5 Best Kids Wireless Headphones

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the type of headphones they use. Others may prefer wired headphones as they supposedly produce better sound quality compared to wireless headphones. So what the factors make kids wireless headphones stand out?

Safety and ease of handling

The fact that these headphones do not have wires makes them very easy to handle. Headphones are not exposed to rolls that would probably damage them. This makes them very easy to use for kids even around pets. The wires also risk strangling the kids.


Wireless headphones come in handy when you need to use both of your hands, you can cook, pick calls and even do your chores. They are your perfect multitasking companion.

Optimized power usage

Wireless headphones do not use as much power as most people think to reduce the number of times you need to charge them.

Types of wireless headphones

RF headphones

These headphones utilize simple predisposed channels that allow the owner to enjoy their music without interruptions and also have improved sound quality.

Bluetooth wireless headphones

These headphones are very common in the market and their quality is slightly lower compared to RF headphones. Their function is easily affected by Bluetooth devices that are within the headphone’s range. They are much cheaper than RFs.

Multichannel headphones

The headphones are packed with multiple channels and you can switch between channels as per your preference. You can jam through playlists easily as there is no interference.

Our Pick 

Puro Sound Labs

A volume governor to protect eardrums of young kids

Adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups 

Long battery life




Safe volume range for kids

You can connect multiple headphones to one device

Comes with shared port

Shorter battery life compared with some other headphones


Below is a review of kid’s wireless headphones detailing their pros and cons as well as specifications.

Puro Sound Labs Premium Kids wireless HeadphonesOur Pick

Key product features

  • Long battery life
  • Aluminum construction
  • Microphone

puro kids wireless headphones

Products design and features

Volume governing limits

Listening to loud music for a prolonged time has been to cause hearing loss among humans. You do not want to expose your children to such risks and therefore getting them a good pair of kids wireless headphones will go a long way in protecting the well-being of their ears.

Puro sound labs kids wireless headphones come with a healthy ears protection feature that prevents any possible ear damage to your kid’s eardrums and the ears generally. There are preset decibels below which sound cannot cause not any harmful effect on kids ears. Manufacturers have incorporated this into their products and Puro developers have not lagged behind. The set limit for damage-free decibels is at 85, anything below that is okay for your kid’s ears while anything that exceeds that would have serious consequences such as complete hearing loss.

Sound enhancement

Your kids want to enjoy their music or playlists as much as you do. Puro Sounds have incorporated this crucial feature into their kids wireless headphones. The headphones have Puro balanced response that is studio-grade. This feature is enhanced through 40mm of custom-built dynamic drivers that deliver beautiful sounds to your kid’s eardrums.

The headphones have the ability to create ultimate quality sound ever heard from any headphones.

Long battery life

Charging your headphones over and over is a bit hectic and this means you do not get to enjoy your music as much as you would want. How about of pair of kids wireless headphones that allow you to listen to music for up to 18 hours straight with draining the battery or compromising the sound quality? Puro sound labs kids wireless headphones are built with long life batteries that reduce the number of hours you need to be next to a power supply. The headphones also come with 200 hours of non-use standby charge.

puro kids wireless headphones

Comfortable and lightweight

Puro sound labs kids wireless headphones are constructed from lightweight material. You do not want your kids to feel like they are carrying a whole load on their heads. The headphones are made from aluminum that has low density but is still long-lasting. Instead of using plastic, Puro manufacturers opted for aluminum for the ear-cups and the head banding which also increases the durability of the headphones. The cushion design around the ear area on the headphones has a background noise blocking feature. The cushion also offers comfort around the ears as well as 82% attenuation of 1 KHz sounds. Attenuation refers to the ability of headphones to isolate ambient noise creating a noise-free environment.


  • Sound attenuation feature
  • Variety of colors
  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Do not damage ears


  • Has an awful factory aluminum smell

Lilgadgets Untangled Pro Premium HeadphonesRunner-up

Key product features

  • Has a shared port
  • Connects to multiple Bluetooth devices

lilgadgets kids wireless headphones

Product design and features


These kids wireless headphones are made of very high-quality stainless steel as well as polycarbonate that is fitted with fabric to guarantee comfort to your children when they use the headphones. The size of the headphones is designed for kids of above 4 years and therefore toddlers and other younger children cannot use them.

Compatibility and comfort

Lilgadgets untangled pro is compatible with most devices such as iPad, car DVD players or iPhone. The key feature of the kids wireless headphones is the share port feature that is not available on other devices or rather headphones on the market. The ear paddings and the headband are made of a ‘soft touch’ that has a breathable feature and mesh material finish to add to the comfort of your children. Most brands available in the market have poor quality ear pads that easily fall off making the headphones useless; Lilgadgets have engineered the pads to ensure they remain in place no matter what.

Quality assurance

Lilgadgets untangled pro is designed and developed with the knowledge of the final user in mind. To ensure the product is durable and the quality of the final product is optimal and meets the user requirement, the kids wireless headphones are tested on children of all ages to assess their style, preference among kids and the overall comfort when using them.

This, therefore, ensures every headphone offers you a 100% Lilgadgets satisfaction for the appeal, sound quality and feel of the product. Once you make a purchase and you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can always reach the customer support.

The battery in the headphones lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use. If you are not using the headphones, they have standby power of up to 180 hours.


