Losing your keys too often? Use gps for keys (review of 5)

Our lives have become so busy that we try to do so many things in a hurry. And sometimes we lose our precious things. It can be keys, mobile phones, or even wallets. We put it somewhere and then forget.

Think about the car keys, for instance. You’re getting late to attend an important business meeting, but you’re not able to find the place where you have left the car keys.

To avoid such a panic situation, I have made my habit of using GPS for keys.

Instead of GPS for keys, maybe you’re interested in another kind of tracking devices: How to pick the best cheap tracking device?

A GPS key finder is a small device that clings on to your keys and will solve all your problems. The GPS for keys allows the user to find the keys using the key finder and save a lot of time and energy.

Let me introduce you to the top 5 best GPS for keys available on the market.

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Cube GPS for KeysOur Pick

Cube is my personal favorite because it is not for a specific item, but it can be used for anything. You can attach the Cube to any item, and they easily find them without any hassle or worry.

cube gps for keys


  • Attach to anything
  • Take family photo
  • Locate your phone
  • No need for replacement of the battery
  • Show last known location

Take a family photo

You can take a family photo using this key finder. All you have to do is use the Cube for your phone camera as a shutter button. You will be able to take great photos using this shutter button of the Cube.

cube gps for keys1

Locate your phone

The Cube is a GPS for keys. It can locate it in various ways. It can be through a ring, vibration, or even a flash. Plus, it can be done even without starting or running the app.

No replacement battery required

You will no longer need to replace the Cube every year. All you have to do is replace the battery. The extra battery does not need to be purchased. It will be included in the package.

Volume is 80db

Most of the key finders have a volume of 90db, so this can be improved to 90 decibels or more. That will make it the perfect GPS for keys.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Cube Key Finder

It is a good key finder which does not need the app to be running to find the item. Plus, the items can be found through vibrations, flash, or ringing. It also includes an extra battery.


Includes replacement battery

Range of 100 feet

Warranty of 1 year



The volume is low

The low range for pets

Tile Mate GPS for KeysRunner-up

Now you can easily use your smartphones to make the tile mate ring so that you find what you are looking for. If you are having trouble finding your stuff, all you have to do is ring it and you will find it in a few minutes.

tile gps for keys


  • Ring your things
  • Finds your phone
  • Activate community find
  • Replaceable battery

Find your phone

Your phone will ring even if it is in silent mode. That’s why it is a great GPS for keys. All you have to do is double click the button on the tile mate, and you are all set.

Activate community find

Other community tile mates can help you if your tile mate is away from you. The tile app that is running on the phones of other members can send updates of the location to your app. So you are all sorted.

Replaceable battery

The battery can be replaced easily. It also has a long battery life of 12 months. There are no complications in its replacement. It is very easy to do.

Only works as a Bluetooth tracker

It does not provide updates about location if the Bluetooth is not on. So this can be improved. It will be a great GPS for keys.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Tile Mate Key Finder

It is a great GPS for keys and wallets. It rings your things; find your phone even if it is silent. It also has a community find and a replaceable battery with one-year battery life.


Replaceable battery with one year of life

Easily find your phone

Rings your things

150 feet range


It works only as a Bluetooth tracker

Rinex Key Finder

Rinex can help you in finding the keys within no time. With this key finder, you can find anything you have lost. If you are getting late for work and don’t have time to find the car keys, just use the Rinex key finder and quickly find it without wasting any time.

rinex gps for keys


  • Lost and quickly found
  • Track anything big or small
  • Security made simple
  • Pocket-sized portable protection
  • Bonus battery

Track anything big or small

With this key finder, you will never lose anything or anyone. It can track anything, whether it is a thing or a person. If your child likes to wander around or your pet wanders around the neighborhood, you can use it, know where they are, and not be worried or stressed out.

Security made simple

It has Bluetooth technology, compatible with iPhone and Android app and GPS location services. Now you can easily find whatever you have lost.

Pocket-sized portable protection

It is very slim and less than an inch in length. Moreover, it makes it easy to carry and does not create any problems. It is so slim that you can put it in your wallet or your pocket without it carrying any space.

The color is light

The color is light blend-in mint. It makes it difficult to identify the lost items because the color is very light. If the color can be brighter, it will be a great GPS for keys.

Rating 4 of 5

Rinex Key Finder

This portable and pocket size item finder easily finds lost items and pets. It has Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iPhone and Android. Plus, it includes extra batteries.


