The Best Long Range Video Transmitter review (Hollyland Mars)

The primary driving force behind the popularity of long range video transmitter is the ability to get a completely different perspective of the landscape. You can have a sense of flight and a bird’s eye view of any landscape.

Adding a camera to an RC helicopter and airplane is not new, ease of control, low cost, and availability of modern drones have made altogether a different ball game.

Making the right choice out of hundreds of video transmitters is almost equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, I’m going to review the best long-range video transmitter for your convenience.

So let’s get going with the review first!

Hollyland Mars 400S [Official] Wireless SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver-400ft Long Range 0.1s Low Latency, for Videographer Photographer Filmmaker Cinematographer
  • 【MULTIPLE PLATFORMS MONITORING】: Support 1 transmitter with 2 receivers, or 1 transmitter + 1 receiver+ 4 iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. The transmission range is up to 400ft.
  • 【SDI&HDMI&OLED DISPLAY SCREEN】: Support both SDI&HDMI on the transmitter and the receiver. Be different from Mars 300, The Mars 400S has creative OLED screen, so you can check out all device status and control the system with displayed information on the screen.
  • 【DUAL POWER SUPPLY OPTIONS】: Support 12V DC power supply and NPF series of batteries. The system also comes with a low-battery warning indicator.
  • 【CHANNEL SCAN & EASY TO UPGRADE】:Automatically scan the current environment to identify channels with or without USB firmware upgrade remotely on both the transmitter and the receiver.
  • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】: The Hollyland Mars 400S is mainly used in wedding ceremonies, adverting, short video, live broadcast and etc.. Supports high definition video transmission of 1080P 60Hz with a minimum delay of < 0.1s.

Hollyland Mars 400-S Transmitter and Receiver

Hollyland Mars 400-S transmission system uses an advanced image decoding, coding technology, plus wireless transmission 5G technologies. It can achieve a video transmission latency rate of less than 0.1s. Additionally, the distance of transmission is about 400 ft that is a long-range video transmitter in the line-of-sight situation. It also delivers 1080P 60Hz maximum resolution, enabling full HD or SDI video transmission.

hollyland mars Long Range video transmitter

Features List

  • OLED Display
  • HDMI & SDI interfaces
  • Twin power supply options
  • Long transmission range
  • App Platforms monitoring
  • Line-of-sight transmission
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Reliable metal case

OLED Display

The Holy Land 400S Mars comes with a creative OLED display. Now you can easily check out all the information on the screen. The basic information includes controlling the system and checking the status of the device. Apart from that, you can prioritize a video shooting over low latency, balance, or video quality between both.

HDMI & SDI Interface

Both receiver and transmitter have HDMI and SDI connections. This selection between two types of connection expands the options of compatibility. It is a wifi transmission system that supports a transmitter with a receiver or a transmitter along with two receivers.

App Platforms Monitoring

It supports more than four app connections when the transmitter is connected to one, or none receivers. You can connect 4 Android/iOS tablets and smartphones by using the Hollyland app.

Long Transmission Range

You’ll love the line-of-sight transmission that works superbly within 400 ft. transmission range. In open areas, the latency rate is less than 0.1s, which makes it a long-range video transmitter. You can use for advertising, live broadcast, wedding ceremonies, short videos, and much more.

Reliable Metal Case

The industrial case protects it from external damages. It cools down the system as well.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Hollyland Mars Video Transmitter and Receiver

It is an intelligent device that automatically scans the current situation to identify channels with & without interference. You can also remotely upgrade USB firmware on both the receiver and the transmitter. The low-battery indicator show when the battery gets low. A tiny cooling fan helps to keep the device cool but it produces noticeable noise while you are using it.


Compatible with both platforms like Android and iOS

Offers both SDI and HDMI devices connection

Support 400 ft. transmission range

Switch between scene modes during the shoot

A metal case to protect the device from external damages

Lightweight construction makes it portable and flexible


A cooling fan makes noise in operation

Buying Guide

With the increased use of the internet and social media, the need for more engaging content has brought us creating and transmitting live videos. As the demand grew, more and more manufacturers have entered this market, diluting it and bringing the prices down. Today, these devices and similar others are available at very cheap rates.

