What is the best selling pool cleaning machine?

Keeping a pool clean is no walk in the park. You need to makes sure every bit of trash is picked up, and scrub every inch of the massive pool. So what do you do? Pull out your wallet and buy the latest and best pool robot (pool cleaning machine), of course!

Electric pool cleaners are the latest innovation. They are being used in every guest house, hotel, and pool service. And you can even use it in your own pool too. There is no doubt that a good pool cleaner ought to do you good. But the real problem arises in buying the best pool cleaner.

And that’s why I have scavenged the depths of the internet to find the best pool cleaners out there. These were chosen on the basis of their durability, suction power, warranty policy, and overall quality.

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Our Pick 


SmartNav Technology

360-degree swivel feature

Energy efficient

3-year warranty



ActivMotion Sensor Technology

Vortex Vacuum Technology

Remotely controlled and programmable

May not be able to climb out of the pool easily


Let’s dive in!

Dolphin Premier 2019 Pool Cleaning machineOur Pick

I applaud Dolphin’s choice in electric pool robots. This robot is perhaps one of their best creations. It has the latest technology and makes use of the most modern DC motors. This lets it reduce energy usage by up to 87%. It even features Smart Nav software that helps it manage and traverse obstacles.

Surely, the Dolphin will create a clean and tidy path. It even features a swivel feature that lets you rotate a full circle. This makes usage free from tangles and more efficient. It also comes with its own oversized bag included.

dolphin 2018 pool robot


  • Number one rated best pool robot.
  • SmartNav technology makes navigation simple and fun.
  • Includes 3-year warranty and its own oversized bag.
  • Reduces energy consumption by 87%.
  • 360-degree swivel feature.

SmartNav Technology:

Like all other pool cleaning machines, the Dolphin features a smart navigation technology. It is able to make it through even the most tedious obstacles. This allows the robot to pave its way while cleaning up the most debris.

I love the Dolphin Nautilus CC, it has such a unique design. It uses SmartNav technology. This is Dolphin’s own innovation that lets the cleaner move without halt. This software is actually controlled by a specialized microprocessor. It scans the whole area and maintains the robot’s control and ability. This technology is actually more accurate than most other navigation systems.

3 Year Warranty and Bag:

The Dolphin is known to provide some of the best warranty plans. This pool cleaning machine has a warranty of 3 years. This makes it exceptionally trustworthy to buy. You see, if the warranty period is low, your purchase is at risk. But with the Dolphin Pool Cleaner, you get the most out of everything.

This product also features its own oversized bag. The bag allows it to store more debris and trash before needing to be cleaned. This means that your pool robot will work for hours before needing to be opened up and cleaned.

Energy Efficient:

If you’re concerned about the energy wastage and consumption, then try the Dolphin. This pool cleaner has the best and smartest DC motors. It uses the most modern and commercial grade motor. This makes it extremely useful and budget-friendly.

It is able to conserve up to 87% more energy than other pool cleaners. So you won’t have to worry about high electricity bills or energy wastage. The Dolphin pool cleaning machine is not only cheap in price, but using and managing it won’t cost you either. I recommend it for those on a tight budget who want both quality and assurance.


  • Offers as much as four different types of cleaning modes.
  • Powerful and essential. Saves up to 87% more energy than other models.
  • 3-year warranty is a game changer. Safe and secure purchase.
  • Has an unlimited full-circle 360-degree swivel feature.
  • Microprocessor powered SmartNav mode makes navigation and movement easier.


  • Swivel feature lags a bit and may stop working after a few days of use.

Update 2019: New MyDolphin App is available for Android and iOS devices. The app enables to control the pool cleaning machine remotely. Different cleaning modes, timer, and manual navigation are only a few of the features available in the app. 

Alongside the user app, Dolphin has released a technician app for professionals. It enables to carry out required repairs remotely saving a lot of time for technicians and money for users.

More information can be found from https://mydolphin-app.com

Polaris F9550 electric pool robot

Polaris is an upcoming new brand that has made a mark on its users. This pool cleaning machine is has a four-wheel design. It has an ActivMotion Sensor Technology for extended navigation. And it’s capable of delivering outstanding performance.

This Polaris product has a 70 feet cable along with a Vortex Vacuum. I recommend it for anyone who wants to keep their pool clean. This robot is also remote controlled and can be set to a timer. I love this feature, especially since it increases usability.

polaris pool robot


  • 4-wheeled robot for cleaning and maintaining the pool.
  • ActivMotion Sensor Technology.
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology.
  • Remote controlled and programmable.
  • Powder coated caddy.

ActivMotion Sensor Technology:

The Polaris Sports Robotic Pool Cleaner makes excellent use of ActivMotion Sensor Technology. This technology helps the robot to clean the pool faster. It helps the robot navigate and traverse obstacles. So it can sense even the smallest of obstacles in its path. I find that this technology is a useful addition.

I’ve had my fair share of pool robots that couldn’t navigate properly. And believe me when I say that they were a pain. Polaris takes care of that by making sure its robots are tip-top and up to the mark.

