Best Smart Projection Clock for Your Nightstand

Different people have different tastes and preferences depending on various attributes of the product in use such as taste, class affordability and convenience. The same applies to smart projection clock that people perceive as ideal for their nightstand. These are clocks that can perform a wide range of activities and have various outstanding features that make the users experience fulfilling and hence maximizing their utility. The users can be in a position to see the time projected with ease. They are of a wide variety which may include;

Our Pick 


20 preset AM/FM radio stations

Easy to set up

Ultra large white LED display

The 180-degree sleek swivel projection



Large ultra clear projection

Dual alarm with snooze feature

Designed with the 120-degree adjusable projection

The clock only supports FM radio (up to 15 stations)


Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms Our Pick

It is one of the sleekest and coolest of the alarm clocks varieties with some modified features.

Mesqool smart projection clock

Key Features

  • 180° Sleek swivel projection
  • 20 preset AM/FM radio stations
  • Ultra large white LED display
  • Dual Alarm
  • Backup battery

Product Design and Features


This smart projection clock features a sleek 7-inch Ultra large white LED display which makes it easy to read no matter the distance. The brightness can be adjusted to personal preference in the settings which varies from high-medium- low in the settings.

Its 180° sleek swivel projection guarantees a clear and comfortable view of the time. This projection is clear on the surface either the ceiling or the wall ensuring that you are aware of the time.

Exceptional Performance

Dual alarms and radio/ buzzer alarms ensure that makes you wake up from your sleep in the best style. This is because you can choose to wake from a predefined alarm buzzer or an alarm radio station. The clock does not scare you from your sleep since it rings incrementally louder.

With 20 preset radio stations from AM/FM, this ensures that you enjoy the digital radio from the comfort of your place. The clock has an AM/FM tuner that ensures that you choose from a wide range of free stations available.

If you are the music lover, talk show, sports, broadcast, weather forecasts, traffic or whichever that makes your day, you can sit and relax and enjoy from stations. You can also preset your favorite stations at any time for easy access.


  1. Supports both FM/AM radio
  2. Sleek design
  3. Easy to set up
  4. Sleek swivel projector allows large projection
  5. The dual alarm allows you to set two separate alarms at the same time


  1. The clocks brightness is only adjustable into three levels
  2. Tinny radio speaker

Mpow Smart Projection ClockRunner-up

The Mpow does more and offers a great alarm experience than just a clock with its great display and enhanced features

Mpow smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Large ultra-clear projection
  • Adjustable projection
  • Snooze feature
  • Dual alarm
  • 15 FM preset stations

Product Design and Features

 A large ultra-clear projection of the alarm clock that is 5 inches. This alarm clock has a 120-degree adjustable projector that allows ultra-clear viewing on the wall and ceiling raging 1.6-10ft. Adjustment on the brightness of the projection is also possible (bright-dim-OFF). The clock can achieve an optimal projection distance of 7-10ft. If you long press the “Project” button, the projection will view upside down 180.

With an adjustable screen brightness, you to set the screen for your preferred backlight display. The LED screen display is curved in design that matches your furniture.  The alarm clock projector can be turned on and turn off the screen display at night.

Snooze feature function gives you between 5-60 minutes before alerting for extra sleep. Without any operation on the clock, the alarm stays on for 5 minutes.

Alarm options

As a dual alarm, you can set two separate alarms, giving you the option to either wake up from the standard buzzer or listening to their favorite radio station.

Designed with an FM radio where the signal strength is boosted by a 33-inch antenna at the clock’s back. You can, therefore, listen to your favorite sports, news, and must. A sleep timer is also fitted where you can sleep listening to your favorite station. It turns off automatically after the elapse of the set time.

This clock gives you the convenience of charging your android smartphone or iPhone from the USB port. It as well comes loaded with backup batteries to ensure that you do not have to rest your clock upon power failures.


  1. You can set the alarm clock to enjoy extra sleep for a period of time you wish between 5-60 minutes.
  2. It is possible to set two separate wake-up times
  3. It has a sleep timer that allows you to sleep while listening to your favorite radio station
  4. You can charge other devices such as cell phones using USB cable from the clock
  5. Alarm settings and time are maintained even after power failures.


  1. Without any operation, the clock alarm stays on for only 5 minutes
  2. The buzzer sound or FM radio alarm does not get incrementally louder.
  3. The clock only supports FM radio

MIZHMI Projection Alarm Clock

This is probably one of the best projection clocks that can be used anywhere in the room; from the kitchen to the study room and bedroom as well.

mizhmi smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Multiple Radio stations
  • Dual Alarm Mode
  • Large font display
  • Dual USB Ports

Product Design and Features

Dual Alarm & FM Radio Stations

This smart projection clock supports a large number of FM radio stations that also includes radio sleep and radio memory function. It suits most of the radio lovers due to the wide range of stations that are available. 10 radio stations are embraced and one is in a position to preset radio-auto-off between 5-90 minutes

Features dual alarm that enables you to set two separate wake-up times. It also gives a choice between waking up to buzzer or radio.


