versatility to your bedside setup, catering to various needs beyond timekeeping and charging.

Quality and Durability:

Prioritize clocks from reputable brands known for producing high-quality products. Durability ensures your investment stands the test of time, providing reliable performance and features.

Price and budget:

While considering the features, align your choice with your budget. Prices can vary based on the clock’s capabilities and brand, so ensure your chosen clock meets your requirements without overstretching your finances.


Are wireless charging alarm clocks compatible with all devices?

Wireless charging alarm clocks are designed to cater to a wide range of devices. Most clocks utilize Qi-compatible technology, ensuring compatibility with various smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS. It’s essential to verify the device compatibility list provided by the manufacturer to ensure your specific device can be charged wirelessly.

Can I customize the wake-up experience with these clocks?

Yes, these clocks offer versatile wake-up options. You can choose from various alarm sounds, radio stations, or even the gradual illumination of light. These features allow you to tailor your wake-up routine to match your preferences, ensuring a more pleasant and personalized morning start.

How do I adjust the brightness of the display on these clocks?

Most bedside wireless charging alarm clocks offer adjustable brightness settings. You can easily dim or brighten the display based on your room’s lighting conditions and comfort preferences. This feature allows you to strike a balance between clear visibility during the day and a more subdued display at night to avoid disrupting your sleep.

Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously on these clocks?

Yes, many bedside wireless charging alarm clocks come with the capability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. They often feature dedicated spots for smartphones, tablets, AirPods, and other accessories, ensuring a clutter-free charging experience. Be sure to check the charging capacity and compatibility for each device to ensure optimal performance.


In the modern age, technology seamlessly intertwines with everyday life, and choosing the right bedside wireless charging alarm clock can elevate your mornings and nights.

By examining wireless charging capabilities, display and ambiance, wake-up experiences, compatibility, ease of use, design, additional features, quality, and budget, you can confidently select the ideal clock that harmonizes innovation, style, and convenience for your daily routine.

Among the array of choices, the Yortot Wireless Charging Alarm Clock emerges as our top recommendation. Its universal compatibility, dimmable display, and comprehensive wireless charging solution make it a remarkable addition to any bedside. Elevate your mornings with the Yortot – where style meets function, seamlessly enhancing your daily rituals.