Indoor Air Purifier Buying Guide and Reviews

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for the best indoor air purifier either for your home or office. This post will provide you with all the information on the best indoor air purifier for your vicinity. First, you will read the best indoor air purifier reviews. Later on, I will shed some light on what features you need to consider before buying this product.

In each of these reviews, I have highlighted the primary features of each of the products for your convenience. Some of these features will attract you more than others. With these features, you can also narrow down your options according to your preferences.

Best affordable


Three fan speeds available

HEPA and Charcoal filter

UV-C Technology

Perfect for medium-sized rooms

Best value for money


Four-stage filtration

Three fan speeds

Airflow and Eco Mode

The fan is producing some grinding noise 


So without any further a due lets’ start with the reviews!

AC4825 by GermGuardianBest Affordable

The GermGuardian manufactured an effective air purifier for the small rooms at an affordable price. This indoor purifier helps to purify the pollutants level of indoor air. Furthermore, this indoor air purifier is ideal for those who are suffering from any dust allergy. It also helps to improve the quality of air in your indoor for breathing.

germ guardian indoor air purifier


  • AHAM verified
  • HEPA and Charcoal filter
  • Three fan speeds available
  • UV-C light technology
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Genius Guardian Technology
  • Perfect for 167 square feet room
  • Certified for energy star

HEPA and Charcoal Filter

HEPA filtration technology is very effective and affordable for everyone now a day. It is a physical method that relies on momentum for capturing the numerous sized particles at high speed. It captures 99.97% microscopic particles of dust as well as allergens.

The three sized microns also captured such as pet dander, plant pollens, household dust, and mold spores by this indoor air purifier that creates breathing problems. The charcoal filter also helps to decreases the ordinary odors from pets, cooking, and smoking.

UV-C Technology

GermGuardian indoor air purifier uses UV-C light technology that works with Titanium Dioxide. The main purpose of using this technology is that it helps t decrease the airborne bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold spores. These pollutant particles are causes multiple health issues. Therefore, it kills the microns bacteria and viruses to make your home a sterilized and presents healthy living space.

The UV is a kind of light and a powerful form of radiation that assists to kill compound microorganisms. Another benefit of using this kind of emission of light in an indoor air purifier is that it is not harmless to human beings.

AHAM Verified

In this indoor air purifier, the CADR of air cleaners is separately tested for checking the ability to eliminate pollen, tobacco smoke, mold, and dust particles. This is ideal for the 167 square feet room because it is 22-inch lightweight a tower that also has an indicator to change the filter. It presents three fan speeds where a low speed also runs in the way of ultra-quiet. The higher the CADR means faster the unit filters the air.


  • There is only one filter that is needed to replace after 6 to 8 months, but it depends on the usage of indoor air purifier
  • The charcoal filter helps to reduce the ordinary odor from cooking, pets, and smoking
  • This helps to remove the airborne particles such as bacteria, pollen, dust mites, smoke, mold, and pet dander
  • The durability and performance of this GermGuardian air purifier is meet the highest criteria and satisfy customers because this unit is constantly tested
  • This 22-inch tower indoor air purifier is ideal for the medium sized room that is worked on guardian technologies for feeling refreshed, relaxed, and renewed


  • The quality of its inner part isn’t so good because it emits an electrical burning odor

AP-1512HH by CowayBest Value for money

The Coway air purifier is perfect for an apartment, living room, and midsized spaces. The sleek design of this town unit uses innovative multi-stage filtration along with HEPA filter. This Coway indoor air purifier is fully featured with multiple modes of airflow, a helpful timer, an indicator for a filter change, and airflow control. The main goal of the Coway is to give appealing air purifier unit with powerful performance. The user interface is very simple for enhancing your lifestyle and general living standards.

coway indoor air purifier


  • Airflow and Eco mode
  • Four-stage filtration
  • Vital ionizer system
  • Three fan speeds
  • Schedule the operation
  • HEPA filter

Four-stage Filtration

This Coway indoor air purifier is a combination of four filters such as odor filter, true HEPA filter, pre-filter, and bipolar ionizer. These compound filters work collectively and help to reduce levels of pollutants from air and odors related to airborne.

The vital ionizer system is a part of the four-stage filtration process where the bipolar ionizer produces an electrochemical reaction. These electrochemical reactions help to decrease the particles in the air.

Airflow and Eco Mode

There are three fan speeds available in this indoor air purifier. By using these, you are able to adjust and control the output of air. This is based on your unique air purification needs. This unit frequently indicates the air quality that senses the air particles indoor. The Eco mode helps to make this unit tremendously energy efficient.

