Best Kids Night Lamp with Smart Functions

One of the newest inventions in aiding parents is the kids’ night lamp. These lamps have proven to work great for helping children sleep well. They usually have different sounds and light settings that work psychologically to help them with deeper sleep. However, you will find the best kids night lamp with smart functions like sleep training. These functions make bedtime easier in the long and short run. Since there are many night lights brands to choose, I decided to make a guide for you. It will make things easier for you to select the best one.

You will find top product reviews that help you compare different kids’ night lamps. You will also find out the different features available in each of them. With these comparisons, you can get the one that will suit your needs and will provide the most assistance to you.

Our Pick 

Urban Hello 

Connects with the smartphone

Sleep training feature

Baby monitor feature

It cannot work independently


Hatch Baby

Easy to program through your phone

Soothing sounds

You can choose the light color and the brightness level

There is no digital screen on the device


Keep an eye out, in the end, to check out the best one.

Urban Hello Baby night lampOur Pick

Urban Hello Baby night lamp is a kids’ night lamp filled with features to make it the best for your young one. One of the most unique features about this product is that it has a sleep tracker as well. It helps parents to keep a record of how many hours a day did the child sleep and if it is ample enough. You can connect it to your phone to get a comprehensive and detailed chart.

urban hello kids night lamp


  • Connect your smartphone
  • Sleep tracker
  • Digital display
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Customizable in settings
  • Baby monitor
  • Noise alert


One of the best features in the urban hello kids’ night lamp is its ability to help you communicate with your baby even when you are in another room. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a separate baby monitor since this has it all. Simply connect it to your phone and find a radio way to listen to your child and easily monitor them. The communication is also two ways. You can also get a notification when there is noise in your kid’s room to stay alert.

Sleep training

This Nightlight has another very unique function which is the training for sleeping. The digital screen is in front of the child. They are to wake up only when the device signals with a funny face. Otherwise, they cannot get out of bed. This psychological conditioning technique allows children to get more disciplined and not bother parents on weekends.


The night light on this kids’ night lamp is tunable according to your required settings. You can select different brightness levels of light and your favorite sound. Plus, you can connect it through an Mp3 player on your phone to allow better sleep to your child. The customized settings make it more suitable for your child. You can do so according to the age of your child as well to make it longer lasting.


  • This device has a sleeping tracker for your child
  • It can train your child to sleep on time and wake up on time
  • There are tunable light and sound settings
  • It has a two-way communication baby monitor to help you be more alert from a distance


  • It does not have a timer within
  • It cannot work independently

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

The Hatch baby kids night lamp has several features to make it the ultimate choice for your baby. One of the best things that parents will find in this kids night lamp is that it is very easy to use. You can control the programming of the device by connecting it to a phone. Apart from that, you can also use the settings on the device to control it. You can also set a timer to it so that it can turn off when your baby has fallen asleep.

hatch baby kids night lamp


  • Easy to program through your phone and through the device
  • Nightlight
  • Soothing sounds
  • All settings are customizable
  • Time to rise settings

Best for young children

The nightlight in this device is suitable for younger children. It is not very bright or very dark at the same time. The soft white light ensures comfortable sleep without being scared. The brightness of the light is adjustable so that you can set it according to the size of the room and the preference of your baby. You can also set the color of the light as per your liking to make it more suitable.

No overheating

One common and valid concern for parents is the lifespan of the device. This kids’ night lamp has so many different features and it takes quite some energy, so the concern overheating is evident. However, you do not have to worry about overheating of this night light and it being a danger to your child. It stays cool throughout its running course. If you are still concerned, you can set an automatic timer to shut it down in the middle of the night.

Numerous versatile features

Unlike regular baby night lights, this machine does not only have a wide variety of versatile features for light. There are sound options as well. This smart device helps you adjust the sound type according to the age and mode of the baby. You can adjust the volume as per kids liking.


  • You can choose the light color and the brightness level
  • It connects to the phone for a better programming option including a timer
  • There are different sound options too according to age
  • It remains cool all night long


  • It does not have a Bluetooth connection
  • There is no digital screen on the device

Little Hippo Children’s Nightlight

The Little Hippo kids’ night light is a great design that allows you to help your child sleep better and more efficiently. One of the best things that this night light has is its ability to train your child about sleeping patterns. The colorful and effective design allows children to better understand when they should go to sleep and wake up. This feature helps them become more disciplined and in the long run, helps children get better mental health and sleep.

little hippo kids night lamp


  • Sleep training properties
  • Different stages of child options for settings
  • Alarm sounds
  • Brightness settings
  • Volume settings
  • Countdown times for naps
  • Easy to use

Nap countdown

A unique feature of this kids’ night lamp is the ability to have a nap countdown. Every parent knows how awful naps are for children and yet they are very important. You can simply train them with the lights. Use the settings and a countdown to help them sleep in the afternoon easily. The device will help children train for naps as well. It plays different colors for time to play quietly, for waking up, and for sleeping.

Grows with your kid

Parents understand buying devices for children can be very expensive. You need them to be fully worth it by the time you complete using it. This kids’ night lamp has the ability to grow with kids. No matter how much money you spent, it will be useful for several years before its job completes. There are different stages of lights and sounds for different aged children. You can also enjoy the different brightness and volume settings for these children. For school going children, there are also alarm clocks inbuilt this device.

Child safety

This machine comes with extra care and protection to keep your child safe when it is in use. The material used is free from all sorts of chemicals and different hazardous plastics. The material also does not pass current and keeps the children safe. There are no harmful off-gassing to make it dangerous for the child.


  • This device is made with safe material for children
  • It helps train children for bedtime
  • It has a clockwork countdown for naptime and training for it
  • There are several different settings of light and sound that can be customized


  • It does not stay cool overnight
  • It does not connect to a smartphone


After reading these product reviews, you might have developed an idea of what to expect. I enlisted all the top brands along with features of each kids night lamp. Now, you should be able to pick one of your favorites from the list of products that are reviewed above.

For us, the clear winner is the Urban Hello Baby night lamp. This kids’ night lamp has all the features needed to make it one of the best in the market. It will help you train your children for bedtime. You can connect it to your smartphone and make it into a baby monitor as well. With all these different features, this is definitely one of the best in the market.

Which one have you picked out for your baby?

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