Best Smart Home Ceiling Fan reviewed

Smart security system? Smart lights. Have you heard of a smart home ceiling fan? Yes, smart technology has touched fans and made them smart so they can contribute to your home’s overall climate control effectively. We now live in a world of smart appliances, almost every appliance is now wirelessly controlled, more than that, they are all integrated and are smart.

Our Pick 

Haiku Home

Works with Alexa

Easy to install

Quiet operation

The remote works very well

The LED light has a narrow range, suitable only for smaller rooms


Modern Forms

Works with Alexa

Controlled with a wall panel and via the app

Multiple weather modes

Efficient and silent

Some issues with the App



Now if you’re interested in getting smart fans but you aren’t sure of the right choice to make then keep reading. Here, I’m going to review the best smart home ceiling fans for you.

Haiku Home L Series 52” Smart Home Ceiling Fan Our Pick

The Haiku Home fan is a product of Big Ass Fans. They have been a leading name of innovation in fans through the years and have a major contribution to the evolution of fans from the age-old deign to what they are today. They were the first Ceiling fans that offered voice controls through Amazon Echo.

It has a design that offers the best of engineering. Its sleek design allows for the most efficient use of energy. Its DC motor helps to deliver exceptional power using the most minimal amount of electricity. This is possible because of the use of permanent magnets which helps to improve efficiency.

bigassfans Smart home ceiling fan


  • Sleek design that delivers power efficiently and helps to save electricity
  • One-touch control
  • Sound tested motor with quiet operation
  • Integrated LED with 16 settings for brightness
  • Controllable via a remote, mobile app or Amazon Echo
  • Features LED lights
  • Balanced with very little sound and durable

Controlled via multiple devices

Every Haiku fan comes with wireless remote control that allows for simple and convenient control of the fan so that you can control it how you see fit. You can even install the mobile app and link it with your fan so that you have smart control.

Furthermore, it allows you to operate the fan remotely and adjust its settings as you see fit. Other than that, you can even control the fan with multiple simple voice commands using Amazon Echo. All you have to do is ask nicely and Alexa will work the fan for you. This is the epitome of comfort and allows you to lie back and relax.

Features strong LED lights

The fan features a strong set of LED bulbs, these bulbs are highly efficient since they use a much smaller amount of electricity and produce a great amount of light.

What’s more? These bulbs are known to lash about 30-40 times as long as the normal bulb. So once you have it installed, you can forget about having to change these bulbs anywhere in the near future.

These bulbs use about half the energy of a typical 40-watt bulb but produce about twice as much light. What could possibly be better?

Balanced Fans that produce minimal sound

Haiku is committed to quality and excellence which is why their fans are factory tested and balanced so that they provide the highest quality performance. Their movements are precise and provide wobble-free comfort.


  • Easy to install and comes with a great set of instructions
  • You can choose from matte black, cocoa finish, caramel finis, and glossy white.
  • The remote works very well
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrate with a number of smart home products


  • The LED light has a narrow range, only suitable for smaller rooms

Modern Forms FH-W1807 Smart FansRunner-up

Modern Forms smart fans are available in a number of designs that can be industrial, modern and naturalistic. This provides you with the freedom to choose the fan that suits your sense of decor best.

That’s not all. . . It comes with a number of efficient control systems. It can be controlled both manually with the traditional wall panel and can be controlled with your smartphone or home integration services. Smart home integration includes a number of services including Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Nest Thermostat.

The wall control allows you control the basic functions of the fan on/off, fan speed, lights on/off, brightness, and a kill switch and also allows you to switch between multiple fan modes especially summer and winter.

modern forms Smart home ceiling fan


  • Controlled with a wall panel and via the app
  • RF wall switch
  • 70% more efficient
  • Varied integration features with the app
  • Multiple weather modes
  • Efficient DC motors used

Offers multiple smart integration Features

While it does come with the optional wall panel controls, why would you even want to use those traditional controls? All you need to do to set up your smart fan is to install the free app for Android and iOS and link your fan to the app. Once that’s done, you are good to go.

Smart controls offer the same controls as the basic wall control along with a number of absolutely amazing features including 7/365 day scheduling, adaptive learning, fan grouping, and advanced home integration.

It allows you to control just about every aspect of your fans right from the convenience of your phone. These fans work to make your life simpler and easier to manage.

Multiple Weather Modes

The Modern Forms Smart Fans offer 2 weather modes that help to circulate air by 2 different methods. These two weather modes are the summer modes and the winter mode. The summer mode operates so that the blades move counterclockwise and move the cool air through the room, this helps to decrease the temperature considerably in the intense summer heat.

On the other hand, the winter mode works to move warm air through the room to create a cozy and warm environment.

Efficient and durable design

This smart fan is a great choice for both home and office. This is because of the range of control it offers the users. It also has an efficient and reliable design that promises years of hassle-free use. It allows for multiple integrations that further work to make your life much easier.

Each fan is balanced at the factory so that you will never hear of a Modern Forms Fan that wobbles or makes any rattles or clicks. It has a very reliable and strong DC motor. This works to make the fan up to 70% more efficient than the typical AC fans available in the market. It is also bound to save you quite a few bucks on your electric bill.


  • Virtually silent when running
  • Energy efficient
  • 6 Adjustable Speeds
  • Switching between Winter and Summer modes
  • Great for installation in a bedroom or living room


  • The app is subpar and makes the fan difficult to control

Hunter Fan Company 59224 Signal Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Fan Company always works to make its consumer’s life easier. This smart home ceiling fan is no exception and contributes to your greater smart home. It can be programmed to integrate with a number of signals, including location-based sensors that let the lights and fans turn on or off depending on how far away you are.

You can even program to turn on at a certain distance so that when you get home, you are welcomed by a cool and temperate home. It further allows for the integration with a number of other smart home products like door locks, garage doors, plugs, and window shades. This fan helps to bring your home right into the modern age.

hunter fan company Smart home ceiling fan


  • Helps to make your home smart
  • 13-degree blade Perfect for optimal air movement and circulation
  • Controllable via the app and other smart home services
  • Handheld Remote Control for Fan and Light
  • Powerful movement

Multiple Controls

The Hunter Fan can be controlled via a number of smart home services and can be scheduled to turn on and off whenever you want. You can easily adjust the fan speed from your bed or chair without having to get up.

You can control it via the official hunter app that is available free on Android and iOS. Or you can use other smart home technologies that make your fan part of your smart home with integration. You can control the fan with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, or the Google Assistant.

Delivers powerful movement

The Hunter Fan is known for both its flawless smart integration and the power it delivers. It delivers ultra-powerful air movements and this too with whisper-quiet performance. This helps you get the most powerful cooling with the most minimal amount of stray sounds.

Perfect for optimal air movement

It features a 13-degree blade pitch that further works to optimize and enhance ideal air movement. This can be further altered with the help of the reversible motor system. This system helps to alter the movement of the fan between two distinct weather modes, summer, and winter.

Furthermore, it can be done with an alteration in the rotation of the fan blades that helps to maintain the temperature according to your requirements. All you have to do is set it up that way with your smart home devices.


  • Integrates well with your Apple Homekit.
  • Affordable price
  • Easy installation
  • The light is bright but only enough for a small room
  • Allows you to toggle between two weather modes


  • The customer support service is pretty bad
  • The app malfunctions pretty regularly


So now that I have discussed with you my top picks for the best Smart Home Ceiling Fan, I really hope that you have a better idea of which fan suits your needs best. Remember, there is no wrong choice, the perfect choice for you can be different from mine. What matters is that you get the best out of your choice.

Share with us your best choice!

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