This amazing projection alarm clock features a flexible projection swing arm. This Specialized arm can project to an angle of 180° to enhance projection to the ceiling or on the wall. This makes it suitable for use in various environments such as office and kitchen since it brings out the cozy feeling of working or relaxing.

On the back panel is an Adapter port for the clocks power supply. There are two USB charging ports for charging your phone, iPad/tablet, most USB charging port of the alarm clock are 5V/1A, but each of Mizhmi’s smart projection clock USB charging ports is 5V/2A that can easily charge your phone, tablet, iPad or MP3/MP4 player and FASTER than others. Let’s save our precious time doing such activities.


  1. Super easy to use even by kids, seniors and elderly.
  2. Has two USB port for phone charging and an adapter cable.
  3. Flexible arm swing thus changing its display position
  4. Easy to read time
  5. Exceptional sound quality


  1. It can only embrace 10 radio stations.
  2. A small back up flat watch battery.
  3. The clock only stores 10 preset radio stations

Houzetek Digital Projection Alarm Clock with Weather Station

Houzetek smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Crystal clear LCD screen.
  • Smart outdoor sensor
  • Comes with a Power Bank
  • Multiple lighting settings
  • The dual USB charging port

Product Design & Features


Houzetek smart projection clock boasts a compact and lightweight design.  This makes it very ideal for travelers.  It is also packaged in a deluxe box making it viable as a gift to friends.

It also features a crystal clear LCD screen. This clock adopts a premium VA LCD panel that will project an extremely clear display wherever you are no matter your position. There is also an advanced alarm clock that will project both the time and temperature on the ceiling wall.

The clock can either display 12/24-hour format depending on your choice and preference. The clock has a radio-controlled clock mode and also a dual alarm clock that can be snoozed every 5 minutes. Time, calendar and week display are also displayed.

The clock comes with an integrated USB charging port. It can be used as a power bank to charge your smartphone and other powered devices when powered by a wall adapter. AC power adapter plays the main role in running all the features of the clock. Batteries ensure that it can stand any power outage and back up the clock’s settings.

Ambient Temperature readings and diverse lighting settings

Full-color display that features 3 various lighting settings that ensure a clear reading of the displayed information. It is also fitted with 8 color-backlit thus meeting our different lighting needs. The colors are adjustable and with back-light illumination that lasts for 15 seconds. Nonstop LED backlight lighting with Ac adapter. You can track your weather conditions in real-time using the 6 weather forecast icons in the display.

This terrific smart projection clock also features an innovative outdoor wireless sensor with the outdoor temperature that guarantees self-calibrating and accurate data about the outdoor temperature. This makes you ready to face the outside without literally stepping out.

The clock has a large projection distance of 1-3 m that ensures that you get a clear view of temperature and time and also a projection angle of -90°~90° hence one can choose a more comfortable angle for viewing.


  1. Dual USB charging ports
  2. Outdoor sensors that show the temperature
  3. Crystal clear led screen
  4. Rotatable projection
  5. Compact and lightweight design
  6. 8 different lighting systems.


  1. You can only set one alarm at a time.

Onlyee FM Radio Alarm Clock

This is a one of a kind smart projection clock with multiple functions to cater for your aspiration for a better life.

Onlyee smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Adjustable projector
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • FM/AM Radio Stations
  • Backup battery
  • Dual Alarm

Product Design and Features


It comes equipped with an AM/FM radio suited with a sleep timer. The clock can store 10 AM and 10 FM stations. The clocks enable you to set two different wake-up alarms. You can choose the buzzer or radios as the alarm sound to wake you up. The radio signal can be enhanced by the antennae at the back of the clock. There is also a sleep timer that allows you to fall asleep while listening to your favorite radio station before it turns off automatically.

Its adjustable projection rotates at an angle of 180 degrees with focus control. This allows you to comfortably read the time while lying on your bed since the clock projects the time on the wall or on the ceiling. Additionally, the projection is ultra-clear as it’s displayed in a soft blue color on the ceiling and does not disturb your sleep.

It boasts a 7 inch led display that is very clear for the kids and the elderly to read with easy. The clock is also fitted with 3 levels of adjustable dimmers. You get the opportunity to set your preferred light in the settings.

