Best Smart Travel Mug for Coffee

Drinking coffee is something that everyone loves. This early morning activity wakes you up with a fresh mind to start your day. But with travel mugs, you can enjoy your favorite coffee any time of the day and anywhere you like. The good thing is these travel mugs have also gotten smart these days.

Are you kidding? Come on. . .

Now you can enjoy various features like temperature control, auto on/off, and others to get your favorite sip all day long. But with the advancement in smart technologies more and more brands are introducing their products.

Not all of them are ideal for everyone. However, only a few of them do meet the requirements of different lifestyles. If you have been looking for the best smart travel mug for coffee then read on to find some of the best options available on the market.

Our Pick 


Temperature control

Shut off automatically

Easy washable inner cup

Quickly tells you when the drink is ready



Controlled with your smartphone

Sets the exact temperature

Charging coaster

Some issues with operating the app



Punica 9L-Q9J7-JZ5K Smart MugOur Pick

Punica smart travel mug made its way to my top choices of the mug. The reason behind is the LCD temperature display that allows you to see the drink temperature before having it. The red light indicates heating. The blue one signals that your drink is absolutely ready for you to have.

punica smart travel mug


  • LCD temperature display.
  • Shut off automatically.
  • Temperature control.
  • Easy washable inner cup.
  • BPA free.
  • High-temperature resistance.

Shut off automatically:

Not every smart travel mug is safe to use. It automatically shuts down when the system test working state un-normal. Whether the voltage is too high or too low, the display error code of “188” will pop up on display.

This smart travel mug helps you to detect the problem quickly and reduces the chances of spilling. Your drink, your life and the environment around you are perfectly saved.

Temperature control:

You can easily set any temperature of your choice from 10 – 90 degrees. Coffee, tea, baby milk, and noodles all can be set at the desired temperature in this mug. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are available to set the temperature. You’ll find no difficulty in setting temperature as it is super easy and adjustable. You really do not have to indulge in complex methods to set temperature.

punica smart travel mug1

Easy washable inner cup:

When it comes to health there should be no compromise. This mug allows you an easy wash of the stainless steel inner cup. All you have to do is to screw up the inner cup, wash it and put it back in the cup body.

There is no hard and fast rule to keep it clean. You just don’t need any special technique for washing like many other mugs. This makes it very convenient for you in using this smart travel mug.


  • The capacity of 12 oz (Full) which is easily handled.
  • Can be used for coffee, tea, baby milk, and noodles.
  • Safest electric coffee mug.
  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Quickly tells you when the drink is ready.


  • It has a cigarette charger, not including the AC room adapter.

Ember Smart Travel MugRunner-up

Ember is one of the most advanced smart travel mugs for enjoying the drink as you like. Everything is just a click away on your phone. This mug is controlled with your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app.

It allows you to name the mug, choose the notification, and create temperature setups and many more. This has made everything fast and easy. You do not have to read the guide book to know the operations. Use your smartphone for the smart travel mug. Here are many of the other features which will make you fall in love.

ember smart travel mug


  • Controlled with your smartphone
  • Charging coaster
  • Sets the exact temperature
  • Temperature sensors
  • LED display

Charging coaster:

Looking forward to many other exciting features! Wait. You are concerned about battery life and it’s the first thing that bothers you! Well, you have landed in the right place. Ember has a 2 hours battery life on a single charge.

You can charge it and feel free to take the mug anywhere and enjoy the ride. On the other hand, you can keep the smart travel mug on the included charger coaster for all-day use. Both ways are very convenient to use. The battery time is not an issue anymore!

Set the exact temperature:

I have another solution for you. Guess what! You are not restricted to using this mug on the smartphone only. You can easily set the exact temperature directly from the mug. This is a dual benefit for you.

Not having a smartphone, do not worry! You can still use this mug very easily. Pour your drink in the smart travel mug, set the desired temperature from the mug and later on enjoy your drink and the trip.

Temperature sensors:

You might be thinking that it is an ordinary feature. Wait. Its working will be an eye-opener for you. Inside the walls of the mug is the phase-change material (PCM). When you pour the coffee in the mug, the initial temperature is 175 degrees with a target of 140 degrees. This mug extracts the heat from the coffee and stores it in the PCM.

The material melts in waxy form and absorbs heat. You get the coffee at the desired temperature. If the coffee cools down, below 140 degrees, it again extracts heat from PCM and keeps the coffee hot. It doesn’t consume your battery to heat up the coffee rather uses the stored heat. Saves your battery!


  • Advanced mug to use in the advanced world.
  • Fully submersible up to 1 meter deep.
  • It keeps your drink at the exact temperature no matter what.
  • Safe to hand wash.
  • Ceramic coating to avoid the scratching.


  • Many people may find it difficult to operate on an app.

Cauldryn Smart Travel Mug

Cauldryn smart travel mug is the right decision for a long trip. Are you fed up with charging your mug after a few hours? Don’t worry now! Here is the relief, all you need to do is buy this mug which offers 10 hours battery life. Sounds like a dream? Pinch yourself. It is a reality.

There are many useful mugs with extraordinary features. The problem faced by the consumer is battery life. They get fed up with charging it off and on. It sounds irritating. Realizing this problem, Cauldryn smart travel mug is designed to give you enough relief.

cauldryn smart travel mug


  • 10-hour battery life.
  • Multiple power options.
  • App control.
  • Modular design.
  • All-day temperature control.
  • Powerful heating element.

Multiple power options:

Many of the mugs that you have used since beginning provide a single power option. Here Cauldryn provides you with multiple power options for your ease. You can use its powerful battery or the included plug-in base with wire-free drinking to power it all day.

Moreover, you can use the optional vehicle base to power it from your 12V outlets. Isn’t that amazing? This is all for your ease and comfort. You just do not have to rely on the single power and be worried if that doesn’t work. With the advancements comes the relief. Build your trust in this product and it will never let you down.

App control:

When we have all the exciting features then why not the app control! Yes, this product does offer this feature. It is a multi-featured smart travel mug. The App control allows you to control your bottle from your phone. It has a one-touch option for regular tasks such as green tea brewing and cooking frozen dried food.

Just a click away, it makes the smart travel mug working much easy with your phone. User doesn’t need to indulge in the complex instructions to read. You know how to use the phone and you would know how to use the App.

Modular design:

It has a modular design. Didn’t get it? Wait, I’m here to explain! It means that its battery along with its heating element is removable. You can easily clean the mug. Optional attachments such as a blender for chopping ice can also link with it.

The amazing part is that it transforms your mug into a machine for frozen drinks. You won’t regret spending your money on this. The features of the product made sure to attract the maximum amount of consumers. This smart travel mug is love at first sight.


  • Good battery life so far.
  • Easy to use, with clear instructions.
  • 16 oz fluid capacity.
  • Vacuum insulation is pretty fine.
  • You can separate the battery to charge separately and still use the mug.


  • It is really large and heavy to fit most car cup, holders.
  • Bubbling sound when the heater kicks in might be disturbing in a meeting.


To make your drink and travel enjoyable you need to choose the best smart travel mug. Otherwise having a cold coffee or tea is useless. So far, I have reviewed three of the best smart travel mugs suitable for all lifestyles. But the best of these three is the smart travel mug from Punica.

It is the finest option of all because it comes with an average size to fit in most bags and even vehicles. Many users find it easy to handle the app control feature and temperature sensors. It will make sure that you get your best coffee just the way you like it for many years to come.

Which one of these have you used before? Do you agree with my best smart travel mug or have any other suggestions? Let’s hear your side of the story!

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