How to pick the best cheap tracking device?

The world isn’t exactly the safest place right now with crime on the rise daily. When you hear about the number of break-ins just in your street it makes you question the choice to step outside. Is it safe for me? You wonder. Is it safe for my family?

We can only hope that the global situation changes over time. In the meantime, we can feed our panicking mind with the information we crave unexpectedly. Questions such as: are my children safe? Is my grandmother doing okay? Or where is my cat anyway?

If you want to know and make sure you don’t rush home to find those answers you need the best cheap tracking device. Something sturdy, which offers a good range.

Our Pick 


Settings controlled remotely

Unlimited tracking range

Long-lasting battery

The charging port within the tracker needs to be improved



Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Tracks your luggage in real-time via an app

Settings that create boundaries and send notifications

The signals you get from the app are only as good as your internet connection



To assist you in making the correct choice for your budget, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 tracking devices on the market.

Spy Tec Tracking deviceOur Pick

The Spy Tec tracking device is versatile, durable and completely affordable. This cheap tracking device can be used for tracking anything you need. Additionally, the settings on this tracking device, which you can control via your phone allow you to set and monitor custom perimeters.

spy tec cheap tracking device


  • Settings controlled remotely via device (mobile, laptop or tablet)
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Portable size
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Unlimited tracking range

Controlled via an electronic device of your choice:

It seems like you’ve barely spent any time with your baby before you have to send them off to school. But what about those days when you just can’t focus on your work? How can you be sure that the teacher has your child constantly insight?

We can’t do anything about such fears, unfortunately. They come part and parcel of being a parent. What we can do is learn to manage them using the latest technology.

What if you would just like a quick check to see if your child is safe in class? Simply pull up the app to remotely monitor your child through a tracking device you’ve stored in your child’s backpack.

Unlimited tracking range:

Traveling can be a real hassle especially if you’re going abroad with lots of families. Imagine being able to keep a track of all of your possessions? All you would need is a reliable and cheap tracking device for your luggage. Coincidentally this tracking device from Spy Tec meets all of those requirements.

Not only that but these tracking devices offer unlimited tracking range. This feature is particularly helpful if you’ve lost luggage on a connecting flight. You might think to yourself that your priceless souvenirs are lost forever but never fear! These tracking devices from Spy Tech employ powerful GPS that can be tracked using satellite technology.

Long-lasting battery:

There might have been times when you were left tracking a stolen vehicle for months only for it to disappear. In such a situation a tracking device would have been incredibly useful. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief then you need to know this part.

This cheap tracking device from Spy Tec comes with a long-lasting battery making long searchers possible. The battery on this tracking device can last for up to two weeks easily. In such a time you will surely have found if not recovered your stolen vehicle.


  • This tracking device comes with a long-lasting battery
  • You can control this app remotely via an electronic device
  • This tracking device has an unlimited tracking range
  • It is sturdy and easy to use


  • The charging port within the tracker needs to be improved
  • It can be difficult to use on cell phones

GEGO Luggage tracker

Gone are the days when you worried about losing your luggage in a foreign country. This cheap tracking device from GEGO provides real-time tracking for your luggage. The app allows you to set boundaries within which your luggage can safely travel. This technology is TSA approved and easy to use.

gego cheap tracking device


  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Tracks your luggage in real-time via an app
  • Settings that create boundaries and send notifications
  • TSA-approved technology
  • 30 days of live tracking included

30 Days live tracking included:

GEGO luggage offers state-of-the-art technology that tracks your luggage more accurately than GPS. If you’re unsure about trying this service or fear it might be too expensive you can always avail the trial.

On top of a reliable, the GEGO offers you 30 days of live tracking for free! You can track the progress of your luggage on your flight in real-time via your phone. If you find the service satisfactory you can always renew the package. And if not, you can unsubscribe to the service as easily as you signed up.

GEGO keeps your convenience in mind by extending this trial period. The worst that can happen is that you decide not to continue.

Rechargeable battery:

The worst thing that can happen to your valuable luggage is for it to disappear without a trace. However, there is a way to make this nightmarish scenario even more frightening. For example, what if you thought ahead and installed a tracker? And what if this tracker stopped working before you even realize the luggage was missing?

In such a case you could use this cheap tracking device from GEGO. These luggage trackers are reliable and come with a powerful long-lasting battery. The best part is that these batteries are rechargeable.


  • This cheap tracking device comes with 30 days of free live tracking
  • It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • This tracking device comes with a 12-month warranty
  • TSA, FAA and IATA compliant technology that is safe to use


  • You need to be careful as it is susceptible to damage
  • The signals you get from the app are only as good as your internet connection


If you were looking for a powerful yet cheap tracking device then ABLEGRID GPS tracker came up with a perfect offer! This cheap tracking device is a result of years of research and innovation. You can use this tracker to create Geo-fences, track assets or keep an eye on your children. The powerful battery life makes it easy for you to keep tabs through your phone!

ablegrid cheap tracking device


  • Advanced 4G LTE tracker
  • Powerful 3400mAh rechargeable battery
  • Multiple settings and options
  • Controlled remotely via an app
  • A free global sim card


You can use the app on this cheap tracking device to create a Geo-fence around people or assets. What if I say using the app on this tracking device, you can create a perimeter within which the tracker should remain. Further, if the tracker starts to move out of the set perimeter you will be immediately notified.

