Lorex Camera Review

Lorex is a security technology company with a long history that provides top-of-the-line, professional-grade security systems for homes, businesses, and larger properties.

The 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Security System, which includes high-end video cameras, piqued our interest, so we decided to give it a shot.

In this review, we will cover the camera quality, various features, how easy it is to set up, and how it can integrate into your home.

Lorex 4K Security Camera System, Fusion 8-Channel 3TB NVR with 6 Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Wired POE IP Metal Security Cameras with Smart Deterrence, Motion Detection Video Surveillance
  • Complete Security Camera System - This system includes a NVR and 4k HD quality security cameras with an 8MP image sensor
  • Active Deterrence - Each camera has a motion-activated LED warning light and a remote-triggered siren for an added level of security
  • Smart Motion Detection Plus - This system features either face detection or person and vehicle detection and will alert you when either enters the camera's field of view
  • Color Night Vision - Get full color video in low light settings, or crisp black and white video in dark nighttime conditions with the infrared LEDs; up to 150 feet
  • Safeguard Technology - This technology allows you to set up to three "Missing" areas and one "Left Behind" area to notify you if items are removed from an area or if something is added

In the Box

In the box is everything you need to set up this home security system. You will find:

  • Four 4K cameras
  • Four Mounting Kits
  • Four 60 Foot BNC Cables
  • Five Power Adapters
  • One Quick Start Guide.
  • A One TB Hard Drive
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • One Mouse
  • One HDMI Cable
  • One Security Decal

Video Quality

Security cameras typically have a video quality of 1080p HD, which is what companies like ADT and Nest offer.

We received the 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Security System, which has the best video quality we’ve seen from a smart security camera to date.

So, what did that mean for us? One of our top needs in a security system was grain-free video, which these 4K cameras delivered with flying colors.

When looking through this camera you can also see objects that were quite far away because the cameras could zoom in on anything down the street without compromising video quality.

Finally, because these Lorex cameras have nearly twice the number of pixels as 1080p HD, you can expect very high-quality video recordings.

With this high-quality imagery, you may be worried about the cameras being a drain on your Wi-Fi but this is not the case with these cameras.

So long as you have a strong Wi-fi connection, you should be able to get smooth records even if you are recording at night.

If your connection is not that strong or if you’re concerned about the pressure on your Wi-Fi, you can switch your outside camera’s default HD setting to standard definition (SD) to try and make the recording clearer.

Motion And Sound Sensitivity

Ip Camera

These cameras are sensitive, as are the majority of wireless cameras on the market today. You can reduce the amount of needless notifications by limiting the types of motion that the camera records.

This common feature extends motion detection control to a new degree. Sensitivity sliders that can be controlled via the connected app aren’t new or revolutionary in security cameras.

But, regardless of the brand, sensitivity adjustment is a fantastic tool for understanding how security cameras work in various settings and positions.

Lorex’s Sound Detection demonstrated the camera’s incredible level of control yet again. If you reside in a high-traffic area, for example, you don’t want to be warned every time a car drives by.

But you will want to be notified about a person in your home at night. With the app, you are able to select how sensitive to noise you want the camera to be, so you can tailor it to your needs.

Design And Power

The Lorex indoor camera takes an uncomplicated approach with its design. It’s shaped like a raindrop. The design and workmanship are light and slim, not obtrusive, and it blends perfectly with any decor.

The only drawback is the clunky power cord that comes with it; having a rechargeable option to limit wire exposure is always a good idea and is a common feature found on other security cameras.

Because these are plug-in cameras, you’ll need to place them near a power outlet, which could limit where in and outside your home you could palace them.

Person Detection

Human detection is included in both the indoor and outdoor Lorex cameras, which isn’t often standard in inside cameras. Outdoor models are commonly used to detect objects such as animals, people, and cars.

As a result, it has an advantage over a few of the best interior cameras on the market, but keep in mind that human detection is becoming more common in cameras these days.