Vortex Vacuum Technology:

Apart from the navigation, this pool cleaning machine has excellent vacuuming abilities. It uses Vortex Vacuum technology. It is through this innovation that the Polaris is able to suck up even the largest debris. So now you won’t have to handpick the bigger debris before using the robot.

The Polaris is a great choice if you want an all-in-one. Picking up larger waste results in slower suction. But the Polaris takes care of that too. It is able to suck up as much trash as possible and still maintain speed. So you can get your pool cleaned up in no time. The Polaris is also remote-controlled, but we’ll discuss this in detail.

Remote Controlled and Programmable:

The Polaris, like all other robots, is remotely controlled. This means that you can have full authority over the pool cleaning machine. You choose where it goes, what it does, and even the suction speed. The Polaris is perhaps one of the most customizable robots out there.

Apart from that, it is also programmable to some extent. You can program it for 7 days using the timer, and keep it running at the times that you like. This reduces extra costs and work, and won’t even cost you extra cash.


  • 4 wheeled Polaris pool robot will make navigation smoother and easier.
  • ActivMotion Sensor will make traversing and avoiding obstacles easier.
  • Features a 70 feet cable to make control easier.
  • Remote-controlled device. The entire vacuum is in your hands. You decide where it goes and what it does.
  • Made and sold in the United States of America.
  • Original product. Not counterfeit or fraud.


  • May not climb the pool or be able to get out of the pool easily.

Dolphin Nautilus Pool Cleaner

This is yet another pool cleaning machine from Dolphin. This one is exceptionally functional and user-friendly. The Nautilus utilizes both a high power vacuum and a scrubbing brush to give you the utmost results. I love how it uses modern CleverClean scanning and navigating technology.

This robot comes with a 2-year warranty that outshines the rest. With the warranty, you can be sure that you have everything in place. You don’t even need a booster pump or hose. Just plug in the 50 feet long cable and you’re good to go.

dolphin nautilus pool robot


  • Scrubs and cleans within as little as 2 hours.
  • High power vacuum plus scrubbing brush.
  • CleverClean scanner technology.
  • 2-year warranty for better customer service.
  • Leaves no debris behind. Efficient and user-oriented.

High Power Suction:

The Dolphin Nautilus is best known for its high suction power. It makes excellent use of the most modern technology to maintain the pool and keep it clean. I find that good suction power is necessary for getting the job done quickly. This pool cleaning machine cleans up the pool within just 2 hours.

It also features a scrubbing brush feature. This will scrub the pool walls clean and make your utilities shine like never before. The brush is great at picking up dirt and grime and is best for users with a 50 feet long pool. I find it most useful for a quick cleanup, but it can stay working for hours as well.

CleverClean Scanner:

Every best pool robot has its very own scanner technology. The Dolphin Nautilus Pool Cleaner uses the CleverClean. This technology works similar to others. It lets the Nautilus make note of any obstacles in its path. Then the super-smart microprocessor makes a new path winding through the obstacles.

This technology is favored since dirtier pools are harder to move across. The Nautilus is an excellent choice for high power scanning. The sensor is extra sensitive, although this might leave some debris behind. All in all, it’s a good idea.

2 Year Warranty:

I love products with warranties. And the Nautilus is no exception. The powerful pool cleaning machine comes with a manufacturer’s assurance of over 2 years. You see, warranties are hard to come across. So when I see one, I tend to cling to it. Nautilus is one of those products which give you their best customer service.

Hit up any of their lines and you’ll find hospitable and welcoming workers. They’ll give you all the info you need, and will guide you through the user processes. I fell in love with their work and skills, and the 2-year assurance just backs up their promise.


  • Deluxe pool cleaning machine that cleans within 2 hours.
  • The clever-clean scanner creates an easy-navigation environment.
  • Has a 2-year warranty to back up all claims.
  • Uses both vacuum and brush to scrub your walls clean.
  • Easy to use and clean up. Perfect for a quick cleanup.


  • Durability is low. You might end up availing that warranty much sooner.

Buying Guide

Buying a pool cleaning machine is a tedious task. There’s always so much to consider, and half of the time you don’t even know what to look for. We’ve seen so many people who didn’t know how to by a robot. These ill-informed users went ahead and bought the worst products they could find. But we’re here to help. We’ve listed down the top features to always keep an eye out for when buying pool cleaners and robots for you.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Check The Type Of Pool You Have:

Most best pool robots are made to work in certain environments. Pool cleaners can be used outside the pool as well. But the primary focus of any brand is to clean the interior of the pool. For example, if you have a relatively slippery fiberglass or tiled floor, you’ll need a stronger grip. This can come with pool cleaners that use super grip PVA or other strong material bristles.

Apart from that, the size of the pool should be considered too. This mostly has to do with the cable length. Most cleaners come with a specific length, so make sure that your pool is big enough. You’ll need to buy the length that fits your pool. The power supply or socket is usually 12 feet away from the pool’s edge.

