Looking for a wifi Water Sensor for a Leak detection? 5 Best reviewed

Imagine if you wake up from a good night sleep to see your worthy furniture all wet and spoiled. How would it feel? It would literally make your heart skip a beat. We all fear water leakages. There are a number of units in our homes/properties that involve water system. We always worry about them being damaging our valuables present around them. Still, we can’t help it. These systems are crucial. We can’t remove them out of our homes. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent serious damages. It is by installing a few good Wifi water sensor. They detect leakage and notify you by sending instant alerts.

How to get appropriate sensors? There is a number of units available in the market belonging to different brands. It thus becomes very hard for an amateur to purchase the right option. We are going to review a few best Wifi water sensors for leak detection. It will assist you to choose the most appropriate option for yourself smoothly.

Our Pick 


It provides a long coverage area 

Effective app and reliable battery


Gives audible notifications and sends alerts by text message

There is no light output to show if the sensor is working or not



Effective warning system

Long lasting battery

Its app is free and easy to initiate 

Some troubles with connecting


Best Wifi Water Sensor under 100$

Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector Our Pick

This Wifi water sensor caught our attention by its ability to give alarms prior time. It also provides extended coverage along with instant alert through text message. Its power is also long-lasting and setup is simple. These few attributes were enough to list this item among the best sensors.

Lyric wifi water sensor


  • It detects leaks, humidity, and low temperature
  • Gives notification by the alarm
  • Sends alerts by text message
  • Senses by its 4’ long cable
  • Simple installation
  • Long battery life

Multiple factors detections

This Wifi water sensor is more than just identifying water leakage. It not only detects water leakage but humidity and low-temperature conditions as well. You can set the threshold values for humidity and low temperature according to your desire. This attribute is helpful especially in winters where there are chances of water freezing inside pipelines. If you don’t treat this problem on time, it could be seriously hazardous for your property.

Elongated sensing area

Usually, Wifi water sensor comes with a small unit that senses leakage or any other parameter. This product is unique in this regard as well. You can also get four feet long cable for detection. Amazed? Yes, this feature is highly appreciable. It can give you a great peace of mind, as now you can cover as much area as you want. Additionally, any part of the cable is able to detect set parameters. Thus, the sensor won’t need to wait for the whole wire to get wet. As soon as water/moisture would touch any part of the cable, you will hear loud alarm with alert notifications.

Effective app and reliable battery

This Wifi water sensor works with Honeywell Lyric App. This is a simple mobile app that allows you to see all units and monitor them. You can even adjust your thermostat by this app. Furthermore, if exploring new apps irritates you, then be happy. It comes with a very simple procedure with step by step instructions.

How would you feel if the sensor makes you worry-free regarding leakages, but keep upsetting about batteries? We would say your sensor isn’t giving you even 80% of what it should provide. Well, this sensor resolves this problem with its long battery life. You can expect it to give you services for as long as three years old. Now, this is some big benefit that will free you from replacing batteries frequently.


  • It provides a long coverage area.
  • It doesn’t involve complicated systems and hubs.
  • Alerts you by giving loud alarms and alert notifications.
  • It comes with long battery life.


  • You can only get temperature and humidity status when the app will send regular updates.
  • There is no light output to show if a sensor is working or not.

Smart Water Sensor by Wasserstein

You need a Wifi water sensor to detect any leakage instantly. This device from Wasserstein truly fulfills these requirements. Its prompt alerts, easy setup, and low power consumption make it stands among top products.

wassertein wifi water sensor


  • Beeps alarm on leakage
  • Consumes low battery power
  • Durable construction
  • The compact size of the sensor
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Free app for Android & iOS
  • Notifies leakage through the app
  • Informs about battery status
  • 3 months warranty

Effective warning system

How would you like a sensor to let you know about any leakage? It should make some noise to alert you about leakage. Well, this Wifi water sensor delivers some more features in order to give you complete peace of mind. First, it detects leakage and beeps an alarm to notify you. Besides, it pushes notification on your mobile phone as well. Why would you need it? Just in case, you couldn’t hear the alarm, you surely would be in habit of seeing mobile notifications instantly.

If you feel the installation process hard, it is convenient in that aspect too. It is a simple plug and play procedure. Moreover, you won’t need to follow complicated subscription methods with routine payments. You just need to install an app for once in the start free of cost. Connect it with your internet system, and you are good to go. Additionally, its app besides informing about leakage gives battery status as well. Thus, you won’t wake up a morning seeing water flooding and Wifi water sensor sleeping peacefully with its dead battery.

Long lasting battery

Nobody likes batteries that keep draining again and again. Imagine buying a sensor to stay relax and it keeps bothering you with its unpredictable batteries? Wasserstein understands this problem and comes with a CR2 battery. Wondering about its life? It is capable of keeping your device at standby mode for a time of over 6 months.

Compact size

You may need a sensor for a number of devices. You may even need to put it beneath items that are almost touching the ground. In these scenarios, the best Wifi water sensor would be the one that is compact in size. This Smart leakage sensor is absolutely small in size. You can easily put it wherever you want without moving other items from their places.


  • Its app is free and very easy to initiate.
  • Its compact size won’t obstruct with other items.
  • You can get battery status from its free mobile app.
  • The device works on efficient power.


  • Its app might create a problem in connecting at first if the access point is too far.
  • Instructions on user manual are hard to follow due to their small font.

Zircon Wifi Leak Alert

This Wifi water sensor is going to inform you about water leakage in almost every possible way. What’s more? It is hassle-free. Zircon aims to deliver accurate and easy-to-use products. Its instant action with a simple working system made us add it to our top sensors’ list.

