Looking for a Portable Power Strip? Top 5 reviewed

It seems that the world is going wireless. Everything that once had big at wires to it is now wireless and run on batteries.

However, the irony makes us chuckle. Everything wireless has its charger. The batteries will run out when you’re outdoors for a couple of days – or maybe you use the device a lot. From my observation, everything is changing most of the time. What is worst is that during traveling, there are not enough outlets.

In comes the best invention – the Portable power strips. These power strips have multiple outlets that make the perfect for power-hungry smart devices.

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If you are looking for the best one, I have reviewed the best portable power strips for you.

Products reviewed in this article (in the appearance of Our rating):

Anker A2763 Power StripOur Pick

The Anker power port cube is a power strip in the shape of a cube. The cube shape allows more sockets without hoarding up a lot of space. The compact design is also easy to carry anywhere in your bag. No more old-style power strips with this cube!

anker portable power strip


  • Compact
  • USB plug-ins
  • AC outlets
  • Fireproof exterior


The body is fireproof and very safe. That allows fewer chances of short circuit breakdowns to reach out to the surrounding area. The overload protection enables another layer of safety on the strip.


The cable length is up to 5 feet long. This feature allows for lesser tangles and fewer stretches. Moreover, the power strip is easily accessible at a safe distance as well. It has a coat that helps stand against excessive pressure. This feature makes it more durable and more reliable.


There are a total of six outlets on the portable power strip, three of them are AC outlets. However, the other three are turbo USB charging outlets.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Anker Power Strip

Overall this power strip is an excellent option for those that have to carry one all the time. The unique design is compact and easy to carry everywhere. One drawback of this power strip is that it has a three-pin plug. These outlets are not very easy to find all the time. A better option was a regular plug for this portable power strip.


Cable length is ample

Fast charging USB outlets

Easy to carry

Comes in two colors


The plug itself is three pinned

One Beat Portable Power StripRunner-up

The One beat portable power strip is perfect for desktops. This power strip has four USB outlets of 4.5 Amp, which enable fast charging. Fast charging allows all types of gadgets to charge without fail.

one beat portable power strip


  • Smart USB ports
  • Lightweight
  • Braided cable
  • No surge protection

No surge protection

This portable power strip does not have surge protection. It is the reason why it is best for cruise ships and liners. These vessels require you not to have something that protects from power surges. The lack of surge protection serves as a drawback as well as a pro. It specifies the product to liners and ships. Although other features make it suitable for desktops, it is still limited to sea use.


There are seven different outlets. 4 are USB, and the rest of them are AC outlets. That helps connects practically anything without fail. The Ac outlets work best for cameras, laptops, and other gadgets that need charging.

Plug and Cable

One of the best features of this is the flat plug. The flat plug allows you to fit it comfortably in cramped spaces without the hassle. The cable is five feet long in a braid. That allows lesser tangles and lesser chances to break.

Rating 4.5 of 5

One Beat Power Strip

The One Beat power strip is an excellent addition to your bag as a portable power strip. It is light in weight and compact in design. There is practically nothing that you cannot plug-in for charging with this device.


The extension cable is five feet long and braided

There are seven outlets

USB outlets allow fast charging

It is lightweight and compact for easy carrying


No Surge protection

There are no two pinned plugs in this

Fantasi FA 1701 Power Strip

Often power strips have several different features but not child safety. The Fantasi portable power strip is perfect for people with children. Each outlet comes with a guard that stops children from getting hurt if, by chance, the power strip comes in their contact.

fantasi portable power strip


  • Child safety
  • Nine outlets
  • On/off switch
  • Fireproof


In case of a fire, the first thing is to keep all the electric devices safe. This power strip is fireproof. It uses materials ABS plastic and PVS copper cable to keep the portable power strip safe in all conditions. Moreover, this power strip has charging security and overload protection to keep it from crashing.


There are nine different outlets. Apart from six USB outlets, there are three international outlets in this power strip.  These are suitable for all kinds of ports without fail and anywhere in the world.

Fast USB ports

The USB ports are high-speed. They can charge all of your smart gadgets at turbo speed. The protection against overload helps them in overcharging too. With six different USB outlets, you are all set.

Rating 4 of 5

Fantasi Power Strip

The Fantasi Portable power strip is an excellent option for you to consider to keep on the go. The outlets are international, so all kinds of plugs are easily connectable on this strip. This feature makes it easy to use without adding other extensions. One thing that I did not like about this power strip is that the cable is very stiff. The cable is not easy to maneuver around without moving the strip itself too.