Choose The Type Of Pool Cleaning Machine You Want:

The market is strewed with a hundred different types of pool robots. Choose which one you prefer. As of present, there are two main types: vacuum and brushed. The vacuum pool cleaners will use a simple vacuum that will clean up the inside of the pool. These are the most common and are widely acclaimed.

The other type includes a vacuum and a handy cleaning brush. This allows dirt and microscopic particles to be swept away too. Some may even have a scrubbing and climbing feature. And many include water jets that clean the surface as you go. These are admittedly more expensive but they’re definitely worth it.

pool robot2

Suction Power and Rate of Flow:

The suction power of a typical pool cleaning machine is measured in gallons per minute or GPM. We’ve only seen a very few products that actually list the suction power of the robot. However, if you really want to get technical, then this is important. The suction power will decide how much debris the cleaner is able to gather in a given amount of time.

More suction power equals faster cleaning. I suggest buying a cleaner with a power of 70 GPM or above. This should give you a satisfactory suction rate. But of course, it’s always fun to experiment and try new things.

Cables and the Due Tangling:

Where there are cables, there is tangling. I have yet to see a pool cleaning machine that works solely on batteries. Batteries aren’t very efficient and can run out soon, especially with larger GPMs. The length of the electric cable you need depends on how wide and long the pool is. I recommend anything over 70 or 60 feet. This will be adequate for most pools but makes sure the length can traverse the entire pool.

Cables tend to get tangled. To combat this, many companies have introduced a swivel feature. Avail the offer wherever you can. But remember: tangling is inevitable. You can’t ever get rid of it entirely.

pool robot3


Warranty is one of those things that I always need even if it’s the simplest type of product. A good warranty means that you can reliably buy from the seller. Warranties tend to leave a good impression of the company on us.

For electric pool robots, I recommend accepting a warranty of no less than 3 years. This is because some robots will go bad after the warranty period. So you won’t be able to avail anything and you can’t even blame them. 3 years is enough for any faults to come to the surface.


Prices can go high with electric pool robots. It is your job to look out for the best rates available. In general, the prices can go anywhere from $300 to $1,000 and well over. I recommend anything above $500 for a good experience, along with a 3 to 4-year warranty.

The real problem comes when people don’t compare products. It is oh-so-important to compare different prices and features and see which one is the best. Is the other brand providing a robot at the same price but with better features? Then try them out. Beware of scams though. Because the better and cheaper the product looks, the more it might disappoint you.

Why Do I Need A Pool Cleaner?

You might be wondering: why exactly do I even need a pool cleaner in the first place? The question is a good one, and I have all the answers. Firstly, you need to know what a pool cleaner does. A pool cleaning machine is meant for cleaning up the pool floor (usually when it’s dry). These cleaners pick up large and small debris, and might even scrub the floor to get rid of dirt.

Some cleaners may go overboard and clean the sidewalls too. These are generally more expensive than the others. But nonetheless, all types of pool cleaners have their own purpose. With regards to why you need one, think of a dirty pool. Think of how uneasy and uninviting the pool may feel when you’re swimming in it. And now think of how unwelcome your guests may feel inside such a pool.

A pool cleaning machine will clean up the interior to make sure that you have everything you need. Waning throws a pool party, then get the pool cleaned up with your brand new pool cleaner. Trust us; you don’t want to be having a dirty pool. Most people think that a pool cleaner is all they ever need. While the devices prom an excellent job, it is certainly no doubt that you need to clean out the pool manually too, perhaps once in two to three months.

pool robot4

Benefits of Using a Pool Cleaner:

A pool robot can perform the following tasks:

  • It cleans out the pool and picks up small and large debris that you would otherwise overlook.
  • Cleans and scrubs the sidewalls and partial walls to keep the interior neat and clean.
  • They may use water jets to fully clean the floor and the walls. Which means you won’t need to wash the pool later.
  • It can climb up the side of the pool for better coverage.
  • Pool cleaners are great alternatives to harmful chlorination or detergents. Although keeping the water supply clean is a must as well.

How to Use a Pool Cleaning Machine

Pool cleaners aren’t too hard to operate. First, you need to buy your ideal type of cleaner. I assume you’ve already done that. Next, plug in the waterproof power cord to a socket at least 12 feet from the pool. Then turn the electric pool robot on (take a look at the user’s manual) and you’re good to go! Just be sure that the entire unit is waterproof. You don’t want to create an electrical hazard.


So with all the information above kept in mind, I hope you know enough to buy your own best pool robot. If you want to cut to the chase, then I recommend taking a look at my product reviews. We’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the best pool cleaners. If you ask us, the best pool cleaner was the Dolphin 2018 Premier. It has the best warranty plan and some of the best features.

With that being said, I respect your decision. Go out and find your own ideal robot. Trust us; you’re better off with a pool cleaner than without one. Never doubt the power of a decent pool cleaner, and always keep your pool maintained. Nothing is more discouraging than a neglected pool.

So without any further ado, go out and buy yourself your very own pool cleaner. Who knows? Maybe it’s what you’ve needed all along. And happy swimming!

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