Track anything or anyone

GPS location services

Compatible with iPhone and Android

Slim and portable


The color is light

DinoFire GPS for Keys

Dino key finder GPS for keys allows you to find any item you have lost and not just keys. That’s why this is called an item finder. You can easily find what you are looking for using this key finder, which acts as a GPS for keys. It is not only compatible with iOS and Android, but it also saves a lot of time for the person using it. That’s why it is a great key finder.

dinofire gps for keys


  • Item finder
  • Bidirectional searching
  • The last place it was seen
  • Anti-lost alarm
  • Long battery life

Bidirectional searching

It will ring your things. If you can’t find your keychain or wallet, all you have to do is open the nut app and click on the call button. That will cause the smart tracker to ring, and this way, you will easily find the thing you are looking for. If you don’t know where your mobile phone is, then all you have to do is double press on the key finder the button. It will allow the tracker to beep.

The last place it was seen

It is called GPS for keys for a reason. The nut app records the last place where both your mobile phone and key finder were disconnected. It allows the search parameter to become narrow and helps you to easily locate the lost item.

Anti-lost alarm

The range is 35-65 feet indoors and 100-165 feet outdoors of the Bluetooth. As soon as you move away from that distance, the phone and smart tracker will beep to remind you of the distance.

Design problem

There is a small problem with the design. The string from the keychain slips off, and that would result in you losing the string, so that should be changed.

Rating 4 of 5

DinoFire Key Finder

This Key finder comes with a smart tracker, has bidirectional searching, and also saves the last place it was placed. Plus, it has an anti-lost alarm and a battery life of 10 months.


10-months of battery life

Lifetime technical support

90dB louder alarm

Smart anti-loss


String slips off the keychain

Safedome GPS for Keys

Safedome GPS for keys easily helps you find missing keys. You only have to attach the Bluetooth enabled key finder of leather to either your house keys or cars. It will be very helpful to you, and you will never have to worry about finding the lost keys and wasting a lot of time. You can attach this device with your handbag, purse, or luggage and not have any problems.

safedome gps for keys


  • Find your missing keys
  • User-friendly App
  • Phone locating
  • Premium leather
  • Replaceable battery

Simple app

You will be able to find your missing keys or lost bag within a second. All you have to do is press the button in the free Safedome companion app. It’ll show your recent location of the keys on the map. The sound will be of 90 dB, and you will be easily able to hear it.

Phone locating

You can easily find the phone by clicking on the button of the Bluetooth-enabled key finder. It will cause your phone to ring even if it is on silent.

Premium leather

The leather is water-resistant, of premium quality, and soft. It allows it to be easily attached to your car, house keys of the apartment.

No instructions

The only drawback of this key finder is that it does not come with any instructions. It can be difficult to understand its workings for older people. It can be improved.

Rating 3.5 of 5

Safedome Key Finder

This item finder finds the phone even if it is on silent. The leather quality is premium and has a battery life of 12 months. The Bluetooth range is 50m or more, and the outdoor range is 100m or more.


High Bluetooth range

The long battery life of 12 months

Premium leather quality


It does not have any instructions

Buying Guide

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you go on purchasing a key finder.


The size of the key finder should be small so that it can be easily carried in your pocket without carrying too much space or causing inconvenience. It should be slim like an inch long or a little more but not more than that. If you want it to be prominent and large so it is easy to see that you can purchase larger ones.

Battery life

The battery life of most of the key finders is ten months, but the best ones have a battery life of a year, and they also come with an extra battery. So it’s up to you which one you want to purchase as they will cost a little more.

gps for keys3

Updating interval

You are purchasing the key finder for locating the keys then it is suitable for updating intervals. But if you are purchasing it for tracking other things, then it is better to focus on battery life. If your app does not display the right location on your phone, then you should update your key finder to get the right location.

Coverage/ range

Most of the GPS for keys has coverage of 50ft indoors and coverage of 100ft outdoors. But it varies with different key finders, and it can be less than 50 or more than 100 depending on the key finder.

gps for keys2

Extra fixtures

The extra fixtures of key finders can include additional batteries, two key receivers, two key ring attachments, and a transmitter. It is different for the various key finders.


How far can I track my keys?

The key finder can track the keys indoor to 50 ft. away and 100 ft. away outdoors. The sound of 90 dB is made by the key finder when the keys are close by.

Can I track my pets with it?

Yes, the pets can be tracked using these key finders. This feature is not available in all the key finders but is present in some so that pets do not get lost or wander far.

What should I prefer to update interval or battery life?

If you want to keep track of wallets and purses and not keys, then you should prioritize the battery life of key finders. But if you want to keep track of keys, then updating an internal is preferred.

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The winner of this best GPS for keys product round up is the Cube. There are several reasons for it being the best key finder among all others.

It can locate the item in various ways such as audio, vibration, or even a flash. You can even do it without starting the app. You will no longer need to replace the Cube device. All you have to do is replace the battery.

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