Best Outdoor Solar PIR Lights

One of the most innovative concepts the 21st century has ever seen is the solar PIR lights. Motion sensor solar lights are durable, cost-effective and independent way of getting an eye on the surrounding outdoor areas. These lights use solar power to run that makes your electricity bill next to nothing. The solar PIR lights use a special PIR motion sensor to sense whenever there is any motion. Then, according to an elongated period of no movement, the lights switch off. The best use for the solar PIR lights is obviously in the outdoors where they can also be used for security and scaring off wanderers.

Our Pick 


Water- and weatherproof design

Intelligent motion sensors

The bright light illuminates a large area

Easy installation

Poor performance in cloudy weather



Waterproof design

Upgraded motion sensor detects well  

Charges during daytime

Easy installation

Does not work well in cloudy conditions



Let’s take a look at the list of my top picks for the best solar PIR lights.

ZOOKKI Solar Lights OutdoorOur Pick

ZOOKKI Solar Lights are one of the brightest out of all on this list. These solar PIR lights feature 28 LEDs that work consecutively to provide the best brightness than any of the solar-powered lights have to offer.

These lights charge up the battery during the daytime. The 1200 mAh battery that it uses is enough to keep your lawn, pool or driveway bright and lit up during the night time. The 400 Lumens light is efficient enough to keep your electricity bill at a minimum while still bright enough for you to keep track of what’s what.

zookki solar pir lights


  • Wireless solar powered lights
  • Made from High Impact ABS
  • 30-day money back guarantee and professionally tested
  • Intelligent motion sensors
  • IP65 weatherproof and waterproof design
  • Easy installation instructions
  • No Dim Mode


These are very sturdy solar PIR lights that are built to last longer than most other solar PIR lights out there on the market. The ZOOKKI is manufactured using sturdy high impact ABS that prevents any water from trickling into the delicate circuitry and frying them.

Not only that, the ZOOKKI solar PIR lights are made according to the IP65 weatherproof design that makes them prone to any kind of sudden weather change. So you can rest assured that your solar PIR lights are safe no matter if it’s a very hot day, if it’s storming outside or if it’s just windy.

Quality tested

The ZOOKKI is professionally tested by experts in the field before it is shipped out to the market. Many experts test the lights for any kind of faults that they may have and if found, they will discard any faulty pieces.

On top of that, the company also offers a great money-back guarantee with every purchase. This means that in the rare case that these solar PIR lights stop working for you; you can always opt to get a refund.

Intelligent motion sensing capabilities

These solar PIR lights are equipped with efficient and intelligent motion-detecting sensors that can sense when there is motion in the room or within its range. These sensors have an amazing 15 feet long and 120-degree wide range that helps it to detect motion no matter where it is placed. These sensors tell the solar PIR lights when to turn on and when they should turn off according to the motion detection.


  • The bright light illuminates a large area
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Motion detectors have a large range
  • The life span of up to 50,000 hours
  • No dim mode helps extend the lifetime
  • High impact ABS protects the lights from the water


  • Poor performance in cloudy weather.

LITOM PremiumRunner-up

The LITOM Premium is bright and luminous while at the same time hypersensitive. It uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide waterproof support to the lighting at all times. The material used for this product is high impact ABS Plastic that is proven to be water-proof grade Plastic. Other than that, the LITOM Premium also prides itself on the amazing IP67 waterproof design that makes it the best solar PIR lights for outdoors.

litom solar pir lights


  • 30,000 hours of lifespan
  • PIR Motion sensor can detect 26ft far and 125 degrees wide
  • Charges during the daytime
  • Easy Installation process
  • IP67 Waterproof design
  • 30 LEDs stay on for the 30s when detects motion

Advanced sensors

The upgraded PIR Motion sensor on these solar PIR lights are one of the most advanced sensors available on the market right now. This upgraded sensor can detect motion up to 26 feet far away and 125 degrees wide. This means that you don’t have to worry a lot about the placement of these lights as they are able to efficiently detect motion at large distances as well.

