Looking for a Dimmable Smart Led Downlight? (Review of 5)

LED lighting has become a superior means of illumination over the years.  And I don’t need to mention its enormous benefits here. One similar great item in this field is dimmable smart led downlight. It gives the energy efficiency and durability of LED along with ease of dimmable feature.

There are various models of these lights available in the market. But, still, do you need some guidance? If yes, you are in the right place.

Keep scrolling to read reviews of a few dimmable smart led downlight along with a brief buying guide to pick the best led.

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iLintek Smart Recessed Lighting Our Pick

It wouldn’t be wrong to say; this iLintek Smart light gives what many people haven’t even imagined. It supports voice control feature. It gives enormous color ranges to choose from.

You can even program it to turn on/off at a preset time. It is a high-quality light with the effortless installation process. It simply allows you to adjust your lights the way you want. All these points forced me to put it on the top of the list of dimmable led downlights.

ilintek dimmable smart led downlight


  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 16 million color brightness
  • 3 light modes
  • Contains built-in microphone
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to assemble

Voice control

Doesn’t it feel amazing to have someone handling all your work on a single call? Don’t feel sad if you have no one around you to help.

This iLintek dimmable smart led downlight can do this task for you. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. So, all you need to do is say a simple sentence, and here you go.

Well, that’s not all. It even allows handling different lights using a simple app. It is a thing that we expect from a Smart Device.

ilintek dimmable smart led downlight1

Ease of use

Are you looking for some big fun? This downlight can provide you all the entertainment.


It comes with a built-in microphone. So, it has the potential to change the color with the music beat. It gives a response to the sound.

So, your games, movies, or a music party can be more amusing now.

Various scenes and options

Are you a person who gets bored easily? Don’t worry. This light will keep you entertained.

Wondering how? It comes with 6 preset scenes that allow you to create your own scene.

So now, you can imagine any theme of your choice. This dimmable smart led downlight will turn it into a reality.

Remote control

This item comes with the Lumary app that gives the benefits of remote control. So, you can control your single or multiple lights from anywhere using the smart device.

You can even share the details on the app with other family members. Thus, everyone at home can make adjustments according to the requirements.

Though this dimmable downlight comes with all amazing features, there is a concern. It provides all these extensive features only while having a local internet connection.

Rating 4.5 of 5


This iLintek dimmable smart led downlight is a great product. It offers huge versatility, along with ease of use and high-quality features.

Its voice control, remote control, and timing function can make your chaotic life easier. And I don’t need to mention the benefits of its fancy features. They are simply amazing.


It offers great convenience with its voice control option

You can enjoy a great variety of light colors, modes, and brightness levels

It allows controlling multiple lights using a single app

This downlight is simple to install


In order to enjoy its extensive features, you must need a local internet connection

Philips Hue White Retrofit DownlightRunner-up

We all know and trust the name Philips when it comes to electronics items. This Philips Hue light allows you to adjust the lamination according to your mood.

You can manage it with a smart device, even using a voice control feature. It gives vast shades of white light and a total lumen output of 700.

philips dimmable smart led downlight


  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple home kit and Google Assistant
  • Over 50,000 shades of white light
  • Supports voice control
  • 700 lm output

Get the right light

Are you a perfectionist? Do you want the surroundings to compliment your mood? This Philips dimmable smart led downlight will help you achieve this dream.

It comes with over 50,000 shades of white light. So, you have just the right light for the right moment.

Comfortable control

A smart home is a dream of many people. This hue downlight will make it real by letting you control lights from the smart devices. No matter where you are, it is possible to manage home lights using the app.

It even allows you to set the automated schedule. It will either turn the lights on or off according to the schedule.

Voice control

This downlight also supports voice control. You can enjoy it using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Also, it makes you able to dim, change, and turn the light on and off using voice control.

Undoubtedly this Philips dimmable smart led downlight comes with remarkable features. There is room for improvement, as well.

It has a default power-on color at 2500K. However, many users may like it to be at other value. But, it doesn’t allow them to change it.

It could be great if manufacturers make this important change in allowing users to adjust the power-on light color.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Philips Hue

This Philips dimmable smart led downlight could be a thing you need to acquire a perfect ambiance. It allows adjusting the white light to a great extent.

It is also capable of working with smart devices to allow controlling it from a distance. With all its features, it can be a great product to make your home smart and perfect.


