Best Smart Shower System reviewed

The best Smart shower system gives you unimaginable controls of your shower. You can manage the controls with a single touch. It brings a great amount of comfort and ease. With the massaging jets, you get a soothing massage experience. The LED blue light adds a jazzy effect to your shower session.

A unique advantage of using a smart shower system is that it lets you keep track of your water usage. You can reduce your consumption of water and save water efficiently.

Our Pick 


Six diverse modes

Well-located temperature display

Multiple LEDs included

Stylish stainless steel finish


Blue Ocean

8 body massage nozzles

Light-weight and compact

Easy temperature control

Some issues with warranty and customer service



If you want to buy the right smart shower system, you’d find the reviews useful. I have covered all the important features and aspects of a smart shower system.

ELLO&ALLO Shower Tower SystemOur Pick

Looking for the best Smart shower system? ELLO&ALLO comes with incredible features that give you a much-needed relaxation. You can pamper yourself with the massaging jet. The massaging spray eases all your pains and soothes your body. The LED display lets you see the temperature of the water. The attractive black finish look adds to the ambiance of your shower room.

ello&allo smart shower system


  • Brass body material
  • 2-shower heads ( handheld and overhead)
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Multiple integrated LEDs
  • 4 lbs weight
  • Six diverse modes (Rainfall, Waterfall, 2-settings Horizontal Massage Spray, Hand Shower, Water spout)
  • Painless wall mounted installation

Stainless Steel Finish

This smart show system gives you the luxury of enjoying your shower time. The stainless steel finish is elegant. It is something you’d love. It is corrosion-resistant and quite durable. The black stainless finish brings class and lavishness to your shower room.

If you want to have a spa experience at your home, this is a durable smart shower system. The stainless steel is high-grade and

Multiple LEDs included

With multiple functions, this smart shower system has multiple integrated LED lights. You can lighten up your shower session and have a great time. The LED lights create a great environment in your washroom. No matter what model of the shower you choose, it is combined with a blue LED light

Well-located Temperature Display

The well-placed temperature display gives you no surprises. You can read the actual temperature of the water. It lets you maintain the right water temperature. You can relax and enjoy in the shower without any danger of temperature rise. It also shows you your shower time.

4 Adjustable jets

Having 4 adjustable jets makes it a cool smart shower system. With the 4 jet nozzles, you can adjust the water preference. With the adjustable jets, you can use the waterfall and rainfall mode simultaneously. However, you’d have to compromise on the water pressure when you use them at the same time.

The comfortable massaging jets build a theme of wellness in your bathroom. Nothing is better than a soothing massage after a long tiring day at work. The massaging jet gives you streams of water that stimulate your muscles and ease your pains and aches. If you have a 9 to 5 job, you’d love the blessing of the massaging jet.


  • Stylish smart shower system which adds to the beautification of your bathroom
  • Regulates the temperature with the LED display and temperature control settings.
  • The adjustable nozzles let you choose the different modes of the shower.


  • The water pressure is not quite satisfactory

Blue Ocean Smart Shower SystemRunner-up

If you prefer your smart shower system to give you a massaging experience, this is the one you should buy. It comes with 8 adjustable nozzles which let you choose your favorite massaging jet.

blue ocean smart shower system


  • ISO-9001 certification.
  • 8 unique body massage nozzles
  • Proper Water Pressure (Min 28 PSI Max 72PSI)
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Rainfall showerhead design
  • 2 convenient controllers
  • Light-weight and compact

8 body massage nozzles:

There is not a better treat than having a smart shower system with adjustable massage nozzles. It lets you change the massage options. You can put an end to the pains and aches in your body. A soothing massage shower would help you ease out all the pain.

Temperature display

The temperature display gives you the right temperature of the water. You can select the best water temperature you like better. You can ensure that the temperature is ideal to take a shower. It will not need you to step in the cold shower.

You can wait until the water reaches your desired temperature. The buttons allow you to choose the temperature. Easy temperature control prevents sudden temperature changes.

Light-weight design

This smart shower system is light-weight. It is compact and can be fixed in small bathrooms. If your shower space is not spacious enough, Blue Ocean is a good selection.


  • The massaging jets are quite soothing.
  • It is lightweight and durable. It does not take much space.
  • Putting the pieces together is easy
  • It comes with a temperature display to keep the water temperature moderate.


  • Issues with warranty and customer service

Derpras Smart Shower System

Every time you step in the shower you get a soothing shower session. This smart shower system has been designed with convenience in mind. It comes with the most relaxing features. You can relieve your stress with the cozy shower.

The wall-mounted design is easy to install in your shower room. The 59” handheld shower hose lets you clean your feet without any trouble. Without creating a mess of water you can wash your entire body.

derpras smart shower system


  • 3 functional modes (hydroelectric power, rain shower head, tub spout 180 degrees)
  • Digital LED display
  • handheld shower
  • 59” shower hose
  • Pressure requirement: More than 29PSI
  • Unique modern design
  • Adjustable shower height
  • Automatic LED Display

Build Quality:

Not everyone has the time and energy to deal with a bad quality smart shower system. Keeping your comfort in mind, Derpras is engineered with the best quality materials. It gives you great quality and longevity.

