Best Cheap Wireless Doorbell reviews

The days of fewer wires and more freedom are almost upon us! No longer have we needed to worry about tripping over wires in our living room! And no more do we need to suffer days to get a decent cable connection. The tyranny of wires is almost at an end!

Dramatic introductions aside if you appreciate wireless designs then keep reading. I’m doing a review of my favorite cheap wireless doorbells great for different functions. Whether you’re a small business or a cozy home stick around to find the perfect wireless doorbell for you!

Our Pick 


Adjustable sound and melody

Mute mode

Waterproof and energy saver

The touch sensitivity of the buttons could be better



Range of melodies

Impressive range

Easily installed

You have to reset the tune every time you unplug it



GOVEE Wireless DoorbellOur Pick

One of the reasons I was impressed by this wireless doorbell from GOVEE is long-range. This cheap wireless doorbell is not only compact but has an impressive range that will reach across your house! And of course, it has one of my all-time favorite features on gadgets in that it is waterproof!

govee cheap wireless doorbell

Let’s look at some of the features, shall we?


  • Operating range: 300/1000m
  • Mute Mode
  • 36 Melodies available
  • Adjustable sound
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with battery

Adjustable sound and melody:

I don’t know about most people but sometimes I need a really loud bell to get me to answer the door. I could be typing away at the keyboard or listening to my new favorite song even as the doorbell rings away. On days like this, the doorbell needs to provide a very rude awakening to bring me back to earth.

On the other hand, there are days when a good old migraine sets in which case whispers are too loud! The best thing about this bell is that you can adjust the volume according to your needs. You have about four levels to decide from starting with 25db to 85db. On top of which this cheap wireless doorbell also comes with 36 different melodies.

This way you can not only adjust the volume of your bell but what kind of doorbell you’d like to answer. Yet again a great feature for people that like a little variety now and then!

Waterproof and Energy Saver:

As I said before, gadgets that are not waterproof are just troubling to wait to happen! I can’t count the number of times I went out to check my door in the middle of the night to find no one! Needless to say, that bell needed to be replaced! Fortunately, this won’t be a problem with this doorbell.

Additionally, this doorbell saves a massive amount of power as this doorbell comes with a built-in battery. This doorbell consumes only a minimum of power and saves energy.


  • It has a range of 300/1000m
  • It comes with the necessary tools to attach it
  • This doorbell provides 36 melodies to choose from
  • The volume on this doorbell is adjustable
  • Waterproof


  • The button needs to have better touch sensitivity
  • The adhesive is not good to apply to all types of surfaces

SadoTech Wireless DoorbellRunner-up

This wireless doorbell from SadoTech is small and very minimalist. The rounded compact shape is easily distinguishable but not too distracting. I like this one because not only is it a plugin that is easily installed but it is available in a multitude of colors.

One of the best things about this cheap wireless doorbell is that you can use it for different reasons. Before going into the uses let’s check out some of the features:

sadotech cheap wireless doorbell


  • Operating range of 500m/1000m
  • Powered through outlet battery not required
  • 1 plug-in receiver and 1 remote transmitter
  • Double-sided sticker, anchors and screws
  • Battery for remote transmitter provided
  • Range of melodies
  • Adjustable volume

Customized Doorbell:

This cheap wireless doorbell answers all of your problems when you’re looking for a good doorbell. Why? Well, first off, it’s not just a doorbell! You can use this device for several different reasons.

Thanks to the easy application sticker I can decide where I want this bell and I want to use it for. You can use this bell to train your dog; you can use it in the room of someone sick and recovering. Also, this is a good doorbell for any elderly relatives that need your attention,

The list goes on and on stating the number of uses. You can even order more than one of these cheap wireless doorbells in different colors. And you can reserve each one for a specific use!

Impressive range:

I remember one time I ordered a pair of running shoes online but the shoes didn’t come and I was furious! But imagine my surprise – and considerable embarrassment – when I found out why. I was contacted via email and told that I had not collected my ordered item. Rather, that the bell had rung on and on while no one appeared.

This, I realized later, was the day I had taken my laptop upstairs to work. And it never occurred to me that my doorbell wouldn’t reach me just one floor up!

Thankfully this is not a problem for the SadoTech wireless doorbells. The volume is adjustable but the range is just amazing. This loud ringing call will echo through your house to get your attention even over 500/1000m.


  • Offers several uses
  • Compact design
  • Comes in several colors
  • Adjustable volume
  • Easily installed


  • It can easily incur water damage
  • You have to reset the tune of your time every time you unplug it

AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell

Avantek doorbells offer a wide variety of features packed into a pleasingly small package. These cheap wireless doorbells can be installed easily and occupy a minimum of space. The design on this doorbell is simple but still stylish.

What I like about this company is that they stand behind their product and offer a warranty. These cheap wireless doorbells from Avantek are constructed to last you long. Here are the features:

avantek cheap wireless doorbell


  • 300M/1000FT in terms of range
  • 29 mm speaker
  • 52 chimes to select from
  • 5-levels of adjustable volume
  • Plug-in design for the receiver
  • Built-in lithium battery for the transmitter
  • Memory function

Memory Function:

I love gadgets that give the choice to customize to my will. This means I can play with the settings until I can find the configuration I like. Even better if I have the option to change the settings if I get tired of it after a while!

