Best Wireless Home Camera System

Home security cameras are some of the best ways to incorporate a complete security system for your home. However, most of the times these handy packages are very hard to install and you may have to consult an expert to help you with the setup process. Developers and manufacturers came up with wireless camera systems to ensure that you do not have to go through the hassle of hardwiring them into your system. You can easily plug the wireless home camera system into standard power outlets or opt for a battery-powered camera. Point is they need the power to function efficiently.

Wireless camera systems can be used to record any incoming feed or video and with other unique and technologically advanced types, you can enjoy live feed from wherever you are. The feed is sent directly to your smartphone, PC or Mac as long as you have an internet connection. Wireless security systems are divided into three main types which we shall review briefly below.

Our Pick 


Works with Alexa

Night vision feature

High-quality HD video

Activated by any motion or sound

Weather resistant



Works with Alexa

Night vision feature

High-quality HD video


Limited storage of the feed


IP security wireless Home Camera system

Wireless IP systems are the newest additions to modern home cameras systems. A closer look at how they function indicates that they are very similar to webcams but in this case, they do not require a computer. Simply put, the camera is a multi-purpose webcam. Any signals generated by the camera are instantly transmitted to your home Wi-Fi connection. The main advantage of the IP security system is that you can receive real-time feed on your phone or laptop as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to see what the camera is capturing without any downtimes whatsoever. Any feed generated by the camera can be recorded using a computer or any digital video recorder that you may have at home.

Outdoor wireless security system

Outdoor wireless home camera systems are tailor-made to replace the standard traditional hardwired camera security systems. They are mainly used in most homes for security reasons. Just as with other security camera systems, wireless IP require an electrical power source to function, a normal electrical output will do a good job as well. Battery powered cameras are also available but they drain batteries very easily as they have to remain on throughout the day. There are other outdoor camera systems that are powered by solar but they are not very reliable in case it is raining. If you do not want to go through the hassle of hardwiring the cameras, this type may be certainly a choice for you.

Nanny cams

If you are looking for a surveillance system that cannot easily be seen, then the nanny cam is what you are looking for. The home cameras are placed in household objects such as clocks, teddy bears or children play toys. Nanny cams are used to monitor caregivers and babysitters at home. You can record the feed or connect them to an IP camera system so that you can remotely view any feed from wherever you are.

In this review, we shall have a look at three wireless home camera systems in depth that are available.

Arlo security system – Our Pick

Key product specifications

    • Night vision feature
    • Instant alerts on your smartphone via your email or the App
    • Free continuous cloud storage
    • Withstands any weather conditions
    • Wireless camera

arlo home camera system

Netgear manufacturers are the brains behind these home security camera systems. Arlo is an example of a DIY camera system that is powered by rechargeable batteries. Most battery-powered cameras available on the market do not incorporate features such as live feeds and high-quality videos as you would have to keep changing the batteries. Arlo security camera boasts of a 720p resolution, motion detection, and night vision features. You can place the camera both indoors and outdoors and you will not have to worry about the quality of the feed. The camera’s resolution is excellent just as with other stationary cameras.

Arlo cameras utilize CR123 lithium batteries and you may need to keep plenty of these in your house. The camera’s power consumption depends on the frequency of use as well as the distance between the camera and the Netgear Arlo Hub. Other factors that affect the battery life include live stream access of feed and settings for best video, optimization and the longest battery life modes. The outdoor and indoor adaptability of the camera’s system is top notch and we can’t help but put an emphasis on it.

What’s in the package

Once you purchase the wireless home camera system either from your local store or online, expect to find 2 High Definition cameras, a total of eight lithium batteries, the mounting system made up of four magnets plus the camera’s hardware. A hub that is connected to your home router is also included in the kit. The hub and the two cameras are made of plastic with a white glossy finish. For a camera, its size, Arlo’s hub is slightly lighter but that is nothing to worry about. Each camera has a viewing angle of about 130 degrees.

Once it becomes dark, the camera automatically adjusts itself to night vision mode. Arlo camera captures images to up to 300 feet if there are no hindrances in its field of view. Another impressive feature of the Arlo is that you will not experience any looping or any lag if you opt for the live streaming mode. You will receive alerts and notifications instantly to your phone through the App or via email depending on what you have selected. The alerts are normally MP4 files of the feed. The resolution is not affected by day or night factors, it remains constant and thus the feed is uniform throughout.

arlo home camera system

Setting up the Arlo home security system is pretty easy. Configuring the camera at the beginning will only take you five to ten minutes maximum. You will need to connect the cable for the camera’s hub using the Ethernet cable together with the power cable to your home router. Download the App from Android or iOS depending on the smartphone you are using. Once you have registered an account, sync the camera with its hub. After this, you can place the cameras wherever you wish and you are good to go.


