Best Smart Table Lamp

You never know what tiny piece of convenience separates you from complete comfort. You can be looking around your living room with a feeling that something is missing but don’t know what. It could be a small vase with bright flowers or a first edition book.

But quite possibly it could be the right source of light. Maybe a room in your house needs a little more light during the night? Or maybe you need a little less light while you’re resting? If you’re looking for a good lamp, keep on reading to find out the best smart table lamp.

Our Pick 

Philips Hue

Compact and portable

Wireless and rechargeable

Works with Alexa

Does not have a very long battery life



Wireless music player

Adjustable lightning

Touch screen panel

You have to adjust light settings every time you turn it on



Philips Hue Smart Light Table LampOur Pick

If you’re looking for something subtle and stylish you can’t go wrong with the Philips Hue Smart Light Table Lamp. This smart table lamp comes with convenient voice control compatible with any smart device. This smart lamp is also portable, rechargeable and comes with adjustable settings.

philips hue smart table lamp


  • Voice control compatible with Alexa and Hue Hub
  • Wireless and portable
  • Completely rechargeable
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Multiple modes for different functions

Smart controls:

This smart light from Philips Hue comes with innovative smart controls. You can control this smart table lamp using Alexa or a Hue hub (sold separately). This will allow you to power the lamp using your voice or touch via your smart device.

That’s not the only thing these smart controls are good for. You can use the smart controls to adjust the lighting according to the mood. This smart light has multiple modes to meet your different needs. You can make the light as bright or as dim as you need. On top of which it also allows you to choose from 16 million colors. You can even use this smart table lamp to set timers using your smart device.

philips hue smart table lamp2

Compact and convenient:

The Philips Hue Go provides a convenient lighting option that you can easily move around. Maybe you’re thinking about bringing in a few lamps to brighten up your living space? Or maybe you should need a little more lighting in your reading area?

This smart table lamp has a sleek, compact design that will not clash with your furniture. It is stylish and adds a hint of futuristic minimalism to lift up your room. You can move this light source around according to your preference. This smart lamp is wireless and easy to set-up.


One of the biggest problems with camping seems to be insufficient lighting. You don’t have enough lighting to cook your food by or you don’t have enough light to sit outside. Sometimes holding up a torch for everything you need just seems frustrating.

The Philips Hue smart light is portable as well as rechargeable. You can bring this light to camp for a bit of extra lighting and set it up where you need it. When you’re done you can just set it down to recharge in order to use it the next day. A convenient light source you can recharge for multiple uses.


  • It is compact and portable
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • It has multiple lighting modes
  • It features smart controls


  • You need to buy accessories separately
  • It doesn’t have a very long battery life

Marrado Bluetooth speaker and Bedside LampRunner-up

This smart table lamp from Marrado doubles as a table lamp and Bluetooth speaker. You can easily move this lamp around according to your needs. This smart lamp is conveniently charged through a USB.

marrado smart table lamp


  • Portable
  • Touch screen panel
  • Wireless music player
  • Adjustable lighting
  • 360 degrees of eye-friendly light
  • Lifetime warranty

Multipurpose function:

You can use this smart table lamp for a number of functions. This smart lamp is great as a convenient bedside light you can easily adjust. Moreover, you can change the color on this light to suit your mood or needs. Not only that but you can also use the Bluetooth function to play your music wirelessly!

This lamp functions as a powerful speaker as well. You can use this as a person music player you can operate from your bed or you can take it outside for a party. You can always adjust the light while you host a party and really set the atmosphere. Plenty of us uses calming music to help put us to sleep. This smart lamp will fill your room with calming music you can control with the touch of a button.

Touch screen panel:

As we mentioned earlier we love music. When in a bad mood it can be the fastest and most convenient way to work through your emotions. That being said when in a bad mood fighting with wires and uncooperative switches can only serve you exaggerates your frustration.

This smart lamp can’t extend your deadlines and it can’t fix that fight you had with your friend. But it can provide appropriate lighting to help you work on your projects. It can also provide soothing music to help you concentrate. The best part is you can do all of this with a single touch. No hassle with wires or switches required. The smart touchpad lets you adjust the settings in whichever way you please.


This lamp comes with a list of cool features that make it good for a number of occasions. The convenient settings make it so that you can use it indoors or outdoors without worrying about the charge.

But the best part is you can easily carry it around with you. You can use it for speakers for an event outdoors or just to provide some needed lighting. And when you’re done you can put it back just as easily.


  • The lighting is easy to adjust
  • This lamp is portable and lightweight
  • It has built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Convenient touch screen pad
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • You have to adjust the light settings every time you turn it on
  • The Bluetooth has been known to show glitches after some time has passed

FLYWYL Smart Table Lamp

The smart table lamp from FLYWYL is the next step in innovative technology. This smart table lamp is compatible with your Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. The level of brightness and the color function is completely adjustable. On top of which you can even time this table lamp in order to save time!

flywyl smart table lamp


  • Voice and upgraded App remote control
  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Wide application
  • Multiple modes to meet a number of occasions
  • 16 million colors
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Timing and countdown function

Timing and countdown function:

This feature has to be our favorite on this smart table lamp. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter for an exam? Then you might remember leaving the house in a complete daze hoping you have enough energy to last through the day…only to remember you left the light on! You can’t circle back because you can’t afford to be late. So you go over and over wondering whether you remembered to turn it off. And it isn’t the matter of one small lamp but rather a lamp being on uselessly throughout the day till someone gets to it.