It offers wide compatibility

It gives numerous shades of white light

Its scheduled feature can make your home Smart

Elegant design


You cannot dim the light from the switch

Dejavu Smart WiFi LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight

This Dejavu dimmable smart led downlight comes with all features that can make it the best option. It gives numerous color options with a warm or cool temperature. This is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It even allows group sharing. All these traits are enough to make your home lighting system remarkable.

dejavu dimmable smart led downlight


  • Supports voice control
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google
  • Gives 16 million colors
  • Tunable color temperature
  • 1%-100% dimming capabilities
  • Easy installation

Just say it

It always feels great to have someone who is ready to fulfill what you say. I can’t give a guarantee about the rest of the fields, but this lighting system is surely going to obey you.

This product is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It also supports voice control option. Thus, you can turn the light on/off, control dim, and change the color.

The convenience is not limited to just a single touch of a button. It just accomplishes whatever you say within its capacity.

Countless shades

It feels so unexciting to have the same light shade of the room all over the year. Some events demand different shades and colors.

This dimmable smart led downlight gives almost 16 million different colors. What’s more? It even allows you to change the temperature to either warm or cold.

It gives you an opportunity to control its dimming features from 1% to 100%.  Now, it’s something really amazing to bring colors to your life.


This dimmable smart led downlight is not just amazing; it is simple to use as well. This will require a simple installation process, along with downloading its app.

It doesn’t need any hub. Moreover, it allows you to share the app data with other family members as well. Thus, everyone can remain connected to the home’s lighting and enjoy the bond.

Like all other products, this one has room for improvement as well. It doesn’t come with a rubber or foam air sealing gasket. Normally, it is present for other recessed lights.

Rating 4 of 5


It wouldn’t be wrong to say this dimmable smart led downlight can transform your home into a smart luxury. This will offer numerous color options with a precise ability to dim the light. It also gives ease of use by connecting with the various app.

Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful ambiance of your home without making any excessive efforts. This dimmable smart led downlight is definitely one great product available out there.


The lifespan is over 20,000 hours

Choose from over 16 million colors and different temperatures

With a smart device, you can control it, whether at home or not

It makes your life easier with a voice control feature


It doesn’t come with air sealing gasket

Tealp LED Recessed Lights

This Tealp downlight is a reasonable product that allows you to control home lighting using a remote. It comes with IR remote control. Its range is 16 feet that are enough for a home setup. With its 16 different color options and 4 different modes, it can change your simple home to ultimate luxury.

tealp dimmable smart led downlight


  • Comes with IR remote control
  • Classic appearance
  • 16 different colors
  • Dimmable abilities
  • Four lighting modes

Ease of control

Unlike other items on my list, this one comes with an IR control. You can manage multiple lights using a single remote.

What’s the good part?

Its range is 16 feet. This range is quite enough for a home setup. Its remote control will allow you to turn it on/off, control dimming options, and to change colors.

Versatile colors

This dimmable smart led downlight doesn’t come with enormous color ranges. Rather, it has discrete 16 color options. These are enough to go well with any occasion or mood changes.

Besides, it also allows dimming option with great precision. You can even change it for 4 different modes. It includes flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

User’s convenience

Fancy products usually come with a difficult installation procedure. But, this dimmable downlight is not like that. It gives enormous benefits, but its assembly is very simple.

Also, it has the latest design and stylish appearance. You can choose it for your bedroom, gym, living room, office, and others. This light is going to look outstanding in any room.

Though this light works amazingly, it has a capacity for improvement. Its wires feel fragile and very thin. It would be great, it producers start attaching sturdy wires with it.

Rating 3.5 of 5


This dimmable smart led downlight comes with a nice appearance. The elegance further elevates with its different colors and brightness options. Its IR remote control will allow managing it with great ease.


Effortless installation

You can enjoy 16 different colors and 4 different modes with this light

It comes with remote control with a good range coverage

With its advanced technology, it gives better results


Its wires are very thin

Sylvania Lightify 65W LED Smart Light

This Sylvania dimmable smart led downlight is another great product in this list. It needs a compatible hub, and you just need to make connections. After performing a series of simple steps, this light gets ready to give enormous color options and temperature types.

sylvania dimmable smart led downlight


  • More than 16 million color options
  • Comes with spring clip
  • Adjustable white light ranges from 2700k to 6500k
  • Supports voice control
  • Long lifespan

Effortless installation

This downlight works with ZigBee Smart hub. It can be SmartThings, Echo Plus, or Wink. It is very simple to install this light using this hub. You will only need to screw it and make connections. It will start working and providing remarkable attributes.