Lorex 4K Security Camera System, Fusion 8-Channel 3TB NVR with 6 Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Wired POE IP Metal Security Cameras with Smart Deterrence, Motion Detection Video Surveillance

Smart Home Connection And Features

Lorex cameras connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to display cameras using voice commands.

Getting both Lorex cameras to stream to our Amazon Echo Show for smart home automation is simple. You’ll need to open your Alexa app, look for the Lorex skill, and join the accounts, which should only take around four minutes.

Once connected you can give Alexa or Google Assist commands such as “show me my living room” and a live feed will open on one of your smart devices like your phone or tablet.

Monitoring And Storage

Lorex makes monitoring and saving the footage from your cameras a breeze. While it may not be as easy as other more expensive cameras, they’re a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for high-quality self-monitoring of your property.

You can quickly upload your Lorex recordings to the cloud if you have the right app.

Only a few of their cameras work with their dedicated cloud software; for the others, a micro SD card is required to get started. In this aspect, these cameras are unlike the typical security cameras on the market.

Despite these limitations, Lorex has one advantage: you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription cost to store all of your recordings on your timeline.

Lorex is a refreshing change of pace, as subscriptions have been the norm in the vast majority of cameras recently and they are there just to get more money out of you.

And there’s more good news: the Lorex cameras come with a micro SD card for local storage incorporated right within the camera.

So, after the first setup, you can have quick and complete access to all of Lorex’s camera functionalities without having to pay anything.

The App

Because the Lorex system is self-monitored, having a good app to view the live stream and receive notifications is crucial. The Lorex app works on both iOS and Android systems.

After installing the app, you can receive push notifications, watch both live and recorded footage, and group cameras together.

For example, you can merge your external front and back cameras to live stream many cameras at the same time. This will make self-monitoring a breeze when live broadcasting because you can keep your eyes on multiple areas at the same time.


For the many features and high-quality video live stream available, the Lorex cameras are relatively cheap for what you get. This of course depends on what package you get, as the more cameras you want the higher the price.

One of the biggest advantages of Lorex was that there was no monthly fee.

While the first investment may appear to be a large amount of money, many other security companies require long-term contracts and monthly fees after the initial equipment costs have been paid.

Lorex, on the other hand, was finished once the goods were paid for.

Other Features

Night Vision

These cameras have excellent night vision, so you will always be able to see well outside.

The camera’s sensors are able to record colored footage in low-light situations. This is made feasible because of the cameras’ powerful image sensors.

However, because this feature requires the system to be set up near ambient light, you will need an external light source like a street light to make this work.

If there is no ambient light, the infrared LED lights around the lens are turned on, allowing an automatic switch to black and white light.

Still, the ability to see in color at night is a very unique feature for security cameras, even if you are limited with ambient lighting.

Working In All Temperatures And Weathers

The cameras had the advantage of being able to withstand extreme weather conditions, working in temperatures ranging from -40 to 131°F.

They could work in the coldest winters and the hottest summers, which is a huge plus if you want your cameras to be working all year round.

You will never have to worry about bringing the cameras inside when it’s pouring or snowing because they’re completely dust and water-proof.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Lorex Camera Pros And Cons


4K video – get clear images all the time
Colored night vision (in some circumstances) – gives you a clearer view of what is happening at night outside
User-friendly app – easily monitor the camera from your phone or tablet, as well as change their sensitivity levels


Installation done by you – though it is easy to install, most cameras are installed by the company to ensure that it is done correctly and safely
Occasional false notifications – you may get a notification of outside disturbance when there is nothing there, though this could be down to the sensitivity being too high


The Lorex cameras are a wonderful option if you are on the market for a new home security system.

As they are able to integrate seamlessly with smart home devices, they should be a good addition to your home, and a great way to keep tabs on what is going on both indoors and outside.

With the added benefit of a one-time purchase rather than a subscription service, these cameras are cheaper than other brands in the long run and give you peace of mind now that you know you would have to spend your money on them every month.