Looking for a Best Affordable Smartwatch? Top 5 reviewed

Advanced smartwatches provide you the data of outdoor weather conditions. They also let you control your mobile alerts and notifications. You can control your smartwatch with an App on your smartphone. You’ll come across so many smartwatches that money can buy but there can only be one best affordable smartwatch.

I have prepared this guide especially for you in order to help you sift through top choices. If you are running out of time, you can go with my choice i.e. Amazfit.

Our Pick 


A great fitness tracker

Long life battery

Built-in GPS

Supports Android and Apple phones


The display is too small



Real-time pace and distance

Lightweight design

Accurate screen display

Swim-proof smartwatch

Instant access to the songs of your choice

Does not have a built-in GPS



Let’s find out what about 5 best affordable smartwatches in detail.

AmazfitOur Pick

Amazfit is the best affordable smartwatch to buy right now. It comes with amazing features which give you reliable performances. Wearing this watch makes you stand out in the crowd. Not only it looks good but it also feels good to wear the watch.

amazfit best affordable smartwatch


  • A great fitness tracker
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Built-in GPS
  • Decent heart-rate monitoring
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Supports Android and Apple Phones.
  • IP68 Water-Resistant
  • Sophisticated design
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Clear screen Visibility
  • 12-month replacement warranty

Sophisticated design

Amazfit is the best affordable smartwatch which is designed to suit your style. You don’t have to make much of an effort to look good. The strap of the watch is made from plastic. You can conveniently get it replaced if you get bored with the color you possess because it is available in different colors.

The whole length of the strap lies between 14.5mm to 22.5 mm whole. It is suitable for people with small and big wrists.

amazfit best affordable smartwatch1

Water-Resistant Smartwatch

This best affordable smartwatch is IP68 certified. This means that it is safe to use in drizzling and light water activity.

Beware! If you are looking for the best affordable smartwatch for swimming, I don’t recommend it. It cannot deal with high water pressure.

Long Battery life

Amazfit is the best affordable smartwatch because of its battery life. Most smartwatches don’t run for more than 5 to 7 days. Amazfit lasts for 45 days on a single charge of 2.5 hours. You can use it without worrying about charging it again and again.

Automatic activity tracking

Amazfit lets you keep a track of your all-day activity. It detects your physical activity and keeps a record of it. You can stay productive and organized. You don’t have to struggle hard trying to have a regular workout routine. The automatic activity tracking system helps you detect your daily physical activity. You can upgrade your workout and stay upbeat.


  • The GPS sensor is quite accurate.
  • The build quality of the watch is durable and long-lasting
  • The battery life is superb and extraordinary.
  • It comes with an automatic workout tracker
  • The design of the watch is light-weight and water-resistant.


  • The display of the smartwatch is too small
  • It cannot detect muscle training

Fitbit VersaRunner-up

Are you in search of the best affordable smartwatch? Fitbit Versa is a great choice. This is a fitness-focused watch which comes with core fitness features.

fitbit best affordable smartwatch


  • Real-time pace and distance
  • Comfortable and light-weight design
  • 24/7 heart rate detector
  • 4+ day battery life
  • Swimproof up to 50m
  • Instant access to the songs of your choice

Lightweight design

Fitbit has a lightweight and compact smartwatch for fitness freaks. The lightweight design makes you feel comfortable. You forget that you are wearing a watch on your wrist.

It is one of the best affordable smartwatches that you can wear all day long. It looks quite appealing no matter in which circumstances you wear it. You can go for a walk or running with this watch on your wrist.

Accurate screen display

If you want the best affordable smartwatch with the best screen display, you’d love it. The Fitbit watch comes with a square display. It is crisp and clear. It comes with a resolution of 300 by 300 pixels.

You can easily read the text and the graphics. Fitbit offers you bright images. The display is quite visible even in the bright sunlight. You can even have the maximum brightness capacity underwater.

2.5 GB Storage Space

The 2.5 GB Storage space allows you to store 300 songs of your choice. You are able to keep yourself entertained while working out. You don’t need to take your smartphone to the gym. Now you can listen to your favorite music by attaching speakers through Bluetooth connectivity.

24/7 heart detector

Fitbit Versa is a watch which tells you more than just the time. You get all the fitness data you require easily accessible on your write. It gives you accurate heartbeat detection. You get to track the beat of your heart while working out.


  • The touchscreen of the watch is visible, clear, and bright.
  • It is the lightest smartwatch available in the market
  • You can listen to your favorite songs on Fitbit.
  • This is a swim-proof smartwatch.
  • It comes with a simple design which makes it user-friendly.


  • The watch does not come with a built-in GPS system

Ticwatch E

Buying the best affordable smartwatch does not mean you have to compromise on the quality. Ticwatch E is a next-generation smartwatch that has all the features you want in your smartwatch. It gives you basic functionality without being too pricy.

ticwatch best affordable smartwatch


  • Responsive touch screen
  • The IP67 rating of water resistance
  • 400X400 screen resolution
  • Tracks your fitness record efficiently
  • Personal voice assistant
  • Customized watch faces
  • Stay connected while working out
  • Heart-Rate Monitor
  • Built-in GPS

Independent navigation system

Ticwatch E gives you an independent navigation system. It comes with a strong built-in GPS. If you feel lost while hiking in the mountains, you’d be able to figure a way out. Moreover, you’ll be able to map out your path to travel while walking or running.