Lighting has a great impact on the ambiance of any location. How about acquiring a light that offers huge customization options?

You can alter the entire appearance of your home using a single light. How? It comes with over 16 million light options and various shades.

Scheduled program

Another remarkable trait of this light is its voice control option. Moreover, you can make your own schedule and automation. Thus, you can control your home lighting while staying far away from it.

What users find annoying in this lighting is its separate hub requirements. It would be great if it doesn’t need any to start doing its amazing job.

Rating 3.5 of 5


This dimmable smart led downlight comes with all adequate features to make your home smart and elegant. With wide color ranges and shades, it can change your home environment according to your changing mood. Moreover, it is very simple to use as it allows automation and scheduled programs as well.


Easy installation with its spring clips

You can enjoy hands-free lighting control with its smart features

Variety of colors and temperature options

The lifespan of over 20,000 hours


You might feel a problem with its hub

Buying Guide

Here are a few points you need to consider before purchasing a dimmable smart led downlight.

Wattage and Lumens

The brightness of the bulb is an important factor that can change the appearance of your room. However, it is important to consider this thing here.

A bulb’s wattage and lumens don’t tell a similar thing. The wattage of the bulb indicates how much power a bulb will consume.

It doesn’t have a relation to the light it will emit. Rather, it is measured in lumens (lm). Usually, a general-purpose bulb at home has a lumens count between 300-800lm. However, the range could go anywhere between 150 and 20,000lm.


The placement of a downlight has a huge impact on its output/performance. I can even say that its placement is more important to consider carefully than the light itself.

If you place these dimmable smart led downlight too close together, it will produce inconsistent lighting. It would be too bright in the center but dim at the corners.

However, the right way is to put these downlights with even space. It will feel more comfortable and non-distracting.

dimmable smart led downlight1

Dimmable or Non-Dimmable

The dimmable feature is greatly useful as it gives the benefit of various lights using a single bulb. It even makes the bulb suitable for different times of the day.

Warm White or Cool White

It is another important factor that can impact the output of the bulb. In a white light range, you can obtain two different temperatures.

You can either get a warm white or cool white temperature. The warmer one will have a range between 2700K and 3200K. It will be suitable for relaxed areas like bedrooms or living rooms.

The cool white temperature is above 400K. It is suitable for areas where more light is required, like a kitchen, bathroom, and others.

Angle of Beam

A beam Angle decides how wide or narrows the beam of light will be. Now, the selection of this angle depends entirely on your choice.

The first scenario involves requiring a downlight or to highlight for accent lighting a particular area/object in a room. In this case, a narrow beam spread between the angle of 20 and 40 will do the job best.

However, if you need a light for general lighting, a wider beam spread is fine. Its angle would be somewhere between 100 to 120 degrees.

dimmable smart led downlight2


What wattage is best for LED downlights?

Wattage shows the amount of energy a bulb will consume. Though a standard halogen downlight consumes 55 watts, there are alternatives available.

You can choose bulbs with 4.5 watts to 14 watts. It will consume lower energy while providing the required output.

Do LED downlights get hot?

Though the rule is anything that consumes electricity gets hot, the intensity can be different. Similarly, LED downlight bulb gets hot but way too less as compared to incandescent bulbs.

Even, you can comfortably unscrew a bulb that has been on for a long time. The reason behind it is the low power consumption of LED lights.

Do you have to use a special dimmer switch for LED lights?

There are now LED lights available that possess their own dimmer. However, if you don’t have these light, you can’t use a standard dimmer for that purpose.

LED lights don’t work with standard light dimmers. They need their own special electronic dimmer switch in order to work properly.


The world is becoming smarter day by day, and so is our living. The lighting industry is not behind others in this competition.

There are smart lights available out there that give you complete control using a single app. These electronic items make life easier and comfortable. It also decreases the overall cost and power consumption.


You won’t get lazy to turn off the light as it is now a simple touch to a smart device.

I have reviewed the best dimmable smart led downlights, and I hope it would help you in making a wise decision.

Regarding, the best product, my personal vote goes to iLintek Smart Recessed Lighting. It is versatile, smart, and offers huge convenience.

Which one do you recommend?

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