Best Large Area Air Purifier: Philips vs Airmega vs Blueair

You might have spotted a large area air purifier in a home or at the office. You may wonder the benefits of the device and its health benefits to the user and the environment. In recent times there has been an increase in health risks. Having a clear understanding of your surroundings and what you can do to make it better may help in improving your health and that of your family.

When we hear about air pollution, our mind immediately shifts to smoke, dust, car emissions and industrial waste. Based on scientific studies, you will be surprised that the quality of the air indoors is polluted 2 to 5 times compared to the outdoor air. We all have to deal with air pollution indoors as most of us spend almost 90 percent of the time indoors where the effects of polluted air are far worse than that of the outdoors.

Whether at home or in the office pollutants such as pollen, dust, mold and harmful gases are always present. They may cause allergies and asthma which might be very serious, in other cases, they will result in frequent headaches, unexplained fatigue and watery eyes. Apart from these pollutants the air may be filled with other toxic gases that pose serious dangers to human health. The gases may be from paint, cleaning solvents, tobacco and fuel combustions leading to respiratory problems.

In order to keep the indoor air quality clean and pollutant-free for breathing, you will need to use air purifiers which clean the air by eliminating airborne particles, harmful chemicals, bad odors and microorganisms that are present in the air.

Our Pick 


Ideal for medium-sized to large rooms

Effectively reduces allergen in the environment

Feedback of the air quality on real-time basis 

Different modes including quiet night sleeping mode

Some issues with connecting to Wi-Fi




Works with Alexa

Filter lifetime indicator

Several Auto functions including quiet night mode

A smart app which monitors both indoor and outdoor air quality


Requires frequent App updates


Below is a review of the best large area air purifiers currently available in the market.

Philips 2000i Wi-Fi Air PurifierOur Pick

Key product features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Large room use
  • Allergen reduction
  • Smart App

philips large area air purifier

Product description

If you are looking for a large area air purifier for your home, then the Philips Air Purifier will impress you. It has an automatic monitor for the indoor air quality. Once it detects the air quality is not optimal, it induces a reaction that instantly purifies the air. Once the air has been purified, the large area air purifier gives automated real-time feedback through the display panel and a colored ring located on the purifier. You do not have to control all the settings from the purifier, Philips 2000i comes with an App referred to as the Air Matters App that gives control over the indoor air purifier from wherever you may in the house. You can also monitor the air quality conveniently say for example you have a sick family member and they cannot be able to adjust the air quality for themselves. Philips 2000i is designed to purify the air in large spaces in the home. The large area air purifier may be best for your living room area or even kitchens that have a complex build.

Design and features

Automatic and manual modes

Philips Air Purifier has 3 automatic modes and 5manullay operated modes. You can select any of the three modes as you may wish. The three modes are general, allergen and bacteria and virus mode. The general mode is used for general filtration purposes and serves to rid your room of any particles or contaminants that may have a serious health effect on your body specifically the lungs when inhaled.  The allergen mode has an extra sensitivity that is fine-tuned to eliminating allergens from the air; the allergens may include pollen, dust particles and micro-particles that could result in allergies. The bacteria and virus mode removes bacteria and viruses present in the air especially during the cold seasons when viruses are present in locked rooms.

You can choose between 5 manual settings if you do not wish to use the automatic functions. The sleep mode is very useful if the air purifier is in the bedroom as it will work quietly without interrupting your sleep. A powerful turbo speed mode is also manually operated to clean your air faster but with a loud noise.

philips large area air purifier

Air smarter App

Wherever you are, you can ensure that your air is clean. The large area air purifier is Wi-Fi enabled to allow you to connect it to your phone and control the purifier from anywhere. You can change the speed of the fan, schedule settings and monitor the filter’s lifetime all from your App.

Aerasense technology

Any changes in the indoor air quality are immediately detected by the purifier. In case the air quality of the air inside the rooms goes below the set levels, it automatically changes the fan’s filtration speed to try and bring the air quality to a clean level.

High tech monitoring

Check the air quality using the numerical display and the coloring on its dashboard. You can also check the allergen index level that shows blue for good allergen and red for the bad allergen.

Excellent Three-Filtration system

True HEPA in the purifier removes any contaminants from the air and significantly to reduce any allergy symptoms. The other two filters are the pre-filter that traps any large particles before they reach the true HEPA. The active carbon filter functions to remove any bad odor in the room.


  • Effectively reduces allergen in the environment. Also removes harmful gas and bad odors from your space.
  • Captures and filters about 99.9 percent of any particles in the air.
  • Enables you to enjoy the feedback of the air quality on a real-time basis
  • Comes with three automatic modes namely general mode, allergen and the bacteria and virus modes
  • Has a manual setting that you control to your preference. For example the quiet night sleeping mode
  • Can be used in medium-sized to large rooms


  • For allergic and asthmatic patients, the Air Change Per Hour is not very efficient
  • You will need to keep any appliances that use gas in areas that are well ventilated as the purifier does not eliminate or absorb carbon monoxide.

AIRMEGA 400S Large Area Air Purifier

Key product features

  • A smart mode that works with Amazon Alexa
  • Smart app for IOS and Android
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Filter lifetime indicator

airmega large area air purifier

Product description

If you are looking for a large area air purifier, the Airmega is a purifier you will need to check out. If the quality of indoor air is compromised, you have no option but to buy an air purifier. When you go out to get a purifier, you do not want to just buy a purifier for the sake, this review will look at the details and amazing features of the Airmega. You do not have to settle for lightweight air filters that are often disposable. Airmega is built to last long and ease air purification in the home.

