Robots For Your Home And Benefits Of Using Them

We have seen drones flying in the 21st century and still, there have been a lot of breakthrough technological advancements. The robots are already playing their part in the manufacturing industry. Some of the robots have also invaded our homes and families are doing all kinds of stuff with them.

They are good with all those programmed or automated tasks that you do in your home on daily basis. If you get bored by repeatedly doing the same thing daily then you can have a robot for it. That is the primary motive behind the concept of having robots for your home.

Robots for your home

There are so many robotic appliances that you can find for your home. They are specialized in a particular job and you can automate the process without a hassle. You can find robotic vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, floor mopping robots, and pool cleaners as well. With the help of these robots, you can easily perform a variety of tasks without disturbing your busy life schedule.

For instance, you can go out and do the groceries while letting your robotic vacuum cleaner clean the house until you come back. These robots for your home are very useful if you have a lot of pets or kids in your house. Similarly, you can clean your pool with the pool cleaning robots for your home while you cook in the kitchen or do other stuff. Robotic lawn movers and floor mopping robots can also save a lot of your time with their automated scheduling.

The best thing is you can monitor and control all your tasks by using a mobile device or a tablet. Wearables can also assist you in this integration process. In simple words, these robots can do almost anything you tell them to while you take care of your to-do list.

Benefits of getting them

Let’s have a brief look at how robots for your home can benefit you today and in the future:

1.     Robots can play with your kids

One of the most significant advantages that robots for your home can provide you is playing with your kids. Now you shouldn’t leave your kids alone with them and fly off for shopping as the Jetsons did. But robots of today can still be beneficial in this way.

There are therapy robots that provide assistance to kids with autism and they enable them to learn social skills. They can also assist in different subjects like art or science. In China, robots can help toddlers in re-reading their books for more than 100 times.

The parents can keep an eye on their kid with help of a tablet through the baby cam. Japanese are using robots to fulfill ever-growing childcare demand and to help in providing daycare services. So this is where you can use robots for your home in a very effective manner.

2.     Work remotely and be ready for that all-staff meeting

Working remotely in the 21st century doesn’t mean that you need to be absent from your office altogether. This is where you can use telepresence robots. You can also use such a robot for your home too. It will allow you to wander around as they are tablets on wheels essentially. You can keep an eye on your baby or you can be with your seniors while sitting at home thousands of miles away.

3.     Maintain your garden with them

This is the best option for the people who don’t have a green thumb. Having farming robots for your home will do all the garden chores for you. You can continue doing what you have to do. These robots still can’t harvest but who knows that when they starting doing this as well.

What they can do includes planting seeds, watering them on schedule, growth monitoring, and most importantly destroy weeds. The app designed for this process works just like a video game. You can arrange all your plants in the configuration that you prefer and let the robot do the rest.

There are smart sprinklers that have the ability to monitor weather and soil moisture to assess how much watering is needed. In this way, you can reduce water consumptions by more than 70%. Robot lawn movers come with many benefits; most importantly they save a lot of your time.

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robots for your home

4.     Turning the lights on/off

Speaking of lights, just like saving water consumption you can also do so for electricity. The robots for your home will make it easy for you to cut those bills in an effective manner. The robots with smart home technology have a hub with which you can control all the lights of your home and turn them on or off according to a schedule.

This way you don’t have to bother about accidentally leaving your bathroom light on before bed or coming home in the evening to a dark house. Not only lights but these hubs can also link with a variety of products including smoke alarms, thermostats, appliances or sound systems.

This way you will be able to turn your thermostat down when needed or you can turn on the security alarm when required. Some of the recent hubs come with voice activation feature. This means that you can only give a voice command to lock your door or switch the lights on or off.

5.     Order the food you want to eat

In the food industry, pizza makers are the first ones to utilize the services of robots. In Singapore, by the end of this year, a credit card company is looking to install a pizza bot to assist customers in ordering their favorite pizza right at their doorstep.

A pizza startup of Silicon Valley has taken it up a notch and they are using robots to make their pies. This way a pizza robot for your home is not too distant in the future. Such a robot will spread the sauce and pop the pizza in your oven without a glitch. For now, you can settle for to voice-activated smart hub for ordering your favorite pizza.

6.     Maintain your house or pool

Robots for your home are a huge advantage if you cannot make time for house or pool cleaning. You can do all this with the help of your robot friend. Robot vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and floor mopping machines are a huge convenience.

And the best part is that you can monitor everything with your phone. With smartphone integration, everything just gets as easy as turning the lights on or off. Meanwhile, you can do so much and this allows you to save a lot of your time. Your robot friend can do the dishes for you as soon as the guests leave after a party.

Cleaning your pool does take all day but with robots for your home, you can attend to other tasks while your pool gets the treatment. It is just like an additional set of helping hands that are there for you whenever you need them the most.

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robots for your home2

7.     You can do groceries with Robots

In 2017 a famous manufacturer of personal vehicles introduced a robot butler. This butler robot for your home is part assistant and part hoverboard. It has facial recognition, autonomous navigation and speech recognition features. This robot butler can follow you around your house or you can ride it in your yard too. It can also carry things for you such as your grocery bags etc.

8.     Robots can keep a good company

Loneliness is not only a social problem but a public health concern as well. It is just as risky as obesity or smoking. But in the current world building a community is not an easy thing to do. If you are the one who finds it difficult to get out of the house then robots are for you.

The interactive robots for your home can work just like cats or dogs and they respond to touch very much like real animals. The robots for the elderly can remind the users about various appointments, can detect any falls and they also come with social media integration and various other chat programs.

9.     Robots can cook dinner

Cook robots for your home made their way in 2017. These machine cooks can prepare food with a celebrity chef’s flair. They have the programs to reproduce the skills and dexterity of a human cook. Some of these robots are equipped with a touchscreen as well. Other models also come with a glass enclosure to keep the spills and splashes away from our kitchen. They can cook on demand and you can enjoy your favorite recipe without spending time in the kitchen.

10. Robots can keep you cool

With global warming, temperature changes in offseasons are getting common every year. You cannot keep a track on warm days. For such days there are personal air conditioning robots are available. These robots for your home can follow you’re around and are connected with a wearable device. These wearable devices can tell the bots whether they are too uncomfortable hot or warm. This will allow the bot to make adjustments to the temperature and make it even. With such a robot you won’t have to turn on your home wide AC or heater.

11. Robots can track your health

Apart from the manufacturing and food industries, the field of medicine is also benefiting from the robots. The health robots for your home can keep you feeling at best even if you tend to forget taking your medicines in a timely fashion. In 2017 a pill dispensing robot debuted and it can link with your activity trackers. It can also rearrange your medication when you are close to running out. This pill bot can answer all your health questions and can also recognize you and your family members’ faces.

Wrap up

Today we have very busy schedules and don’t seem to have enough time for daily chores. This is where a robot can assist us. With the passage of time, the field of robotics is seeing a lot of advancements. This means that in the future you will only get the refined versions of robots that you see today.

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