Heating and cooling mattress pad review: Chili vs. Bedjet

Modern mattresses are much more innovative and comfortable than what they used to be back in the day. These mattresses use state-of-the-art materials like gels and meshed materials to offer comfort as well as temperature control. One of the most innovative features the world has seen in terms of modern mattresses is the option of temperature control.

Chili and Bedjet are the two frontrunners when we talk about mattresses and creating mattress pad technology. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Chili or Bedjet: Which is better?” I have prepared comprehensive reviews on both the products in order to help you make the right choice for yourself.

Comparison Chart

  Chili pad 3 Bedjet 3
  chilipad Heating and cooling mattress pad bedjet Heating and cooling mattress pad
Technology A water-based system that regulates surface temperature Biorhythm sleep technology
Heat Heat-trapping insulation Powered ventilation helps cool
Cooling Effect Takes time Immediate
Working temperature Works in any temperature Needs 79 degrees or below to start cooling your bed
Energy Efficient Yes No
Remote Controls Yes Yes
Trial 30-day trial period N/A


Chili vs. Bedjet: Which one is better?

People living in extremely hot conditions or those living in extremely cold climates will need to be able to feel a certain way when they lay on their bed. These mattresses use a heating and cooling mattress pad that allows you to stay cool or warm when you’re in bed. A feature that is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise! As Chili and Bedjet are the two top competitors in this area let’s have a look at each of their mattress pads to begin this battle.

The Chili Technology’s chiliPad 3.0 is one of the most innovative mattresses out there on the market. The chiliPad 3.0 uses a water-based system that uses a new and improved water-based system to regulate the surface temperatures of the mattress.

This water-based system is what makes the chiliPad 3.0 different from all the other products out there on the market. The chiliPad 3.0 uses modern heating and cooling pad which actively circulates water through the silicone tubes in the pad. This will create a much more relaxed and comfortable environment for you to sleep.

The Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort provides ample on-demand cooling and warming functions. This heating and a cooling mattress pad is one of the best, due to its versatility and durability. The Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort works for any kind of bed or mattress. This particular heating and cooling mattress pad are easy and simple to use as well.

The Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort provides several functions that make it versatile in function. You can use it for many purposes like heating the surface as well as cooling it. Other than that, it can also help in drying sweat in case you break into night sweats.

Temperature Control

Chili’s Heat-trapping

The heat-trapping feature of the chiliPad 3.0 is extremely beneficial to those who wish to have am much cooler or warmer bed at night when they sleep. The heat-trapping basically allows you to use your blanket as an insulator.

When the heating and cooling mattress pad raises or lowers the temperature to the desired level, then the heat-trapping feature comes into play. The heat-trapping features of the bedding allow you to retain the temperature level for a certain amount of time without having to worry about it getting dissipated into the atmosphere.

However, you should note that this feature does not mean to replace the traditional air conditioning. You will most definitely have to use the AC along with the chiliPad in case you need to.

chili technology heating and cooling mattress pad

Bedjet’s Powered Ventilation

One of the major features of the Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort is that it can easily and rapidly dissipate heat away from the bed or surface area. The ventilation features allow it to wick any sort of body heat and moisture away from the bed and into the atmosphere.

This powered ventilation feature can prove to be the perfect solution for people who suffer from night sweats. If you’re someone who has hot-flashes while sleeping, then you can rest assured that this mattress will effectively wick away heat and moisture. This will make for a more comfortable and relieving sleep.

bedjet heating and cooling mattress pad2

Winner – Bedjet

The winner here is Bedjet hands down. The reason is you will be able to achieve your desired temperatures in no time when you use Bedjet because of its air ventilation system. On the other hand, water takes a little bit of time to get cool or hot as compared to air.


Chili’s Water-Based System

This mattress pad uses a water-based technology that allows you to regulate the surface temperature. You can easily heat up or cool down the existing temperature of your mattress with the help of water that actively circulates throughout the tubes of silicone that are present in the pad.

It will provide you with an extremely comfortable environment. Apart from that, your mattress pad will also quickly respond to your temperature needs without making you wait for long periods. The temperature range with which you can work is 55F to 110F.

Bedjet’s Biorhythmic Technology

The most innovative feature of the Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort is the programmable biorhythmic technology. This technology helps keep the heating and cooling mattress pad optimized for your comfort and need.

You can easily use the interface on the remote control to program the product according to your sleep patterns and also temperature needs. You can easily program it to go up to a particular temperature for a certain time and then lower down as the time progresses. This programmable feature helps you customize your experience with the product.

Winner – A tie

We can call it a tie here because both these technologies are very innovative and both the brands have equipped their products with high performing features.

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Chili’s complexity

One of the major points that you will have to deal with while using this mattress is that it is water-based. Usually, water-based beddings are slightly difficult to use. The reason is that you will have to fill them with water and then occasionally take the water out to prevent any development of mold or stale.

Besides that, the water hose will also require a lot of your attention. This is a lot more difficult to deal with if you compare it with any air-based mattress pad. Maintenance can be quite troublesome if you haven’t used a water-based bed before. Therefore, you’ll have to be a lot more careful here.

chili technology heating and cooling mattress pad1

Bedjet’s simplicity

Most of the customers have reported and with my personal experience, I would state that Bedjet is very simple to use and maintain. You don’t have much to do here. Just take it out of the box, set the hose and connect it to your sheets and let it do its job.

Of course, you will have to install the app on your smartphone to use it. As you can see there is no complexity involved here. It’s pretty fair and square! You will get your temperature-controlled sleep surface in no time at all.

bedjet heating and cooling mattress pad1

Winner – Bedjet

The definite winner here is Bedjet because it is an air-based mattress pad that doesn’t require much of your attention when it comes to setting up and using it.

Chili vs. Bedjet Pros and Cons

 Chili Technology chiliPad 3.0


  • Reduces many sleep problems
  • Saves energy and money
  • Slowly increments temperature for comfort
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Automatically shuts off after 10 hours
  • Boosts REM sleep benefits


  • Cumbersome and comprehensive installation process

Bedjet 3 climate comfort


  • Versatile in functions
  • Provides programmable technology
  • Offers customizable experience
  • Takes up less space
  • Easy to install and set up
  • User-friendly LCD remote control
  • Automated controls
  • Energy efficient
  • Saves money


  • You may face problems calibrating it to your need

Final Verdict

The heating and cooling mattress pads can prove to be a great relief from all kinds of pain and injury. They can also just be very comfortable as they can provide the optimum temperature settings for a comfortable and healthy sleep.

While I do feel that both the products are suited for different purposes, I believe the Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort is the superior product out of the two. When you compare the benefits and features of both the products, you will find that the Bedjet has a slight edge in comfort and reliability.

It goes without saying that the Bedjet will prove to be the best heating and cooling mattress pad if you’re someone who struggles with sleeping problems or any kind of mental health problem.

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