Looking for a smart bathroom scale? 6 Best Scales Reviewed

Having an idea of your body weight is one of the first moves to achieving optimal health. This is the same case for body fat percentages. Smart bathroom scale has been designed to help you not only monitor your weight but also your total body fat percentage and any other body composition that sum up to the total weight. Inaccuracies have also been addressed when it comes to measurement readings through the use of precision sensors. You are therefore able to track your weight and your food intakes enabling you to make changes where need be.

Smart bathroom scales will come in handy if you are on a healthy exercise program and you have a diet plan that contributes to weight loss and a healthier you. A good smart bathroom scale will help you stay in check by updating you on the progress so you that do not lose motivation and you can stay on track.

Below is a review of some of the available smart bathroom scales highlighting their key features as well as the pros and cons.

Our Pick 

Nokia Body +

Multiple users

Nutrition tracking

Full body check

Easy to set up



Multiple users

Easy set up


Hard to set up profiles


Nokia Body + -Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale Our Pick

Key product features

  • Smart app
  • Nutrition tracker

nokia smart bathroom scale

Product design and features

Nutrition and diet tracking

Nokia body smart bathroom scales are fitted with nutrition tracking features that help you monitor what you eat. The nutrition tracker in the scale will prompt you to set your desired weight goal and from there you can work toward it with the help of the scale. You can also manage your daily calorie budgets using the smart bathroom scale, it will monitor whether you are eating the right quantities and at the right times with a focus on your set weight.

Full body check

Health does not normally entail on the body weight that most of us tend to keep an eye on. Weight is a result of many factors and the Nokia body scale body composition Wi-Fi scale helps you keep track of all these factors. A full body composition analysis will involve measuring actual body weight which is a result of the percentage of water, lean mass, bone mass, total body fat percentage.

Smart app

Download the Health Mate app to your smartphone to help you keep track of health. Anytime you step on the scale, the weight reading is automatically reflected in the Health Mate app on your phone. During installation and set up of the smart bathroom scale, you will be required to sync the scale and the Health Mate app either via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. All the data is stored in the app allows you to check your history any time you want to. This is very helpful as it helps you major in the factors that contribute positively to your health progress and eliminate and reduce those that don’t keep you focused.

The app can also pair with other health tracking apps such as food tracker.

What is the weather today?

If you have synced the scale with your home Wi-Fi connection, the smart bathroom scale automatically provides you with weather forecast on a daily basis. This well helps you plan your day better.


  • Provides a weather forecast
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi
  • Multiple users
  • Nutrition tracking when linked to my fitness pal


  • The Health Mate app connects and loses connection with the scale

Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Runner-up

Key product features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Durable

renpho smart bathroom scale

Product design and features

Stylish design

Renpho Bluetooth body scale is a smart bathroom scale that boasts of a beautiful finish and a unique exterior that will fit perfectly into any home décor. This is a good scale for people who are very keen on style and decor and no matter where you place it, it will perfectly complement the area. The stepping area is made of tempered glass and strong plastic that also ensure the product lasts long after you but it.

The precision of the measurements

Inaccuracies in measurement from bathroom scales may mislead anyone in trying to watch over their health. Renpho manufacturers have taken care of this by adding 4 precision sensors and 4 electrodes that ensure the scale only picks up the correct measurements. Ensure that you step on all the sensor points when measuring your weight to obtain precise readings.

Renpho smart bathroom scale uses Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis to help individuals monitor their body compositions. The scale measures up to 9 body compositions including body fat, body weight, body mass index, water in the body, bone mass, your age, and skeletal muscles.