Derpras smart shower system is constructed with 304 stainless steel and brass. It is comfortable to touch. The stainless steel is smooth and even. It is resistant to rust and corrosion. It also can deal with hot water temperatures

Adjustable shower height

This is a distinguishing feature of Derpras. Smart shower systems don’t use come with an adjustable shower height. You can adjust the height within the range of 34” to 52”. You can choose the level of height which suits you the best.

Efficient Hydroelectric power

Derpras possess no electricity design. It does not require any external batteries. It works proficiently with hydroelectric power. The LED display prompts automatically when the water flows from the shower.

Easy mobility of handheld shower

Washing up gets easier when you have Derpras smart shower system in your bathroom. The handheld shower gives you greater mobility.

You can wash your entire body and feet without any water mess. One more advantage of Derpras handheld shower is that it saves water. It uses less water without affecting the performance of the shower.

59” heavy-duty shower hose

The shower hose is extra-long is durable enough. If you are fed up with dealing with low-quality shower hose, don’t be upset.

The shower hose possesses an improved sealing structure. It allows you to stay safe while you are in the shower. You don’t have to face the fuss of hose leakage and breakage.


  • You can adjust the height of the showerhead with the adjustable shower height design
  • The shower hose is durable and strong.
  • There are no leakages you have to bear
  • It maintains the pressure of water and there is no extra dripping of water.


  • It comes with limited control functions.

Rozin Shower System

Rozin is not a well-known brand when it comes to smart shower systems. There is no reason not to consider it. If you are looking for high value for money I would recommend this model. It comes with rich features that enhance your showering experience.

rozin smart shower system


  • 4 adjustable jet nozzles
  • Multi-functional handheld shower
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-outlet switches
  • Precise temperature adjustments
  • 5 shower functions
  • Super easy to install

4 adjustable jet nozzles:

The 4 adjustable nozzles give you the convenience of choosing what flow of water you prefer. With the gentle sensations of rainfall, you can pamper yourself after having a bad day at work. The massage rain massage faucet soothes your whole body.

Maintains Proper water pressure:

Having a low water pressure is quite bothersome while standing under the shower. You are unable to rinse off the applied soap on your entire body. This is an optimal smart shower system that performs to its full capacity.

The shower comes with independent functions. There is no issue with the pressure of water because of this feature.

Multiple water combinations:

This smart shower system comes with multiple water combinations. You can make your boring showering routine a bit fun. The 9 water combinations let you change the water flow of your shower. It makes your shower session quite interesting.

You can choose a new combination of water every day. If you don’t have enough time to blend the water effects, you can choose from the 6 individual ones

Ease of installation

This is the best smart shower system because of the ease of installation. You can mount it on the wall with your existing water supply lines. You can hang the handheld shower and install all the fixtures without any confusion.

Accurate temperature adjustment

While taking a shower, it is essential to keep the temperature precise and accurate. This smart shower system comes with a visible shower display. You can read the temperature without any hindrance. As you turn on the water, the blue LED light appears on the showerhead. When you are not using the shower the temperature display is blank. When you turn on the shower, it shows the temperature of water at a glance


  • It is easy to mount on the wall of your bathroom
  • You can change the water combination effects without any trouble.
  • It provides you an ultimate shower experience
  • You feel relaxed and cozy after your shower session


  • Installation could be any issue for you.

CharmingWater Shower System

This is a luxurious smart shower system that adds to the ambiance of your bathroom. It comes with a premium brushed nickel finish. If you want to upgrade your bathroom, you can buy this smart shower system.

charmingwater smart shower system


  • LED Digital Display
  • Improved shower valve
  • 3 Way shower system
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean

No Dripping Handheld design

The dripping water when you turn the faucet off caused mildew in your bathroom. This smart shower system possesses a no dripping design. When you turn the showerhead off, you can have to deal with any water mess.

The shower valve is durable enough to control the water from dripping. Moreover, the handheld shower does not come with sharp edges. You can protect your hands from getting hurt.

High-quality brass construction:

This smart shower system is crafted with premium quality brass. The solid brass holds the shower head firm and strong. The handheld shower also remains robust. The water pressure does not affect the quality of the shower system.

3 Function shower valve control

If you like to change your shower routine, the 3-way shower system would grab your interest. This smart shower system allows you to choose a rain shower head. You can choose to take a bath with a handheld shower. You can also use the tub for bathing.

LED Display:

This smart shower system gives you a clear LED display. You can read the temperature of water in Fahrenheit. The LED display does not require any battery or electricity. As soon as you turn on the shower, the LED display starts working. It comes with a hydroelectric mechanism. When the water flows from the faucet, the LED display shows the temperature readings.

Easy to clean:

This is easy to maintain a smart shower system. The nickel finish is finger-print free. You don’t see any marks of your fingers after daily use. You can keep the system clean without making much effort.


  • The no dripping design saves water and prevents it from getting wasted
  • It is easy to clean and wipe off water stains
  • The LED display gives you visible temperature readings.


  • It does not come with massaging jets


It is essential to make yourself aware of the important features of a smart shower system before buying it. You also need to consider your needs, lifestyle, and budget. I have sifted through hundreds of products and have compiled the best 5 smart shower system reviews. You can save your time and energy by selecting the one from the top five instead of going over a list of hundred products. If you want to rely on my judgment, ELLO&ALLO is a clear winner for me.

It provides you great style and ambiance. The brass body material is robust and durable. The 2 shower heads make your shower sessions easy and convenient. The multiple integrated LEDs turn on when the water flows from the faucets.

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