Fireproof for safety

Has child safety

International outlets

USB fast charging outlets


Stiff Cable

The plug is huge

NtonPower ODR-3A3U-US-WH Portable Power Strip

The NtonPower portable power strip is fantastic as a carry on anywhere you like. The best part for this portable power strip is that the 15-inch cable coils to make as compact as possible. There are no tangles and no hassle of carrying long wires everywhere.

ntonpower portable power strip


  • Coiled cable
  • On/off button
  • Fire-resistant body
  • Six different outlets

Smart USB Outlets

There are three USB outlets in this portable power strip. Each of them has an intelligent IC which give the right current to the plugged device. The outlets can also charge up to 3 devices at the same time without affecting the charging speed.

On/off switch

Most portable power strips do not have an on/off switch, which means that you have to toggle it all the time directly. This feature makes it less safe. However, this strip has that safety feature.


There are more than just a few things that this has for safety. The body is fire resistant, which makes less of a chance of short circuits in case of a fire. This strip has overcurrent protection for fluctuations. There is an overcharging protection feature to save your device as well.

Rating 4 of 5

NtonPower Power Strip

This donut-shaped power strip is the perfect partner. Just keep it in your laptop bag, and you are good to go. There are so many safety features for you to have more consciousness towards this strip. Keep in mind that the length of this cable is not very long. It is only 15 inches.


Six AC and USB outlets total

USB outlets are smart

There are plenty of safety features

Soft light helps know the strip is active


No power surge protection

The cord is a bit short

Tessan Portable Power Strip

The Tessan Power Strip has a soft, indicating light to tell you about the state of your power strip. This little feature is handy and lacks in many different pieces.

tessan portable power strip


  • ­Indicating light
  • Five feet cable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rubber feet


The length of the cable of this portable power strip is 5 feet. That makes it perfect for bedsides, dorms, and almost anywhere you need a power strip.


When it comes to safety, this portable power strip does not compromise at all. There are short circuit protection and current control feature. The fire-resistant body helps expand the safety features of the power strip when on the go.


There are a total of 6 different outlets, three of them are AC outlets for laptops. The others are USB outlets to charge your smart gadgets.

Rating 4 of 5

Tessan Power Strip

The Tessan portable power strip is compact, lightweight, and the perfect way to ensure that you have it when on the go. There are so many safety features that make it one of the best in the market. But the USB ports are not very efficient. They chare smart objects normally. They do not even balance out if the connection is of more than one device.


The power cable is long enough

There are six different outlets including USB

Compact and lightweight

There is an on/off switch


The AC plug does not have outlets everywhere

Buying guide

You may still have the confusion of what are the best portable power strips. The following buying guide will help you through the procedure and will help you get the best one for you.

Number of AC and USB Outlets

AC outlets are best for charging laptops, cameras, and other devices that do not have a USB plug. The first thing to consider is the number of AC outlets you want. Usually, portable power strips have about 3 of them. However, if you require more, you can opt for them as well.

Speaking of USB power outlets, they are the need of today. The significant number of outlets is three, which is quite enough. You can go for more if you require it.

portable power strip1

Plug design

The plug for power strips is essential, especially if you opt for portable ones. You do not want a plug that works at specific outlets only.

Ideally, the plug should have compact and flat properties in it. The biggest thing is that the plug needs to have two pins because those outlets are international.

Surge Protection

Surge protection protects your devices when power surges happen. However, keep in mind that if you are traveling on a ship or cruise liner, they do not want you to carry surge protection.

However, this is a particular option. Surge protection will keep your devices safe. You might have to pay extra for this feature.

portable power strip2

High-Speed Charging

Keep in mind that USB chargers need to have a smart feature in them, like being extra fast for perfect charging. You do not want to ruin the battery of your device.

The general power for fast charging is over 2.4 A for each of the outlets. However, some may be more. You also have to see if the strip can balance power in multiple connections. Sometimes, strips are not able to do that, and they affect the device.


Of course, compatibility or convenience is of utmost importance. Keep in mind all the devices that you have, and you want to charge regularly. Make sure your strip has an outlet for all of them.


Can we charge any smartphone with a portable power strip?

Yes, you can charge any smartphone with your portable power strip. But you have to keep in mind that the power strip has the current to do so. If you charge a bulky device with 1A of current, you may ruin the battery. The best thing to do is to pay extra and get something about 2.4A individuals in your power strip.

Do all power strips have surge protectors?

No, all of them do not have a surge protector. The reason is that sometimes, you are not allowed to have anything with surge protection.


After everything you read, did you find the best portable power strip for you? Before I tried them to review them for you, I never thought that something like this needs so much attention.

For me, the best one is the Anker Power Strip because there are many different outlets in it, including the USB and AC ones. The USB ports are fast and effective for all devices too. I feel that it is best for almost everyone with all kinds of devices.