Ezviz Video Doorbell Camera Vs Remo+ Remobell S Wifi Video Doorbell Comparison

Your video doorbell is a good security tool to prevent people from stealing the delivered packages from your doorstep. Or at least you can identify the thief. It’s because this device records videos of all the activity that happens on your doorstep.

Some of these devices also can alert you as soon as a package has arrived. For example, you can tell your visitor to wait for a bit until you reach the front door by using your smartphone.

But two of the top brands in this category are EzViz and Remo+, and we will compare their video doorbells in this post, so keep reading.

EzViz Video Doorbell

This device comes equipped with a powerful wifi capability to produce high-resolution 1080p video. It can instantly turn on and start recording thanks to the artificial intelligence of human detection. All the media will be stored in local storage and access.

This camera also comes with IP65 water resistivity and is a good option for outdoor use. This device also features 2-way audio with H.265 compression. It means that it is compatible with most devices and presents you with clear hearing audio of the entire activity recorded.

The best part is you don’t have to go for any additional wiring setup during the installation process, as existing wiring can work pretty well with it.

Thanks to this camera’s AI-powered human detection system, you won’t have to deal with any false alarms. You will only receive notifications that are relevant to your home’s security. It can be turned on and off if you are looking to get a notification for all activities.

Its visibility angle is quite comprehensive from top to bottom and measures to be 173-degrees. It means that it can easily detect a full human being from top to bottom. Therefore, it can see the tallest of individuals as well as those small packages that are delivered to your doorsteps.

This video doorbell device features 2-way audio that will allow you to communicate with the person who is there on your doorstep. Moreover, if you connect the doorbell with the app, you can see and talk to the person at your doorstep even in your absence.

In addition to that, you can enjoy subscription-free storage with its MicroSD card that allows you to extend its memory up to 256GB.

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EzViz Video Doorbell


Artificial intelligence-powered human detection.

Wide viewing angle from top to bottom.

Higher video compression for better quality and less space consumption.

Two-way talking features.

Subscription-free storage that can be extended to 256GB.


Wireless connection is not steady and drops out a few times in the day

Remo+ RemoBell S

This wifi video doorbell device can record video in HD quality and with a motion sensor. The 2-way talk feature is available in this device, too, and you can connect it with Amazon Alexa and make it a part of your smart home hub. The best part is it doesn’t come with any monthly subscriptions, and you can use the cloud storage free of cost.
Installation of this device is pretty simple, and you won’t have to go for any new wiring. Instead, use your existing doorbell wiring to install this device, and it will provide you with 24/7 surveillance.
It can save the activity of up to 3 days in its free cloud storage, but if you are looking to upgrade your storage, you can do that too pretty conveniently with various paid plans.
The camera of this device provides you with a view of 180-degrees from top to bottom. Therefore, you can conveniently see tall people and those small packages left on your doorstep. Furthermore, you can conveniently choose your particular areas of interest and get instant alerts when the camera picks up any motion activity.
You can also see and talk to your visitors using Alexa and your phone even if you are not home. It comes with its dedicated app as well. This device also comes with an infrared vision which will allow you to see in pitch black conditions.

Rating 4.5 of 5

 Remo+ RemoBell S


Very easy to install with your current doorbell wiring.

Can save activity for 3 days free of cost (paid storage plans available as well).

Stores and streams in HD video quality with a wide viewing angle.

2-way audio allows you to chat with your visitors.

Features infrared vision as well.


The app design is not that great.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best video doorbell, you need to consider some important features to get the most out of your money. This will also allow you to squeeze your options significantly and make more informed buying decisions.

Wireless vs wired

If you have old homes, you might not get enough juice to power this device. It means that you will have to go for a new installation and even upgrade the transformer too.

If that’s the case, you should fit a wireless option that runs on battery, saving you from that entire wiring and transformer upgrade just to run your video doorbell. But, of course, running these devices won’t be an issue in newer homes that come with 16V transformers or more.

Therefore, you can go for a wired option in such a house. But if you find a wireless option that runs on battery, it is much more convenient than going for that because it is much simpler to install.

Viewing angle

Consider a wide viewing angle for your video doorbell device. Anything that provides you with a wide-angle of over 160-degrees will be a good option to consider. With these features, you will see even those small delivery packages present on the floor.

Video resolution

A higher resolution is always going to be a better option. This is because your views will be much sharper and brighter. However, you can go for 1080p video resolution at a minimum to get the best out of your video doorbell.

Night mode

Night mode will allow you to see in darker conditions, and it’s a must-have for surveillance purposes. Therefore, go for a video camera with the night mode and an infrared sensor for the best results.


After going through the reviews of both these video doorbells, we think the winner of this matchup is Remo+ RemoBell S. It is the best video doorbell you can find on the market because it allows you to record video in HD format.
Plus, you can save videos for up to 3 days in the free cloud storage. Paid plans are also available, and you won’t have to deal with any SD cards. It also comes with a wide viewing angle of 180-degrees and allows you to see your visitor from top to bottom and those delivery packages present on the floor.
Its installation is quite simple as well as you don’t have to go for any new wiring. You can connect it with your smart home hub using Amazon Alexa, or you can use the dedicated Remo+ mobile application as well. It will allow you to interact with your visitors even if you are not at home.