  • A high-quality HD video feed
  • Connects to other smart home gadgets.
  • Activated by any motion and sound
  • Easy to set up
  • Can withstand any weather conditions


  • Expensive

Blink XT Wireless Home Camera System

Key product features

  • Motion-activated cameras
  • High-quality HD video
  • Night-vision
  • Weather-resistant

blink home camera system

Blink XT can be used both in the house or outside as the brand name suggests as your wireless home camera system. It is therefore okay to say that it is a multipurpose device as well. The camera comes with a waterproof plate that is placed at its rear along with a seal made from rubber (curve into its edges) and the back plates’ switch. The switch is used to remove the back plate if need be. A closer look at its build and design reveals that the camera is a bit light for outdoor usage. It is purely made from plastic and if you are buying it for the outdoors, its weight might make you hesitant.

Setup of the system

Setting up the Blink XT security system is very easy. Once you have mounted the device, you will need to plug it to your Ethernet cable by simply syncing it. Ensure that you insert a MicroSD card as well as the camera does not come with any internal storage or cloud storage that the Arlo camera offers. You do not need to plug it into a power device as the Blink XT utilizes batteries. Once you have downloaded the APP and created your personal account, add the Ethernet sync module which can be done by simply scanning the camera’s QR code. You can also type it in manually but I would recommend scanning it. On the App, you will be required to add the camera which is basically the same process as the sync function. Please note that the App is compatible with any smartphone, PC or Mac.

Once the set-up is complete, the camera displays a blank screen. The wireless home camera system does not support live feed as its batteries drain very quickly. You may take screenshots from the camera or download the videos for future use. Apart from its motion-activated feature, the video quality is pretty good. Night-mode vision is supported by the IR, though not very clear, it is much better than no feed at all. You can easily monitor your driveways, the yard area and locations in the house even at night. Once motion is detected, instant alerts and notifications are sent to your phone; you can watch the streams via your App, download the feed and share the content to as many devices as possible.

blink home camera system

You can listen in and communicate via the camera as well. The audio quality is fairly good despite the echoing. You will be able to get most of what is said. Unlike the Arlo security camera system, Blink XT has a smaller field of view. It is about 110 degrees.


  • Its cost is pocket-friendly
  • High-quality video


  • Limited storage of the feed
  • The storage cannot be expanded
  • A small field of view

YI Home Surveillance System

Key product features

  • Wide field of view
  • Comes with infinite cloud storage
  • Night vision
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Two-way audio communication feature

yi home camera system

Packaged in a relatively small and well-compacted box, is the YI 4pc for your wireless home camera system. Once you remove it from the packaging, you will notice that it is very light in weight just as the Arlo security camera. It is made from plastic purely (another feature of the Arlo camera). It also comes with a base or the stand to which the camera is mounted on. The base is slightly heavier and to prevent it from falling off, it is fitted with a non-slip gasket made from solid rubber. The wireless home camera system could either be white with the center portion black or you could ask for an entirely black model depending on your personal preference. YI home cameras are designed to rest on flat surfaces but the camera excluding its base can rotate freely to give the viewer different angles. You can adjust the view upwards, downwards or a middle field of view.

At the rear of the camera is a speaker that supports two-way audio communication. Next to it’s the microSD slot where you insert your memory card to store up any videos and photos from the camera. A bright blue LED light that offers extra lighting for the camera is also present on the camera but you may choose to turn it off from the App if you wish.

yi home camera system

YI wireless home camera system is easy to set up taking utmost three minutes. The camera has a voice command feature that guides you through the installation process which is basically installing the YI App onto your phone, providing your home Wi-Fi security key and scanning the camera QR code that is displayed on the App. You can access live standard or high definition feed from anywhere by a click of the button on your App. Communicate and listen in as you watch what is going in with the two-way audio system. The YI supports motion detection recording as well as continuous video streams. Night vision is supported by the IR light built into the camera; once it gets dark the camera has a sensor that automatically activates the night mode feature.


  • High-quality videos
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Comes with customizable motion activation feature
  • Infinite storage options


  • Cannot be linked with other smart home devices


Wireless home camera system enables you to monitor your home from anywhere, guarantee security and also earn yourself a piece of mind. Several brands are available n the market at different costs, specifications and, designs. We have reviewed three brands currently available and it’s no doubt that the Arlo security camera system is the best of the three. Packed with loads of benefits, a compact design and high-performance capabilities, the Arlo wireless home camera system is a must-have for any household.

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