Looking For a Smart Video Doorbell? 5 Best reviewed

The age of knockers and doorbells has long been over. Now almost every updated household has a smart video doorbell. For those of you who don’t know, a smart video doorbell lets you see whose outside, speak to them, hear their voice, and sometimes unlock the door remotely. This is a great way of preventing unknown visitors from entering the house. It’s also good if you see a new face and want to know what they want without opening the door. It works just like a charm.

For our article today, we have creates a list of the top 5 smart video doorbells which are available online. In our personal experiences, these doorbells were the best and most secure options, with the least malfunctions. If you want to know which one is the absolute best, then stick around.

Our Pick 


Compatible with Alexa

Can connect to multiple devices at the time

Infrared light detection in the night

1080p High-Def resolution

Lifetime free replacement policy for stolen



Zero noise in sound and video

Great video and audio quality

Features motion detection and night vision

The app lets you store videos and recording to the cloud 

PIR sensors may be too sensitive


Doorbell 2 by RingOur Pick

The name of the brand may sound very simple, but their product line is in no way trivial. The first product on our list is an Alexa-compatible smart doorbell and security system that lets you communicate with your visitors. It features HD resolution and even an infrared night vision. Now your home is perfectly secure!

Ring smart video doorbell


  • Connects with Alexa or through the Wifi to help understand your preferences
  • Compatible with a phone, tablet, PC, laptop, or any other personal computing device.
  • 1080p High-Def resolution.
  • Infrared Night vision camera for monitoring.
  • You can even check the live video on the doorbell from anywhere.
  • Lifetime free replacement policy for stolen

Multimodal Compatibility:

The Ring Video Doorbell gives you exclusive access to unlimited features, including multimodal compatibility. What this means is that this doorbell can be used and operated from multiple devices, from smartphones to Androids and iPads, and even tablets and PCs. You can even connect it to your personal home assistants like Alexa for easier access. We think this is a great tool, as most videos doorbells only work on mobile apps.

Better Clarity and Video Quality:

As mentioned before, the Ring Smart Video Doorbell has a high definition 1080p quality. This is so much better than old-style surveillance camera or grainy home monitors. The quality is excellent, and you can see every detail for yourself. Suspicious of what that black spot in the back is? This doorbell gives you a clear vision so you can see exactly what unidentified objects look like.

Security Even In the Night:

This smart video doorbell works even in the night, using infrared light as a guide. This is the best feature since so many cameras don’t work in the night, and those that do are completely rubbish.


  • Can connect to multiple devices at a time.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • 1080p resolution keeps things clear and clean-cut.
  • Infrared light detection in the night maintains your security even in the dark.
  • Doorbell can be live accessed from almost anywhere.
  • Lifetime theft warranty.


  • Has a lag time.

Smart Video Doorbell by GJTRunner-up

GJT is quite a tongue twister. But their quality is jaw-dropping. This doorbell is bets recommended for people who want premium quality sound. It reduces all noise and maintains a sharp clear tone for better communication. Apart from that, their camera quality is superb too, with a 720p resolution and 166-degree wide angle rotation.

GJT smart video doorbell


  • Extra special and clear sound for better two-way communication.
  • Almost no noise in both sound and video quality.
  • 720p resolution with the 166-degree camera angle.
  • Features motion detection and night vision for instant threat alert.
  • Requires no power, just batteries.
  • Security screw plus theft notification keeps you safe from unwanted criminals.

Great Video and Audio Quality:

We’ve had enough experiences with smart doorbells to know that video and audio quality shouldn’t be compromised. The GJT doorbell features an intricate new driver which blocks out all noise and maintain a clear speech.

High Resolution and Video Rendering:

Like the first product on our list, the GJT also has an HD display. This one uses a 720p resolution, which is actually pretty decent. Sure it’s not as high as 1080p, but 720p usually does the trick. They also have a 166-degree wide angle, which allows you to see far and wide. Think of it as a slight fisheye look. This is a very nice feature, assuming that you want to get as much visual as you can.

PIR Detection and Night Mode for Enhanced Security:

Some of the more modern smart video doorbells have PIR or motion detection. Whenever the sensors in the doorbell notice even the slightest of motion outside your door, they’ll notify you instantly. After all, burglars never ring the doorbell. Apart from that, if you have an unknown visitor in the night, then the night vision mode will help you see clearly who it is.


  • Zero noise in sound and video.
  • 720p camera with the 166-degree angle and motion detection.
  • Night vision feature.
  • Instant notifications in case of motion detection, threat, or theft.
  • The app lets you store videos and recordings to the cloud.


  • PIR sensors may be too sensitive.

Greet Select by Zmodo

At first, we thought that Zmodo was some low-budget Kickstarter company with little to no respect for quality. But guess we judged a book by its cover. The truth is that Zmodo is a professional quality Wifi-activated doorbell, which can even be compared to our top review. It features a 1080p video quality, high standards, two-way voice communication, and even a highly sensitive motion alert system.

zmodo smart video doorbell


  • Trustworthy design with multiple security and anti-theft features.
  • PIR motion detection.
  • 1080p video quality with a wide camera angle for a better view.
  • Can save a prerecorded voice message for when you’re unavailable.
  • Free 30-day cloud storage trial for your convenience.
  • 10-second video clips are sent to your devices when motion is detected.

Advanced Motion Detection Technology:

Unlike most other PIR motion sensors, the Zmodo uses a highly augmented version of the traditional motion detector. Instead of merely sending photos of the person outside the door, the Zmodo sends a whole 10-second clip to your phone. So you can see exactly what the person or animal is doing.