What I hate is how some devices will automatically revert to default settings sometimes. Doorbells that need to be reset every time I replace the battery or power drive me crazy!

I understand that all devices have their pros and cons but I appreciate a good memory function. This doorbell from Avantek remembers exactly what tune you selected and even the level of sound!

This means that even though you’ve selected a low sound setting the doorbell won’t suddenly starting blaring up unexpectedly. You also don’t have to worry about fixing the settings every time there’s a power out.

Mute option:

Imagine those lazy afternoons when everyone is just settling for a quick rest before dinner. You’ve just put the baby to bed and the dog is being adorably sleepy!

It is right then that someone decides to press down on your doorbell for dear life. These people don’t just press once, oh no! They press again and again until they have your attention completely shattering the peace.

What I love about the mute option is that it will continue to inform me that someone is at the door. However! There will be no accompanying blaring, loud sound to shatter my peace!


  • 300M/1000FT range
  • You have 52 chimes to choose from
  • It comes with the necessary equipment to install
  • The doorbell is FCC and RoHS approved
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It cannot withstand a lot of water
  • The ring quality can be improved

BO YING Wireless Doorbell

This wireless doorbell from BO YING doesn’t just come with but two buttons! You can use this doorbell to distinguish between the front and back doors. This cheap wireless doorbell is compact but sturdy and comes in a simple design.

You can also expect a clear, loud ringing that will reach anywhere in your house. These cheap wireless doorbells come with the BO YING guarantee for quality. Before we go into details let’s see the features:

bo ying cheap wireless doorbell


  • It has a range of a 1000FT
  • IP44 dustproof and waterproof
  • 2-high performance buttons
  • One 12V 23A replacement battery for the push button
  • 38 different chimes to choose from
  • CE, FCC, and RoHS certified

2 buttons for one bell:

A close friend has a small medical practice that she separates by keeping it at the back of the house. This cheap wireless doorbell that comes with two buttons would be perfect for her.

If you have a small business or even a regular business then this is the doorbell for you. This doorbell would be great to help you distinguish between customers and employees.

Easy maintenance:

Any device that is built to protect itself is an instant favorite of mine! This wireless doorbell is not IP44 dustproof but also waterproof. You can install this doorbell in your business for each door without any fear.

This doorbell is sturdy and great for outdoor use! You don’t have to worry about taking it down every once in a while, for maintenance. This doorbell is protected against harm that might be wrought by the environment!

As long as you keep a check on the powerful battery this wireless doorbell should be fairly easy to maintain.


  • This doorbell is CE, FCC and RoHS approved
  • It is IP44 dustproof and waterproof
  • It comes with 38 different chimes
  • The doorbell has a range of 1000FT
  • It comes with two buttons


  • The instructions are a real problem
  • It can be tricky to change the chime after a while


Zeapa Wireless doorbell

Zeapa doorbells combine old school charm with wacky and creative chimes to receive your visitor. If you want to surprise a smile out of your friend try these fun chimes out! This cheap wireless doorbell is also easy to install and use.

This company offers power-efficient doorbells that pack in terms of range. You also have the option to change the volume on the chimes to your taste! Let’s look at the features this cheap wireless doorbell has to offer:

zeapa cheap wireless doorbell


  • 58 different ringtones to choose from
  • Four different volume levels from 25db to 115db
  • Transmission range up to 1300FT
  • Energy-efficient transmitter
  • IP55 waterproof

Transmission range:

If you were looking for a good and sturdy wireless doorbell for your business then this it. This wireless doorbell removes all of the hassle of installation and meets your needs.

This cheap wireless doorbell offers 1300Ft worth of range that ensures you will hear it. You don’t have to worry about what part of the building you’re in! This wireless doorbell will inform each of your visitors every time!


Imagine missing most of your visitors because you didn’t have a spare battery? It sounds like a nightmare that could ruin a small business!

The good thing is this cheap wireless doorbell is extremely energy efficient. The plug-in receiver only consumes a minimum of energy that barely registers on your bill! And the transmitter comes with a powerful one-piece alkaline battery that can last up to three years.

Not only does this wireless doorbell save energy but it also helps you save time on changing batteries!


  • Energy efficient and saves power
  • It comes with 52 different chimes
  • You can adjust the volume from 25db to 115db
  • It offers a transmission range of 1300FT
  • Easy to install


  • The settings take time to master
  • The settings will revert in case it is unplugged or loses power


In this review, I covered some of the best cheap wireless doorbells out there right now. We talked about different features that make each product impressive and some flaws. Hopefully, there was enough variety to help you choose one that meets your needs!

Although any of these five wireless doorbells would make for a great investment I have to admit to a favorite. This is, of course, GOVEE wireless doorbell that sits well deservedly on number one! This wireless doorbell is waterproof, sturdy and provides a wide range of melodies! What I especially appreciate about this product is that it features adjustable volume and mute mode. This helps me customize my doorbell exactly to my liking on a day to day basis.

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