Best Smart Baby Formula Maker Machines Reviewed

New parents are always looking for ways to make parenting easier. Although some say easy parenting is a myth, the technology works wonders to make it more supportive. There are many baby appliances that do small chores and make it easier for parents to handle babies. One such example is the baby formula maker. A baby formula maker is a machine that takes away the chore of making the perfect formula milk. It can help achieve the right temperature and consistency in a shorter time.

We would help you to find the best baby formula maker in the market. Make sure you read till the end to find out which one is the best.

Our Pick 


Connects to smartphones

Concentration can be adjusted


All safety standards are met

The programming options are easy to operate and read


There is no filter in the device to clean out bacteria




Connects to smartphones

Ensures right consistency

Very fast and convenient machine

Water is not heated according to the settings

No automatic cleaning system


Let’s begin!

Burabi Baby FormulaOur Pick

The Burabi baby formula maker machine is a smart device that helps you make the perfect formula milk for your baby. One of the best things about this device is that you can use it for almost all bottle sizes. You can set the ounces and other settings so that the maker can transfer it into the bottle with ease. It is versatile in accordance with formulas as well. Once you connect to the Wi-Fi, you will have access to over 6000 formulas and their information.

burabi baby formula maker


  • You can set the temperature and volume
  • Connects to smartphones
  • Concentration can be adjusted
  • Water is heated according to settings
  • Safe formula container
  • Easy programming options

Versatile and user-friendly Programming

Programming options for baby machines need to be very clear. The reason parents prefer these machines is so that they can have an easier time with handling children. Complicated programming can make it worst for new parents. The programming options in this machine are to the point. There is a button for volume setting, heat settings, water settings, and more. There is a water tank indicator and digital screen to show you your settings easily.

Finally, there is also a child lock to keep it out of reach of children. The programming system also allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi and have a guide to the different consistency levels that you should choose.

Water dispenser

One of the best things that you will find in this baby formula maker is the water dispensing feature. You will need to pour in cold water into the machine. The settings allow users to program the volume and only that amount of water heats up. This feature ensures no health compromises.

Sanitation & cleanliness

A very important feature in every baby product is the cleanliness and sanitation. This machine takes heed to this requirement and has a feature or two to ensure sanitation and safety. This machine is very healthy in terms of the materials used. The formula container is of Tritan which is safer than any other plastic material. It has many certifications like the FDA, FCC, and more. For cleanliness, an auto cleaning system is to reduce clogging of milk and keeps the milk safe and clean.


  • The programming options are easy to operate and read
  • All safety standard are met including the material of the device and child lock
  • You can connect to your smartphone for a guide to over 6000 formula milk
  • The temperature and the ounces are set, the water heating is in accordance


  • There is no filter in the device to clean out bacteria
  • The machine can pour out warm water only at different temperatures

iNG Baby FormulaRunner-up

The iNG smart baby formula maker makes things easier for parents. This baby formula maker ensures that the formula milk is prepared with the right method. It makes the milk safer to consume for your baby. The machine has the potential to make it to the perfect consistency. There will be no air bubbles or clag that may affect your baby’s digestive system. Since it works with almost all formula milk, you will find it easy to use.

ing baby formula maker


  • Ensures right consistency
  • Connects to a smartphone for guidance
  • Temperature control settings
  • Volume control
  • Works with all sizes of bottles
  • Is a fast machine
  • Approves with the highest certifications of safety
  • Easy to use

Easy controls and adaptability

Two very important features in a baby formula maker are the temperature settings and the volume settings. Only you know what temperature is most suited or preferable by your child. With this machine, you can set the right temperature with the easy control panel. An annoying factor in most of the baby formula makers is that they do not have the option to set the volume. In this machine, you have this option. You can put any bottle and just adjust the volume for the perfect bottle of formula milk.

