We reviewed The Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera in 2020

The sense of acquiring full security is gratifying. While we can’t be secured from everything, it still feels so good to do safety measures for your loved ones.

When out for business trips, what if you can still monitor your home? Life gets pretty easier if you take benefit from available security devices. I can’t say surely about other gadgets. Yet, acquiring the best outdoor light bulb camera can change your life for good.

But how are you going to find that best bulb camera? Luckily, you are in the right place. Here, I’m going to review the best outdoor light bulb cameras.

So, keep reading and see how this product can help you. After all, who can be careless when it’s about the security of your family?

Sengled Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera Review

This Sengeled Outdoor Home Security Camera comes equipped with multiple security features. It has an HD camera along with a motion detection feature.

Its floodlight is already there to keep thieves away from your home. But, the good point, it supports wifi, 2-way talk, and night vision too.

So, I believe this Sengeled product covers various aspects of providing complete security.

sengled best outdoor light bulb camera


  • Floodlight Sensor
  • Motion-activated sensor
  • Two-way audio
  • Full-color night vision
  • Strong internet connection
  • Waterproof
  • Wide viewing angle
  • HD 1080P

Motion detection

This one of the best outdoor light bulb cameras offers a variety of settings options. It contains a floodlight bulb along with a built-in camera. Now, the lights are dimmable too. You can turn them off during daylight.

Also, you can put them on the ‘motion-activated bulb’ mode. It will then turn on automatically on detecting any kind of motion. The settings option was what made me like this product the most.

You can adjust it as per your requirements. So, it is going to bring only ease and not headaches. Moreover, it is capable of detecting any motion within a range of 30 feet. I feel it’s pretty okay to catch anyone present around your main entrance.

On detecting any motion, it will send instant alerts (push notification) on your mobile. So, you can take instant action. What good would it do, if you’d need to check the app every time to see any unusual incident?

Thus, its prompt notification option would be there to keep you aware all the time. It gives a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Its camera provides HD 1080P vision. So, everything would appear in a crystal clear quality.

It also provides zoom in (out), playback, download, and live streaming options. In this way, it allows you to see it anytime. Well, it also provides 24 hours of free cloud storage.

Two-way audio

While having this light bulb camera, you won’t need to install a separate intercom. It has a built-in speaker and microphone.

So, with its HD camera, you won’t be only seeing the visitors, you can hear and talk to them as well.

All you can do it by using your smartphone. It seems like a full-fledged package that you might need to ensure the main entrance security.

24/7 view

What good your camera bulb would be doing if you can’t see anything after the sun goes down?

This product isn’t going to assist you during the day only. Rather, it is equally valuable at night time or even more. It allows you to see your outdoor premises even at night time.

With Infrared Color Night vision, you can see everything clearly in the dark too. Well, I believe it’s an important feature.

sengled best outdoor light bulb camera3


You can expect it to serve you round the clock during any situation. As it is waterproof, even the heavy rains aren’t going to influence its effectiveness.

Also, as it supports wifi too, it delivers stable connection all the time. How? It has enhanced wireless antennas. Thus, it gives you double enhanced wifi signals and stable connection.

Remote coverage

This outdoor light bulb camera won’t give you coverage only when you are at home. Rather, it will allow you to see live surveillance video from anywhere.

You can use the Sengled Snap app for this purpose. Thus, going on vacation wouldn’t be a problem now. Now you can save on hiring a security guard and still able to ensure your home’s security from any part of the world.

Besides all its amazing features, you can also enjoy some more attributes by purchasing its subscriptions. This product comes with Basic, Extended, and Pro packages.

Rating 4 of 5

Sengled Light Bulb Camera

This Sengeled light bulb camera gives security just like any other good product. However, there’s something more to it. It gives a wide viewing angle along with HD coverage and night vision. It would also allow you to communicate with the visitor using a built-in microphone. Its cloud storage would let you see a video of any recent incident along with downloading it.

All these attributes make it one of the best outdoor light bulb cameras available out there. But it doesn’t work with Google Assist, though it is compatible with Alexa.


It gives convenience by allowing two-way talk

The night vision provides security round the clock

It captures video in HD 1080p

It provides free 24 hours of cloud storage

You can enjoy some more features by subscribing to its different packages


You’d need to pay for more than 24 hours of cloud storage

Buying Guide

How can you acquire the best outdoor light bulb camera? Here is a brief guideline that will assist you in examining the right features to purchase just the right product.

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You should also be clear of the purpose for which you are buying the product. There are a variety of surveillance cameras and products available. You should first see your exact purpose in purchasing it.

Do you need full-time coverage or at a specific time? Do you want to serve it as a two-way camera or not? Similarly, you need to cover your entire home or just entrance?

Likewise, there are several other points you can assess before buying any specific light bulb camera.

sengled best outdoor light bulb camera2

Important Features

When you intend to plan a light bulb camera, it is not going to provide just a light, but the security. So, you should thoroughly check the features and traits. Certain features can enhance its capability of securing your home.

Few of these features include high-quality image/video capture, motion detection, and night vision.

Other important attributes include a wide viewing angle, waterproof, and two-way talk. You should also look for push notification and sharing options.

Video Recording Quality

What good can a blurry video do? Of course, it will be of no use. Thus, it is important to see the video quality of the light bulb camera you are purchasing. There will be options like 960p or 1080p.

The second option is a Full HD one, and you should preferably go for it. Also, the camera should be able to provide a wide viewing angle along with the ability to record throughout the day.

Motion detector

A light bulb camera should have the capacity to detect any motion in the area. Not only should it detect the motion, but it is also required to send push notifications to make you alert.

Night Vision

A night vision is a feature that allows you to see objects during the night time or darker areas. It is very important. Your light bulb camera is ensuring your security, and it must be able to see in the dark.

Wifi Connectivity

This attribute is important if you want to monitor your home remotely. It is because these devices can work from remote areas when connected with wifi only.

sengled best outdoor light bulb camera1

Water Proof

Since I’m discussing the outdoor light bulb camera here, it is crucial to have a waterproof feature. We all know what outside gadgets are exposed to; your product should be able to combat them.


This point is not important for this item only, but for all electronics devices. It is crucial to see for warranty before purchasing your best outdoor light bulb camera.


How do camera light bulbs work?

The camera light bulbs are a form of hidden or camouflaged camera. To ditch thieves, it has a combination of a light bulb and a surveillance camera.

The camera sits silently between the power source and bulb while monitoring the surroundings. In some products, you can see the camera on noticing. However, they are usually blended properly.

Both the light bulb and a camera provide their duties separately or assist each other to ensure security.

How do I reset my camera bulb?

There is a very small hole on the camera bulb that you can use to reset the camera bulb. However, to perform this process, you’d need to press the Reset button/hole using a needle/pin.

On pressing it for a while, it will give you an indicator about Factory resetting your bulb camera. However, the indication may vary from one model to another.

How can you detect a hidden camera?

The most effective way of detecting a hidden camera is to use a hidden camera detector. You would just need to press the button. It will send out the IR beam.

If there will be any hidden camera, you’d be able to see the reflection of a camera lens.


The light bulb camera is quite a valuable invention. It will allow you to secure your home without announcing it. However, you can only attain the required benefits when you purchase one of the best outdoor light bulb cameras.

I hope I have helped you in choosing the right product for your home/office.

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