Large WiFi Photo Frame Buying Guide and Reviews

Photo frames have always been around to make the house look more cozy and beautiful. They are a great piece of decoration as well as a great way to revive memories all the time. A step to these frames is the WiFi photo frame which was first made in the 1990’s.

It did not seem to gain a lot of popularity back then, but today, it is hype. It holds features to make your house more stylish while saving your memories within it. There are so many options on the market and we understand your confusion. This is the reason why our article is dedicated to helping you get the large WiFi photo frame with all the best features.

Our article also holds a short buying guide which is made to remove any prevailing confusions that might be in your mind. Stick around until the end to see which one is the best according to our experts and many other users.

Our Pick 


Hu-Motion sensor

Portable memory included

Comes with remote control

Stereo speakers

No option to connect it with the Bluetooth



LED-backlit display

Sleep mode

Extendable storage

It cannot connect via Bluetooth

There is no motion sensor system


NIX advance FrameOur Pick

The NIX advance WiFi photo frame excels in its technology and allows you to have a better experience. It offers several functions including the clock and calendar function. You cannot only save the pictures; you can also make them timelier by saving the date with the picture.

NIX wifi photo frame


  • Hu-Motion sensor
  • Video and images supportive
  • Portable memory included
  • 1920 x 1080 high-resolution display
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Stereo speakers

Video and images supportive

One of the features usually lack in these types of frames is that they do not support video files. The NIX advance frame is suitable to play mix JPEG photos along with MPEG-4 videos. The video and the picture can be in the same slideshow without a problem. You can shuffle or have it in the order of your preference. This feature allows users to have more options for having things to display in their frame. It also allows users to enjoy adding GIFS to the display to make it even richer than what other frames offer.

Hu-motion sensor

Of course, WiFi frames run on electricity so consuming electricity can mean higher bills. Yes, it is reasonable to turn it off when there is no one in the room but it is very chaotic. The Hu- motion sensor on this device allows the frame to be switched on as soon as someone enters the room and can switch off when there is no one in the room. This feature saves the chaos of turning it on and off again and again. It also saves electricity by a huge percentage. Your frame will also never be overworked.

Portable memory

With this WiFi photo frame, you do not have to worry about memory at all. Of course, in other frames, there is a limited memory. But this WiFi photo frame comes with various forms of extendable memory. It comes with an 8 GB portable drive which can be filled with pictures. Other forms of connectivity can also be added like USB and micro SD cards.


  • There is plenty of extendable memory in this device
  • Motion sensor allows electricity saving
  • High-resolution screen
  • Stereo speakers added


  • This frame cannot be connected to social media servers
  • There is no option to connect it with a Bluetooth system

Nixplay original WiFi photo frame

The Nixplay original WiFi photo frames are a great addition to any household. It works better than many of its competitors in the market. This frame has multimedia options to look unique in your house. These WiFi photo frames can be connected to your social media and you can access all your pictures from any social media and make a customized playlist for yourself. There can be up to 5 accounts that you can sink your frame too.

nixplay wifi photo frame


  • Can be synced to different accounts
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Sleep mode
  • Extendable storage
  • Video playback
  • LED-backlit display
  • Wall mounting

Video playback

Most WiFi photo frames only support photos. The playlist can be disturbed because of the different photos and the lack of video playback. This photo frame has the option to support video media for a more versatile approach. The video can be added to the slideshow and is presented naturally without any problems. To ensure that the video is played with sounds, there are speakers on this device too. Just like the pictures, the video can be uploaded from any social media account and played on the screen in high resolution.

Sleep mode

The frames look great in houses but people might opt out of these because of electricity bills. However, with this photo frame, you get the option to put the frame on a sleep mode. The sleep mode is an automatic timer that allows the frame to be turned on and off according to the programmed time. This feature allows the frame to be turned on and off at specific times and eventually helps in saving the bills.

Extendable storage

The connectivity offered by this frame is exceptional. There are so many options to import pictures and display them in style. You have the option to sync up to 10 frames and add style to your pictures. There are about 10 GB of memory in this device, but you can connect externally to increase it. Connectivity of external memory includes plugging in USBs or even different SD cards.


  • The screen is bright LED backlit yet it is anti-glare so that it can be visible from all angles
  • There is an automatic timer to save electricity that is connected through your phone
  • The frame allows extendable memory while having about 10 GB of its own
  • It can be mounted on the wall


  • It cannot connect via Bluetooth
  • There is no motion sensor system in this frame

SSA Big advertising Player WiFi photo frame

The technological front of SSA WiFi photo frames allows users to have a better option of those traditional frames in their house. One of the greatest things about this frame is that it has an inbuilt mp3 player which makes it suitable to play music as well. The playback system also allows you to play videos with music in their backdrop.

SSA wifi photo frame


  • Mp3 player playback
  • Motion sensor
  • High-resolution screen
  • Inbuilt clock and calendar
  • Extendable storage
  • Video supportive
  • Remote control

High-resolution screen

One common problem in regular WiFi photo frames is the screen resolution that can ruin the pictures. No matter what quality your pictures have, they can be ruined when the resolution is low. Pictures tend to lose their essence when they are pixilated and may show a bad impression of your house too. The large screen for this WiFi photo frame is the latest LCD screen. The resolution is about 1920 x 1080 which is extremely high and ensures that your pictures are not ruined. Your pictures will stay in their original quality.