Imagine the frustrating of having that on your electricity bill feeling it could’ve been easily avoided. With this smart table lamp, this will no longer be a problem! You can set a timer on the lamp to power off after a certain time. This feature can also be helpful for times when you want the light to turn on by itself like for a surprise!

Adjustable brightness and colors:

If you’re practical with your spending then you might appreciate something that offers multiple functions. Think about a lamp that can act as a bright lamp for your children’s study table as well as a night light for the baby? You can also keep this lamp adjusted to a brightness you can use to read while you’re in bed.

This smart table lamp comes offers 16 million colors and easy to adjust the lighting. You can use this lamp on any occasion for any function that you might need. All you need to do is adjust the settings according to your preference manually or through the smart device of your choice. We all know what it’s like waking up from an uneasy sleep. Without having to get up and fumble along the wall for the light switch you can just light up the whole room using your lamp table. You never have to bump your shin against the side table getting up for a glass of water again!

Lightweight and easily transported:

You never know when you might decide to change your workstation at home. You might be writing, baking, cleaning or crafting. But you could wake up one day and decide you want to change rooms because you want to change the energy. Perhaps one of the biggest pains of this sudden change is that you can’t move around the lighting as easily as you move your supplies.

All that is a thing of the past with this smart table lamp! You can move rooms or you can change up your hours. This lamp makes sure you have plenty of freedom to pursue your goals.


  • You can adjust the lighting to suit your needs
  • It comes with different modes for different occasions
  • The smart table lamp is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It is easily controlled using a smart device
  • This smart lamp comes with a timer and countdown that saves electricity


  • It is not as bright to use outside
  • It has been known to grow dimmer overuse

Shayson Smart Table Lamp

You can easily use the smart table lamp from Shayson as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa as well as Google assistant. This table lamp comes with cool smart controls that help you set the mood for different occasions. You can even control this smart lamp with the use of an on your phone.

shayson smart table lamp


  • Features voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google assistant
  • Remotely controlled through an app on your phone
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Timer

Voice control:

This smart lamp is the answer to your exhausting working days. Your tiring commute and long working hours might make it so you don’t even want to move once you land on your bed. But who will get the lights to help you get a good night’s sleep?

Or maybe you need someone to turn the lights on immediately so you can find the motivation to change first. The voice on this smart table lamp can help you out with both. You can connect it to Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Google assistant.

Remotely controlled:

If you’re someone that loves the luxury of a remote control then we bet you would love one on a lamp! This smart table lamp can be controlled through an app on your smart device. With the DoHome app, you can control and adjust the functions on your smart lamp. This app is easy to set-up and use.

Multiple lighting options:

This smart lamp offers a variety of lighting options to meet your needs. You can use your app to light up the room for parties or dim them as you please. The controls on this smart lamp allow you to use it on any occasion you please.

The app on this smart table lamp also allows you to set a timer for the light.


  • Comes with voice control
  • It can be remotely controlled through your smart device
  • It has multiple lighting options


  • The app has been known to malfunction
  • No control options on the lamp itself

Akimy Smart Bedside Table Lamp

This smart table lamp from Akimy is designed to accommodate your mood and set the atmosphere. On top of which this smart lamp is very easy to use because of the smart controls and tapping sensors. You can easily adjust the brightness and change the colors as well.

akimy smart table lamp


  • Voice control
  • Tapping sensors
  • Adjustable light and color setting
  • Remotely controlled

Convenient to use:

This delightful smart table lamp offers you a number of options in terms of control. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. You can control it remotely through an app in your smart device.

And if you prefer an old school approach then you will appreciate the tapping sensors. This feature is also useful for when you just don’t have your phone on you.

Adjustable light and colors:

One of the reasons this smart table lamp is so popular is because of the adjustable lighting options. Sometimes we find ourselves craving a little mood lighting even if it is just for ourselves. You can turn up the light to complete brightness or dim it down. Colors have been scientifically proven to affect our moods. When you’re feeling down you can continue to change colors on this lamp till you find one that works for you.


  • It can be powered through voice control
  • You can also adjust settings through app or tapping sensors
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Adjustable lighting and colors


  • It is not bright enough for reading
  • It could have a sturdier base


Modern innovation has made it so you can find exactly what you’re looking for! We give you a list of the best smart table lamps that vary in features and functions. Each one is a worthy purchase and would make a great addition to your house or workspace. All you have to do is keep your specific needs in mind while reading the reviews! We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for to create a comfortable living space.

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