BOND Wi-Fi Fan Switch review

Amidst the chaos of everyday life, we sometimes tend to mismanage our home. This mishandling could be related to anything. A small example is forgetting to switch your fan off. Though it seems trivial, such power wastage should definitely be avoided. How would you feel if you can manage your home appliances with Wi-Fi fan Switch? It would be a great blessing indeed.

Luckily, we have automated switches available in the market. Which one will suit you the most? Now that’s something worth considering. Thus, we have decided to invest our time in this article to ease out your struggle. We are going to review a few valuable Wi-Fi Fan Switches here. We hope it would guide you in the best way!


Here is a quick overview of our detailed BOND Wi-Fi fan switch review. Shortly, this switch is capable of meeting today’s world advanced requirements. We can say manufacturers have made it by keeping all the basic requirements of users.

The thing attracted us the most is its simple and quick set up. It could hardly take 15 to 20 minutes in order to make your appliances smart. This single device can also support six different devices. These appliances can be of the same or different categories.

Its related app is also simple and practical. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Another good thing is its ability to catch signals. It can cover 2500 sq. ft. area. Moreover, it doesn’t need line of sight control.

In addition, it supports voice control. Either choose Alexa or Google home, you are good to go. With its small and stylish body, this switch is an incredible product.

bond wi-fi fan switch

Design & Build

The design and build of any device say a lot about its suitability for you. Well, the design of Bond Wi-Fi Fan Switch is very compact and simple. It is black in color that looks elegant though. With the nice round appearance and size of a few inches, you can place it anywhere at your home.

If you are highly conscious of your home’s aesthetics, this device is going to sit well inside your home. The blue top ring can light up your whole room charmingly in dark. Additionally, this light changes it’s color or product flashes. However, these changes depend on the function you are performing.

The base of Bond Wi-Fi Fan Switch also contains vents. It prevents the device from overheating. Moreover, it comes with a micro-USB port. You can connect the power cord here.

Unlike many other automation systems, the installation of BOND is very simple. It won’t take any more than 15 minutes to make your multiple electronics items automated. You would only need to plug your BOND and download/install its app. After that, you can add appliances of your choice. By directing the remote towards Bond, you are ready to enjoy your automated home.

BOND Wifi Fan Switch Review

This Bond Wi-Fi Fan Switch has brought revolution in home appliances automation. This compact size tool is very simple to use. It also allows you to control multiple devices simultaneously. We can say, Bond offers a rather simpler way to automate your home.


  • Simple set up
  • Contains voice control feature
  • Supports almost 6 devices
  • Don’t have a line of sight control
  • Controls devices present in different portions
  • Covers 2500 sq. ft. area

Multiple devices

The good thing we can say about this Bond Wi-Fi fan switch is its ability to manage multiple devices. It can actually control six devices. What’s more? These devices should not necessarily belong to a single category.

Rather, you can choose fans, lights or a combination of both. Now, that’s something you would need for your home, as taking a separate switch for one category could be difficult.

Vast control

How would you feel, if you could only manage those devices that are present at the line of sight? It could make things seriously difficult. How? You would be moving your Wi-Fi fan switch all around your home in order to accomplish the required task.

Such shortcomings can decrease the comfort and level of convenience you might expect from these devices. Bond understands this thing. Thus, it offers vast control. It can cover 2500 sq. ft. area. Moreover, it can also manage devices present at various levels of your home.

bond wi-fi fan switch2

Effortless working

When we talk about home automation, things seem a bit complicated. Bond falsifies this concept. It is actually very simple to operate. The installation and working procedure, both are quite effortless.

Once you purchase your Bond device, all you would need to follow are simple steps. It may involve installing its app, adding devices, and pointing to remote in order to manage a particular switch.

Voice control

Another remarkable attribute of this Wi-Fi fan switch is its voice control attribute. You can give it commands verbally, and it will do exactly what you have asked.


  • This Wi-Fi Fan Switch can manage devices from different home levels.
  • You don’t need to worry about its location, as it doesn’t ask a line of sight control
  • It can manage six devices simultaneously even if they are different.
  • The fan switch is very simple to install and operate.
  • It offers voice control with Alexa and Google home.


  • Its app would not allow you to make custom locations.
  • The fan switch can’t report if it is already off.


If you keenly want to automate your home appliances without digging into complex processes, then go for Bond. It majorly offers you convenience while providing Wi-Fi services to operate your home appliances.


You can completely trust BOND Wi-Fi Fan switch when it comes to performance. What’s crucial when it comes to managing things through the wireless network? It definitely is its ability to not miss any signal.

You can stay assured of its capability of sending right signals even when the device is far away. Additionally, this switch can work with all fans that you control by RF. Its related app is also up to the mark.

You would need to arrange your devices in the app by naming it, and here you go. The bond can cover an adequately large area of your home. It can even work with multiple-level homes. Its vents keep the device safe from overheating. So, this small automation tool always stays available to provide you services.

Compatibility with Smart Home devices

Another worth mentioning attribute of this Bond Wi-Fi fan switch is its compatibility. We can say it is incredible. Firstly, its app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

It is further compatible with IFTTT, Alexa, and Google home as well. You can send your voice command perfectly using them. It is a big plus for this Wi-Fi switch that can be difficult to find in many other devices.

Should I buy it?

Should you buy this Bond Wi-Fi fan switch? This is an actual question here. Though it depends on personal choice, our saying would be yes to it. Why? We have already discussed a lot about it.

However, the major reasons we can give are: it is simple. It offers wide compatibility. Its performance is good. It is versatile. It is simply the worth trying automation device. Within a matter of a few minutes, it can turn almost six of your simple devices into the smart one.

Final Words

Wi-Fi fan switches are a great invention. They assist you in managing your home appliances with your mobile or other smart devices. Well, in this advanced world, we all understand its need.

You can buy a variety of Wi-Fi switches from the market. Well, which one is the best for you, it matters the most. Considering this thing, we have reviewed seven Wi-Fi switches in this write-up.

All of them were undoubtedly competitive and remarkable. Yet, if we are asked, we can declare the BOND Wi-Fi fan switch as the best one. It is because; we have found this device competitive almost by all means. Be it compatibility, ease of use, or performance, this device is undeniably excellent.

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