If the dust particles are less then low fan can capture these particles whereas if the number of dust particles is higher than a high-speed fan is recommended. In real-time, a pollution sensor helps to communicate with indoor air quality in this indoor air purifier. The colored LED to let the user know about how dirt and clean the air of your home is every minute of the day.

HEPA filter

The HEPA filter capture microscopic particles of dust such as pet dander, plant pollens, household dust, and mold spores. The odor filter assists to absorb the common odors such as odor from smoking, pets, and cooking. This unit presents a fresh and clean home.

Additionally, a filter replacement indicator gives alerts you that let you know to change the filter. You can also schedule the indoor air purifier operations according to your usage of the unit.


  • It comes with special features that make it the best value for money. These include auto mode, eco mode, and air quality indicator
  • This indoor air purifier is best for the midsized room that covers almost 361 square feet
  • There is an option to schedule the timing for operating this unit for as long as your requirements
  • The four-stage filtration process reduces levels of pollutants from air and odors related to airborne.
  • An air quality indicator indicates the user how dirt and clean is your indoor air by colored LED


  • The fan producing some grinding noise
  • The construction quality of this AP-1512HH indoor air purifier by Coway is awful

Air Purifier by IQAirBest Premium

The IQAir manufactured the best premium indoor air purifier with the total efficient system. This proven medical-grade filter helps to halt the smallest or tiny particles that are smaller than a virus. It has powerful filters that can cover a room size about 1125 square feet. It is equipped with an innovative fan that has a maintenance-free motor. The motor delivers up to 780-cfm, consumes only 27 watts at the lowest speed and high-speed fan used 215 watts.

IQAir indoor air purifier


  • EvenFlow Diffuser
  • Triple-Seal technology
  • Innovative fan
  • Sophisticated control
  • HyperHEPA filtration technology

Triple-Seal Technology

The IQAir uses triple-Seal technology that assists you to eliminate air leakage. The filter media is sealed into the filter frame. There is also 3D UltraSeal methodology used to seal the frame of the filter to the housing. The sealed methodology makes the seals to airtight. It also patented EvenFlow Diffuser that presents no noisy air outlet, no irritating draft, and deliver air at 3220-degree. This unit works quietly and distributes the air in all directions evenly.

HyperHEPA Filtration Technology

The IQAir manufactured indoor air purifier using the HyperHEPA filtration technology. This technology helps to stop ultrafine particles that are smaller than a virus. The filters are frequently tested that verify this filtration process to stop 99.5% ultrafine particles, viruses, and bacteria.

Furthermore, the ultrafine particles are numerous, smallest and harmful tiny particles in the air that are comprised of airborne particles. These particles simply enter in the lung tissues and cause organ damage. These particles are also linked to asthma, stroke, cancer, and even heart attacks.

Sophisticated Control

This indoor air purifier is fully featured with controls. The control features comprise with monitoring of filter-life, programmable option for performing operations, and a light indicator that indicates the filter change needs.


  • It is equipped with an advanced motor fan that does not require any maintenance.
  • The HyperHEPA technology captured the particles down to 0.003 microns that provide you with a healthy environment to live in your home
  • This fully featured indoor air purifier is the best premium because it delivers a completely efficient system
  • The HyperHEPA filtration process helps to stop 99.5% ultrafine particles, viruses, and bacteria as well
  • There is a colored light indicator that indicates the time for change the filter and HyperHEPA filter need to change after 3 to 4 years


  • The IQAir purifier emits a strong chemical odor that reason respiratory distress

Buying Guide

There is a huge list of brands that have manufactured indoor air purifiers. You must understand what you want from your purifier. Only consider those features before purchasing to avoid overspending. It will also enable you to avoid some performance and usability issues later on.

First of all, you need to consider various types of indoor air purifiers.

Types of Indoor Air Purifiers

There are four different types of indoor air purifiers. These are briefly described as follows:

  • HEPA Filtration

This filtration system type is the gold standard in indoor air purification. It involves a highly dense filter paper. This paper can trap airborne contaminants with a good effect. You need to trust and buy those indoor air purifiers that come with HEPA certification. There will be a label saying True HEPA Filter. It will be certified to get rid of 99.97% of microscopic contaminants with ease. However, you do need to replace these filters frequently. This filtration system can remove particles of 0.3 microns.

