Looking for the Best Smart Alarm Clock? Top 5 Reviewed

Alarms clocks are something that is mandatory for everyone, even if you are quick to hit the snooze! These little devices enable you to get up when you should. But their use is not limited to getting the wakeup calls.

It is not your average alarm clock and comes with some smart features like it might feature soothing lights that assist you in sleeping fast.

These smart alarm clocks are able to read your sleep patterns and will wake you up when you are not in your deep sleep time. This will allow you to wake up fresh in the morning and ready to take on the day.

If you have been looking for the best smart alarm clock then I have my top recommendation for you. So read on to find out!

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HeimVision Sunrise Smart Alarm ClockOur Pick

The HeimVision Smart Alarm Clock features a very soft wake-up alarm light and it can aid you in improving your sleep significantly. The light that this clock has comes with a sunset simulation and you can also enjoy FM radio if you are into that. You can set four different alarms and you also have seven different alarms to choose from.

heimvision Smart Alarm Clock


  • Sunshine colored simulation
  • FM radio with 7 different alarm sounds
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Snooze function
  • Night light

Sunshine simulation

Most of the smart alarms cocks come with that irritating bight colored white light. But this smart alarm clock features a red-tinted light that simulates the sunlight and it’s very soothing to the eye.

It gradually grows into white light and your eyes don’t have to go through the pain of directly seeing a bright light the first thing in the morning.

Adjustable brightness

Additionally, you can also make adjustments to the brightness of the light at 20 different levels. You can also set a time and adjust the brightness of the light accordingly.

Therefore, as the sun goes down your clock will automatically dim and at night time it can become dimmer to assist you in sleeping easily.

heimvision Smart Alarm Clock1

Snooze function

Though it is not recommended to use a snooze button, you can definitely use it to get those extra 15 to 20 minutes to prepare your mind to get out of the bed and get ready for the day. The snooze button is large in size and is very easily accessible right at the top of this smart alarm clock.

Night light

Another great feature of this smart alarm clock is that you can also use it as your bedside lamp. Hence, you can also use it as your night light. There is a large button on the top left corner of this clock and you can press it to turn it on. This can allow you to go to your toilet at night in the dark or you can also attend to your baby in the middle of the night.

Rating 4.5 of 5

HeimVision Alarm Clock

All-in-all this is the best smart alarm clock that you can find as it is equipped with a number of features. You can conveniently control your smartphone through its own app. It makes your life simpler and you will never disrupt your sleep ever again. But be careful as you can’t replace the bulb if it fusses.


Sunrise simulation to reduce glare

7 different natural alarm sounds with 4 different alarms

20 brightness levels

FM radio and smartphone connectivity

Separate buttons for snooze and night light


You cannot replace the bulb if it goes out

Philips Wake-Up Smart Alarm ClockRunner-up

Here is another option that you can consider if you are looking for a smart alarm clock with a wake-up light. It features sunset simulation light color with a red tight that will turn white with time. It can help you perfectly to wake up fresh and start your day.

philips Smart Alarm Clock


  • Clinically proven
  • Night light lamp
  • Single tap to snooze
  • 10 brightness levels
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Clinically proven

If you want to be authentic about the light therapy that your smart alarm clock can provide you then you need to choose this smart alarm clock. Only the light lamps from Philips are clinically proven for light therapy.

Night light lamp

You can also use your smart alarm clock as your night light lamp to find your way in the dark. This will be very useful for you when you get upright in the middle of the night inside your darkroom and can’t see anything.

Easy snoozing and changing the brightness level

This smart alarm clock also features a very easily accessible snooze button. And you can easily change the brightness level at night to prevent sleep disruption. It can automatically increase its brightness as the time progresses and then dims down at night again.

Rating 4 of 5

Philips Alarm Clock

The best part is you get to use this smart alarm clock with a 90-day return policy. It has a nice compact design and will fit right next to you on the side table conveniently. Use it as your night lamp and enhance your deep sleep comfort. But the radio present in this clock is not very strong in terms of signal reception.