Connect the scale to your smart app via Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded from Google Play store or Apple store. Once you have downloaded the app, follow the guidelines on the user manual to finish the setup process. The app can be synced with other wellness and health apps that you may download to your smartphones such as Apple Health and Fitbit. To monitor individual health and progress, you can register each family member using their name, sex, weight, and height.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Multiple users each with their own profile
  • Full body composition measurements


  • Setting up the profiles is hectic

Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Bathroom Scale

Key product features

  • Syncs statistics
  • Bluetooth setup
  • Wi-Fi enabled

fitbit aria smart bathroom scale

Product description

If you are in the hunt for a smart bathroom scale that measures your body weight, Body Mass Index, the total percentage of fat in your body plus your total lean mass: you are probably looking for the Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi smart bathroom scale. Through a Wi-Fi connection, the scale synchronizes the stats mentioned with a Fitbit dashboard. It also syncs the statistics to your mobile application along with activity trackers from Fitbit. Compared to the original Aria, the new version of Aria 2 is built with higher accuracy, simple setup procedures and an improved display interface.

Product design and features

Multiple users at a time

You can register as many family members or other users (up to 8memebers) of the scale much easily with the Aria smart bathroom scale. The scale automatically recognizes teach individual through pre-assigned icons so that it does not mix your weight recordings with other users of the scale.

Stylish design

Aria 2 smart bathroom scales are finished with 0.3 inches of glass at the upper section and are available in various colors as well. Readings from the scale can be easily read through the LED display. The modern digital interface is unique for Aria 2 has it both icons for the users and when calculating, it displays a wavy logo. The scales notify you when the batteries need replacing, you will need to have AA batteries in your house as the scale is not charged using electricity. Only four batteries are required at a time.

Smart app

You can download the Fitbit App to your phone whether it is an Android or an iOS phone. The Fitbit app tailored for smart bathroom scales connects with the scale on Wi-Fi to enable you to monitor your goals. Set your target weight and monitor your progress from the App. You will also receive awards and badges as you move towards your goal. The awards and badges are issued on Fitbit feed which you can also share with your friends.

Food plans

Aria 2wifi smart bathroom scale gives the benefits of a nutritionist inside your home. You will able to create your own food plan by logging into the meals that you consume. The calories coaching feature allows you to monitor your intake calories versus the burnt calories.

Setting up

All smartphones come with a Bluetooth feature. Aria 2 smart bathroom scale is liked to your phone via Bluetooth, turn on your scale, switch on Bluetooth on your phone, pair the two devices, follow the startup guide and within a few minutes, you have completed the setup.


  • Comes with an app to track your progress
  • All information is private and secure
  • Records information for several users


  • Syncing may be an erroneous
  • Registering each individual is hectic

iHealth core wireless Body scale

Key product features

  • Smart app
  • Two-step setup process
  • Multiple users for one scale
  • Wi-Fi enabled

ihealth smart bathroom scale

Product design and features

Easy step procedure

Setting the iHealth core wireless smart bathroom scale is very simple. You will only need to scan the product’s QR code and link the scale using your Wi-Fi connection. Follow the simple procedure below to start using your smart bathroom scale:

  • Ensure you download the iHealth Myvitals app to your smartphone. The app is available on Google Play store or Apple store.
  • Insert the included 4 AAA batteries into the scale to power it up. The screen will display ‘set’.
  • Open the app on your phone, click on the menu and select set up new devices and choose to select new devices and choose the H56 scale.
  • Scan the scale’s QR code which is located at its rear and then follows the instructions on the app.

Track your body fat percentage, BMI, lean mass

Once the setup is complete, you can start your health monitoring journey. IHealth core smart bathroom scales are designed to ensure that you achieve your goals in terms of health by measuring a variety of options. IHealth core scale measures, your Body Mass Index, amount of water in the body, total body weight, rates of visceral fat and total bone and lean mass.

The scale as offers you other functions such as monitoring the temperature of the room and the humidity levels. To measure these two, you will need to place your feet at the two corners of the scale. The left corner indicates the actual room temperature which is normally 21 degrees. At 21 degrees, the humidity levels are relative and no mold growth may occur. The right corner at the bottom of the scale indicates the humidity level which should is between 40% and 60%.

