The 3 Best Smart Home Speakers Review

Owning smart home speakers is by no case a life necessity, but they tend to contribute to a more automated lifestyle in your household, and in a fun way too. You can easily connect them to your smart device via your home network or Bluetooth and enjoy your music with just a few clicks. They’re easy to use, move around and set up. So just imagine how great it would be to enjoy your tunes via the best smart home speakers while taking a relaxing bath, or perhaps flipping burgers on the patio with your friends. Today, you can choose from plenty on the market, and in the effort to get my hands on the best smart home speakers, I’ll review three of them I had the pleasure of using.

Our Pick 


Powerful sound and great bass output

The app is simple to use

Multi-room play

Long playtime battery

Some problems with connectivity



Multi-room play

Works with Alexa

Easy set-up

Humidity resistant

Only a single account can be linked to a Sonos system 


GGMM M4 Wireless SpeakerOur pick

These best smart home speakers easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network for streaming music from any Internet radio, your device’s music library or from online services (Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartradio). You may also connect via Bluetooth or AUX. It’s fairly easy to switch between and add up to 16 devices with no disconnections. The battery can be recharged and lasts for up to 10 hours – no joke. This makes it convenient to listen to music anywhere. Same as most of the best smart home speakers, each speaker can be used in separate rooms to listen to the same or different songs. All you need to do is to download the GGMM MUSIC app on your smart device (both iOS and Android optimized) and you can control the speakers through your smartphone. The fun part is that you can connect up to 10 speakers.ggmm-m4 speaker

In the box, you’ll find one GGMM Wireless Digital Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker, 3.5mm audio cable, AC adapter, leather strap, and a user manual. No cables are required.

The speaker’s inside is a wooden cabinet, covered with microfiber leather, put in place to eliminate any sound distortion. When compared to similar Bluetooth speakers on the market, the GGMM M4 produces more powerful sound. It offers a nice variety of adjustments, and compared to some others, provides a great bass output.

The good part is that you get a unit that works through wifi, Bluetooth or AUX. Also, once you connect via Spotify, you can play your music without having to keep the source in contact with the speaker, but you can use it to make a call for example.

Now, if you compare it to other more powerful speakers, these quality smart home speakers may not sound AS loud, but for this price, they certainly provide a clear, loud and bass supported sound. This comes to light only when you compare different speakers.GGMM-M4-smart home speaker

By doing some more research, there were few complaints that when buying more units, they may come with different firmware versions, adding some connectivity issues. Aside from this one, all other experiences point out that these are one of the best smart home speakers, especially available in the price range. The speaker is well designed, the app is simple to use and it’s easily portable. So, if you enjoy deeper tones with great clarity of sound, but are not looking an excessive noise, this speaker might just do the trick.


The home speakers by Sonos give you the pleasure to enjoy different songs in two rooms or the same one in all rooms. Basically, you can choose a song from your smart device’s music library or stream it from any internet source and control it via the Sonos free app. It works via your wifi network and you can plug it into the wall (so you don’t need to buy batteries).sonos-play1 speakers

Setting them up is really easy and it takes around 10 minutes. Just take them out of the box, download the free Sonos app on your smart device and tie the app with your music library. The app works both with iOS and Android devices. The best thing about using these smart home speakers is the fact that no wiring is needed and all you need to do to adjust the sound is reach for your smartphone. The sound is pretty clear and they’re easily portable around the house. I use them in my backyard when I have my friends over.

Since these smart home speakers stream directly from the source (Pandora, Spotify, you can free up a lot of memory on your device, and since they’re connected via wifi and not via Bluetooth, the quality of sound remains intact. You can easily set up the volume and the sound by using the “tuning” options for the best experience. On top of that, they look absolutely modern and amazing.

You can order these speakers via Amazon. However, this price is a bit high considering their loudness and how much bass can be applied – which is not so much in both cases. They can be best used for the purposes of background music that does not require much bass or top sound clarity. If you look more than this, then you’d need to upgrade.sonos play1 speakers

The downside is that you must use Spotify for online music and you need to first import these in the Sonos app, which may complicate things a bit – especially for a person that’s not very tech-savvy. Also, there’s no support for Audible, so listening to audiobooks may turn out frustrating.

Bose SoundTouch 10

If you look to enjoy your music in a few rooms, using these great smart home speakers is the way to go. Each speaker connects to your home wifi network and you don’t need additional equipment. The speakers are really small and easily portable around the house, so you can take your music with you. They can play the same or a different song in every room and you can easily control this via the Sound Touch free app, downloadable both for iOS and Android devices. The box includes two SoundTouch 10 wireless speakers, USB and power cables, and two remote controls. Bose SoundTouch 10 speakers

Additionally, it uses Bluetooth for more music options. You can stream music via Amazon Music, Spotify, Internet radio stations or by using your smart device’s music library. The quality of sound is pretty good and clear, but it can vary if your room is pretty large. The speakers are great for small to medium-sized rooms and their design is pretty neat too.

However, the product has some serious shortcomings. Often, the connection via Bluetooth is not so great and many disconnections tend to happen. On top of that, only one person’s smartphone can be connected via the Sound Touch app, posing limitations for the other family members. Yes, you can play different songs in each room, but by using a single person’s smartphone. If, for example, someone else wants to hear something else, they need to plug in an AUX cable in the one speaker they want to use. There’s nothing “smart” about this kind of smart speakers usage.Bose SoundTouch 10 speaker

By doing some more research on this particular set of smart speakers (which are one of the best smart home speakers), I found a variety of negative comments, especially with regards to the connectivity. It seems that people were not happy with the customer support once they faced issues. So, the picture kind of shapes itself – maybe for such a price, other options can be a better solution.

The Verdict

So, it comes down to the verdict and for each person, it pretty much depends on how much you’re looking to spend, eager to upgrade or what kind of sound you’d be happy with.

By looking at SONOS PLAY:1 2-Room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle and the Bose SoundTouch 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack speakers, you can see that they come at a higher price, however, in both cases we see some shortcomings that should not really be there. Their sound is great sure, but they’re not as loud as they should be, nor they have any spectacular bass output. For a couple of hundreds more, you can get a serious piece of audio equipment. On top of that, their connectivity sometimes is not so great and in the latter case, few app complications are a possibility.

I personally decided to go ahead with the GGMM M4 Wireless Speaker, (starting at $150, but often available as a pair for even a lower price). I enjoy background music throughout the house during the day, and these best smart home speakers provide just the sound I’m looking to get. I did not face any connectivity issues, compared to the previous two kinds of speakers, and for this price, I’m kind of having a lot of fun.

In general, before you decide to make a purchase, think about what you want and why make better research and you’ll find your best smart home speakers in no time. I guarantee.

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