You can create geofences for your child to make sure that they stay within safe spaces. As soon as they start heading towards danger you are immediately alerted on your phone. These settings can be adjusted and monitored on your phone via the app.

Powerful battery:

Even if you get the best cheap tracking device it would be useless if it runs out of power unexpectedly. The battery on this tracking device is designed intelligently to use power correctly.

If you want the tracking device to be fully operational then this battery will last for 15 consecutive days. On the other hand, if you only use the tracking device to receive a single notification per day then this battery can go on for 180 days.

Not only this but the battery will notify you and let you know that it needs to be recharged. The battery level indication is available to view on the app.

Impressive range:

Have you ever been frustrated by the limited range of electronic devices? Imagine having to walk circles in an airport luggage area just to get signals for your tracker?

Not only would that feel frustrating but also pointless. After all the whole reason you got a tracker was so you would never have to chase around your luggage again!

This cheap tracking device comes with an impressive range of 15 feet! The tracker will send you clear notifications as to location without you having to run around.


  • This tracking device features 4G LTE
  • The battery can last 180 days on standby mode
  • You can guard your assets using geo-fencing
  • This tracking device comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The body could be sturdier to make continuous use possible
  • The setup for the tracker can be a little tricky because of the sim card

LandAirSea Real-Time Tracker

When I talk about tough and cheap tracking devices that are great for personal safety, I mean LandAirSea trackers. This tracker is small and easily concealed as well as being sturdy. You wouldn’t have to worry about replacing your tracker after heavy rain due to the waterproof technology.

landairsea cheap tracking device


  • Compact design
  • Magnet mount
  • Waterproof design
  • Real-time tracking
  • Geo-fencing and historical playback

Compact design:

If you’re using a tracker for safety reasons and particularly personal safety reasons then you need it to be as small as possible. Luckily this cheap tracking device from LandAirSea is small and easy to conceal.

You can slip this into a pocket without worrying about attracting attention. Even if you attach it to your car the small size will help it go unnoticed. The convenient, compact design means that this device will remain safe from damage and detection.

Sturdy construction:

Another great feature of this cheap tracking device is that is sturdy and reliable. Don’t let the compact design fool you! This tracking device is constructed with long term use in mind.

On top of which this small, sturdy tracking device is also waterproof! You don’t have to worry about rain or a sudden impact with the water. This tracker will continue to operate and produce signals.


You can avail of the geo-fencing feature on this tracker to keep your loved one safe. If you need to ensure the safety of a child or an elderly family member then you can use this tracker. This cheap tracking device will help you set boundaries and notify you if a loved one moves past them.

The settings on this tracker will also report the exact location to help you track your child down. The app on this tracking device also provides historical playback.

You can use this feature to track down a lost toy for your wandering child by retracing their footsteps.


  • This tracking device comes in a compact shape
  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • This tracker comes with geo-fencing and historical playback
  • You can use this tracker to track anything in real-time


  • The magnetic mount needs to be more secure
  • Charge on the battery affects the tracking range

Tracki GPS tracker

Last but most certainly not least… The Tracki GPS tracker seems to syndicate all your needs. This tracking device is small and comes with convenient mounting inserts built-in. The Tracki cheap tracking device has an unlimited range when it comes to tracking.

tracki cheap tracking device


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight frame
  • Magnetic mount and Velcro straps
  • Unlimited tracking distance
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Small and safe:

Tracki is the name to beat if you’re looking for a reliable yet cheap tracking device. One of the worries we have when deciding on a tracking device is the size and weight. What if, you need a tracking device to keep a track of your cat or dog?

Would your beloved pet allow you to strap a big, bulky device around their collar? Of course not. This is where the tracking device from Tracki comes in. This cheap tracking device is not only strong but it is also small and lightweight. You can easily attach this tracking device on the back of your pet’s collar. Your cat still might not appreciate it but your dog won’t mind.

Multiple mounting options:

Another problem you might face once you’ve acquired the right tracking device is how to attach it? Should you tape it on the inside of your car? What if it falls off? Should you glue it to the inside of your child’s shoe? But that would uncomfortable wouldn’t it?

Thankfully this powerful cheap tracking device from Tracki comes with multiple mounting options. You can use the magnetic base to attach it to any metallic surface or you can use the Velcro straps to secure it. Either way, this tracking device is staying put where you place it!


  • This tracking device features a powerful changeable battery
  • You have multiple mounting options
  • The size is compact and carries little weight
  • This tracker has an unlimited tracking range
  • It comes with an emergency SOS button


  • The battery runs out quickly if you use for frequent check-ins
  • It is difficult to update the location via the app

In conclusion

To be honest there wasn’t a single product on this list that wouldn’t make for a great tracking gadget. However, the best and my personal favorite for the best cheap tracking device is the Spy Tech tracker.

This tracker has a long-lasting battery which I love! On top of which it offers unlimited range when it comes to tracking a person, a pet or an object. You can control settings for your tracker and monitor it easily via mobile. This way sudden panic attacks that make you want to call your baby’s school can be answered by constant alerts on your cellphone.

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