Video supportive

Another great feature is the ability to play videos. Videos are an essential part of photography and they include some of the best moments to be captured and shared. Without them, this photo frame may look very incomplete. This photo frame can play videos along with playback for the complete look. Additionally, unlike many other photo frames that play videos, this frame is not entitled to one media format only. It can support different versions of MPEG for you to enjoy.

Extendable storage

A WiFi photo frame needs to have a good memory. Digital pictures these days are very high in quality which is why they take up a lot of space too. Having WiFi photo frames does not mean that there is unlimited space; there is a limit here too. To help you with this problem, this photo frame has an extendable memory. The memory can be extended through USB or even a memory card. In fact, this frame comes with a memory stick of about 16 GB which will cater to a lot of your needs and you can extend if you want more space.


  • The memory can be extended
  • There is playback in MP3 option
  • Supports video playing
  • Motion sensor


  • Cannot be connected to social media
  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity

Andoer WiFi photo frame

The Andoer offers great widescreen WiFi photo frames that can be set anywhere around the house for the best possible display of your photos. It can display pictures as well as videos which can be found in only a few frames like these. The large screen allows you to display long and short videos without a problem. The screen can act as a crowded display when a certain type of home movie needs to be played or any other possible reason.

Andoer wifi photo frame


  • Video supportive
  • HDMI and USB connectivity options
  • Inbuilt clock and calendar
  • Extendable memory
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Can support captions
  • Mp3 playback supported
  • Stable stand
  • Runs with a remote control

HDMI & USB connectivity options

One of the most important features in any WiFi photo frames is the connectivity. There are several sorts of connectivity options that make displaying an easier task and efficient. Many frames do not have proper connectivity ports other than the basic. However, with this frame, you have USB and HDMI ports to connect your desired device to the system. There is also a memory card port which makes the system more efficient. With the different connectivity options, the memory is almost unlimited.

Runs with a remote control

One feature that most WiFi photo frames need and don’t have is a remote control. Once the frame is on, it works like a sort of a DVD player and needs to be managed. Imagine showing your guests pictures and when they want you to revert to a picture you have to tell them to wait for the slideshow to restart. To make things more convenient, this frame has a remote control which is so that you have all the control in the world with this frame.

Stable stand

You’ll feel bothered about the mounting feature because not all frames come with the stable stand. Wall mounting can be good but not if you have a cranky landlord that just does not want new brackets on his wall again and again. This photo frame has a stable stand that allows you to set is on a flat surface with major support.


  • Video and audio playback available
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • Remote control to run this
  • Clock and calendar is inbuilt


  • There is no option of wall mounting
  • The resolution is quite low

Buying Guide

Choosing the right WiFi photo frame is not an easy task. Just like other technical items, this item also has confusing features. You may wonder what is important and what is just to make more money. The answer is written below.


One of the most important things in the large WiFi photo frames is the resolution of the screen. The screen resolution is the number of pixels that the screen is willing to display. The higher the number is, the more the quality will be better. For a large WiFi photo frame, it is important to get a higher number of resolutions. Usually, 800 x 600 would be enough, but in this case, you need to go in at least four digits.

Similarly, it is important that ration is also set to widescreen ration which is about 16:9.


Storage is a rather lengthy process for the WiFi photo frame. There are many kinds of storage that are available and the following are a few in brief.

  • Internal storage:

Internal storage is an important part. Although you will not save your photos here it needs to be at least 512 MB. The reason is that internal storage saves things like the operating system and the cache.

  • Extendable storage:

Almost every (besides a few) WiFi Photo frames have an extendable storage. You can connect a memory card or even a USB to the system to ensure that you get more memory and you can display your pictures.

  • Connectivity:

Connectivity is another way to add storage. In this way, the storage will not be in small storage sticks but your laptop can directly be connected.

WIFI services

Large WiFi photo frames are made with the connectivity of WiFi which is very important. Through WiFi, you can connect to your social media or even email and import pictures from there. You can also download pictures from sharing sites for more convenience. However, make sure your WiFi photo frame has applications to help you sign into these websites.


Since WiFi photo frames are digital, they need to run on some sort of power. This power can be battery or by plugging in. if you choose the option of battery, make sure you pick something with at least 4 or 5 hours for the best result.

Additional features

The following are a few additional features that are worth mentioning if you have a heavier budget.

  • Remote control:

The remote runs exactly like on a television and would help you control your slideshow. The remote can be more important than you think.

  • Motion sensors:

Motion sensors are gaining popularity because of their ability to control the device when a person is in the room. They help in saving electricity without physically turning the device on and off.

  • Colorful frames:

WiFi photo frames are generally black or white. If you are someone that loves colors more, then you should go for the ones that have frame options.

  • Other forms of connectivity:

Besides WiFi, WiFi photo frames can have other forms of connectivity as well. These forms include Bluetooth, infrared, iCloud, or any other that helps connect to other devices.


After reading this article, even if you did not have the mind to buy a large WiFi photo frame, you probably have it now. These frames are an amazing addition to any house or apartment.  For us, the best one is the NIX advance Frame. It has so many features to not only make it the best among its competitors but also to ensure that your experience in WiFi photo frames is more enhanced than ever.

Perhaps the show stopper feature in it is the motion sensor that helps save a lot of electricity. It turns on as soon as there is a person in the room and if the room is empty, it turns off too. We absolutely adore how it has extendable memory and a high-resolution screen as well. It can play movies too and honestly, we don’t know what else you would want in WiFi photo frames.

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