Bluetooth Water Bottle Review: Ozmo vs. Hidrate Spark

If you’re a health enthusiast like me, you’d know the impact of water on our daily lives! Water is the main variable which is capable of affecting moods. It can help in losing weight. For those concerned about beauty, surplus water intake provides healthier skin and complexion. It’s also capable of reducing migraines, fatigue and keeping the digestive system healthy. The Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle is an innovative new way to interact with people of all ages for one main purpose. Drink Enough Water! No matter what your age, it’s most probable that you drink less than your body’s requirements.

The exclusive smart apps you get with these bottles allow you to set up a personalized routine, and water requirement. The apps usually track water usage and provide subtle alarms based on your routine. So that, you drink as much water as humanly possible with practical gaps.

Our Pick 


Easy to handle and carry around

Vibration alert

Rechargeable battery

User-friendly App


Hidrate Spark

Personalized Hydration app

Glows to alert and interact

Good battery life

Hard to see glowing in well lit room


Let’s go through our Bluetooth water bottle review: Ozmo vs. Hidrate Spark!

Ozmo Smart Water Bottle 2 Our Pick

The Smart Hydration Bluetooth Water Bottle 2 by Ozmo is capable of two-way integration with Fitbit and Apple health. This allows it to track your daily activity. Plus, it makes a personalized and optimized water intake plan for you. It provides vibration to remind you of water intake and has indicator lights for tracking daily progress. The best part is this Bluetooth water bottle doesn’t require a mobile 24/7 for functionality. It only needs setting through the app.

Other than all these cool features, it has a fashionable sports design with a wide variety of colors! It’s perfect to carry around in tough conditions due to its robust plastic and durability. Furthermore, an ergonomic handle enables you to keep it with your all the time.

ozmo bluetooth water bottle


  • Fashionable design
  • A wide range of colors
  • Durable and sturdy body
  • Tough triton BPA free plastic.
  • Handy integrated carry handle
  • Doesn’t require phone 24/7
  • Progress tracking indicator lights
  • Bluetooth app connectivity
  • Vibration alert
  • Watertight
  • Rechargeable battery

Daily Goal Tracking and Water Intake Reminder

Ozmo’s Hydration Bluetooth Water Bottle is incorporated with two main features to interact with you. First, you have to set up your app to fit your routine and your personalized needs. The Bluetooth water bottle will then track the daily goal accomplishment through indicator lights. This help in keeping you motivated and constantly does the job of alarming you in a very elegant and quiet way.

Furthermore, it has a vibration mechanism which activates after fixed periods of time, notifying you to drink that water. Combined, these features are the way to go for a healthier day for sportsman and hard workers alike.

Independent Functionality

This is single-handedly the most important feature after the smart-notifier features in the Bluetooth water bottle for anyone who’s mostly mobile. This water bottle doesn’t require you to constantly keep your mobile with you for functionality. Although it does require mobile for setting up the app, and for that, Bluetooth functionality is available, which you have on the go.

Moreover, the chargeable battery is something that allows the battery of this bottle to be reused. So overall, it costs cheaper than buying new batteries every time one runs out. Combined, these features allow for greater mobility and ease.

Robust and Durable

For quite long, plastic bottles have been using a chemical BPA to form plastic bottles. BPA based plastic is quite clear and strong. However, experts suggest a link between BPA based bottle use and many health conditions. Obesity, diabetes, ADHD, reproductive issues, low immunity, and neurological issues are some of them. It also has a bad rap for being a hormone-disruptor. That’s why nowadays; Eco-friendly and health conscious companies avoid BPA.

Ozmo, in this case, isn’t one to be left behind. The bottle still is quite rigid and can take constant day to day beating of a hustler or sportsman. For ease in mobility, it has a carrying handle too, so you’re good to roam around with the bottle without any tension.