Nightlight present

Easy to reach the snooze button

Nice and compact construction

Change brightness according to your preference

Sunset simulation is available


The radio signals are pretty weak

i-box Bedside Smart Alarm Clock

If you are looking for a smart alarm clock that can allow you to charge your phone like a normal warless charger then this clock should be your choice. It also boasts a dimmable display and dual alarms.

ibox Smart Alarm Clock


  • Wireless smartphone charger
  • Dual alarm with radio
  • Dimmable display light
  • Room filling speaker sound
  • Stylish look

Wireless mobile charger

This smart alarm clock comes with a Qi charger that can wirelessly charge your phone while you sleep. Just place your phone on the clock and it will be charged when you wake up.

Dual alarm with radio

This clock also comes with a dual alarm feature and you can also use your radio to wake up on your favorite tunes. The sound will start slow and you will slowly wake up fresh without any disruption in your sleep.

Room filling speaker sound

The speaker that this smart alarm clock has is capable to produce high-quality sounds. Your entire room will fill up with your favorite music when you have the volume turned up.

Rating 4 of 5

i-Box Alarm Clock

You might not find it compact but it is not meant to be because it is going to charge your phone wirelessly when you are asleep. You can also alter the brightness of the light conveniently and wakeup to your favorite songs.


Easy wireless charging for your phone

Changeable light brightness

Dual alarms with radio streaming

High-quality Bluetooth speaker


Not very compact in size

JBL Horizon Smart Alarm Clock Radio

The Horizon Smart Alarm Clock by JBL is a good choice for you to consider if you are looking for an option that features quality Bluetooth connectivity. You can charge it via USB and it also features ambient light with radio.

jbl Smart Alarm Clock


  • Multi-sensory alarm
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Easy USB charging
  • High-quality speaker sound
  • Compact construction

Multi-sensory alarm

This smart alarm clock features two independent alarms that will allow you to wake up on FM tunes. It can also stream music from another device. Plus, it also features an ambient LED light that will softly wake you up and let you start your day.

Bluetooth streaming

You can conveniently connect your smartphone with this alarm clock via Bluetooth and stream whatever your heart wishes. You can also use another device for streaming purposes too.

Simple USB charging

The best thing about this smart alarm clock from JBL is that you can easily charge it with its USB ports. There are two of them and you can use them for fast charging your clock and get yourself ready for the bed.

Rating 4 of 5

JBL Alarm Clock

This smart alarm clock is best for you if you are a music head. You can conveniently wake-up top any tone you like. The clock has a nice light-colored display and it won’t disrupt your sleep in the middle of the night.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t feature any nightlight.


Convenient USB charging

Reliable Bluetooth connectivity

Multi-sensory wake-up call

Top-quality JBL speaker


It doesn’t have any night light

iHome iBT234 Dual Alarm Clock

Another one that works just like the smart alarm clock from JBL does. This is a smart alarm clock that comes with a good quality Bluetooth speaker. You can also control it using the Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Apart from that, you can also charge your phone using this clock if you want to.

ihome Smart Alarm Clock


  • Smartphone voice control.
  • Different wake-up tone sources.
  • USB charging port.
  • Music streaming.
  • Easily accessible buttons.

Smartphone voice control

The best thing about this smart alarm clock is that you can conveniently connect it with your smartphone and easily use the voice commands through Apple Siri as well as Google Assistant.

There are not many smart alarm clocks available that make this feature work seamlessly but this one does.

Different wake-up tone sources

You can utilize different tone sources to use as your wake-up call. Go for the FM radio or choose the Bluetooth device for the same purpose. If you like to choose the clock’s own tones then you can make your choice from the four different tones available too.

USB charging port

If you can’t live without your smartphone and want to keep it charged at all times then you can connect it with your smart alarm clock. You can also charge other devices if you want using this port like your smartwatch, tablet or anything else.