Not only this, but the PIR sensors can detect the motion of the people in the room and accordingly turn the lights on or off. The lights will stay on for 30 seconds until the sensors can detect more motion.

High powered LED

The LITOM solar PIR lights boast 30 high powered LEDs that are fitted on the front of the frame to provide a bright luminous glow. These LEDs are solar powered, which means that they can charge up during the day using solar energy and then used up during the night time. This can save up a lot of energy and it may significantly cut down expenses on electricity.

The solar-powered LEDs used can detect when the sun is out and when it is not. This can prove to be beneficial because you don’t have to manually turn them on or put them on charging mode.


Other than that, the entire installation process of the LITOM premium solar PIR lights is very easy to understand and implement. LITOM provides an easy installation guide with the product in order to facilitate you. All you need to install them are a drill and some screws.


  • Bright and luminous glow
  • Longer timer than usual
  • Easy installation
  • Upgraded motion sensor detects well
  • Waterproof design
  • Can withstand hot weather


  • Does not work well in cloudy conditions.

URPOWER Solar Lights

The URPOWER Solar PIR Lights are one of the most versatile lights on this list of top picks. It doesn’t matter where you tend to use them, they will always prove to be beneficial to you. While testing this product, no matter where it was placed, it was always bright and luminous. These solar PIR lights have proven themselves to be a stellar product when it comes to versatility and reliability.

urpower solar pir lights


  • Solar Powered
  • Weather and heat resistance
  • Unique and efficient design
  • Fully automated switch
  • 10-minute installation

Weather and heat resistance

The URPOWER Solar PIR lights are able to withstand almost any kind of weather condition whether it is stormy and windy or just plain sunny. The URPOWER can easily fend off any harsh conditions due to its innovative IP64 Waterproof and weatherproof design. This makes it a suitable choice for your outdoor garden, poolside, porches, and even the driveway.

You will never have to worry about installing protective hedges or sheds around these lights or worry about them malfunctioning under heavy rain.

High powered LEDs

The URPOWER uses 8 bright LED lights instead of the common 12 or 4 lights. This innovative design makes URPOWER efficient yet bright. While lights with 4 LEDs are underpowered and fail to provide the brightness needed, lights with 12 LEDs fail in particularly detecting motion.

These solar powered LEDs are also great at saving you energy and electricity as they charge up during the daytime when you’re probably not using them. The 8 LED lights are perfect for you if you wish to have a bright LED that is luminous enough to effectively detect motion as well.

Automated switch

The URPOWER uses a smart automated switch that automatically switches the lights on when it detects motion within 10 feet of its range. It turns the lights on for about 25 seconds until it can detect no further movement in the room.

If there’s no more motion, the lights will turn off within 25 seconds. Not only does this save you the hassle of having to switch lights on or off, but they also save up on electricity bills and energy.


  • Smart automated switch
  • Bright and luminous LEDs
  • Uses 8 LEDs for efficiency
  • Works well even on darker days
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Lasts for 50,000 hours of usage


  • The installation procedure is tricky

Luscreal Solar Outdoor Lights

The Luscreal Solar PIR lights are sturdy yet innovative and provide a lot of efficiency in terms of saving energy. These lights include an upgraded and modern solar-powered LED lights system that can harness the energy from the sun and use it to charge up an internal battery quickly. These lights can charge faster quicker than any other solar PIR lights on this list. They are engineered to last longer even with little charging and a smaller battery.

luscreal solar pir lights


  • High detection range
  • Uses 100 LED lights
  • Waterproof and heatproof design
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty and money back guarantee
  • 30 seconds auto turn off

Brighter lighting

If you’re someone who prefers to have brighter lighting instead of sensitive lighting, then this product is definitely fit for you. The Luscreal features 100 LEDs that are super bright and offer the light of about 2000 lumens of intensity. This is great if you want to have these lights installed over in your yard, driveway or even the front lawn. They will keep the place illuminated at all times. They also cover a large area that can be beneficial if you have a wider area to illuminate.