FM/AM Radio Stations, USB Charging and Back up Battery

The clock supports USB cable for charging your cell phone. FM/AM radio is also supported by the clock. Alarm projection, the time displayed and other clock features function are outlet powered. It also has 2 AAA 1.5V batteries that ensure the memorization of time settings. You do not have to rest your clock each time you encounter power outages.

The USB charging port is compatible with all Android & IOS smart-phones, tablets, Kindle or any other digital devices where an appropriate cable switch is required.


  1. Back up alarm settings even when there are power outages
  2. Clear large LED display
  3. An adjustable projection for easy reading of time
  4. Made of plastic
  5. Am and FM radio station support


  1. It is made of plastic which affects its durability.
  2. Only three adjustable levels of brightness.

SMARTRO Smart Projection Clock

The Smartro projection clock is among the best projection clocks that are available with various features that make it most outstanding.

smartro smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • Temperature and time projection
  • Crystal clear display
  • Adjustable projection
  • Atomic Clock feature
  • Backup battery

Product Design and Features

WWVB radio-controlled time reception

The clock is equipped with an atomic clock and the time is automatically set via a radio-controlled signal. It is in sync with the U.S atomic clock.

Diverse Functionality

The clock projects both time and temperature. The clock automatically changes the temperature projection from indoor to outdoor. The alarm projection is very clear in a soft red color on the wall or ceiling. It’s very clear to view and it does not cause any disturbance to either you or the kids while sleeping.

Large Display

The clock has a large number display on the LCD and the projector time for easy reading. The projected time and temperature are easily seen from any place in the room. You can choose your favorite color for the backlit by using Loop and Rainbow function.

Permanent Projection

The clock uses AC power for permanent projection and time display. There are also batteries that ensure the memorization of time settings that ensures you do not keep on setting your clock each time there is a power outage. It also comes with a USB output interface that allows you to conveniently charge your iPhone, Android cellphones.

Weather Prediction

The projection alarm clock for the bedrooms clock can predict the weather for the next 12 hours. It can also predict the barometric pressure trend and temperature trend; 12/24hrs, date and which are displayed on the backlit LCD screen.


  1. Predicts the weather
  2. The clock does not need resetting every time there is a power outage
  3. Allows brightness adjusting according to one’s preferences
  4. Easy to read
  5. Both the time and temperatures are displayed by the projector


  1. The timezone indicator is designed to be used in the United States (not for Hawaii or Alaska)

Annt Digital FM Radio Projection Alarm Clock

The Annt smart projection clock offers one of the best wake-up experiences in the morning.

annt smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Dual Alarm
  • Adjustable projection
  • 10 preset radio stations
  • A crystal-clear led screen display
  • USB charging port

Product Design and Features

 The clock features a dual alarm, which enables you to set two separate alarms. You can set the standard buzzer or a radio station to wake you up. There is also the snooze function feature in the clock that allows you to enjoy a long sleep for 5- 60 minutes and can last for 5 mins.

Its 180°adjustable projection allows you to get a clear view of the time on the wall and on the ceiling within a range of 1.6-10ft. There is a focal length focus on the back to get a precise vision. You can also adjust the brightness of the projection.

The Radio alarm

The clock has an FM radio with 10 preset stations for easy access.  The radio alarm is designed to wake you up with music, weather forecast and news from 87.5 to 108.0MHz. You can also set a timer between 10-90 min to ensure that you sleep listening to your favorite station.

With a crystal-clear led screen display, you can easily read the time and temperature projected. It also shows the humidity within a clear range of distance. The screen is also fitted with a dimmer that is adjustable according to your preference. The dimmer is set 12 to 24 hours accordingly.

The clock is integrated with USB port suited for Android iOS cellphones, tablets. An AC power is required for the clock’s all functions to work as required. In case of power outages, the clock is fitted with backup batteries to ensure that your settings are memorized and you do not have to rest the clock again.


  1. You can set two separate alarm on the same day.
  2. Choose between the radio and standard buzzer to wake you up.
  3. Charge your cell phone using the clock.
  4. In cases of power outages, you do not have to reset your clock.
  5. Displays the time, temperature and humidity.


  1. The alarm clock has a snooze option for only 5-60 minutes.
  2. Limited to only 10 preset number of radio stations.
  3. The clock only supports FM radio

Shanlonyi Smart Projection Clock

It is hard to keep track of time while you are half asleep. The clock is designed to make it fun tracking time and being woken comfortably.

shanlonyi smart projection clock

Key Features

  • Large 7” LED display
  • Sleep timer and AM/FM radio
  • High-speed USB charging
  • Snooze feature
  • Inbuilt Battery backup

Product Design and Features

Vibrant, large 7” LED display on the projection alarm clock display time on the wall and ceiling up to 10’. The clock has a swivel that is 180° adjustable for better viewing and display.