Multiple users

iHealth core smart bathroom scales allow you to register up to 10 users meaning that you do not have to buy may scales if you have a big family. Once you step on the scale, it recognizes your data from other members based on a 5- pound variance. Each member is assigned a number that you can use in case you are not sure if the readings are yours. In case there is a pregnant family member they will need to consult a doctor as the scale may give inaccurate results


  • Helps to keep track of your health
  • Easy setup
  • Measures room temperature and relative humidity
  • Can be used by several people


  • Cannot be used by professional athletes
  • Gives inaccurate results in pregnant women

Yunmai premium Smart Scale

Key product features

  • Smart app

yunmai smart bathroom scale

Product design and features

Smart app and simple set up

Yunmai premium smart bathroom scales come with a free app that allows you to connect your phone to your scale. You will not need to incorporate Wi-Fi and you will only need to use Bluetooth. Once you download the app and turn on the scale, the two devices automatically connect. This makes the installation process very simple. All the information from the scale is recorded in the app every time you or a family member steps on the scale; all the progress information is depicted inform of chats from the scale.

Unlike other smart apps for smart bathroom scales, this app does not contain information such as daily intake calories monitoring and you will have to have separate apps to monitor this. However, the app easily syncs with MyFitnessPal, Google fit and Apple health. You can download it from Google Play store or Apple store.

Stylish design

Yunmai premium smart bathroom scales have a beatific finish perfect for your interiors. The scales are available in two different colors that you may choose from. The scale rests firm on a surface and feels a bit heavy when you carry it around.

Customer service

You do not have to worry about what to do when your smart bathroom scale has mishaps. Yunmai manufacturers offer you up to 5-year warranty. In case you need to talk to the manufacturers, you can call and email them and they will respond immediately. Check out their website for the FAQs and a technology blog that may help you with your progress.

Consistency and full body measurements

Yunmai premium bathroom scales offers consistent weigh results. Other scales differ in weights for consecutive measurements and this may mislead someone. Check your Body Mass Index and the total percentage of body fat from the scale as well.


  • Can be used by up to 16 people
  • Easy setup
  • Stylish design that blends in well with your in-house décor


  • Does not offer nutritional tracking

Hamswan smart scale

Key product features

  • High precision
  • Built from quality material
  • Compatible with several gadgets

hamswan smart bathroom scale

Product design and details

Keeps track of your health

Monitor your weight and health overall using the Hamswan smart bathroom scale. You will be able to monitor your Body Mass Index, your total body fat percentage, bone mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate and so much more from this scale. All these measurements are made possible by the use of BIA technology on the scale which is displayed as units on the scale.

Three modes of functionality

Hamswan smart bathroom scales use three modes to effects its functionality. The modes include ordinary, amateur and professional which you may adjust according to what you prefer or what you look forward to achieving. The ordinary mode in the smart bathroom scale is mostly for beginners and as you progress with your weight watch journey, you can change the modes.

All the data is sent to an App that gives one vivid analysis. Information from at least 10 different scale users is stored in the app. This feature is referred to as the smart user recognition method.

Accurate and consistent measures

Hamswan smart scales come with a step-on technology that automatically displays all the bodily measurements as soon as the user steps on the scale. To achieve accuracy and consistency of the measurements, the smart bathroom scale has two additions; a strain sensor and ITO conductive surface technology

Design and compatibility

The smart scale is tempered with a glass surface that also hosts the LED display. You can also monitor optimal temperature and humidity conditions from the scale. This also allows the scale to take measurements more precisely.

Use your smart scale along with iPhone, Android, iPad or your tablet. The devices are linked via Bluetooth and each user can sync their phones and monitor their individual data.


  • Clear display
  • Multiple users
  • Long lasting
  • Easy setup
  • Multiple measurements


  • The batteries run out easily


You can choose from several smart bathroom scales available in the market. Each scale comes with its benefits as well as misgivings. The Nokia body +- body composition Wi-Fi smart bathroom scale has a lot to offer its user and if you are very health conscious or want to start a health journey, this is a scale you may consider.

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