Pre-filters on the purifier trap any contaminants and particles present in the air. The activated carbon, on the other hand, serves to remove bad odors and harmful gases. The green filter removes any microparticles, spores and allergenic material that may be in the air. The purifier sucks contaminated air into its system and releases clean, high-quality air into a room.

Design and features

Excellent filter system and overall design

Airmega comes in a white, stylish box that sits on four black legs. The large area air purifier has four filters. The first two pre-filters can be washed meaning you do not have to replace the filter after a short time but instead clean the filter if need be. Also included are activated carbon filter and a true HEPA filter that is green in color.  All the four filters work in unison when the purifier is working to continuously remove any contaminants that may be present in indoor air.

The large area air purifier can clean air in areas measuring up to 1560 square feet. It does this using Auto, Eco and sleep modes which are inbuilt automated functions. You can also change the modes manually if you wish to. You can enjoy clean air all the time with the Airmega 400S.  More to this is that the purification system has a smart App that is compatible with IOS, Android and Alexa. It has Wi-Fi connectivity to enable you to control it from wherever you are at your convenience.

Several Auto functions

Devices with automated functions are easy to operate. If you set the air purifier to an Auto mode, the large area air purifier changes the speed of the fans depending on the quality of the air in the room. You can set the mode using your phone, the Amazon Echo or your tablet.

To ensure the quality of your air is monitored continuously, you can set the purifier to Eco Mode. In case the indoor air quality achieves optimal quality for about 10 minutes, the Airmega fan shutdown to conserve power. The case is the same when the sensor picks up poor air quality. This causes the fans to restart automatically to facilitate the purification once again.

When it became dark, the Airmega inbuilt sensors adjust the speed of the fans to lower speeds reducing the noise produced by the purifier.

Airmega App

This smart app eases how you monitor your indoor air quality.  You can control all the functions remotely from your smartphone. You can monitor both the air quality indoor as well as the outdoor air quality. In case filters need changing, the App will instantly alert you. You can also monitor them over time to know their current status inside the purifier. You can also set an on and off timer. The timer will shut down the purifier when you do not need it to be running like when there is nobody at home and automatically restart it when you want it to. The smart App saves all your indoor air quality data for up to one year.

airmega large area air purifier


The Airmega 400S is designed to fit anywhere in the house without interfering with your internal décor. You can place it next to a wall but ensure there is enough space for air circulation around the purifier.


  • Beautifully designed to blend into any room regardless of the interior décor
  • Highly effective air purification system thanks to the engineering inside
  • You can control the purifier remotely using the smart Airmega App
  • Does not make noise a night if you set it to quiet low setting
  • Purifies air in large areas effortlessly


  • It is expensive
  • Requires frequent App updates

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

Key product features

  • True HEPA performance and HEPA Silent technology
  • Smart app
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Smoke-stop filter

blueair classic large area air purifier

Product description

Are you thinking of buying a large area air purifier to ensure that your indoors are safer for you and your family? You may consider the Blueair classic 605 purifiers for your living room. To control pollution indoors and maintain optimal air quality, the Blueair purifier may in line with what you are looking for. The purifier comes with HEPA silent technology that utilizes both electrostatic and mechanical filtration methods to achieve True HEPA performance abilities. This mechanism creates minimal filtration friction which in turn increases the flow of air while reducing the amount of energy used. More to this, the purifier has a HEPA silent filtration feature that uses electrostatics to generate true HEPA filtration with reduced noise and ozone.

Design and features

Product design and performance

Blueair classic 605 has a stylish design that fits in perfectly wherever it is placed. It is built from metal giving you the guarantee that the product will last for a few years to come. In case you have used cheaper filters before, you will be impressed by the quality of air produced by the purifier. You can rest assured that the Classic 605 is a high performer in terms of air purification through its HEPA silent filtration process.  It is built with bigger vents and its filtration process and media is less noisy and still effective.

blueair classic large area air purifier 2

Smart App

Download the Blueair Friend App to your smartphone to allow you to switch the purifier on and off as you wish as well as its fan speed. The purifier works in perfect harmony with its App and you can schedule features such as night mode and the intensity of the brightness form the LED.


As stated earlier, the purifier utilizes mechanical and electrostatic filtration to trap any particles, dust pollen, allergens and contaminants that may be present in your air. This system is the best in the market currently, therefore, you will not regret buying this larger air purifier. Blueair classic 605 purifies your air over 5 times in one hour. To get the best from the purifier, ensure that you follow the manufactures specifications and settings to the letter. Do not overstretch its abilities and it will do a good job of cleaning your indoor air according to its capacity. In case you need the purifier to filter out smoke from a room or harmful gases, you will need to buy a secondary filter specifically for this purpose.


  • An excellent air filtration system
  • Quietly filters indoor air without much noise
  • Perfect for large areas in the home


  • You will need to buy the Blueair Airwave Indoor Air Quality monitor to automate the purifier.
  • You will also need to buy a secondary filter for the purifier to enable if filter smoke and harmful gases


If you have a large living area in your home, small air purifiers won’t do much. They may appear economical but you will have to overwork the purifier and replace filters much often. That said, you will need an air purifier that is specifically designed for large rooms. This will ensure that air quality is optimal at all times. No other purifier does a better job overall than the Philips 2000i as per our review. It has many incredible features and automated functions making a must have for any home.

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