  • Ionic Filtration

This air cleaning technology works by releasing a cloud of ions (charged) within the air. This cloud is capable to latch onto the airborne contaminants. These particles then fall onto the nearby surfaces and floor. Some of these indoor air purifiers come with an electrostatic plate for the collection of these particles. This filtrations system can conveniently remove particles of up to 0.01 microns.

  • Carbon Filtration

In this filtration system, the manufacturers use a specific carbon-activated filter. It contains numerous tiny pores that are capable to absorb. These pores make a large surface and can trap odors, fumes, and gases. This filter is not an ideal option for eradicating particles that are injurious for health. In fact, it is more suitable for eliminating the particles that cause smells.

  • UV filtration

This technology uses an invisible light to attract various pollutants. There is no physical filter involved in this technology. The light is present within the air purifier and is not released in the room. These filtration systems have a UV-C band of ultraviolet. However, this band is not harmful to humans. This light destroys the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses and keeps the air clean for you to breathe.

indoor air purifier3

CADR & ACH Rating

When you want to purchase an indoor air purifier there are some important ratings that you need to consider. These include ACH and CADR ratings. The ACH means Air Changes per Hour. It tells you that how many times an indoor air purifier can exchange the air in your room with the fresh air outside in an hour. The common ACH ratings for an indoor air purifier include 6x or 4x etc.

On the other hand, CADR means Clean Air Delivery Rate. It tells you how well their indoor air purifier can clean the air in a specific sized room. This rating enables you to objectively compare the performance of various devices. It enables you to pick the right device for your room. You can do so according to the performance capability of the device and the size of the room it can purify.

Choosing the right size

Another aspect that you must consider before buying an indoor air purifier is the size of it. It will enable you to understand what type and capacity of a purifier will work best for your vicinity. Most people are off the view that this machine is a one-size-fits-all kind. However, you need to find the right size if you want the best performance from your purifier.

You must look for rate square footage rating of the purifier you are considering to buy. You can also compare it to the size of your room too. If your option has a rating that is either greater than or equal to your room size, then don’t hesitate to buy it.

You can calculate the square footage of your room by multiplying the length and width of your room. For example, if your room is 200 square feet then you will need a filter that will work for this square footage or more. Anything less will not be sufficient.

Considerations for placement

If you have an indoor air purifier with Carbon or HEPA filter technology then place in the open. There should be no wall or furniture near it. Its fan will replace the clean and fresh air from the outside. You don’t want to break this stream for excellent performance. On the other hand, the ionic filtration purifiers don’t use a fan because they emit ions. These systems work the best when you place in the center of your room.

indoor air purifier4

Additional features

There are some extra features that you need to consider. These include:

  • Digital Controls

The digital controls enable the users to adjust settings with more accuracy when it comes to air quality. These are a far better option as compared to the conventional controls.

  • Pre-filter

Such a filter can capture a large number of particles and it can also extend the life of the filters. You can wash these pre-filters and reuse them according to your needs and requirements.

  • Indicators for filter replacement

These indicators can alert you when to replace the filters when they wear out. The lights will turn on when the filter is too much clogged with various pollutants. These indicators will enable you to keep your purifier properly maintained at all times.

  • Timer

A programmable timer can automatically shut itself off after a specific time. You can set this time according to your needs. It will enable you to save energy and electricity cost particularly when you are not at home.

indoor air purifier5

  • Handles and casters

A carrying handle will enable you to carry and transport your purifier to wherever you want. You can easily move it from one place to another without any issue. Casters also provide you with the same convenience of mobility.

  • Nightlight

With this nightlight, you can easily locate your purifier at night or in the dark. In this case, it is an ideal option for a bedroom or even a living place.

  • Remote control and mobile app

The remote control will enable you to control the device from a distance. On the other hand, a mobile app will enable you to control it even when you are not at home. With the app, you will also be able to get data on the air quality of your room.

indoor air purifier6


There are various options that you can consider when buying an indoor air purifier. You can either go for a premium quality indoor air purifier or an affordable one. The important thing to keep in mind is to understand what you want from your air purifier.

You must buy a suitable machine for your space. If a machine is designed for a small room it will not work properly in the large room. You must also have a close look at the technologies that you can choose. A filter for eradicating odors and smells won’t filter dust particles. Similarly, a room that is not exposed to too much dust or dirt doesn’t need dust or dirt filtration.

Hope you have found this write up informative and interesting. For any questions or suggestions, you can reach out to us by dropping your comment in the section below.

Breathe Clean, Stay Healthy!

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