Quality tested

The IP65 design of these solar PIR lights makes them prone to basically all kinds of weather conditions. These lights can withstand heat, rain and even frost from when it snows. You can greatly benefit from this feature as it allows you to keep these lights out at any time during the year without fear of the harsh weather conditions having an adverse effect on them.

Easy installation

The Luscreal solar PIR lights come with an easy to follow and an easy to understand installation guide that is written in simple steps. This is done so that even people with lesser experience with installing LED lights can easily install them without having to look up some difficult procedures.


  • Can withstand all weather conditions
  • Durable and reliable for all season
  • Bright light with 100 LEDs
  • Longer sensor distance
  • Senses broader range of motion
  • Turns on for a longer time
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Without direct sunlight, it may hamper performance

Lemontec Solar Lights

The Lemontec Solar PIR lights make it on my list of top picks due to their adjustable controls and versatile options available. The Lemontec includes 3-different modes available that correspond to a different need or condition. So you can configure or calibrate the Lemontec solar PIR lights according to the way you want it to work.

lemontec solar pir lights


  • Three modes for different configurations
  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Weather and heatproof
  • 3400 mAh battery capacity
  • Bright LED lights
  • Automatic PIR sensors

High powered battery

The Lemontec Solar PIR lights charge up their large battery using direct sunlight during the day that saves energy consumption. This also helps you to save some money on your electricity bill. The solar energy is clean energy that means you can also contribute to saving the environment.

Automatic shutoff features

These lights also automatically turn off when they detect sunlight. When you find out that the construction is mainly all plastic, you might think that this product is not weatherproof specifically heat proof. However, this is not the case.

High powered battery

The battery on the Lemontec is large in capacity when compared to most of the products present on the market. The 3400mAh battery is automatically charged up during the daytime saving you the hassle of having to charge it yourself. The battery lasts up to 20 hours that is enough for you to use them outdoors until the sun comes up again.


  • Auto on and off saves energy
  • Larger battery
  • Up to 20 hours of bright light
  • Three different calibrations available
  • Durable and resilient
  • Hassle-free installment


  • Does not detect motion well even in lighter conditions

Aootek Solar Lights

With the Aootek Solar PIR lights, you can choose three different modes that have a different setting according to the diverse needs. You can choose to have a setting where the lights only turn on and off when they detect motion. Alternatively, you can also choose to use the lights to turn on when they detect motion.

aootek solar pir lights


  • Weatherproof
  • Efficient solar panel
  • Sensitive PIR motion detector
  • Easy installation guide
  • Wide sensing range
  • No cables needed

Top quality solar panel

The solar panel dedicated to this product is one of the best and the most efficient I have seen ever. The solar panel is efficient in charging up the battery included in a matter of minutes without having to wire it up or connect it or adjust it.

Good quality motion sensing

The PIR motion detector available on the device is excellent at detecting motion even at a range of 20 feet. The wide angle range offered up by Aootek is also a plus point as it can detect motion even at an angle of 120 degrees from the frame. This allows you to place it as high up on the ceiling or wall as you like and still be able to use the motion detecting feature effortlessly.

Easy installation

Aootek offers an easy and short installation guide and video. These are supposed to help you put up the Aootek solar PIR lights without any extra effort. The process itself takes only 5 minutes and involves minimal tools and no wiring.


  • Next, no wiring needed
  • Easy and fast installation
  • The sensing range is wide
  • Built according to IP65 design
  • Can withstand heat and all weather conditions
  • Warranty included


  • Charging doesn’t last long


All of my top picks are worthy of being called the best solar outdoor PIR lights. While all of them are excellent, I feel that the ZOOKKI Solar PIR lights are the best ones available. This particular brand of LED lights is not only bright but also last longer even without direct sunlight.

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