  • Stylish and wide variety of colors allows for charismatic self-expression
  • High durability
  • Easy to handle and carry around
  • Cheap daily charging with good battery life rather than buying a new pack of batteries
  • Vibration notification so you can keep the bottle in your bag out of sight
  • Interactive Indicator lights motivate to hit the daily goal
  • User-friendly app GUI
  • Two-way integration allows for automatically optimized water intake plan based on routine


  • It’s quite heavy for day to day use. It’s usually better to store it in a bag, therefore, tucked to your back than to carry it in your hands

Smart Water Bottle by Hidrate Spark Runner-up

Staying hydrated was never as easier as with the Hidrate Spark 2.0A, smart Bluetooth water bottle. Set up your personalized plans through its exclusive app. This Bluetooth water bottle syncs to the app and responds in terms of glow or dimmed light. This type of alarming is subtle enough to not remind you of a strict motherly nagging, yet strong enough to be noticeable in a day to day routine!

The stylish design and black, purple and teal color availability of the Hidrate Spark Bluetooth water bottle keeps you in fashion. The advanced features of the bottle, like smart tracking and routinely glow, will be sure to make you the talk of the room!

hidrate spark bluetooth water bottle


  • Glows to alert & interact
  • Smartly tracks water intake
  • Good battery life
  • Smartly integrates with fitness tracking apps
  • Personalized Hydration app
  • 24/7 Bluetooth synchronization
  • Watertight leak-proof design

Tracks Water Intake

The bottle is incorporated with a durable sensor that is capable of tracking the volume of water you drink. The controls of the bottle are led by the app functionality. So if you complete your daily goal, set by you, you’d get an achievement glow!

However, what if that’s not the case? Well, if you’re lacking behind, the bottle smartly glows to remind you to drink water. Therefore, with bottles like these, it’s also recommended to always keep them within the eyesight. After all, the slick design doesn’t embarrass you anyway. If anything, it will boost your confidence in yourself and your choices.

Bluetooth Synchronization and Personalized App

This water bottle is supported by a smart app that uses the data from the sensor in the bottle to give you a current overview of the hydration situation. Install your app in the smartphone, from either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, depending upon which OS you have.

Use the app to set up a personalized plan for your daily water intake. Then let the amazing Bluetooth technology do the rest of the work. As Wi-Fi or internet isn’t available at all the places, Bluetooth help in 24/7 connectivity at the expense of some battery life use.

Smart App Integration

This Bluetooth water bottle is capable of connecting with some of the most popular fitness tracking apps and fitness gadgets out there. The list includes Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit, and Google Fit. It also includes some other apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, MapMyFitness, and so on. As stated earlier, this Bluetooth water bottle uses low energy Bluetooth to connect to these apps. This allows you to stay connected 24/7 and have all the volume of water consumption tracked thoroughly.


  • The Hidrate Spark Bluetooth water bottle is backed by a friendly customer support and helpful feedbacks
  • The app is simple and easy to use for people of all ages, requiring negligible experience with smartphones
  • The sensors are high quality and are capable of accurately measuring the volume
  • The bottle is watertight and leak-proof


  • The bottle finish, reportedly, scratches and wears off easy or with tough use. So it must be handled with care in the day to day environments
  • This Bluetooth water bottle has substandard insulation against water temperature change because it isn’t double walled.


The common aspect of both the bottles is that they’re both Bluetooth Water Bottles. This allows you to get a reliable 24/7 connectivity if you have your mobile close-by.

The Hidrate Spark Bluetooth bottle contains a glowing effect for reminding about water intake. On the other hand, the Ozmo Bluetooth bottle contains vibration for that purpose. Ozmo’s batteries are rechargeable while Spark’s batteries need to be changed after some period of time.

As a whole, I consider that the Ozmo Bluetooth bottle is better than Hidrate Spark Bluetooth bottle. Ozmo bottle has greater color schemes and more robust design at the expense of some weight. It has a great handle and definitely hit the top mark when it comes to durability.

Indicator lights seem to be a better feature to me, but don’t get me wrong. The glow effect is also great. I think it’s more of a subjective thing here. Indicator lights seem to give clearer track of goal and are easier to read. Furthermore, the vibratory motion relies on your motion sensing. Motion sensing is a more reliable form of notification than relying on the sight sense by the glow. It also allows you to strap the bottle to yourself when walking.

That’s about it for the review of Ozmo vs. Hidrate Spark Bluetooth water bottles. Hope you make the best choice for your needs!

Stay healthy and hydrated.

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