To make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the bargain, I have developed this brief buying guide for your assistance.

Transmission and input resolution

As there are different types of video transmitters available, when you are shooting on set, then the image quality is going to be important. So going for a low-resolution video transmission option is not a good choice here. Most of the pro video transmission systems can support 1080p 60HZ that works well for your video needs.

Do you also want to know the number of monitors that can transmit your video? For example, some devices can transmit a video signal to four different receivers at a time.

hollyland mars Long Range video transmitter4

Distance of transmission

Many manufacturers advertise their products’ transmission distance right in the product’s name. But you will need to dig a lot deeper than that to find the right numbers.

In most cases, the numbers are in the range of line-of-sight. Therefore, you need to look for a product and its line of sight distance to find out the distance of transmission it can cover.

Interferences and supported frequencies

Most of the wireless systems work in a 5GHz frequency band, and you don’t need a permit for this. But it can be slightly problematic because many other devices and appliances use the same frequency. Therefore, these devices also feature automatic frequency ranges. There are HDFS/non-DFS frequencies available, too, with such a system, a device will check whether there is some activity going with the current frequency or not.

hollyland mars Long Range video transmitter3

Redundancy and cross-conversion

If you are on a heavily loaded frequency, then you will need to make sure that your transmission gets through to the destination. Finding a clean wireless channel is one step, and getting redundancy of multiple points is another. You can do this by adding a remote management system to your network flow.

As most professional transmitters can transmit to multiple receivers at the same time, RMS systems can input signals for different receivers and switch them easily without a failover time.

Security and encryption

When working on a high budget project and working with highly sensitive media, then you will need encryption and security. With this technology, you can scramble your transmission until some decode it with the right key on the other end.

The key will be entered on the other end to receive the transmission, or the transmission will remain scrambled. It can save any sensitive information from hackers or prying eyes.

hollyland mars Long Range video transmitter2

Mounting options and power

You will be in a better position to have your access to your transmission when you have better battery options different transmitters from different manufacturers have different battery needs. But a separate or a spare battery back is always beneficial. Similarly, mounting will also make sure that your device remains safe as it is working, and there are no dangers of losing or falling on the ground.


Is there any delay in the transmission of these long-range video transmitters?

In most cases, the delay is going to be around 0.15 seconds if you are using 5G Wi-Fi. This delay will be significantly dependent on the Wi-Fi on the field.

For example, if the internet is crowded, there will be interference, and the performance will get affected. The delay in such a scenario will be longer. But you can also use the smart scanning of channels to find out the workable channels, and you can also choose less delay mode.

Is there any way I can use it with an app on my phone?

Yes, these video transmitters now support Android and iOS apps. You just need to download the app named “HollyView,” and all the instructions will be right there on the screen for you to follow.

How is Mars 400 different from Mars 300?

Both models are different in several ways. The primary ones are as follows.

  • Mars 300 doesn’t come with SDI, while Mars 400 has it.
  • Mars 300 doesn’t have app support, while Mars 400 has it.
  • There is no OLED screen on Mars 300, but Mars 400 has this screen.
  • Mars 400 doesn’t come with a loop out interface (TX), but Mars 300 does.
  • The line-of-sight of Mars 300 is 300ft, and that of Mars 400 is 400ft.


Out of so many different types of video transmitters, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. You need to understand the various features.

The Hollyland Mars 400-S Long Range Video Transmitter and Receiver is a top-quality long-range video transmitter because it is highly versatile in every aspect. It is equipped with the features that you can use with 5G technology for fast video transmission. There are some other options available as well from other brands, but this one proves to offer the best value for money.

Let me know what you think about this video transmitter by leaving your comments and suggestions in the section below!

Enjoy your workflow!

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