Bluetooth connectivity

This baby formula maker is not the ordinary kind. It is actually much more helpful to parents than its competitors. The machine connects to Bluetooth and eventually to your smartphone. Download the app that links the machine to your phone. This app has several features. It has many formulas and their details; it has the details to the baby formula maker as well. However, that’s not it. You will find a baby growth tracker and milking guides in this app as well. This feature makes this machine the complete package. You can also control the machine with this app.

Fast operation

One of the most annoying things in the competitor machines is that they take quite some time. Baby formula makers and other machines like this can be slow to get the perfect results. However, it can be a hassle waiting and parents eventually do the job themselves. This formula maker is very fast. It can heat water and make the perfect bottle of formula milk in about 10 seconds. It makes the job easier.


  • There is an option to set the temperature and the volume of the milk
  • The milk result is the perfect consistency without any air bubbles to ruin your child’s digestive system
  • It is very fast and convenient and can prepare milk in about 10 seconds
  • Works with all kinds of formula and bottle sizes


  • Water is not heated according to the settings
  • There is no automatic cleaning system and you might have to clean it every day yourself

Bottle Genius by Summer Infant

We know that parents have so much to do these days, with jobs and making sure their children get the best of everything. The Summer Infant Bottle Genius is a smart bottle maker; it works to make your job easy. This is why it made its way into our list as one of the best smart baby formula makers.

The Bottle Genius is very convenient to handle and work with. It allows you to cut down on the time you waste floundering in the kitchen for the formula while your baby cries up a storm in the middle of the night. It works to produce accurate portions of formula and water for a bottle that’s ready to use. The Bottle Genius has a gentle glow for night time use as well.

bottle genius baby formula maker


  • Accurate portions of formula and water.
  • Has a gentle glow for use at night.
  • Customizable bottle size.
  • Sanitization of the whole system.
  • Time and energy efficient.

Highly customizable design

This baby formula maker is highly customizable and is suited for use with all major powder and bottle brands. You can select the bottle size depending on the bottle or the amount of formula your baby needs that particular time.

Not only that, there is an adapter included that allows the baby formula maker to be used with smaller bottles as well. It even allows you to control the temperature of the formula your baby is consuming. You can make the formula warm or it can be at room temperature.

Easy to Clean and Safe

The water tank of the baby formula maker is generally cool and not only that, it has been manufactured so that while making formula, every component comes into contact with the internal system. This helps to keep it clean. The baby formula maker also has a deep cycle cleaning system that helps to sanitize the entire system all at once.

SmartScale Technology and Better Measurements

The SmartScale technology of this baby formula maker measures to make a bottle of perfectly balanced formula. The tank itself can store enough water for you to make eight bottles of 4-ounces each. This means that you no longer have to separately measure the amount of formula you would need to add to a certain amount of water. The smart baby formula maker does all of your work for you. It allows you to customize the amount of formula you want to make as well, from 2 to 10 ounces. It is high energy and time-efficient and allows for heating on the demand if the baby or can make formula at room temperature.


  • It can be used easily at night because of its gentle glow.
  • The bottle size is highly customizable
  • It allows you to make the perfect bottle every time because of the SmartScale technology.
  • Works with all major formula and water brands
  • It has a built-in cleaning system that allows for the sanitization of the entire system.


  • The system doesn’t mix the formula for you, this leaves it in clumps and you have to shake it yourself.
  • There is a slight variation in the amount of formula dispensed for the same amount of water at different times.


After reading the detailed reviews, you might have had a better shot at understanding the different types of baby formula makers. You might even have found the one that you find most suitable for yourself. These reviews are by our team of professionals. With heavy research and inspection, they have come to the conclusion that the best one among these is the Burabi Smart baby formula milk maker.

The reason behind this is that this machine has features to make life easier for new parents. It provides a very basic job completes perfectly that every parent wants. This baby formula maker has a support system in the shape of an app. It connects to your smartphone and helps you achieve a full guideline. You can expect easy programming options, and many other features to make it suitable.

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