Easy to read display

The display of the smartwatch is as important as the tracking performance. What is the point of the heart rate tracking when you cannot properly read it? This smartwatch gives you the comfort of reading the display conveniently. You can read the display easily in both dim and bright light.

Sufficient Battery Life

Ticwatch E comes with optimal battery life. You can use it for 2 days without the need for recharging it. However, you cannot use it constantly. It has a duration of 2 days of mixed-use. You cannot keep the watch in constant use for 2 days. The watch works best when you fully drain the battery and charge it.

Access to Google Play

It gives you quick access to google play. You can use a different fitness app on the smartwatch available on Google Play. It acts as your personalized voice assistant. You can give it instructions to carry out your tasks like replying to the messages.


  • It comes with a lightweight design that fits your wrist perfectly.
  • It tracks your heart rate, steps taken, and location
  • The display of the watch is quite convenient to read.
  • On a single charge, you can use it for 48 hours.


  • It is not compatible with your iPhone.
  • The battery life is not good enough.


Are you looking for the best affordable smartwatch to track your workout routine? Do you want to manage your workout schedule without using your phone? You need to buy Fitvii. It allows you to upgrade your workout and keeping a track of it. You can detect your heart rate and sleep schedule.

fitvii best affordable smartwatch


  • Touch screen watch
  • Readable display
  • The IP68 rating and 5 ATM high-level waterproofing
  • SMS alerts and notifications
  • 7 days of battery life
  • Built-in GPS
  • Improves your workout intensity
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Tracker

Professional Swimming Mode

Fitvii is a professional level smartwatch that lets you monitor even your swimming data. It allows you to record 3 swimming modes. It helps you detect your Energy Mode, Time mode, and pool swim. You can record your swimming distance, laps, times, calories and strokes.

24/7 heart rate monitoring

Healthy and calculated workouts help us to maintain our health. This best affordable smartwatch comes with a heart rate sensor. It allows you to intensify your workouts. Furthermore, it can monitor your heart rate all day long. You can even detect your heart rate at rest and while moving. This helps you keep a track of your heartbeat so you can adjust your work out according to your fitness level.

Built-in GPS

Fitvii comes with an accurate and precise GPS navigator. You can map your workout path. It also records your maximum speed and maximum pace rate.

Sleep Monitor

Most smartwatches come with a sleep monitor. However, they are not as accurate as Fitvii. This smartwatch automatically detects the sleeping pattern that helps you get more organized and self-disciplined.

It also lets you analyze your sleep quality. You can make your sleeping routine by checking your bedtime status.


  • It comes with a GPS tracking system which lets you record your workout path
  • The professional swimming mode records all your relevant swimming data.
  • It monitors 24/7 heart rate which helps you stay healthy.
  • You can adjust the intensity of your workouts by keeping a track of it.
  • The battery life is 7 days.


  • The smartwatch is not very comfortable to wear all day.
  • The battery life is not satisfactory.


If you’re looking for a smartwatch to wear all day then Arbily is the way to go. You’d love the comfort it provides on your wrist. There are different strap options available for you. It also gives you real-time activity tracker.

arbily best affordable smartwatch


  • Waterproof and swim-proof
  • Light-weight design
  • Auto sleep tracking
  • Heart rate tracker
  • 14 types of sport modes
  • Suitable for men and women

Fitness tracker organize your workout

If you want to keep a track of your fitness routine, you require the best affordable smartwatch. Arbily is a comfortable smartwatch that monitors your fitness progress. It also monitors your physical routine so you can stay updated with your fitness record and stay healthy.

Waterproof functionality

This smartwatch is IP68 waterproof. You can wear it while swimming in the pool but not in the sea. You don’t have to take it off when you are in the shower. However, it cannot record the swimming data.

Versatile smartwatch

Arbily can record 14 different types of sport. The sport mode quickly changes when you shift from one activity to another. If you stop running and start walking instead it detects the mode instantly. You don’t have to press any button. The sensor detects the change in your movement conveniently.

Auto Sleep Tracking

If you want to track your sleeping pattern, you must buy this watch. This best affordable watch helps you set a healthy sleeping routine. It is safe for you to wear it while sleeping. You can have an idea of how disruptive your sleep is. The auto sleep tracking system detects the number of hours you sleep. The time it tracks is quite accurate and precise.


  • It comes with a function that lets you find your phone.
  • The multi-sport mode conveniently detects the change in your workout.
  • The light-weight design makes it wearable all day long.
  • It comes with a heart monitor and sleep tracker.


  • Connecting the smartwatch with your phone could be an issue.
  • The battery life is not satisfactory.


Amazfit is my top choice from this list of best affordable smartwatches. It comes with a GPS navigation system that lets you detect your location. If you get clueless while hiking, the anti-lost alert is quite useful.

Amazfit comes with another important feature i.e. long battery life. It can run at a stretch for 45 days. This feature of the watch truly stands out. All the other smartwatches have limited battery life.

Different smartwatches come with different features. It is important for you to analyze your need. There is no point of buying a feature-rich smartwatch if you won’t use it. If you don’t like charging, again and again, you can choose Amazfit. If you want a swim-proof smartwatch, Fitbit is a better choice.

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