Smart Disco Balls for Home Parties

The word smart in front of any device name brings to mind complicated modern technology. In the case of smart disco balls, the technology is modern, since there are features such as wide ranges of color, modes, and responses to sounds such as handclaps and music when set in the specific modes; which is easily done on the remote control but there is nothing complicated about them. Most smart disco balls have remote controls to ensure user-friendliness.

This review covers some of the outstanding smart bulbs as well as the features that make them smart with no complexity.

ELEGIANT 3W E27 RGB DJ Ball LampOur Pick

This smart disco ball lamp, which is sensitive to moisture, is best for indoor lighting. It has seven color modes and an auto-music mode. It is great for all indoor parties especially home parties such as kid parties and birthday parties.

elegiant smart disco balls

Key features

  • Ac voltage of 90-240V
  • LED light with seven color modes
  • Remote control

Product design and features

Auto- music mode

When one activates the auto-music mode, using the remote, the LED strobe light pulsates in harmony with the beat of the song playing at the time. This feature is very helpful in creating a disco-like atmosphere.

Spectacular lighting

The Led technology in the Elegiant disco ball has been honed to ensure the stage light has an elegant wash effect which is extremely gorgeous. This extends to the effect that makes this light the best for a home party; the change color mode, where the ball’s colors change randomly when the mode is activated. The effect can be used for all kinds of home party moods be it romantic, disco or relaxation.

Remote control

This seems to be the basic feature of smart disco balls and with good reason. The ability to adjust brightness and color allows for comfort thus aiding in increasing the fun. The Elegiant disco ball takes this a step further by allowing one to control the motor’s speed. Simply put, this means one can control the rotating speed of the strobe. This increases the range in the type of home parties one could use the disco ball in.

OTTFF 3W E27 Disco Ball Lamp

This smart disco ball with the Red, Green and blue light spectrums is used to light a variety of parties and is convenient for home parties such as birthdays. It has a remote control for its brightness, color, and other features, and is sound activated. For a home party with kids, the dimmable and adjustable colors will prove to be fun for the kids.

OTTFF smart disco balls

Key product features

  • RGB LED rotating crystal ball, base type E27.
  • Plastic disco ball and bulb.
  • A voltage of 100V- 240V.
  • Remote control

Product design and features

Remote control

Tolerance to light is at differing levels for each individual. This is taken into consideration in the design of the OTTFF disco Ball Lamp; it comes with a remote controller for brightness, the motor’s speed of rotation and color (red, green and blue). The remote itself can be operated from a distance of up to 16.5 feet from the disco ball and is very user-friendly because the buttons on it are well labeled with their designated purposes.

Colorful lighting effect

The point of lighting a party is to make it colorful and fun. The rotating, sound activated LED crystal strobe light, and the beautiful mix of colors make the lighting colorful. The fun comes with the optical sensation which is brought about by the auto-music feature which makes the light pulsate to a beat.

Large lighting area

The ball sheds beams of light at angles of up to 180°, therefore, covering an extensive area although the area with maximum lighting is within an area of approximately 30 meters. This means that the disco ball is effective in most large rooms and halls.

UPBASICN 3W E27 Disco Lamp

This smart disco lamp, which is extremely user-friendly, has five modes; brightness, strobe settings, color, brightness and sound activation. Along with the basic Red, green and blue colors, the lamp has 4 combinations of the colors mentioned above. It is remote controlled which makes it a prudent home party lighting choice. It also has an auto-music mode where the LED light flashes to the beat of the playing music.

upbasicn smart disco balls

Key product features

  • A voltage of 100V- 240V
  • 10,000 hours LED lifetime
  • Remote control

Product design and features

Ease of use and installation

The disco light bulb has a base type E27/ B22 which makes it compatible with most light bulb holders. This means one does not have to change any of the wirings when lighting a home party. The remote has clearly marked buttons for the modes and colors which makes use easier and the bulb even more convenient for home parties.

Multifunction remote control

Taking into consideration home parties rarely have professional lighting technicians, it is a relief to have a bulb which is remotely controlled. The different modes and interchangeable colors are marked clearly, and the remote has a signal distance of up to 5 meters.

Extensive light beam coverage

The beam angle of the bulb is 180° which means the bulb’s light covers an area of around thirty meters. This means it is not limited to small rooms but can be used for garden and hall parties. Despite this wide lighting area, the light produced, 100V-240V, is more than sufficient.

The verdict of the Smart Disco Balls

Parties are not an everyday affair; they are fleeting moments which one should make maximum use of and are therefore worth every investment one puts into them. The smart disco balls are some of the best investments in home parties one could make because they make the experience so much more heightened.

There are some smart disco balls, and one should take into consideration the price, specifications, location, and type of party when making a purchase. The Elegiant disco strobe is the most technologically advanced thus could be considered to be best but with an increase in complexity comes to an increase in vulnerability to factors such as moisture thus limiting it to indoor parties. Each of the disco balls in this review has, therefore, their individual but not necessarily specific niche.

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