A sleep timer and AM/FM radio clock that has 10 preset stations wake you up to sports, music and weather forecast. You can also set up your alarm to a buzzer. There is a 10-90 minutes auto off sleep timer.


Plug in your smartphone, iPhone, a tablet with 1,5A USB outlet on the back using your high-speed USB charging port on the clock

Dimmer on the LED screen that makes you choose between three different settings; bright, medium and low according to your preference. This matches your level of comfortability and hence the quick and easy reading of time.

The inbuilt battery backup ensures you do not have to reset your clock. This restores all the settings in case of power outages.

Snooze feature that has a dual wake up time for those who enjoy little-extended sleep time.


  1. It has a snooze option for those who enjoy extended sleep.
  2. Can be used to charge your cell phone
  3. Supports both AM/FM radio
  4. Controlled LED screen light to suit the user
  5. A sleep timer that turns the radio off automatically.


  1. The dimmer has only three light adjustments.
  2. It requires an AC power to support all the functions of the clock

Vansky Projection Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charger

This is one of the newest projection alarm clocks.

Vansky smart projection clock

Key features

  • Dual Alarm
  • Built-in radio tuner
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable Projection
  • Adjustable, large LED Display

Product Features and Design

 A digital alarm clock with an adjustable angle projection of 180°. Ultra-clear time is projected better on the darker environment on the ceiling or wall with an optimal 2-3m projection distance.

Adjustable 6.57-inch large blue LED display, for heavy sleepers, this is very ideal since it is very easy to see the time displayed. According to your preference, you can switch the display brightness from low or high.

Its dual alarm feature helps you set two different wake-up times. You get the option to choose either to wake up with the FM radio or standard buzzer. Also, a snooze function that guarantees you 9 extra minutes to enjoy the comfort of your sleep.

It also comes with a built-in radio tuner for the FM radio. It ensures that you listen to your favorite talk shows, news, weather forecast, traffic, music stories, and sports from the wide range of free stations available. The strength of the radio signal is enhanced by an antenna at the back of the clock. At a specified time, the radio can automatically turn off when you set the sleep timer function.

With a USB charging port, you can easily charge your cellphones without including the charging cable. Where the charging cable is included, the clock fully functions using AC power. The two AAA batteries are required for memorizing the settings and not for a unit working in case of power failure.


  1. Charge your cell phone using the USB cable excluding the charging cable.
  2. An enhanced radio signal from the antenna.
  3. Built-in tuner for the FM radio
  4. The adjustable large LED display with adjustable brightness
  5. Better projection on darker surfaces and environments.


  1. A poor display in a well-lit place.
  2. It offers only 9 minutes of snooze time
  3. The projection brightness can only be adjusted in two ways

Mpow Gen3 Curved-Screen Smart Projection Clock

It is a super sleek clock that performs various functions.

Mpow gen3 smart projection clock

Key features

  • Adjustable projection
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Dual Alarm
  • 15 preset FM stations
  • USB charging port

Product design and Features

 The 120° projection helps you to easily read the time up to a distance of 10 feet. The optimal projection brightness can be adjusted into 3 levels to suit your preference.

The screen display brightness can be adjusted into (OFF-Low Light-Medium Light-Bright Light), this helps you to customize your preference. Manual setting of 12/24hrs and 12 hours with the PM indicator. However, the clock does not include the features of Daylight-saving time since it is not an atomic clock.

Being a dual clock means that you can set two different alarms on the same day. The clock also has a snooze feature which means that you can extend your sleep with extra 5-60 minutes. The alarm turns on with the LED indicators. You can also choose to wake up with the standard buzzer or the preset FM station. The alarm sound duration upgrades from 5min. to 30min.

The clock as well comes equipped with up to 15 FM preset stations and an antenna at the back that enhances the signal strength of the radio. That makes sure you enjoy your favorite radio stations. You can also set the sleep timer and sleep while listening to your favorite station and automatically turns off after the set time (5-90) minutes.

With this exceptional projection clock, you can charge your cell phone easily via the USB port. Another great thing about this clock is that in case of power outages, the clock has battery backup which memorizes the clock’s settings.


  1. Displays time either in 12/24-hour format
  2. The display brightness is adjustable
  3. Set two separate alarms on the same day
  4. Can be used to charge your cell phone
  5. Has an antenna that enhances the radio signal


  1. It is not an atomic clock thus it does not have daylight saving features.
  2. It only features FM radio function
  3. Only supports the FM radio


A smart projection clock is very essential for wake-up experiences since it guarantees the best experience and a good view of time on the wall and the ceiling. Clocks offer different features such as snooze and sleep timer options that give the user a nice experience. The time is also easily read from the projections.

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