Zircon wifi water sensor


  • Notifies by sending email
  • Beeps alarm of 105dB
  • Gives SOS alert
  • Doesn’t need wire or hub
  • Comes with automatic batteries
  • Gives weekly events’ summary

Trustworthy notification system

This one is the most remarkable feature of this Wifi water sensor. It is because when you trust a system for safety, it should give a response accurately. Thus, this Zircon alert beeps a loud alarm of 105dB on detecting leakage. This is not all. In case, you are having your headphones on, it will let you know about leakage by flashing SOS light. Moreover, it will send an email alert if you are away from the location.

With all these features, it won’t leave any way to prevent damage to your property. Besides, its response time is accurate. It is going to bang as soon as it will detect moisture.

Effortless setup

Another worth mentioning feature of this Wifi water sensor is its simple setup. It doesn’t come with any wiring or hub constraints. Take these alert units out of the packaging, configure them, and place wherever you feel appropriate. On detecting leakage, it will beep alarm, flash LED lights, and will send an email notification. However, for email notification, you would need an access to Wifi network.

For configuration, this unit will take a few minutes. However, it doesn’t come with any app. You would only need to connect your gadget with these Wifi units and provide your details. You can add as many emails as you want. It will send notification on all of them.

Battery status alert

This Wifi water sensor comes with a 3V Lithium battery. On draining, it starts giving email alerts after regular intervals. This feature can assist you in replacing your battery on time.


  • It sends alert notifications on multiple accounts right after detecting water.
  • It doesn’t need complicated wiring or settings.
  • Its alarm is adequately loud.
  • It notifies you about low battery before it dies.


  • Its battery might drain soon.
  • It doesn’t come with an app.

Best Wifi Water Sensor over 100$

Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Leak Detector

This Wifi water sensor made its way to our top products list through a number of its wonderful features. It literally offers a complete solution for your sump pump. Furthermore, it gives alerts for water leakage, low power, humidity, low temperature, and high water levels. Its rechargeable battery is it’s another significant feature that provides huge convenience.

level sense wifi water sensor


  • Simple Installation process
  • Notifies with a loud alarm
  • Sends a text message and email alerts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Opportunity to review alarm history
  • Notifies lost internet connection

Several detections

Unlike other Wifi water sensor, this one doesn’t detect water leakage only. Rather it provides a number of detections. This unit specifically covers sump pump beside providing other protections. First, it would send an email or text message to inform you before your sump pump overflows. It can even depict the water level of your pump. Consequently, it spares you from the annoying job of checking water levels by removing the lid.

The Wi-Fi sensor will detect moisture and low/high water temperature. The last but not the least, it will detect water leakage. You can stay assure regarding the safety of your belongings near sump pump or water leakage. Besides, it will also alert you if it loses internet connection for a significant time.

Reliable warning system

This sensor detects multiple parameters, but how is it going to make you alert? It uses a number of ways to announce. First, it would produce loud alarm of 100dB to notify you. Moreover, it will send a text message and email notification to signify any possible damage.

Permanent power source

We consider its power source to be its most remarkable feature. Why? It is not going to deceive you in any way. This unit comes with a rechargeable battery. Additionally, it contains an integrated charger. Congratulations! You are free from replacing batteries again and again. In this way, this Wifi water sensor is going to be more reasonable in the long run. On having low battery charging, this unit will send an alert for timely charging.


  • You can make this system to send alert notifications on as many receipts as you want.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery to prevent you from changing it regularly.
  • You can see your previous alarms history on the website.
  • It detects multiple parameters besides water leakage.


  • You would need to give service charges after two years.
  • The method of attaching its router is not appropriate.

Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor with WiFi

This Wifi water sensor helps in preventing excessive water use besides detecting leakages. Additionally, its simple installation, free app services, and real-time alerts make it stand among others. It uses advanced ultrasound technology to detect the situation going inside your walls. Due to these remarkable features, we have chosen it to be a part of our top products’ list.

streamlabs wifi water sensor


  • Quick installation
  • Delivers real-time alerts
  • Detects water use and leaks
  • Comes with free App (iOS & Android)
  • Works with home Wifi network
  • Customizable leak alerts
  • Highly developed ultrasound technology

Recognizes water usage

This feature is what makes this Wifi water sensor distinct among other available options. It connects with your main water supply. The sensor uses ultrasound technology to identify what is going inside your walls. It even detects excessive water usage and makes you alert. In this way, you can find out if water is leaking anywhere.

Quick assembly

Though its job is complicated, its installation is not. You can assemble it within few minutes without any assistance. All you would need to do is install the free app, assemble monitor, and adjust your alert settings.

Adjustable features

It doesn’t ask you to follow predefined alerts and settings. Rather, you can customize them according to your requirements. You can set your freeze and water usage conditions. You can even set its mode to either at home or away options.


  • It prevents waste of water by detecting leak and water usage on time.
  • Its installation process is very simple and quick.
  • Due to its wifi, you can even keep a check on your home status from outside.
  • It allows you to adjust alerts according to your requirements.


  • It doesn’t operate on batteries.
  • You should only install this unit indoors.


We have reviewed a number of top Wifi water sensors for leak detection. You can see from their reviews the extensive features you can avail by using them. Well, every product brings with it certain benefits and few detriments. This thing makes it very hard to rank anyone as the best product.

However, if we are asked, we will rank Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector as the top product. It is because of a number of features. The top of them is long battery life a multiple parameters’ detection. The extended coverage area is another significant feature. However, the good thing is it falls in ‘under 100$’ category.

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