Rating 4 of 5

iHome Alarm Clock

You might not find it compact in design but it does get the job done as your smart alarm clock. Stream music, use FM or even charge your phones with it. This clock doesn’t have a very bright light and you are in for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Works with the voice assistant on your smartphone

Two different alarms and three different alarm sources

USB charging available for your smart devices

Stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth


It doesn’t have a very compact design

Buying Guide

As there are different types of smart alarm clocks available, finding the right one can be tricky. Therefore, to assist you in making the right decision I have developed this buying guide so that you can make the right buying decision.

  • Snooze button

Some of you might think that an integral component of an alarm clock is its snooze button. It is generally a button with which you can temporarily stop the alarm ring and go for that extra 20 minutes of sleep. Most people use this button to prepare themselves for the upcoming alarm that is merely ten to twenty minutes away.

When I talk about the health aspects, it is not recommended. It can increase your blood pressure as well as your heart rate significantly because you are disrupting your dream sleep.  Therefore, you don’t need this button to be a must-have feature, just skip it altogether.

Smart Alarm Clock2

  • Glow

The glow of the brightness level of the numbers or display of your alarm clock is vital and it shouldn’t be too bright. This is because it can also influence your dream sleep in a negative manner.

A smart alarm clock should assist you in sleeping it shouldn’t be like just your single gaze you upright in the middle of the night. This entire objective of a smart alarm clock will be lost if it is not smart in keeping the things subtle and low key.

  • Focus on the basics

Some people get too much carried away when choosing a smart alarm clock. They think that a device with “smart” in its name should come with everything. But bear in mind that it is just an alarm clock with a primary objective to wake you up in the morning.

It doesn’t need to come with a charging cable for your phone or any of those games that you like to play in your bed. Don’t treat every smart device as if it is your smartphone. If you stick to the basics you will be fine. If your smart alarm clock can read your sleep patterns and wake you up accordingly, then there is nothing better than that.

Smart Alarm Clock1

  • Alarm volume

This is probably the most important part of your smart alarm clock. Make sure to go for a device that can play alarms in subtle and soft volume levels. Your alarm needs to wake you up rather than your entire neighborhood.

If you are the one who can sleep through an earthquake then you can go for a smart alarm clock that can also vibrate. Waking up to high volume can make you grumpy because of course you don’t like that sound and now you have to get out of your bed due to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need a smart alarm clock?

An alarm clock is not going to help you much if it is causing too much sleep disruptions. If you think that you have slept for more than eight hours but still feel restless in the morning then this is because your regular alarm clock has made you wake up when you are in deep sleep.

A smart alarm clock assesses all your sleep patterns and automatically wakes you up when you are not in your deep sleep. This is exactly why sometimes you have slept only for a few hours but wake up fully fresh.

Do alarm clocks come with inbuilt radios?

Yes. Some of the models of these smart alarm clocks do come with an inbuilt radio as well.  But these models are not that advance in other areas such as learning your sleep patterns and developing a routine for you accordingly and similar other “smart” capabilities.

Can I use these smart clocks with wireless connectivity?

Yes, the word “Smart” guarantees that! Such a smart alarm clock can directly communicate with all other smart devices that are present in your home and have wireless capabilities.

However, you need to bear this in mind that Bluetooth is far more reliable than Wi-Fi but it’s not secure. You might end up picking the conversations of your neighbors.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi comes with security but in case of a spotty internet, you will lose the service connection.

How does a smart alarm clock work?

A smart alarm clock has the ability to learn all about your sleep habits. It can develop a wakeup routine for you that goes parallel with your sleep habits.

It wakes you up with a calm noise and it can play gentle and soft music at night to assist you in sleeping. These features will be available according to the designs and types of smart alarm clocks that you choose.


So the winner of the best smart alarm clock of 2020 is HeimVision. You can use the sunrise and sunset simulation as your wakeup and sleep aid. You can also set up to four different alarms for a day. There is a snooze button on the top and this smart alarm clock can also be effective as your nightlight.

So which one of these are you going to use? Have you used any one of these before? What was your experience? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Sleep well, stay well!

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