  • Comes with a shared port
  • Connects to multiple Bluetooth devices
  • Upon purchase, you will receive a microfiber travel pouch for storing you head hones
  • Long lasting


  • Short battery life

BuddyPhones WAVE Wireless headphones

Key product features

  • Safe volume range for kids
  • Foldable
  • 14 hours of battery life
  • Audio sharing using a cable

buddyphones kids wireless headphones

Product design and features

BuddyPhones are kids wireless headphones that are designed and built with your child in mind. They are made for children within the age of three years and above but could also be used for toddlers.

Comfortable and Safe for listening

BuddyPhones are very safe for your children’s ears as they do not exceed the recommended decibels. This feature is supported by the volume limiting control in the kids wireless headphones that guarantee your kids protection from any harmful sounds. You can also adjust the volume depending on where the kid is listening from or the age of the child. The recommended set volume limits for toddlers is 75 decibels and nothing beyond this while for kids, it is recommended that the volume is set at 85 decibels.

If you are in a noisy environment like in an airplane, it is recommended that you set the volume at 94 decibels. The volume limit control also features a sound mode that uses modern technology to maximize the clarity of the coals in the content while improving speech at the maximum decibels which is 98 db. These limits ensure that your children enjoy their favorite playlists at all times and at any place without damaging their delicate eardrums. The headphones have a cushion that is allergy free and are soft to the feel.

buddyphones kids wireless headphones

Long Battery life, durability, and connectivity

The inbuilt battery in the kids wireless headphones form BuddyPhones allows you to continuously listen to music for up to 14 hours which equates to 6 days. This is if you use the headphones for an average of 2 to 3 hours a day. This feature is especially handy if you are traveling long distances with the kids. In case you are traveling, the headphones are foldable and come with a packaging bag.

BuddyPhones are also compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as iPad, iPhone and if you are traveling, car DVD players. The pair also has a gold-plated 3.5mm cable allowing many children to use one piece at one time (up to four children).


  • Comes with a 2-year purchase warranty
  • Long lasting
  • Has a safe hearing mode with volume control limits.


  • Has a shorter battery life compared to the Puros sound lab kids wireless headphones

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Key product features

  • Foldable headphones
  • Built-in mic and wired mode
  • Compatible with PC, smartphones, and TV

mpow kids wireless headphones

Product design and features


If you are looking for a pair of kids wireless headphones with a stylish finish, then the Mpow 059 headphones are something you need to think about. Each detail on these headphones will impress you. The ear padding or cushion gives a comfortable feel as it is made from memory protein that feels very similar to actual human skin guaranteeing you comfort anytime your kids use the headphones.

The headphones sides are made of stainless steel finish with a padded headband. These two features ensure that the kids wireless headphones fit on your child’s head effortlessly and the quality materials used to ensure the headphones last long enough before you think about buying another pair of kids wireless headphones.


Mpow 59 kids wireless headphones operate solely in Bluetooth mode. No cords or cables can be used on the headphones unless during charging. This is the same case for the microphone which is built into the headphones. Unlike other cheap headphones that have a hard time connecting to other blue tooth devices, Mpow 059 effortlessly connects to any devices you want them to. These devices may include smartphones, tablets, your personal computer or even the television set. The Bluetooth devices must be within a range of 33 ft. from the Bluetooth headphones.

In case you want to receive calls; the Bluetooth headphones have an inbuilt microphone allow you to make hands free calls and you can be doing other things in the meantime, call it multitasking.

Fold you kids wireless headphones nicely and store them in a carrier bag if you are traveling and you are not using them. This protects the headphones and also saves up on the space that is used by stretched out headphones.

It is recommended that:

  • You take off the headphones after every 1- 3 hours of continuous listening to relax your ears as the headphones may feel a bit too tight(which normally prevents sound leakage).
  • You can consider other options available as the headphones do not offer Active Noise Cancellation meaning that noise is not canceled out completely but the sound quality is still excellent.


  • Stylish design packed with comfort and excellent sound
  • Inbuilt mic
  • Enjoy hands-free calls


  • Does not cancel out external noise completely

Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones

Key product features

  • LED light up
  • Volume control
  • Foldable

riwbox kids wireless headphones

Product design and features

Another beautiful pair of kids wireless headphones is designed and developed by Riwbox under the brand name Riwbox WT-7S. Kids love pomp and color and these headphones are just that: pomp and color. Riwbox WT-7S headphones are foldable thus they are very easy to carry around and also save up on storage space. The outer part of the ear cushions or ear pads on both sides is finished with LED Lighting ranging from blue, green, and red colors. The beautiful LED colors flash top to bottom according to the frequency of the music you are listening to. The LED lights can be turned off to save on battery to help you enjoy your music for longer.

Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth headphones support Bluetooth version of 4.0. Once you link it up to the Bluetooth music source you can save it for future or the next time you are listening. It will automatically connect and you will receive a connection status on your phone.

Whether you are listening on wired or wireless modes, you can control the music using the switches placed on the headphone sides. The functions include ‘go to next song’, ‘go back to the previous song’ and ‘volume up or down’. Enjoy your music long after the battery runs out by plugging in the Riwbox D1 audio cable which also enables you to make calls as well as support Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, your tablet, personal computer and other audio devices that have a Bluetooth feature.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Save your devices for next use
  • Multifunction features


  • Shorter battery life and standby feature compared to other wireless headphones


Kids wireless headphones are designed to protect your kid’s ears as they enjoy their music. Puro’s sound labs premium kids wireless headphones are packed with a wide range of features that will ensure your kid enjoys their music in the most comfortable way at the optimal sound quality. All this is achieved by the Puros sound labs without damaging your kid’s ears as the headphones have a volume limiting feature.

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