Best Outdoor Portable Sound System Reviewed

Portable sound system for outdoor use is usually big and have to be carried in big trucks taking crews with large numbers to set up and dismantle. As technology shifts to microchips and compact devices, the sound systems designs are evolving too; an outdoor sound system can be easy to move and set up without losing its great sound or in some cases while improving its sound quality.

The best sound systems not only have great design and portability but also have good quality sound and are durable. The latter is hard to come by because outdoor weather and conditions tend to degrade devices faster than indoors. This review covers some of the best sound systems for outdoor use and their features.

Pyle Portable Karaoke Speaker SystemOur Pick

The Pyle portable sound system has a perfect design with its compatibility and power that makes it portable yet viable for outdoor use. It has flashing lights to better the music experience and Bluetooth Karaoke. To further increase its outdoor perfection, it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

pyle portable sound system

Key features

  • Compact, Portable and Powerful
  • Flashing DJ Party Lights
  • Bluetooth Karaoke
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

Product design and features

Long-lasting battery

Outdoor events have a heavy reliance on electricity. The most feared factor in an outdoor event is power outage. The Pyle speaker system takes away this fear with its inbuilt rechargeable batteries that make sure the party goes on even after the lights are out.

Compact and portable design

This sound system has a unique killer design with an 8” main speaker and two 3” tweeters to produce a full bass and full range stereo sound. In addition to these, it has a retractable handle and wheels to enable mobility. Even with the small size, the Pyle sound system has flashing Karaoke lights and a small screen for display and control purposes.

It also has thick plastic reinforcements to protect it from the harsh outdoor conditions and the trauma of transportation.

Versatility and ease of use

The Pyle portable sound system is a product of great design. It has a seven-inch monitor that can be attached to a TV and when the inbuilt DVD is factored in, one can run DVDs through the system. One can also record music while it plays or even records their own vocals fully or intermittently with the playing music. Transfer of the same is possible to external storage devices such as USBs or through Bluetooth which can also be used to run the music.

Even with such great advancement, this sound system is quite easy to use because its operation is straightforward.


  • Low price
  • Powerful sound
  • Durable and rugged
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Microphone not up to standard
  • Low Bluetooth range

ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth Speaker

With the defining ‘big sound’ factor, this is the ideal sound system for outdoor use. It has a 61/2” woofer, tweeter and a 50-watt amplifier that make clear sound with all the highs, lows and mids full for detailed sound. It also has a battery with a battery life to be envied.

ION portable sound system

Key features

  • 50 watt amplifier
  • Sealed lead acid battery
  • LCD display

Product design and features

Stylish and portable design

With a weight of 16 pounds, the speaker is weighed down by design that is worth every pound, even more. It has reinforced corners to handle banging and landing during transportation and outdoor use. It has an inbuilt battery so long lasting it can be used as a power bank.

Easy control and LCD display

The tailgate portable sound system has straightforward control with its controls on the front panel well labeled and definitively standard; Play/pause, radio, Bluetooth, volume and such. To further ease control and ease of use, it has a large LCD display to show all the functions and help control them.

Bluetooth and radio connection

For connectivity, the speaker has Bluetooth, NFC, and Aux input. This gives a wide range of options for connection. In addition to this, tailgate also receives radio signals so one’s options for music are many.


  • Long lasting battery
  • USB charge port
  • Durable
  • Loud and clear sound


  • Does not have wheels which makes portability a little hard
  • No equalizer which lowers bass quality
  • Slow radio tuning

PA system with LED Party Lights Speaker

The Pure Acoustics speaker is ideal for an outdoor party with its easy use and remote control. It has the ultimate party settings and builds with its wireless microphones and recording function not to mention its rechargeable battery that can last for up to 10 hours.

pa system portable sound system

Key features

  • LED party lights
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • FM radio
  • Karaoke machine sound system

Product design and features


With a weight of around 14 pounds, the speaker is easily carried to the desired location. To further improve portability and outdoor use, it has a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to ten hours. The handle also allows for easy transportation.

Ease of connection

The PA speaker has an auxiliary cable input and Bluetooth connectivity to allow for connection of music from any device which is really useful when outdoors. To make a connection even easier, the LCD display shows all the functions in the system.

Remote control

The music file selection, from USB/SD input, and the volume and sound quality control can be done using a remote. To further improve this, the wireless microphones have an independent volume control mechanism.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Portable
  • Wireless microphone sound control
  • FM radio


  • It has no wheels to ease transportation
  • Slow data transmission

Starqueen Portable Sound System

As far as outdoor events and music are concerned, Starqueen is the ideal portable sound system. With its multiple inputs, it has a wide range of music selection. It has wheels and handles to enable transportation and is built to be light enough for transport.

starqueen portable sound system

Key features

  • Multiple inputs
  • Handle and wheels
  • FM radio

Product design and features

Bluetooth and USB reader connectivity

For outdoor use, many sources of music are required to give a wide range of selection. The Starqueen speaker system can be connected to devices such as smartphones via Bluetooth and auxiliary cables or one could insert an SD or USB.

Built-in rechargeable battery

With a rechargeable battery that can last for up to five hours, this speaker system is ideal for outdoor use. It has a charger for recharge and indicator lights to show when its battery is full.


The main factor for outdoor use of sound systems is portability. The Starqueen is made portable by its handle and wheels. The rechargeable battery also comes in handy in this aspect.


  • Wheels and handle for portability
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Good sound


  • Limited range
  • Limited security options

Proreck freedom Portable and Rechargeable Speaker

Outdoor sound systems are not limited to parties; they can be used for picnics, weddings and such events that require a wide range of features on sound systems. The Proreck freedom portable sound system is built and equipped for a wide range of outdoor events.

proreck portable sound system

Key features

  • 9 LED colored lights
  • Wireless Bluetooth and earphones
  • Handle and wheels
  • Remote control
  • FM radio

Product design and features

Broad spectrum of connectivity and use

The design of this portable sound system is meant for a wide range of use and convenience. It has multiple inputs through USB flash drives, line input, wireless Bluetooth and an FM radio signal to further broaden the spectrum. The individual features also include the separate mic and media volume control and the bass treble and echo effect controls.


The speaker has a handle and wheels to enable mobility and its design is sturdy enough not to be destroyed by the movement and outdoor conditions. What really makes it reliable for outdoor use is the rotating knob to ensure security when the speaker is on a stand. It is also compatible with most stands.

LED lights

Considering the wide range of use of the Proreck sound system, the LED lights create a fun effect in circumstances such as moonlight picnics and after parties. The lights have nine color ranges which can be specifically interesting to children and party environments.


  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Portable with wheels and handle


  • Remote control only applies with mp3
  • Narrow range

Bottom Line

The present-day generation is one that considers fun and entertainment as a basic everyday activity. Parties have evolved from indoor to outdoor affairs; this brings about the problem of power. Portable sound systems are the solution to this problem. The sound systems covered in this review use rechargeable batteries to enable continued use without plug into power even for a limited period of time.

To choose the best outdoor portable sound system one has to consider the longevity of the charge in the battery and the functionality of the speaker; the range, connectivity, and sound quality. The determining factor for each individual is the type of environment and sound one desires in the system or party. It is, however, prudent to consider the quality of sound because some speakers have a superior bass quality to others.

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