Extreme Video Quality and Angles:

The Zmodo uses 1080p in this doorbell. This is a smart choice, as most cameras aren’t very high-def. The Zmodo also uses a wide camera angle to give you better visuals. This is a great product for those who want extra video clarity, especially when presenting evidence against a supposed intruder.

Prerecorded Voice Messages:

Suppose you’re away from your home. The Zmodo Smart doorbell can let you save a prerecorded message. So when new visitors come to your place, you can let them know that you’re not at home, instead of keeping them waiting outside.


  • 1080p High-resolution camera with a wide angle for instantly better visuals.
  • Motion detectors send an alert along with a 10s video short of the person at the door.
  • Lets you send prerecorded messages to visitors when you’re not home.
  • A 30-day trial for free cloud storage and backup.
  • Extra features include high audio clarity and low noise.


  • Video and audio may lag a bit.

Wifi Smart Video Doorbell by Remobell

For nearly two years, we thought that quality and good surveillance couldn’t go hand in hand. But unfortunately, the Remobell proved us wrong. Equipped with high-tech motion sensors and video quality par old school cameras, the Remobell Wifi Doorbell leaves us feeling secure and protected. We recommend this one for anyone who’s looking for low-budget options.

remobell smart video doorbell


  • 720p high definition video recording and live notifications.
  • Push notifications for when the doorbell is rung, new voice messages, and motion detection.
  • Infrared night vision keeps you safe and secure.
  • Very easy setup; requires no time to install the app and log into it.
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries.

Instant Alerts:

The Remobell will send you instant alerts to your phone, tablet, or PC whenever there’s a new visitor around. It even sends you to push notifications when it detects motion followed by a photo screenshot of the visitor. Sometimes this might be faulty, but we highly recommend this for anyone who wants to save up on some cash.

Night Mode for Darker Areas:

Almost every smart video doorbell features night mode. So what’s so different about this one? It mainly has to do with the quality, lag, and noise. Most day-time resolutions are great, but night modes can be hard to render. The Remobell keeps it clear and maintains video quality even in low-light.

Trivial Installation:

Installing the Remobell Wifi Doorbell is very easy. You can easily find the instructions online or in their hand guide. It features detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up the device, connecting it your phones, and maintaining its lifespan. It is a very cheap and efficient product for the price.


  • High resolution: 720p. Wide camera angel retains visibility.
  • Excellent low-light rendition and night vision
  • Very simple and easy to install. Instruction manual avoids jargon words.
  • Motion detection sends instant alters followed by a photo to keep you protected at all times.
  • Does not require power. Only needs 6 AA batteries with a replacement every now and then.


  • Product may arrive malfunctioned or refurbished.
  • Does not include warranties, anti-theft policies, or returns/exchanges.

WiFi Waterproof Doorbell by Physen

Not everyone has a shed over their porch, and some don’t even have a porch. If your doorbell is sitting out in the open, then rain, snow, and hail can damage your smart video doorbell. The Physen Waterproof Bell is completely hydrophobic, so the unit won’t be ruined by the weather. It also features a resolution of 720p, 160-degree wide angle, easy installation, PIR motion sensing, IR night vision, and much more.

physen smart video doorbell


  • 720p resolution with a 160-degree wide camera angle.
  • Waterproof design keeps the unit safe and secure from natural forces.
  • Very easy setup and installation.
  • Infrared night vision provides clear-as-day video recordings.
  • PIR motion sending available.
  • Built-in 4 Amp rechargeable batteries.

Waterproof and Hydrophobic Design:

Physen’s Wifi doorbell is entirely waterproof. What this does is that it saves you the trouble of getting a replacement product. Physen is an internationally acclaimed brand, and their waterproof technology has been very essential in the past. Using this technology, the doorbell will stay safe from rain, dirt, mud, snow, and people throwing water at it.

Easy installation:

Just like every other product in our list, the Physen too is very caught up with the world of easy installation. It only takes a few minutes to install and is very efficient and easy to use. The owner’s manual is user-friendly and easy to understand words to convey its message. We feel that this is a very great feature, as most devices don’t even care about customer care. They only want cash.

Night Vision:

The Physne Waterproof Doorbell also features Infrared night vision. This mode does need a bit of tweaking, but all in all, it’s a great choice for users low on cash. The quality isn’t too high and the video rendering needs improvement, but these are only minor. It does give you instant access to whatever is outside your door.


  • 720p resolution and an ultra-premium 160-degree wide angle for better visibility.
  • Waterproof; secure from weather anomalies and rain.
  • High-tech security for your home.
  • Can detect motion and send a photo of whoever is outside.
  • Features two-way communication and highly clear videotape


  • Night vision quality isn’t too great.


Smart video doorbell may seem ridiculous to some people, but they were only invented to keep us safe and secure. In our quest for the best smart video doorbell, we happened to found 5 that left a lasting impression on us. Of these, the Ring Smart Video Doorbell 2 stood out the most. This is because it’s one of the few doorbells which uses 1080p and has a lifetime theft protection. We also just loved their customer care and services.

But we loved all 5 products equally. Our top pick doesn’t mean that the others are to be left behind. We found that each and every product was for different people, so if they suit you, then you do you.

So there you have it, our top 5 best smart video doorbells. Feel free to try out other products, and never compromise on your safety. Stay safe!

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